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Cooter: That part was a trip! Herb "The Herb": Snickering : Trip. Smitty: Totally. She was all like "Oh no, I don't want to touch the nasty meat! At this point, Smitty begins doing pelvic thrusts, knocking over Rex's beer. The ensuing chase breaks a lamp in my living room. After several minutes of me screaming, and Herb "The Herb" laughing uncontrollably, Sophie manages to calm Rex down and Cooter has restrained Smitty with a roll of duct tape. Michael: Okay, all right Sophie: I also liked the character of Rudy, the fly. He was a great sidekick, and I like the way he ended up being useful and integral to the plot.

Rex: Flies eat garbage. Sophie: Yes, honey, they do. Cooter: All the characters were pretty cool.

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

I love how Victor, the DJ at the club, is so hard to pin down, man. You like, think he's a villain, then you think he's a hero, then you think he's a schmuck, and you never quite know what to do with him, until the end of the book. The way he plays his part helping wrap everything up, and how his relationship with Coco changes is awesome.

Rex: The violent parts were awesome too. Especially the crazy weapons!

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Trashland and Other Stories - Kindle edition by Ronald Marcus Kimmons. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Trashland: and Other Stories [Ronald Marcus Kimmons] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The debut work of author Ronald Marcus.

Who would have thought you could make a gun that fires-- Sophie: Sweetie, don't ruin things. People might read this on the interweb, and we want to entice them to buy it. No spoilers. Rex: Okay. Well, I also liked when that asshole Arnie threw her in the trash. I mean, I would have kicked his ass for Coco, if I was there, but you know Smitty: The dumpster part was awesome! I mean the part where the DJ crawls in after her. Smokin' hot! Herb "The Herb": Smokin.

The interweb home of Constance Ann Fitzgerald

Takes gigantic hit from his joint Hot. Michael: You mean the part where Victor goes after Coco to--? You are a sick little monkey. Cooter: You should see his porn collection. Ninety percent trash-related. Smitty: I loved this book! Can you hook me up with Constance Ann Fitzgerald? Tell her I have a big-- Michael: No. What else?

Cooter: I thought the setting was cool, man. Like, all the descriptions and shit. The strip club sounded suitably nasty, and the trashland itself was super fun to read about. Like, Constance knows how to describe things in a way that makes you see them.

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Herb "The Herb": Snickering Hallucinations. The film begins with Ernie and Bert introducing the film. As the story opens, Elmo welcomes the viewer, finds his blanket and plays with it in his bedroom. After spilling juice on his blanket, he takes it to the laundromat to have it washed and dried. When he is about to take his blanket home, Elmo encounters his friend Zoe.

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When Zoe sees Elmo's blanket, Elmo denies sharing with her resulting in a game of tug of war that rips Elmo's blanket. Upset, Elmo declares that Zoe is no longer his friend. All of a sudden, Telly Monster accidentally swipes the blanket while rollerskating out of control, leading into a chase around Sesame Street. The blanket accidentally lands into the hands of Oscar the Grouch , who drops it in his trash can.

Elmo dives into the bottom of Oscar's can, where he finds his blanket snagged on a door.

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Watch or buy. It read like a subversion of Alice in Wonderland , a trope so overdone I wish someone would pass a law that no one can invoke Alice for a decade or so. Informizely customer feedback surveys. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Of course,proper review forthcoming.

Elmo attempts to retrieve it, but he and his blanket are teleported through a colorful swirling tunnel to Grouchland, a city filled with Grouches , garbage, and Huxley, a greedy man who steals anything he can grab, including Elmo's blanket. Wanting his blanket back, a kind Grouch girl named Grizzy tells Elmo that his blanket is in Huxley's house at the top of the faraway Mount Pickanose.

Elmo becomes discouraged. However, a green plant named Stuckweed, encourages Elmo that he will make it and that he just has to take his first step, and Elmo sets out on a quest to get his blanket back. Meanwhile, the Sesame Street residents are informed of Elmo's absence and go to Grouchland to find him, with help from Oscar. They ask a Grouch police officer for help, and as a result end up arrested and imprisoned. Meanwhile, when Huxley is informed of Elmo coming to retrieve his blanket, he has his sidekick, Bug the bug and his minions, the Pesties, trap Elmo in a tunnel.

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However, Elmo gets out with the help of fireflies. Upon noticing that Elmo is still coming, Huxley has Bug and the Pesties misdirect Elmo into a nearby garbage dump where he is forcibly brought before the Queen of Trash for trespassing in her kingdom. The Queen gives him a test by requesting that he blows raspberries for her, in 30 seconds.

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By getting help from the audience , Elmo succeeds at this and the Queen allows him to pass through. Huxley then sends his humongous chicken to stop Elmo. The chicken tosses Elmo far away, and resting on a rock, Elmo realizes that night has come and gives up on retrieving his blanket. Meanwhile, Grizzy sneaks into the jail where she informs Elmo's friends that he went to Huxley's house. Oscar convinces all of the Grouches to cooperate, as it is the only way they can stop Huxley from stealing any more of their trash.

The police officer releases the Sesame Street residents and the Grouches aid them into the night to go to Huxley's house to fight for their trash and rescue Elmo. A caterpillar wakes up Elmo the next morning. He convinces Elmo that he has what it takes to be brave.

Elmo then arrives at Huxley's house. However, Huxley sends the Pesties to stop Elmo. Suddenly, the Sesame Street and Grouchland citizens appear in time to rescue Elmo and the Pesties flee in a panic. Huxley takes Elmo's blanket again and it is suddenly sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner nozzle on Huxley's helicopter. Elmo launches a basket over Huxley's shoulders, incapacitating him.

Everyone sees Bug at the controls of the helicopter with Elmo's blanket, and Huxley demands it back. Bug refuses, as he has been sympathetic to Elmo, and gives Elmo back his blanket.

Happy to have finally gotten his blanket back, Elmo returns to Sesame Street with his friends, where he apologizes to Zoe and then allows her to hold his blanket. She happily accepts his apology, agreeing that they can resume their friendship. Elmo then says goodbye to the audience and thanks them for helping, while Ernie and Bert congratulate the audience for playing along and head home as the film ends. The regular puppets were used for the normal Sesame Street characters, and puppets for assorted Grouches including Grizzy were designed and built by Mark Zezsotek, who also built the puppets for Bug and the Pesties.

Vanessa Williams was cast as the Queen of Trash and the hairstylist colored her hair green for the role.