15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation

Lose Your Salvation in Two Easy Steps
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I see that you have a tender heart for the lost and may God keep alive this broken heart for the lost as Jesus had when He wept for Jerusalem. I am honored to have such a godly man of faith such as you be here with us. I am nothing but God loved me and redeemed me anyway but loving the unlovely. Brother, Wellman. I just want to thank you for standing in the light scripture. A lot of people are too afraid to speak truth, afraid that they might offend someone, and for fear they might lose their crowds. Thank you so much for your kind words Mr. Jack, Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.

It was something I had been thinking about for awhile. It is saddening that they will not get into heaven unless they repent. It is also angering to hear them bash Christians. I will pray for them as well as ask god to forgive me for getting so upset with them when they bash. Thank you Connie for your words of encouragement. Hello Pastor Jack, I am a recently recommitted Christian and I have a question concerning the once saved always saved doctrine.

I have seen several arguments for and against it, and both make good points. Both accuse each other of being liars, and false teachers. So it is really impossible for me to see who is right. On one hand, those who say OSAS is false are said to be relying on self-rightousness and their works, rather than their faith.

However, they say that through true faith works are produced. Also known as fruits. All I have gathered is that if you believe in Christ and what he did,and repent for your sins and ask for forgiveness, you are saved. As a human, you will continue to sin though you are not being a sinner, for you desire to avoid sin, and not give in to the desires of the flesh.

This is all very new to me, and I would love some insight! I do not like the term once saved always saved but it is called, in reformed theology as the perseverance of the saints. Do you think God has someone born again and then they abort? Does God have aborted, born again believers? You wrote what the real bottom line is:. Read Romans chapter 7 and see why what you wrote is so true but then read the conclusion of Paul in Romans 8.

Does any of Romans 8 or these Scriptures,.. John , John , Acts , Romans , Acts , John …and dozens and dozens more. Those who believe we can lose our salvation have only one text to use in Hebrews. That is a dangerous thing to use ONE verse to build a belief on…that is how cults are formed. I pray I have helped. Do you have a study Bible? Also Google Matthew Henry Bible commetaries are awesome help. Try finding a good study Bible and also talk to your pastor about help in this.

I am doubting for a few reasons,1 am not sure weather to meditate and focus on the armor of god,knowing the docks schemes or knowing that I am not saved by works.

Confusion about Losing Salvation

Of course, God is faithful to preserve us if we want to be preserved. When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future Rev Put another way. This is a promise of God. That's what the book of Hebrews is all about. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. This love is so powerful as to deny any other thing to come between His love and the Christian.

When I remember to put on the armor ,it is really hard for me because I need to know the devils scheme at the same time also then I would easily resist but it is hard for me also because I think like I have to earn my salvation. Also I really wanna focus on gods love. So I have all these things to meditate and focus on but I think that if I focus on one then I need the other also. I suggest camping out in these. Have you read these? I would just go thru John and use a good study Bible and that has done wonders for me too…we all have seasons of doubts.

God will never leave us nor forsake us and never, in the Greek means…. Trust Him and not your feelings. I know what my problem is, it is self righteousness. I think like I owe god but I dont and it has become a habit,does this make sense? Yes, this makes sense. Jesus paid it all…we bring nothing to our salvation except the sin which was covered at Calvary. I was in Malta in recovering from prostate cancer, the lord has now healed me, but while I was there i attended a church untill i found out that the pastor believed once saved always saved was a doctorine of demons, I very quickly left, it was so sad that his congregation did not have the wonderful peace of salvation through faith in the risen Christ full stop, I tryed to tell them that Jesus paid for their salvation with his presious blood, so their salvation did not belong to them but to God, you can not lose or give away some thing that does not belong to you, I pray that it made sence in their lives Amen!

Well said Mr. Oh, how I wish I was your pastor but again, you seem well versed enough in the Scriptures to take my place! LOL I believe in the perserverance of the saints but sadly many in the church I am under-shepherd of, to the Great Shepherd, do not believe in this. What a fearful thing…one day they believe they are saved…the next they are lost…etc. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, 9 obtaining the outcome [or having already since this was past tense, the outcome [completed] of your faith, the salvation [past tense] of your souls.

