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Berwald left a thriving career in ocean science to raise a family far from water in Austin, Texas. But the pull of current events, climate change, and coastal development, combined with an offer she couldn't refuse, brought her back to the sea and her first love, jellyfish. Part personal memoir, part scientific quest, her passion for the ethereal, gelatinous jellies is infectious!


Loading GoodReads Reviews. Is their love strong enough to withstand the truth, or will it ultimately destroy them? He and his loyal men are all court-martialled and sent to a penal unit on German-occupied Alderney where their mission is to conduct near-suicidal torpedo attacks against Allied shipping in English Channel. Horowitz, Anthony, Alex Rider adventure. Events for Teens.

Who knew that their fragile, nomadic lives could be so enticing? Halliday's debut novel is stunning for several reasons, including her use of language and the unconventional blending of two seemingly unrelated stories. As each story unfolds, the reader is enticed to find the threads that knit them together-fame, political turmoil, isolation, dissatisfaction, coming of age, and the search for passion.

This is a high wire act of amazingly articulate proportions that deserves to be savored! This stand-alone novel by young and immensely talented Tana French is deliciously atmospheric, masterfully articulate and both an insightful and critical look at lives of privilege. Her stories are wonderful blends of literary and crime fiction and this is just possibly her best yet! At the age of 18, in , Juliet Armstrong is recruited by an obscure department of MI5. Her job is to transcribe meetings of Nazi sympathizer groups infiltrated by top British spies.

Later, after having been vetted by her spy bosses, she assists in several covert and often terrifying activities. Ten years later, while working for the BBC, she is confronted by persons from her past and realizes that though the war is over espionage is still very much alive.

This is Atkinson at her very best! I eagerly awaited the next Cormoran Strike thriller like the kids who queued up for days to get the latest Harry Potter book, and was not disappointed! When a case involving the blackmailing of a prominent member of the House of Commons turns from bad to murder, Cormoran and Robin are drawn deeply into the convoluted lives of the titled and infamous. Predictably populated with complex characters, a full barrel of red herrings, possible art forgeries and a colorful array of London pubs, Rowling's latest thriller is an absorbing and thoroughly engrossing read!

This is the tale of a bright, robotics-coding AI specialist who changes her life when she learns to bake bread. Sloan delivers a mashup of mystery, magic and sci-fi that is a bit like sourdough itself. Quirky, funny, suspenseful and a little bit romantic, this is a thoroughly captivating story. Attorney Dismas Hardy, mostly recovered from two recent gunshot wounds, is pondering retirement after more than thirty years in the law. But when a former client is accused of murdering her boss, a prominent business tycoon, Dismas just can't resist one more murder case.

This is Lescroart's 27th deftly crafted and hugely entertaining legal thriller, featuring snappy dialogue, Hardy and his merry band of San Francisco cops, district attorneys, private eyes, and the wonderful atmosphere of the City by the Bay. Michael Hudson spends his days in prison devouring books recommended by the prison librarian and participating in a cell block book group.

Once on the outside, Michael gets a job, lives with his mom, rekindles some friendships from before his criminal days and he reads…. But one day the PI comes calling and expects Michael to help with a case.

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Reluctantly, he agrees and his world teeters on the brink of devastation. Will he slip back into a life of crime or can he keep the freedom he has worked so hard to retrieve? Will he go with the guy who got him out of jail or the woman who has shown him an alternate path?

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Pelecanos has created a stunning cast of characters whose daily choices thrust them into the high-stakes underworld of D. Great atmosphere, nail-biting suspense and heartwarming redemption! The fire and police departments are stretched to their limits as conflicts mount between permanent and summer families. As she struggles with her parents, Frankie also longs for something bigger in life.

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This is pure Sue Miller, with great characters, a plot that propels you, and deep, sensitively drawn emotions. This will be a great book group pick! Nina Hopgood is a farmer's wife in the English countryside. Anders Larsen is a curator in a museum in Denmark. Through a common interest in the Tolund Man, the topic of Seamus Heaney's famous poem, they begin a correspondence that enriches and changes them. Both plagued by loneliness and lives that have become something they hadn't anticipated, their correspondence spawns a deep and surprising relationship.

