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I have to schedule my cooking when my kids are at school, otherwise cooking and taking photos gets a little hectic around here. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my recipes. I hope I leave some for the rest of the family. Janice — I fully understand how irresistible freshly cooked chips can be. I usually have to cook a whole extra potato to account for all the sneaky fingers in my house. So glad to hear you like this recipe and thank you for sharing it on Pinterest.

Crispy Hash Brown Haystacks

In Ireland we do not par- boil our chips — they go straight into the oil and they will not burn if they are cut to correct size. Crispy outside, perefectly cooked inside. Doused in lashings of vinegar — preferably white vinegar and not that brown watery stuff… a sprinkle of salt — to die for! Angela — My mouth is watering thinking of Irish chips, doused in vinegar just as you describe. In Ireland there is no need to par-boil — the spuds are great for chips.

Here in America I had a lot of trouble getting that crispy outside and floury inside. The big difference is the type of potato available. I found that par-boiling russet potatoes was the only way to go here in America, to cook a chip someway close to the chips of my childhood memories. All the best, and thanks for stopping by. Thanks Mairead. I could never get my chips done just like they are at home.

Seriously…as Angela said, they just go straight into the oil at home. Hi Sue — I hope my chip making tips sorted out your Irish chip cooking issues. I have been craving chips with curry sauce something fierce and you cannot get them in Minnesota. Chips and curry! Alice — I love to hear from readers, no matter how long it takes. I keep the comment section open on my blog, so that readers can reply at any time. I hope my curry sauce helped satisfy your cravings for chips and curry. It really is a taste of home I often just have to have, and this recipe does the trick for me. My fries are more like steak fries if that makes sense.

Could you elaborate on the cuts? Also, I love this website, made these and the chicken goujons twice and they are just so delicious! Thanks so much for checking out my recipes. Your fries will be closer to steak fries than French fries, if you cut them the way I do. When we make chips in Ireland they are much thicker than a regular fry. Deborah — Chips and curry sauce would truly be a fun starter for your wedding reception. If you have any Irish guests they would absolutely love it. Thanks for your feedback on my recipe and wishing you every happiness for the future.


The Super Spuds 4 - Over Land and Sea book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The Super Spuds return in another thrilling adventur. The Super Spuds return in another thrilling adventure! When King Martin sets out to rescue G-Boa, a heroic blueberry flavour imprisoned in China, he finds.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy every moment. This is an abomination haha. Chips should be cooked in beef dripping it gets hotter and gives incredible crispiness and flavour potato should be maris piper. All smothered in malt vinegar and salt.

You have made me want chips….. I hope you enjoyed your chips from the chippy. Hi sorry was reading your chip recipe, and noticed the part about boiling. Most decent chip shops generally 3 stage fry their chips. When making chips at home I simply par-boil the sliced potatoes to start the cooking process. As a Geordie, and we love our fish and chips, those chips were lush and I will be trying your beer batter and sharing this on facebook x. Thanks Paul — good to hear you give these chips your two thumbs up, and as a Geordie you know good chips. You should use Yukon Gold or any flowery yellow potato.

Hi Tommy — Thanks for your tip on potato choice. I like floury potatoes too. Not every student is excited for September. Even those A-achieving social butterflies, get butterflies at the thought of school a new school year. Simple mindfulness activities before bed can help tame jitters and make the next morning a teensy bit easier.

Aaaaand, a bonus tip? Ahhhh, the great Canadian outdoors… We sure are lucky here in Ontario to have access to some gorgeous wilderness, provincial parks, and campgrounds. Spray or cream, everyone needs a full spectrum, sweat and water resistant sunscreen all day, every day. Another plus? We all know that DEET is the chemical repellent found most effective at repelling bugs. Some people find spraying DEET-based repellents to clothing and the exterior of tents are a good option, while they leave natural repellents like those that are Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or Citronella based for their skin.

We really do, we love this stuff! Have you tried Dapis gel? With natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula cream is a staple for bathroom cabinets, diaper bags and first aid kits. Like Gatorade without the grossness or Vitamin Water without the hype, s tick these individual portion packets everywhere. Super important to keep these on hand during a hiking excursion, because you never know when the heat and exhaution will pack that double whammy punch. These are available in our Apothecary! Thank goodness for Prairie Naturals Germ Force hand sanitizer, our pick for clean hands on the go.

What we recommend are unscented, biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and body washes, but in the absence of a shower on a campground, you need to bring water for bathing to the shore and do your cleaning at least m from any body of water. Soap Works pure vegetable glycerin bar is one option we carry and recommend while camping. How do you pack in protein and nutrients when both refrigeration and weight are an issue?

Protein bars and individual protein powder sachets are one way!

These may not be your tastiest option, as far as delicious meals go, but they are the perfect accompaniment on a hike for during an intense day of portaging. Food needs to be non-perishable, easy to cook and eat and weigh as little as possible. May the great outdoors welcome you, return you feeling at rejuvenated! Organic farming:. Lands also need to be certified organic, which is a process that typically takes a minimum of three years.