Part of my sermons are perfect! The part where I read out of the Bible. Thank you sir. You are a breath of fresh air to me and my spirit is revived in hope from you brother. Praise God for you Jack and your tireless work you do on this site, you are a true blessing to all, thank you. I am about to go to the Phillipienes in January to visit president of Channels of Blessings Pastor Daniel Macaray, I believe that God is going to use me in some way which I understand it to be an amazing privilage to do so, I have led a very coulourful life to say the least, from being electricuted on a live rail line, horrifiying car crashes, locked in jail for fire arms, drug dealing and violence, boxing the world champion as a pro fighter, living a dream, but by the time i woke up it was all blown away, surviving terminal prostate cancer a bad marrage and on it goes.

I thank God through our Lord Jesus Christ for his patience, mercy and grace, and for the plan that I am so eager to follow, please pray for my strengh and the revelation of wisdon and self control so that i may do Gods will Amen, Remain blessed to be a blessing Pastor Jack,. Huggins…what an uplifting comment. I pray that God uses you mightily and for His glory for there is no other purpose for which we were created and all you have gone thru is a powerful witness to those who are going thru suffering and you give us all hope sir.

Please do keep in touch. And oh yeah…. I would maintain that the vast majority of apostates do not attend bible-based churches on a regular basis. Strangely, the smallest churches are often the most faithful to the Word churches. You are so right in your comment Ed. I really enjoyed your articles pastor. That topic came back to my attention just recently while taking a class in a small bible seminar. During the last class the teacher read us an article published by the organization debunking the doctrine by attacking straw men arguments and calling it a victory.

By the end I knew only I was still not convince that the doctrine is Biblically supported.

Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

I however think your article could be more in depth since I have stumble upon countless Christian sites that try to debunk it with more stronger arguments. Here is a link to one I just read that make some strong points. God Bless. Let me know what you think sir. I value your opinion. I personally have been tormented for the last six years, I born again filled with the Holy Ghost. I went to bible college and received many revelations and seen and heard many miracles from the Almighty God through our Lord Jesus.

Something happened to me in which I will not reveal on line but spiritually I am a mess. I guess I can say I had a big attack of the devil whom he uses vessels people to do his dirty work just as much as god uses his vessels of honour for good. I believe the devil an invisible spirit attacks Christians to steal and loose their salvation.

I feel spiritually dead which has caused me depression daily and some how I cannot get myself out of it. I sometimes feel maybe I should go and see a paster for an exorcism, I can still function but I feel something wrong spiritually with me. The bible does say put your armour of God on and this is for spiritual protection and he tells us to do this for a reason. Use discernment daily and guard your sole. May the lords relationship grow strong with you in your journey and may it be very fruitful for you and that he rain on you with many blessings.

Never ever doubt for The Lord is there with you and so is the Devil. I understand what your going through, I too had a spiritual attack, some one said to me once that the devil always attacks when we are due for a promotion, even other Christians were not supportive, I felt kicked while i was down, and it seemed the devil was having a field day, I lost my wife in a bad marrage, my mum died and i was diagnosed with agressive prostate cancer all in the same month!

He who lives in us Jeannette is far greater than he that lives in the world, and He will never leave us nor forsake us or let any one including the devil snatch us from his hand, we are secure in Him, he lets us go through such trials because His plan for our life comes as we go through the valley of death into His light all for His glory, the best is yet to come sister, hang in there.

Amen Jeannette. I too have had serious doubts at times and I find that the Enemy is wanting me to doubt so as to rob from the joy of my salvation and make me ineffective as a witness to Him. Thank you Jeannette. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

To him be the power for ever and ever. I humbly request you insight and a bit of clarity. Is there going to be a final judgement? If so, will any believers be judged? Or will they simply be granted salvation regardless of any sins committed? If a believer will be judged, then can I assume that they were never a true believer to begin with?

