Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love (The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love Book 3)

Author: Paramahamsa Prajnanananda
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My faith in Christ has never changed, but I actively hate the state of the Church in general and will never return. I feel your pain, Todd. My husband and I were in some really bad churches and were terribly hurt more than once.

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I almost gave up hope but I knew I needed the fellowship of other believers. I have since found a church home where I am comfortable, but I am not highly involved, too much pain mistrust still lingering to allow myself to get overly involved, but I enjoy the worship services, I think the pastor and others who teach there are Spirit-inspired for the most part and I see them reaching out into the community in many and varied ways.

I hope you can find some sort of community of believers at some point. My prayers are with you. This was a great article. The Church continues to live in the past and pretends that women are not holding down full time jobs outside the home. Would love to hear things from your perspective Virginia! Shogren, I beg to differ. We do have a place in the body of Christ. I have to conclude that you completely misunderstood me, Mildreanne, or else I did not express myself clearly.

Of course women have a place in the Body of Christ. Half of the people I train for Christian ministry are women. Nor would I sit still if someone said there there is a monolithic manly point of view. We are all individuals, that is to say. Virginia, I do find that there are churches that are less hostile toward women who work outside the home and recognize their needs, though they may be hard to find.

The problem I have is that even most of these churches see women having divinely decreed roles that are subordinate to men, both in the church and in relationships. A growing number of Christians, including myself, see this as an error, with the verses commonly cited at restricting women from certain roles in the church and the home taken out of context. I for one like to consider my partner an equal partner.

This is one thing I do see driving some people away from the Church. I have needs and those needs were not being met by the Church. I was supposed to give and give and get nothing in return but shame and guilt. Not all of them can be stay-at-home moms. It isnt fair, and it certainly isnt what i think of as love becoming of a group of believers who claim to emulate the God of love. Steve and Rueban, obviously not Virginia, my spouse was cheating regularly, church said I had to forgive, he moved in with his lady friend, I had to forgive. Work in the church?

Taught 2 classes, did the funeral lunches, worked the food pantry, the homeless week, food drives, sat on committees. A young man was beating his child and abusing his wife, she was told to forgive even as her spouse was sent to jail. Where is the compassion for the woman? To forgive is a conscious decision to not hold something against someone weather they ask for forgiveness or not.

Forgiveness does not mean you must continue in an abusive relationship. Matthew explains why we must forgive. If we walk with an unforgiving heart we are not walking in the fruit of the Spirit and we allow the devil access. Also the body of the church people with Jesus as the head should be showing compassion for any of their brothers and sisters that are abused and for that manner helping anyone that needs help.

Scripture in Hebrews specifically tells us to be kind to strangers. Scripture in Corinthians specifically tells us to help widows and orphans. In all things we must act out of love. We must always forgive for our own sake. But that does NOT mean we have to maintain relationship with unrepentant or dangerous people. Any Church or Pastor that would recommend staying in those relationships you described does NOT understand the love of God.

What a Pharisee. This is the reason churches have become void of the work Jesus and Five fold ministry is supposed to. Approved by God unashamed.. The religious Elites. That seems to ring a bell. The only time the Jesus ever woed anyone. And you profile them. They never had a chance be loved by Christ loves us. Through you and your religious rhetoric. Your job is to love them, and if you truly love God and had the power of salvation?

Yes, you can hang out with whoever you like. The mind of Christ. To obey Jesus and the words he said. Is what a wise Builder does. Read Sermon on the Mount. The poor, of spirit. Those who mourn. The center, and those who love Jesus the most. Those who are forgiven much. No they have much to be forgiven for. With my long hair. My background, and the homeless people I work with every day. They smell like urine. They do meth. They received the gospel, and they love to be loved. Your problem is your love is superficial.

I read and you made so much sense.. It was the time of holy laughter and churches passing around huge baskets where women threw in their wedding rings and we said Glory Halleluja and suddenly I knew in my knower I have to get OUT!!! A man or woman should not put away his spouse except for the cause of fornication. This is a direct teaching of Jesus Christ that is in the new testament. Jesus understands the breaking of the solemn bond of matrimony and what mental damage this does to the relationship, which is why this is the only exception made.