During this process, organic standards are employed in farming practices so that the land can be certified.

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Transitional Farming : Obtaining full certification as an organic farm is a commitment of both time and money. Crop farms interested in pursuing certification for land that had previously been used to grow conventional crops, must first apply for transitional certification. Certified transitional farms use organic standards in their farming practices and need to do so for a minimum of three years for organic certification.

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Biodynamic Agriculture: Similar to organic farming principles, biodynamic agriculture also draws on insights made by Rudolph Steiner, a midth century German philosopher. Today the biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of regenerative gardens, farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards in a wide variety of climates, ecological contexts, and economic settings.

Hydroponics: Hydroponics, a subset of hydroculture, is a method of growing plants without soil. Instead of soil, plants are grown in a mineral nutrient solution in water. Hydroponic nutrient solution can be made from fish waste, duck manure, or normal nutrients fertilizer.

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Hydroponically grown plants are housed in plastic reservoirs in greenhouses. Aquaponics: Refers to a system that combines aquaculture the raising of aquatic animals like fish, snails, or prawns in tanks with hydroponics cultivating plants in water in a symbiotic environment. In normal aquaculture, waste from the animals raised accumulates in the water, increasing toxicity. In an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture system is fed into a hydroponic system in which waste is broken down by bacteria and utilized by plants as nutrients.

The water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system. Permaculture: A combination of agriculture and social design principles that work together to support natural ecosystems. The three core tenets of permaculture are:. The focus of permaculture is not on separate elements but rather on relationships created among them by the way they are placed together. Permaculture design seeks to minimize waste, labour, and energy input by building systems with a high level of synergy.

To this end, permaculture designs are constantly evolving. Moreover, it keeps dollars invested in local communities. The definition for local in use by The Sweet Potato is less than km, though no standard definition exists. Clean : We use clean to mean free from synthetic chemicals including hormones and antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Clean does not mean a product has been certified organic, but it is Non-GMO and raised and produced responsibly.

Genetically modified organisms GMOs are organisms that have had their DNA altered or modified through genetic engineering usually to introduce a trait not seen naturally in the organism. Where foods are concerned, many cash crops like soy, corn, canola, potatoes, alfalfa, squash, beets, and flax have been genetically modified to resist pathogens or herbicides or to change their nutrient profile. With concerns related to food safety, regulation, labelling, environmental impact, research methods, and the fact that some genetically modified seeds are the intellectual property of corporations, the public are increasingly demanding organic and certified Non-GMO foods.

As well, our full bulk and bakery line is GMO-free! Cage-Free : Eggs produced by cage-free hens describes hens that may or may not be permitted outside but do roam freely. This term can apply to meat, eggs, or dairy farming. Organic Meat : Organic meat comes from animals that have been raised without treatment of hormones or antibiotics and have been fed a diet free from anything grown from GMOs and with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

As well, minimum space allowances and access to the outdoors are part of criteria that need to be met. Organic meat can be fully traceable from flock to farm and is certified by an independent third party.

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Fair Trade : What started as a social movement that advocates for the payment of higher prices to exporters of commodities from developing countries to developed countries has become a fully certified industry. Fair trade practices seek to promote greater equality where inequality exists as the starting point. It promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.

Fair trade is grounded in three core beliefs:. With the certification of the industry, producers now need to apply for and pay to join a certifying body. Some criticism has arisen around how this prevents access for the most marginalized producers. There is no precise definition for the term and no third-party certification.

The term was coined for the coffee industry but is now applied to other growers such as cocoa, nuts, and handicraft artisans. The term was born out of frustration with the limitations of Fair Trade certification, mainly that certification is too onerous and costly to farmers and artisans who must qualify and apply for the very certification meant to offer them protections. Skip to content. So What Can Be Recycled? Where do I bring it? What is Aquaculture? What are the pros of land-based or inland fish farms? Chemical usage: The open nature of ocean-based open net pens means that if farmed fish need to be treated with antibiotics or other chemicals, these would flow directly into the ocean.

First Early Seed Potatoes. Second Early Seed Potatoes.

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Late Season Seed Potatoes. Maincrop Seed Potatoes. Potato Growing Accessories. Salad Type Seed Potatoes. View All Seed Potatoes.

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Benefits of seed potatoes The only way to savour the superb tastes and textures of new potatoes is when you dig, prepare and cook them, all in the space of an hour or two — and the only real way to do this is to grow your own! Potato Growing Tips Immediately upon arrival, unpack your seed potatoes and keep them in trays in a light, airy, frost-free place to sprout prior to planting from February to early May depending on variety.

The row should be ridged up again to cover the shoots. Harvest when the flowers open or the buds drop. To plant draw out a shallow trench cm 4—6in deep and space the potatoes 30—40cm 12—16in apart. Draw the soil over the seed potatoes using a rake or hoe to cover and form ridges over the rows. Provided soil is moist watering should not be necessary at this stage. Soil should be well-worked and rich in humus farm yard manure or garden compost. Earth up two to three times as the top grows, to avoid green tubers.

Feed with a balanced fertiliser and always water well during dry weather.