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Mottoes seldom form part of the grant of arms: Under most heraldic authorities, a motto is an optional component of the coat of arms, and can be added to or changed at will; many families have chosen not to display a motto. Motto: Vincit veritas Motto Translation: Truth conquers. Ceramic Tumbler with Lid.

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Framed Surname History and Coat of Arms. Most Popular Family Crest Products.

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Alis Armorial History with Frame. At the age of fifteen, Alis sees her brother joining a revolutionary group. But her brother is killed by King Lassic's Robot-Cops.

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Alis finds her brother and in his dying breath, he asks her to try to discover Lassic's plans. As he dies, she swears to avenge his death.

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Alis sets out on her mission, and meets and befriends Myau the musk cat, Odin the warrior and Lutz the Esper. Her mission changes from revenge to saving Algo as she travels through the Algo solar system. Long after her death, she appears in the dreams of an agent named Rolf Landale , fighting the first Dark Force, before he begins his quest to defeat the second millennium's rebirth of the Dark Force.

It is here that is revealed Alis' family name - Landale. Since both her father and brother were killed in the first millennium, it is likely that the family name was not passed on to Alis' descendants. Alis also appears to Chaz when he ventures to find Elsydeon, the ultimate sword. As Chaz touches the sword, memories of all the previous Protectors of Algo come to him telling him of his mission and giving him guidance - including Alis. Alis has a basic offensive spell in the form of fire however she is not as proficient in spells as Lutz and Myau are.

Instead, she focuses on mitigation abilities to stun the enemy or speak with them in order to learn information, and mobility spells to easily travel to each destination. Of the three adventure titles published by Futabasha for the Phantasy Star original classics, one of them was a choose your own adventure story about Phantasy Star.

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Solar installer? Who knew? Emerging occupations are the jobs of the new millennium, created by advances in technology and consumer demand.


As an apprentice, you train on the job under the watchful eye of a qualified tradesperson. And you often get paid even while you take your classroom technical training. What are you waiting for?

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Explore trades in Alberta and take your future into your own hands. Look up the hourly wage or annual salary of hundreds of different occupations to help you figure out your future. Learn about post-secondary programs in Alberta as well as distance learning programs available in Western Canada. In Alberta, some occupations are governed by law.

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To work in these occupations, certification may be required. Find up-to-date information about certification and registration requirements. Explore possible graduate earnings based on all sources of employment in a given tax year.

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Alis provides information for career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, work search, labour market trends and workplace. Every path leads somewhere. You just need to find out which path will take you where you want to go. Learn how to plan and fund your education, transfer.

It is important to note that some graduates may have been employed in jobs outside their field of study and the information is based on median midpoint earnings. Explore recently added new profiles, or any updates to the profiles already on file. Check back regularly; you might find a career that works out exactly right for you. Looking for work in Alberta?

Use filters like location or job category to further refine your job search. This section explores the various industries that make up Alberta's economy and influence its society. Each industry profile contains background information about the industry's sectors, jobs and workforce. Also, each profile consists of forecasts, analysis of recent performance, a snapshot of applicable wages and a look at employment trends.

You can check out videos featuring a day in the life of more than Alberta occupations, from an Aboriginal culture training consultant to a wood furniture designer. The world of work is always changing.

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