Blessed be the woman who can forgive a spouse of this. But yea, unto you is also given permission to leave upon the breaking of this bond. Sorry where does it say blessed be the woman who can forgive a spouse of this???????? Where women have married devils, it is a certainty that God was not in it in the first place. Same with men who marry devils. It can happen. Looking forward to your reply, Virginia. Pressuring her even though she had Type 1 Diabetes, which had been destroying her body, since childhood.

Wanting the mothers to marry the same kind of jerk they divorced in the first place, just to be married. If after tabulating your needful expenses and paying those things, what is left over would be your increase. If you are barely paying your bills, then you owe no tithes. THIS is the way of the Lord. If however you voluntarily pay more than a tenth of your increase, then blessed be ye.

And if you are a needful recipient of tithes through your church, then also may the Lord bless you. But this is why people do not want to attend church. My sister decided to leave this church, but she felt she had not right to go to another. There are good churches. Focus on worshipping the Almighty God, not finding wrong in the church. Find a church where the Word of God is being taught and attend. I agree! There are many God seeking churches out there, we just hear about the not so good ones.

If your heart truly wants to find a good church, God will send you there! Not really. If a shepherd had less flock one year than he had the last, he was operating at a loss, and therefore had no increase. Eventually your flock would dwindle away. This would be bad accounting and makes no sense. It is also important to interpret needful things and expenses, not optional luxuries. If you split hairs too much with the Lord, he will split hairs with you. And also any extra milk gained in excess of the family needs would be tithed too.

When he has that, it all works out, giving, living, loving, etc. Now you are actively redefining your definitions. In your example, going from 10 sheep to 5 sheep, there is an increase or an income of 5 sheep. That increase IS your entire income from sheep anyways. Saying elsewhere that you only tithe on net and then claiming that to be increase shows a lack of understanding. Do you think anyone is claiming that what you already have and have already tithed on it income for a second time?

Please examine the heart with which you are approaching these conversations. You appear to be very willingly seeking confrontation, but at the expense of being dishonest. Even in the LDS faith is this how you believe you should act? Does this fall under milk before meat lying to non-believers in order to convert them?

Do you believe your spirit in these conversations is choosing the right? That you have done all that you could do? For if you are seeking contention, then have you not sinned? And if you have, have you done all that you could do and made all of the right choices? Per the LDS faith, your approach is very likely affecting your faiths idea of salvation. All the costs in maintaining the herd and household are base costs. Sorry, no time to go into it. Have fun. Like it or not the church has expenses. In the years following the ascension of Christ to heaven, followers of Christ provided the needs of the apostles.

We should be doing same now so the pastor can pastor instead of selling coffee to make ends meet. The LDS church seems to function fabulously. The LDS works well because it is a corporation which owns gigantic business ventures and funds its chapters from its bureaucracy. It also deviates from true scripture and adds its own heretical apocrypha to its teaching.

Remove the beam from thine own eye, before the mote from thy brothers, that ye may see clearly. Such hate is clearly rooted in evil. Judge a tree by the fruit it bears. Quick question for you. And just exactly how would the resurrected Christ visit them? Much as he visited his disciples? To believe that his disciples in Israel were the only people on the planet he visited is quite closed minded, and clearly contradicted by his own words.

Gal Paul, an apostle not sent from men nor through the agency of man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead , Gal and all the brethren who are with me, To the churches of Galatia: Gal Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, Gal who gave Himself for our sins so that He might rescue us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, Gal to whom be the glory forevermore.

No Other Gospel. Gal I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel; Gal which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. Gal But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed! Gal As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!

That is what the bible says no Book of Mormon needed, when Christ sets you free you are free indeed and will look and assist others with compassion since they received the love of God, and are forgiven on the basis of faith alone. Do you even know what the Bible is? It serves only the arrogance of surety that you would accept only the one compilation The Bible and no others.

I smile widely in disbelief also knowing that the included gospels of the old and new testament were hand picked and groomed to the tastes of King James by the autocratic servants of the monarchy. Such ignorance to think that it is by any means the complete and only truth. What a total lack of understanding of the origins of the words you and I both hold so dearly. I know. An angle presenting a different gospel from plates by mr smith with no archeological evidence found in the us saving a different gospel does no make it.

You know little of what you are commenting about. The evidence is strewn about the Guatemalan and Yucatan peninsulas. One only needs to look. The plates were commanded to be carried for many months and buried where they were in upper state NY. It says this in the book itself, which is a compilation of many authors testimony of what happened. It is becoming more and more clear that these were the pre-mayan peoples. The main reason I am disillusioned with the church is because of the corruption.