If so, can I then assume that a true believer is incapable of sin? Because if a believer is capable of sin and they will be judged, what will they be judged on and why? Thank you Stanley for such great questions. Our sin was judged at the cross and we have no fear of the wrath of God anymore 2 Cor , Rom ,8, etc. Scripture repeatedly states all men, not just unbelievers, will be judged for their works Proverbs ; Ecclesiastes Scripture teaches with unmistakable clarity that all believers in Christ will give an account of their lives to their Lord Romans We will be judged by him according to our works, both good and bad 2 Corinthians The result of this will be the gain or loss of eternal rewards not lost to hell 1 Corinthians ; 2 Corinthians ,10; Romans If any man builds on this foundation [the foundation of Christ] using gold, silver, costly stones, wood hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light.

If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. If it is burned up, he will suffer loss; he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames. Our sins are totally forgiven when we come to Christ, and we stand justified in him. Nevertheless, Scripture says what it does about our coming judgment. This judgment of believers by Christ is a judgment of our works, not our sins. However, the commission of sins and the omission of righteous acts we should have done, apparently replaces or prevents the laying up of precious stones on the foundation of Christ.

What is Salvation?

Is it ever too late for me to start over with a new foundation? I have been a believer my whole life, never really doubting any of the words of God through the bible and his son. But even after I was saved I was rather inactive. In recent years I have even sinned a lot. And in my regret and fear for my eternal home I picked up the slack and repented, I do more in my community I have been giving freely that which I expect nothing in return for. And I have been solidifying my faith through prayer and reading.

But after I was saved, and really did nothing proactive, can I still build on to what was such a weak and sinful start? What if my work does not stand for the foundation is weak and hollow? Thank you Stephen for your openly honest comments. It is never too late to build with precious stones, gold, and gems, and as long as you are drawing a breath, God can use you and for His glory. I would speak with your pastor about this and see what he says. You have work to do for God but only those things done for His glory shall remain.

Pastor Wellman what a complete blessing you are. I was a member of a good bible based church years ago. I am beginning to read my bible and have had my 15 year old son accompany me. It feels so good when reading the bible and the presence of His love is felt. I also feel Him smiling down on me. I want to be a better Christian. I know I should be. I teach my son the same and with him growing into a youngman I feel the need to rear him in the presence of the Lord.

Love all and witness and give testimony of how great God has been and still remain to us. We need to uplift, pray, and bless one another. Continued prayers for all of mankind. Bless you Pastor. Thank you Mrs. Jenkins for your very kind words. I believe the security of the believer glorifies God because salvation is fully a work of God and all glory to His grace is attributed to the supreme sacrifice of Jesus.

God has no aborted born-again children. Just read Romans 8 to see why I say that and also Jude says it all! Hello pastor Jack! I was googling around tonight and just read through this entire article and all the comments. It was a blessing to me as I feel like I am always struggling. Hot one week cold the next. Very frustrating. Glad I found this. Thank you. Hello Erin. So glad you found this article and me on Facebook. I know that many of us suffer from the same thoughts and experiences and yes, it is frustrating but at least you recognize you are struggling and seeking to do better.

I wish you could worship with us at our church in Mulvane, KS and talk with you in person. Better that than to be blind and naked and poor and not even know it as Jesus told the Laodicean church. Thank you for your site, this subject has 2 sides just like a believer has 2 natures. One is of the flesh and one is of the Spirit and is the heart of the Gospel itself. Which doctrine is truth can and should be answered by the Holy Spirit and by the Bible that he wrote. Once saved always saved doctrine teaches that you believe in Jesus Christ and you are saved and always will be.

You have received Jesus Christ and are born again so you can of yourself do nothing to earn or keep your salvation. So does the doctrine of being born again and eternal life is in Jesus Christ. If that was all there is to the message then the Bible went into great length to teach about the many who will fall away that Jesus warned believers about. If we cannot lose the salvation that he has given even though he taught that he will never lose any of his, there is no reason to put the scriptures in that prove that there were warnings or that the scriptures that prove that we are saved by Grace for they have been discussed by many ever since the Gospel of Grace began.

So how does a believer learn truth on this vital subject without offending or insulting and learn completely by Love so egos and intellect do not have a place in interpreting only what the Spirit can teach? I guess I just answered my own question, only the Holy Spirit can teach. Does that mean that we do not need to teach each other or share in love the truths that we have learned?