There have been several meaningful epistolary novels of late, but this is something very special and heartwarming. Kit Owens and Diane Fleming, friends since childhood, have both chosen to enter the male bastion of scientific research. Sailing through their PhDs, they are then thrust into the gender-power world of academic laboratories, grant battles, and politics that would rival anything in Washington.

Though competitors, their friendship endures because they share a dangerous secret that could derail their careers and destroy their lives. Abbott often chooses a subculture in which to set her thrillers and the maelstrom of scientific research is perfect for this taut, emotion-steeped tale of ambition, competition, excellence and obsession. Kate Mathews is a twenty-something journalist, newly moved to Brixton, London.

Rosemary Peterson is eighty-six, has lived in Brixton all her life and is depressed about the changes taking place as the neighborhood. When Kate is tasked with covering a plan to close the local swimming center, the lido, she meets Rosemary, who has been a life-long daily swimmer. As they join forces to fight to save the lido, a bond grows between them that strengthens and nourishes the two women in surprising and transformative ways. This gem will warm your heart and fuel your resolve that goodness is still alive and well in small corners of the world.

Book groups will find much to discuss about the friendship between Kate and Rosemary. Willa Drake can count the defining moments of her life on one hand. From the whirlwind courtship with her college beau to marriage, parenthood and beyond, she floats along in comfortable bliss. But as her life as a widow begins she is drawn into a new chapter filled with not only grief and loss but twists and turns involving family, community, commitment and experiences she would never have envisioned in any of her former lives. How did she find herself here? Will she stay? Is this what she really wants?

Ann Tyler's stories are always filled with humor, intricate emotions, warm friendship and complicated but wry moments of joy and this is no exception. Lisbeth Salander, the girl with the dragon tattoo, the brilliant hacker, the obstinate outsider, the volatile seeker of justice for herself and others, once again teams with journalist Blomqvist, ferreting out the painful details of a pseudo-scientific Swedish study on twins known only as the Registry. This hits very close to Lisbeth's own story and, of course, her evil twin Camilla is deeply involved undercover and is still bent on Lisbeth's demise.

Once again Lagerkrantz has taken the story begun by Steig Larsson and brought it to greater heights of noir and pulse pounding suspense. The tragedy has haunted their town for fifteen years. Coben is a great storyteller, one of my real favorites, and this new detective is one that must come back in a sequel…soon! This tenth addition to the Ruth Galloway series is one of the best! Forensic anthropologist Ruth Galloway gets a call from an Italian colleague former lover? Craving some sun, she packs up her daughter and another colleague and heads for a romantic hill town still haunted by ghosts of the Resistance.

Griffiths deftly balances the plot lines at home and abroad to deliver another hugely satisfying and entertaining Galloway mystery full of atmosphere and loose ends. Fans of this series will love it, and if you haven't been introduced to Dr. Ruth Galloway, don't miss it! Dry-witted, charming and utterly compelling, this blend of Scandinavian crime thriller and literary police procedural is not to be missed!

Known for her snappy copy, Lillian paves the way for women in this formerly all-male profession. She dines at her favorite restaurant, visits a bodega, thwarts a bunch of thugs and attends a party in the Village, all the while reminiscing about her life and her city. Rooney has given us an homage to New York and the life of a feisty, brave, and forever curious lady. Holed up in a crumbling manse in a small German village at the end of WWII, they must make choices to rebuild their lives as the town makes choices to rebuild its society and humanity in the face of crumbling defeat, poverty and prejudice.

Daniel Silva delivers another spectacular thriller starring Gabriel Allon. This captivating new page-turner from the undisputed master of spy fiction is sure to thrill new and old fans alike. Celine is in her 60s, an artist, a New York blueblood and a crack PI who specializes in reuniting children with their families.

A legendary photographer, he was presumed killed by a grizzly in Montana. Celine and her partner Pete take off in her son's camper to investigate. Heller, author of the acclaimed Dog Stars, has hit it out of the park with this charming, compelling novel of suspense that leaves the reader panting for a sequel!

A young girl disappears from an English village. A massive search is mounted, but the girl is never found. Seasons come and go, villagers' lives change, but all events are colored by Rebecca's disappearance. It is a simple and familiar story, but McGregor's lyrical writing adds so very much, totally drawing the reader into the lives of the villagers as the years pass. I was absolutely captivated by this story and left nearly breathless at its end. This slender novel is utterly captivating.