I could go on and on. The reason to be disillusioned is their own apologies. Excuse me! That was written before Mormon plates and it is different gospel altogether based on a false christ whom Mormons say is created and not the Real Christ who cheated the universe man who left his Heaven to become man and died for our sin. Col To trust in a different christ one that was created , is no christ at all. And in the end, whoever trusts in the christ instead of the Living Chirst will still be in their sins. Which is why the correct Christ Deity not the plate man made one christ who as created Is pivotal to where you will spend eternity in heaven with God forever forgiven by Christ Deity who paid the price for our sins or hell paying you your sins yourself, without God, forever.

Because the created mormon christ can not forgive sin. The mormon may spell the same but eternally different. Still sounds like you are taking it wrong. You still seem to know little of what you are talking about because what you are spewing is really confusing. You must have gotten this stuff from some hateful evangelists. What are you talking about? The teachings of Christ in the book of mormon are almost a perfect mirror of those in the new testament. Who told you these lies?

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There must be substance. The care one for another in the church has basically vanished out the door. Likewise, first the Twelve Steps will make you quit drinking, and then you must quit drinking in order for the Twelve Steps to work. Anticipation is a great word. Similarly, when we communicate anger, jealousy, or revenge, all basic expressions of fear, we convey those feelings, believing we rid ourselves of them. We definitely are family to each other but we are and always will be in separate churches. I am His Beloved.

If you would like to ask some basic questions about our beliefs, then I will answer them for you. Not confusing at all I know a lot of Mormon there lives look better cleaner than mine they are knowledgable and a lot of good works. The thing is that has nothing to do with sin how good you are. His birth He was born of a woman and by Gods Spirit. Isaiah ; Matthew ; Luke , 34 which make Jesus able to give salvation to those who call on his name by Faith alone and not works. Works will never save anyone because works can not erase sin. And I do not disagree with your words or quotation so please tell me exactly what it is you think you are saying about mormons?

Of course everyone sins. Who told you we believe otherwise? You need both. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by me. If any man is in Christ he is a New creation Titus God gives us the desire to do good works to please Him and gratitude for what he has done for us. We will want to do good works God puts His Holy Spirit into our heart to know him. I pray that He will you insight into this. Salvation is found in no one else their is no other name by which we must be saved.

This site explains it better. That branch of my family believes they are the only Church because Joseph Smith is the only one who got the right temple plans, the right doctrines and covenants and the best testimony ever from the angel, and confirmed it all with the burning in his bosom that it was the right way. Because all the denominations around were false and displeased God so much he appeared to JS.

So if it is indeed the only church, why frequent a site not even talking about the LDS church. Seems strange, the missionaries that have come to my door tell me your Church is growing leaps and bounds, so why are you coming to a website for Church plants, that are not being done by your church. The BOM is not based on Biblical christianity, because remember JS was given the right gospel and doctrine because the current ones were lacking, right. And he had more revelation for going back to taking more than one wife, because that was what was done in ancient days, right?

Even though the actual temple ceremony has NO origin in Hebrew culture but in the occult practices of ancient times, that were heathen and paganistic. Messiah never had a brother, in Satan. The fact is Joseph Smith had a whole different occupation, something quite contrary to ALL scripture.

He created a new religion based on some obscure notions, and tried to pawn it off as the new deal. He got quite the following and it is still going. LDS build churches and perpetuate a very large real estate venture adhering to good moral principles. Jesus Christ, Messiah, came to build a Kingdom not of this world, not associated with Kolob, but to have a Bride saved by grace, by HIS shed blood, period.

Not rituals, not works, not anything that man can do gets them to the spiritual Kingdom. The Body of Christ is the Bride, the only heavenly marriage happening there. No extra planets, no need for anymore priests as He alone is our high priest. No need to create more spiritual progeny. Do you feel like you grow more spiritually by helping a stranded motorist or by looking at wrong images on the internet? I would adamantly say the former. By practicing righteousness we strengthen those spiritual muscles. If we fail to take action, the next time it will be easier to do the same.