That would be like saying only the Holy Spirit can teach a believer so I have all the truth and if you disagree then you must be not saved in the first place but I am? Sounds like once I believe something about salvation I believe is truth and nothing else matters because even if it is wrong then I am saved anyways.

Yes I have actually had another believer tell me that after discussing other subjects about the Holy Spirit. Yet, as I heard a Hindu say, if Christians have God in them why so much apathy between them and their behavior does not represent the God that they say is in them?

Is this relationship between the Holy Spirit and the believer more important to pursue so we will all know truth far above I believe this and you believe that and it is all ok because no matter what we are still saved because our doctrine of once saved always saved proves it? When something of such Spiritual importance, would the Holy Spirit not answer directly instead of leaving it to our intellect to solve by saying this scripture says this and this scripture says that, even though they seem to contradict each other it does not matter for we are saved anyways?

Can truth ever be found or is it work to even seek truth? I just discovered this site. I read the article as I am so scared and worried about my salvation. Here is my question. I know others have asked as well, but well, you know, you always feel like your situation is different from others. So, here goes:. Well, we did not follow up on it, and I fell back into sin big time, I went out of town to school and while there, was not too faithful to my husband, I did not commit adultery, but did everything but, and this person was an atheist.

I sort of knew I was doing wrong, and I would pray for him to change. We ended up getting a divorce. I had a minor nervous breakdown. I was totally in love with the Lord. I had another minor break down, and once again, re-dedicated my life to our Lord. I stayed completely celibate for 28 years, did date some, but did not get married again until 3 years ago. I met a Christian New Zealand citizen on the internet in a Christian forum. We skyped lots, emailed, and he came over to America, we met, and got married about a month later.

I moved over here with him, and we got married again in front of his family and friends. We argue lots and really are not compatible. However, this time, I am not going to give up, I know how the Lord hates divorce, so, I am struggling along and ask the Lord daily for help. I truly feel I am bound for hell and I am petrified. My nerves are shot, I cry all the time, I do not want to read the bible or go to church.

I keep thinking if I was saved, I would not do some of the sins I do, such as bad-mouth my husband to close friends or family, use unclean language, avoid church and bible classes, etc. As I said, I do not read the bible, it is just so hard for me to understand anymore. I am a mess. Mercy, they adore him, I can do no right, he can do no wrong. I have no one to talk to here, I feel so alone. So, as I said, the marriage is not good, but, well, I married him, so, now I must stay. I will say, that one time I emailed an elder friend of his from the church he attend while married, he said that Steve, my husband and his ex would still be married had he taken her feelings more into consideration, but, he was selfish and did things without consulting her or taking what she said into consideration.

He is doing that to me as well now.

Lose Your Salvation in Two Easy Steps | Christian Forums

Anyway, now to my question. Am I saved? I am always sincerely sorry when I repent, but then, I back-slide again. It is a vicious circle. As I said, I am sick with worry. I know ministers like Rev Charles Stanley say a person does not loose their salvation, but maybe I am one that can not be saved. Our little church here is so small, I have no minister to talk to, in fact, the main office might close it down, we only have 9 in the congregation unless it is a holiday, then we have a little more. There are no Christian counselors near either.

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We live 2 hours from the major city of Christchurch. I hope you can shed some light on this. I do love Him, I want to be with Him and the elect in heaven. Please pray for me. I want to truly repent and change, but, every time I try, I backslide. Thank you for reading this. Thank you Susan for your question. They are saved once and for all time nor they have never been saved before. I wish you were close to our church in Kansas where I could sit down with you and talk. Did you read all the Scriptures in this article?

I strongly suggest you read Romans chapter 8, particularly the last 10 verses. And John chapter 6 and You must believe what God says and not what you feel. While each of these things can be a part of the Christian experience, they are not what makes a Christian. A Christian is a new creation. A Christian is redeemed. The word redeemed refers to a purchase being made, a price being paid. For a Christian to lose salvation, God Himself would have to revoke His purchase of the individual for whom He paid with the precious blood of Christ.