French has hit it out of the park again! Her days as a newbie are full of thankless cases and harassment from her colleagues. Her partner seems to be the only one who takes her seriously. Tightly written and intensely suspenseful, this is a story where nothing is exactly as it seems! Part pop science, part history, part biology and part sociology, this book leads us through the evolution of our favorite house pet. Tucker shows how these tiny creatures have used their relationship with humans to become one of the most powerful animals on the planet. From research on the psychological benefits of purr therapy to the impact of the cat upon the Internet, anyone who has been owned by a cat will find this book full of humor, surprises and reason to think twice about sleeping with these adorable, omnivorous, intelligent global overlords.

This charming small town tale is part mystery and part coming of age. Margaret Creasy is missing and the residents of the cul de sac where she lived with her husband are gossiping! Everyone harbors secrets about Margaret, and young Grace and her friend Tilly are determined to solve the mystery. The real joys of this story are the conversations between Grace and Tilly as they eavesdrop on the furtive conversations of adults.

It is the s, and August, Sylvia, Angela, and Gigi are navigating the perils of adolescence on the mean streets of Brooklyn with minimal parental presence and tremendous social pressures. As one by one their lives take different turns, the memories of growing up together are powerful influences on them as adults. When one of the lecturers is murdered with a copy of the map in his rooms, Gamache himself becomes a suspect.

Old tensions between Gamache and his former police colleagues compound the questionable circumstances surrounding the death of a man everyone seems to have hated. Once again Penny weaves a wonderful story of compassion and ultimate forgiveness amidst the quirky characters of Three Pines. This family saga begins with a stolen kiss at a christening and sprints through the lives of two families—parents, children and grandchildren—affected by that one gesture.

Told in the voices of the cousins in the families, the novel leads us through summers with children shuttled from parent to parent, breaking parental boundaries, fleeing nests and coming home again as parents become the children. The circuitous plot line takes some perseverance, but we are rewarded by a satisfying read from a master storyteller.

Travel journalist Lo Blacklock has been given a plum assignment: a week on a luxury yacht. As they sail the North Sea, Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. Her attempts to have the crew investigate are futile, and no one appears to be missing. As the week wears on, Lo finds herself trapped by someone desperate to cover up the crime! A classic set-up with a cleverly modern climax, and reminiscent of Agatha Christie, this spine-tingler will leave you nervously reading to the last page!

Ah, the joys of entitlement! The four forty-something Plumb siblings are soon to share the trust established by their successful father. Life in Manhattan is costly and all the Plumbs live beyond their means in anticipation of the family windfall. Will Leo pay back the money?

Will the others become estranged as their finances shift? Will their marriages survive? Read on!

She Covers The Waterfront: Eagle Q&A with Jennifer Egan on her new novel ‘Manhattan Beach’

This compelling novel of contemporary manners is a true page turner. In , Meridian Wallace leaves her ornithological studies to marry her physics professor and head for Los Alamos and the atomic bomb project. Trapped in a government town with other highly educated wives of scientists, she struggles to keep her passion for birds alive by studying desert crows. Based on the life of Caroline Ferriday, this debut novel follows three remarkable young women through the horrors of WWII.

Caroline, a New York socialite, raises funds for orphaned French children. Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish teenager, gets sent to Ravensbruck, a concentration camp for women. Herta Oberheuser is a young doctor who takes a job with the German government, only to find she must perform experimental surgery on women at Ravensbruck. Their stories of resilience and survival under unspeakable circumstances are haunting and heartbreaking. How their lives are woven together after the war is stunning! When Roy McKinnon, wounded by his war experience, struggles to return to his passion, poetry, Annikka borrows books from throughout Australia to encourage him.

Both inspiring and heartbreaking, this is a must read by an astonishingly accomplished writer who deserves your time!

Parker Novel, #15: Plunder Squad

Terror stalks the campus of a Minnesota university, where two professors working on classified military research have been brutally murdered. Student Karen. Eagle Squad book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Terror stalks the campus of a Minnesota university, where two professors worki.