Faith is all that is needed for salvation. Jesus died not just for original sin, but for ALL of our sin. We can only accept his offer of salvation. All of our works are but as dirty rags so that no man may boast that his salvation comes in any way from his own effort. If it were, how then did the thief on the cross go to Heaven? Either Jesus was wrong not possible or the belief that baptism would be required for the thief or anyone to go to Heaven is wrong. But back to your point, Jesus said you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. A dead tree bears no fruit.

A dead faith bears no fruit. But the act of bearing fruit doing works is not what makes the kind of tree works is not what makes a Christian , it is how they are identified. In addition to this, many people also make the mistake of thinking that all works have to be outward. This very egregiously overlooks the most important works, those of growth and change in the believer. Many of these works will not be observable at a casual glance, but only through detailed retrospection and an examination of your past vs your present self.

Faith and works go hand-in-hand as one responds in trust and obedience to God. It is obedient faith that saves. LDS go around baptizing dead corpses. The Gospel of Christ is for the living — not the dead. Once you are dead its too late to accept Christ. Bethany was near Jerusalem, about two miles off, and many of the Jews had come to Martha and Mary to console them concerning their brother. So when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went and met him, but Mary remained seated in the house.

But even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this? Not what you assume….. Just to clarify, LDS do not baptize corpses. And never have. It is proxy baptism performed by the living in behalf of the dead. I agree with just me, you dont need works for salvation. Many a man have confessed on their death bed, were baptized and saved. Does that mean they dont receive the same reward?

The problem is thier version of the Bible changes the words and tus the meaning of referenced verses. You cant get through to them. No Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of them. And no, the claim that they both draw from the same source material is not an answer. This is text that was added by the KJV translators to clarify passages that did not easily translate into English.

In other words, they are additions that had to be added during the act of translation, they were not present in the original text. It tries desperately to please the political climate as far as possible. First is was sanctioned as what God intended, so the brethren needed to get more wives, then in comes the government sanctioning it illegal for impending statehood, and gee, it went away mostly.

Dud you are a clown, that is destined to an eternal he l if you do t denounce your pride, repenting of your sins to the living God that He mat extemd salvation unto you. You can perhaps infer it from the text, if you are so inclined, but there is no question that understanding is not taught in the bible, if so, will you show me where?

To the contrary He reaffirmed the teaching of one God in Mark Jesus kept dietary laws AND the sabbath before and after His resurrection, but modern Christianity uses weak verses to abandon those. The problem with this idea is that Joseph Smith himself claimed that upstate New York was the site of the climatic battle.

I understand that since then, as no archaeological evidence is present, the church has revised the location to the Guatemalan and Yucatan peninsulas. The problem this presents though is that Joseph Smith made these claims based on divine revelation and was a prophet i. However, the need for revision shows that he clearly was fallible, therefore his claim to be a prophet is shown to be false.

The Bible is very clear on this for how we are supposed to test a prophet. Additionally, that is not the only instance in which Joseph Smith was wrong when claiming to speak in his role as the prophet. Or any number of other issues, claims, doctrines that the church has since had to revise. They are not of faith, they are false, they are crazy, etc. Why because if you are LDS you accept and believe and are convinced that he alone was infallible on such matters. It is JUST that the rest of the world is hateful towards the true church, right?

I challenge you to read the Book of John, chapter one.

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Sue, I think you lost translation somewhere. She is a Christian with LDS family members. Read the posts toward the top. And Joseph Smith tells us God came from the planet Kollob, almost spells something else in reverse. Please know this. You cannot serve GOD with your head, you serve him with your heart. Serving GOD with their heads is the main cause of division in the church today. Serving GOD with your heart requires faith, requires love, requires grace, mercy and all other fruits of the spirit.

If we, as a church, unite in serving JESUS, in spirit and in truth, then we will impact the world more effectively and our intentions, for the world to be saved, will be effective. GOD bless you all. None of us including you my friend were there but you choose to believe that. And for that matter, why are you on here trying to argue the facts using what is in our own opinions a false doctrine?

I am sure you know by now that you are talking to us as if we were part of the LDS community. None of us except for you are LDS. I know that I am not. I live with my LDS friends too. We definitely are family to each other but we are and always will be in separate churches. I will be straight forward with you and tell you right here that us Christians do not believe in the Book of Mormon. Most of us see the Mormon church as a cult and false religion. Now I personally say that you really should see your way out of this conversation since we are not going on your mormons blogs and trying to prove our point there.