A Christian is justified. To justify is to declare righteous. Those absolved of guilt would have to be tried again and found guilty. God would have to reverse the sentence handed down from the divine bench. A Christian cannot lose salvation. Most, if not all, of what the Bible says happens to us when we receive Christ would be invalidated if salvation could be lost.

A Christian cannot be un-newly created. The redeemed cannot be unpurchased. Eternal life cannot be temporary. God cannot renege on His Word. Scripture says that God cannot lie Titus Two common objections to the belief that a Christian cannot lose salvation concern these experiential issues: 1 What about Christians who live in a sinful, unrepentant lifestyle?

The Bible declares that a true Christian will not live a state of continual, unrepentant sin 1 John The Bible also says that anyone who departs the faith is demonstrating that he was never truly a Christian 1 John He may have been religious, he may have put on a good show, but he was never born again by the power of God. God guarantees eternal life and maintains the salvation He has given us. The lamb is found, and the Shepherd gladly bears the burden; our Lord takes full responsibility for bringing the lost one safely home. Thank you so much for your reply, it helped, I am going to study those verses you have mentioned very carefully.

I do have one other question. His wife was committing adultery, so, I know he could remarry, but well, I guess I should not have, but did. I have asked for forgiveness many times, but feel I am not forgiven. I want to make this marriage work and will NOT divorce again. Two wrongs do not make a right. You will only make matters worse by divorcing again and hurting your present husband. I just finished listening to it. It has cleared up so much, thank you for sharing.

I just read it, it, too, along with the video, helped to unclutter my mind of all the wrong ideas that satan was trying to teach me. Praise God Susan. I have feet of clay be God can use even broken jars of clay like He did with Gideon to bring Israel a great victory so I am glad I could help but God alone is truly deserving of all glory and honor and praise. I thank God that I could be of some use to my Master to whom I am, at best, an unworthy servant but by Christ alone I have His righteousness 2 Cor Thank you so much, I feel so much better.

Hello Brian. Thank you sir for your question. Can we ever outsin the cross? Even when our sins are big, our Savior is bigger. Rest assured my brother. The only sin which cannot be forgiven is rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Please read Romans chapter 8, John chapter 6 and 10 and see why I say that.

Trust God and His Word i. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? This is a warning that starts in 2 Cor to 1 Cor … you must take the entire body of text. Chapters and their division where put there by humans…so there should be no break between chapter 12 and I would speak with your pastor about your concerns. I wish I could face to face with you.

If Jesus Christ is in you then you are not a reprobate. Have you repented and trusted in Christ? That that is not you. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood.

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This is the victory that has overcome the world , even our faith. Hi Jack. I believe in Jesus and the Bible since I was young, but now that I am 16 I am starting to doubt and lose connection with God. I do not think that God is not real, I just never feel like reading Bible or praying and I do not feel that I have a good relationship with Jesus.

I would be very grateful for some advice. Maybe you have never been saved? Have you talked with your pastor about this? If so, what did he say? If not, why not? Do you have a Bible-believing church? I fear you may not be saved. Are your parents Christian? Talk to them too or are they not saved and in a church either? My parents are Christians and pray and read the Bible with us every day. I go to a Baptist church every Sunday and I really like going. Thank you for replying. I would talk to your parents about this then…and do it today. Tell them just what you told me. A person is saved when they have repented of their sins turned away from them and forsaken them and then put their trust in Christ.

We all go through times of doubt. Read John chapter 6 and 10 which are two of my favorite chapters in the whole Bible. Does this make sense Lauren? I would still also talk to your pastor though and tell him what you feel. Thank you for your ministry and the love you show for others in your responses on this very important subject.

I have always believed once saved always saved, but I recently heard someone describe Matthew and say that unforgiveness can lead to reinstated guilt making you worthy of hell. We are told to forgive the way Jesus did and we are forgiven we we ask for it, so is this unforgiveness only speaking of those whose ask for it and we deny it? What is your take on it? Candace, I appreciate you being such a godly mother. There are times that I have discovered that it is sometimes better to just pray for them and trust God and leave it in His hands and allow the Spirit to help her because too much salt and light can hurt.