This smart and very funny lark through the halls of Oxford is a charming debut by a promising new writer! Samantha Whipple, a fictional descendent of the sisters Bronte, has come to Old College at Oxford to research her progenitors and solve a puzzle left by her enigmatic father. English majors take note! This is a literary mystery wrapped in a gothic scavenger hunt, enfolded in a romantic comedy! What a hoot! Politics, espionage, and Cold War Russia are blended with wonderful descriptions of food, wine, and French scenery in this latest outing for Bruno, Chief of Police in the village of St.

Life is good! But at the birthday celebration for the head of a winemaking family, a former French spy dies, setting off events that send Bruno criss-crossing his beloved wine country in search of clues and a killer. Former special ops pilot Maya sees her recently murdered husband on her nanny cam, playing with her two-year-old-daughter. Can she believe what she sees? Who can she tell? Only her pal from special ops seems to have her back as she investigates the truth, but the deeper she digs, the more she questions her relationship with the man she married.

This well-crafted thriller is filled with twists and capped with a shocking climax! Another stand-alone page turner from the popular Harlan Coben. An unvarnished tale of the Wild West from a very different viewpoint, this novel tells the story of Josephine Marcus, the feisty daughter of a prominent San Francisco Jewish family. She leaves home in to follow famed lawman and gunfighter Johnny Behan to Tombstone, Arizona. Told in the first person, this hot book group pick is totally captivating. In this sequel to the acclaimed Ghostman, Jack and Angela are together again after six years, this time in Macau.

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They stumble across a yacht filled with a few dead bodies, a bag of uncut sapphires and a huge stash of cash. By playing their cards right, they can fence the sapphires, pocket the cash and never have to work again. Still, Jack manages to get them cornered by a pack of professional killers and caught up in a plot to flood the global economy with counterfeit cash. Hobbs constructs his story with the same meticulous detail, building to a heart-pounding ending that will thrill the fans of his exceptional debut thriller.

In Layla Beck is sent from her posh Washington, D. Barrows has hit the mark with this charming and heart-wrenching story of life in a Depression-ridden town. Welcome back Lisbeth Salander! The NSA has been hacked and geeks around the world are flailing about for clues. Blomquist gets a call from a guy willing to tell all and save Millenium from the recycle bin. More please! The young Kip boys teach her to hunt as they prepare for tribal leadership, and she later achieves renown as a horse trainer.

In the small town of Wells, Connecticut, a tragedy occurs just before a wedding; a gas explosion kills the wedding party staying in the family home. Rumors abound as they will in small towns, and the survivors go on as best they can. We learn of the event through a series of vignettes, from many viewpoints, all stunningly well written. Every emotion is teased out, examined and interwoven as each character tells the story.

Elyse has problems of her own, but when Mary hires her to record her story, they form a friendship that leads them to discover the joys of second chances and the unique powers of forgiveness. This will be a great book group read, especially for those who enjoyed The Boston Girl or Circling the Sun! Young journalist Thomas Cleary is sent to gather celebrity quotes for the obituary of a Hollywood studio mogul. Then Tom meets Matilda Duplaine, daughter of a top producer. Tom and Matilda begin a secret affair. What Thomas eventually learns about the circumstances of her reclusive lifestyle could shatter the lives of the celebrities around them and ruin his career.

This bittersweet romance, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier and full of Hollywood atmosphere, is charming and well-crafted. He succeeds in mending all but his own, broken twenty years earlier by the love of his life. When he learns what really happened to his beloved, he casts off the lines of his barge with his two cats, 8, books, and a young author aboard and heads downriver.

Along the way they encounter friends for life and absorb the glorious countryside. This is a tender and enchanting homage to books and France, reminding us why we read and how much books can change our lives. Mabel is not your typical bloodthirsty bird! I rooted for Mabel from start to finish! How the town goes about ensuring that Sara can stay is at the core of this gentle, heartwarming novel that will captivate fans of Little Paris Bookshop and Storied Life of A.

It reminds us why we are booklovers. This delicious tale of cat and mouse stars Grace from Tennessee, who restores antiques in a shop outside Paris. The burglary was bungled, but she got away with some of the goods and has parlayed them into a life and career in France, with a bit of larceny on the side. Can she stay a step ahead of her chums? Part coming-of-age tale and part Hitchcockian heist, this novel is filled with wonderful twists that keep you turning pages!

Anita Diamant The Red Tent tells the story of a plucky young woman of immigrant parents who makes her way amidst the teeming multicultural North End of Boston in the early twentieth century. She becomes an astonishing role model for her granddaughter who asks her "How did you become the woman you are? Clever and poignant, the story delves into the tensions of love, friendship, family, and the desire to belong. As the day wears on, the three characters clash and embrace in stunningly well written prose that portrays the details of deeply felt friendships.

Eagle Squad A Novel of Suspense

This first novel by famed food critic Reichl revolves around Billie Breslin, whose superhuman palate can analyze the ingredients in any dish. When Delicious—the New York magazine for which she writes—suddenly folds, Billie is the surviving employee, left to man the phone and prowl the legendary building. She discovers a collection of letters from a young girl to famed editor James Beard during WWII, and a search ensues to find all of the letters and their author as well.

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Full of New York atmosphere, discussions of food, and colorful characters, this is the perfect beach read for foodies! Sanctuary is a mountaintop lodge and home to a canine stray and rescue training and rehab center run by a handful of nuns. Evie finds the second chance she so desperately craves in the reciprocity of love between humans and canines. This is both a joyful romp and a thoughtful meditation. Set against a backdrop of s Paris, this is a novel of the turbulent relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas.

Cassatt moves to Paris in the late s to pursue her art. She works away in her studio, despite rejection by the famous Salon. Just as she begins to doubt her resolve, she meets Edgar Degas and her life changes forever. The rest is history of course, but her relationship with Degas and the other Impressionists is a marvelous story, well written and rivetingly readable. Readers of Faye Kellerman and Gillian Flynn will relish this taut story with a shocking albeit satisfying climax.

A great airplane read! A British spy is found murdered and his home contains a stash of stolen masterpieces, among them a prized Caravaggio. Master spy Allon must infiltrate the world of private banking, break up the trafficking ring, redirect the wealth of a dictator and… oh yes, recover the Caravaggio! This is an exceptional story of the long term impact of violence upon survivors, the mystery of memory, and the lengths people will go to uncover truth.

In , two tragedies struck Oklahoma City: the murder of six employees in a movie theater, and the disappearance of a teenager from a local carnival. Wyatt, a Las Vegas PI and the sole survivor of the movie slayings, returns to the city of his youth and is sucked back into the tragedy. Berney weaves a thoughtful and compelling tale full of questions, heartbreak and quirky humor.

Wyatt is a guy you want to meet! In a novel with more twists, turns and red herrings than Colin Dexter, Pavone has crafted a superb thriller about a mysterious manuscript purported to be a tell-all memoir by an anonymous media mogul. Isabel Reed, senior editor for a major publishing house, receives the manuscript and quickly realizes its potentially explosive impact upon the media, the government and the intelligence community.

Then bodies begin to drop as surreptitious copies begin circulating, rumors spread, and Isabel must run for her life. Andy Hicks and his partner Laura Fellowes are detectives in a British town with a serial killer on the loose. The brazen killer strikes at will, terrorizing the town and mocking Andy by sending him letters.

As Andy probes the grisly cases, he finds himself battling his own demons as well, becoming more detached from his pregnant wife Rachel, and jeopardizing their marriage. Highly acclaimed in the UK, Mosby is a master of the character driven thriller. Written in an intense narrative style, the story rushes through the events that endanger marriage, and teases us into thinking that divorce is just a paragraph away. But there is something special about this couple that we only learn by persevering to the final page.

What a refreshing read! Do it in one sitting! It rocked the art and antiquities industry as well as the city of Boston, where Rathbone was legendary. Written by Rathbone's daughter, this is both a biography and a fascinating mystery. If you loved The Art Forger and still wonder about the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum heist, you will love this bio-intrigue!

This book is way too short! Prudencia Prim, an erudite young woman, takes a job as a personal librarian in a remote village of France. The town is hard to resist, and her employer is charming and enigmatic, albeit curmudgeonly. Fikry will find delight in this book. Already a best seller in Europe, this delightful debut novel is certain to be a hit with book groups.