I think Jesus is saying that if a person does not forgive others then they are not going to be forgiving meaning that if a person never forgives then that person may have never been forgiven in the first place. Does that makes sense Candace? Thank you for your question. That does make since, that is the way I feel as well, before being saved I would hold onto grudges with all I could feeling entitled, but that all changed, thank God!

I think we are actually getting over that rough patch and we will just deal with them as they come. I have learned this the hard way Candace. I have learned to trust God after doing what you did and I found I make a poor imitation of the Holy Spirit but the good thing is you care enough to want to help her and a godly mother is such a huge blessing my friend. I will pray for your daughter for sure. Greetings to you Brother Wellman! I came upon your page while searching for some serious help.

I was raised in a Baptist church. I wanted to belong and my grandmother to be proud of me. Especially my grandmother. I knew when I was sinning and I tried very hard to avoid it at all possible. However, when I got to college, I began falling away from GOD seeing how everyone else seemed so much more happy than me and was enjoying life. I struggled with self esteem and had a very negative Father who taught me there was no good in the world.

I became very lonely and instead of turning to GOD for comfort, I turned to everyone else.

Spiritual Warfare Part V - 7 Things to Believe When You Doubt Your Salvation - Ephesians 6:17

I knew when I was doing wrong and would come back to GOD crying and sorrowful for doing things. I would repent and stay away but soon I would lapse into something else. This played out until recently something just snapped. The Spirit itself beareth witness. At salvation, you become a joint-heir with Christ. To be a joint-heir means to inherit together; to share in the same inheritance with which the Father will bless the Son. This is a promise of God.

Yet, what if you lose your salvation and go to hell. The only way for you to inherit hell and its horror is to take the Son of God with you to that awful place. That completes the fourteen steps toward loss of salvation. You have read through fourteen steps which would be necessary if you were to lose your salvation.

Obviously, to attempt these steps would be utterly foolish. But, if you are still not convinced, check your reasons. Are they emotional? Perhaps you have been shown two or three proof texts which seem to teach possible loss of salvation. This is not the place to discuss individual proof texts, but rest assured that there is an answer to them.

Check with the person who gave you this booklet. Very likely they or someone they know can give you an answer. Even so, scriptural doctrine must be taken as a whole, not as scattered proof texts. One or two scriptures we do not understand must not be used to deny one or two hundred passages which are very clear. Maybe you have trouble accepting eternal security because you have watched the sinful lives of those who claim to have once been saved. They never were saved.

There are others who were truly saved and have backslidden. Yet, God teaches that He deals strongly with His own children Hebrews They key is to allow God to settle these problems. But what about you? Eternal security means nothing to the person who has never been secure in the first place. The way of salvation is both plain and simple. You must first realize that you are a sinner. Sin is displeasing God: doing the wrong you ought not and failing to do what you should. For all have sinned, and come. All men are sinners and therefore, you are a sinner.

And this sin leads to death and hell. For the wages of sin is death;. But notice that all men do not have to pay the wages of sin in eternal death.


15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation - Kindle edition by Rick Schworer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. 15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation [Rick Schworer] on rapyzure.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOK SYNOPSIS: A new book to strengthen.

To do that, you must repent, or turn away from your sins, and confess them to Jesus Christ. In Acts we read:. Testifying both to the Jews,. Lord Jesus Christ. Now you must believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, and that he was buried, and arose from the dead the third day. Notice the words of Romans That if thou shalt confess with.


God hath raised him from the. But this belief cannot simply be a head belief. No, you must now accept Jesus Christ personally as your Lord and Saviour and ask Him to come into your heart. For whosoever shall call upon the. If you have never been saved, call on the name of the Lord right now.

Confess to Him that you are a sinner. Trust in the death of Christ on the cross as the basis of your salvation. Ask Jesus Christ to save you and to come into your heart. As a saved person, you should now glorify and praise God for His eternal gift to you. Lose your salvation? Not on your life, and not on the life of Jesus Christ! Part 3 of 3. Click to go back to Part 1 or to Part 2.

Available in Booklet Form. Reagan Search LearntheBible. I have my down payment: The Spirit of God. By David F. L earn T he B ible. Antioch Church.