A young antiquarian bookseller moves from North Carolina to Hay-on-Wye to rekindle his passion for books and heal from the loss of his wife. While browsing an 18th-century book in a used bookstore he finds a portrait that resembles his beloved Amanda. There he learns that his friend has been jailed, accused of the murder of a fifteen year old girlfriend in Three iconic events form the bones of this amazing novel by the author of Let the Great World Spin.

In Alcock and Brown set off from Newfoundland to Ireland in the first attempt of a transatlantic flight. In Frederick Douglas travels to Dublin to market his subversive memoir and seek abolitionist support. Binding these events is a family of women whose strengths, struggles, and dreams link continents and generations. This is a must read! With no common language, they hit the road in hopes of evading the bad guys who want the kid.

This debut novel is smart, funny, suspenseful, and a worthy addition to the genre of Scandinavian crime fiction. Readers will clamor for more by Derek Miller! What a page turner! When Amy Dunne disappears without a trace on her fifth wedding anniversary, her husband Nick becomes the prime suspect.

This seemingly typical story, told in alternating chapters by husband and wife, is anything but typical. Charming, witty, and loaded with plenty of action, the Knight and Moon series is about as funny as mystery gets. Latest installment: Dangerous Minds. Four talented, driven, and passionate women join forces to solve crime in James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's addictive Women's Murder Club series. Homicide detective Lindsay Boxer, reporter Cindy Thomas, Chief Medical Examiner Claire Washburn, and district attorney Yuki Castellano use their brains, their bravery, and most of all, the support of one another to put away murderers and solve the crimes no one else can get to the bottom of.

Exciting and emotional, each book is expertly plotted and deliciously intriguing, but it's the women's relationships that really make the Women's Murder Club series stand out.

Ken Follett's on Wings of Eagles: Narrative Negotiation of "True Story" Fiction

Latest installment: 16th Seduction. Over the course of 13 novels, Walter Mosley's hard-boiled detective stories have kept readers coming back to ss Los Angeles to solve crimes alongside the enigmatic private investigator. Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins. From missing mistresses to serial serial killers to family feuds and beyond, there is no crime Rawlins can't get to the bottom of.

A richly drawn series that layers murder and mystery with themes of racial and social injustice, Mosley's novels will draw you into this lush world, and at the end of each installment, leave you wanting more. Latest installment: Charcoal Joe. A hilarious collection of six novels with themes of man versus, these are not your average mystery novels. Rather, they're heartfelt tales of love, life, and the great, wild outdoors. Pick this series up for the intriguing mysteries, and keep coming back for the beloved detective and impeccable storytelling.

Latest installment: Buffalo Jump Blues. Coming soon: Cold Hearted River July 4. A series of 20 stand alone stories, the Amelia Peabody novels are fascinating historical mysteries that are centered around the adventures of the incredibly badass Amelia Peabody Emerson. An unconventional woman for her time — the end of the nineteenth century — Amelia is suffragist and scholar who leaves her life in England behind to pursue her dreams of seeing the world.

Along the way, she meets an incredible cast of characters who help her get to the bottom of an even more fascinating set of mysteries that span space and time. Though the author and Egyptologist Barbara Mertz pen name Elizabeth Peters died in , the final installment in the series is being released posthumously this summer. Trust me when I say you won't want to miss it. Latest installment: A River in the Sky. Coming soon: The Painted Queen July The basis for the hit Netflix show Longmire, this series from bestselling author Craig Johnson churns out one addicting hit after another.

Each Longmire Mystery follows the series' titular sheriff as he investigates criminal activity in his county of Absaroka, Wyoming. His cases vary from murdered teens to foul play over a newly discovered T-rex skeleton, and he even takes the occasional trip out of town to solve a case close to his heart. Featuring a kick-ass female character, Deputy Sheriff Vic Moretti, the Longmire Mysteries have everything that make a series great: beloved characters you want to route for, exciting narratives you can't help but get lost in, plenty of action, and a whole lot of heart.

Latest installment: An Obvious Fact. Coming soon: The Western Star Sept. Dublin Murder Squad by Tana French. Oxford Girl Mysteries by Plum Sykes. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt by Anne Perry. Mercy Kilpatrick by Kendra Elliot. Knight and Moon by Janet Evanovich. Easy Rawlins Mysteries by Walter Mosley. Sean Stranahan Mysteries. Amelia Peabody by Elizabeth Peters.