My friends and I have a solid respect for each other. We agree that we all believe in God. But we also agree that we have completely different beliefs. I am a Christian and they are Mormons. And that is how it will always be. Of all the places Joseph Smith mentioned, not one trace has been found. He also mentioned items,such as swords that have not been found on this continent.

His writings are so obviously a fraud, that I wonder anyone is fooled. Grace means unmerited favor.

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It has nothing to do with being righteous. We are saved by Grace not by our works. When we are in Christ Jesus, we have a rudder where we know in ordinary things what is right or wrong. So in this life we will have troubles. Also we repent very quickly and go to bed forgiven in mercy. Jesus is the only one to follow…..

Jesus said…. Remember he still has a thorn in his side…True! You said…. If not check with G-d…….. No one comes to the Father except by ME…. Your Church nor your Pastor is the way…. Bless you. That hardly seems fair to anyone except your group. It is called the Fires of Faith and is freely available. It very clearly disputes your ideas that the books were handpicked and groomed to the tastes of King James. If you are LDS then you should know that your opinions on this differ from what your church officially states….

Oh that your eyes and ears could receive the revelation that your religions serves man and NOT a Holy God. Jesus is the Head and the church is His body. What happens when the head is severed from the body? Jesus and His church are one. The church is also the bride of Christ. There is so much more. The Bible as we know it was actually determined in CE with Constatine and the leaders of the various factions of the Church.

King James was the one who got the Bible translated into the KJV as it was before all the other various translations of the Bible came to be. He only commissioned a translation of the very same books translators had been rendering in English since the beginning of the Reformation starting with Tyndale, continuing through the very popular Geneva Bible, etc. The four gospels we have had been recognized throughout the church from very early on there is strong evidence in the second century.

Some creative revisionist history being spun there. King James hand picked the books to be included huh? Do some actual historical research. What a foolish man you are, that you have placed your trust in your intellect. How sad it will be for you on the Great White Throne Judgement, if you do not denouce your pride and arrogance, falling to your needs with a broken and contrite heart, that the one who saves, may receive you into his blossom, remembering your sins no more.

You clearly have no revelation of what that scripure means. This means we judge another in light of what the Word of God says. So, you my friend stand guilty as charged. Your intellect means nothing to Jesus! Few have understood what the significance of this Scripture. People do not have a revelation of the Lord for themselves, their own revelation from the Lord about himself, without a revelation of the Lord there is no strength to stand in Him. So beautifully said. I am reading the word more, praying and listening for confirmation—that still, small voice of the Lord.

I have not given up on corporate worship. I just got tired. Too busy. Praying and trusting God for my life and the answers. Then low and behold you led the way, and set the example! You saw that it was possible to move beyond and transcend with enough dedication and then you noticed she eventually responded with peace as well. Life becomes about growing and maturing and we work together without negativity towards each other.

We approach life with mutual respect for all, because we respect ourselves. We know that we are in control at all times and thus we can be an embodiment of more enjoyable qualities. To be truly free one must transcend the ego by having compassion for it and seeing it as the immaturity that it is. Liberation is the most profound fulfillment in the human realm, there is nothing more satisfying. To be liberated from the ego is to reach the pinnacle of human evolution and the evolution of lovingness is completed by the realization of Immortal Peace. Thank you brother, may we always continue to be devoted to the liberation of love.

Matt thank you for educating us. I wanted to know if you have heard of the Landmark and its classes. A couple of years ago a family member asked me to go to Landmark and I agreed. The matrix was written by two brothers that did attend the Landmark and from what I was told hearsay that the matrix was supposed to about what the brothers learned from the landmark. Are there any books you recommend on the ego, or any other books in general about obtaining happiness? Hey Matt good job!!!!!!! Thank you for your kind words.

I have not previously heard of Landmark but if they spawned the ideas for The Matrix I can assume they are aligned with truth to some extent. Yet as a teaching tool it is helpful for the particular scenes that are relevant. I can only speak for my own journey. It totally depends on what you need and everyone is different.


But if we trust that guidance will come it absolutely will without a doubt. It was certainly an evolution as I craved to understand it more and more. It has a lot of layers to it e. My most profound and illumined teacher was Dr. David R Hawkins who actually appears in the credits of Revolver. Nevertheless, we will always be provided with exactly what we need. Wishing you well on your journey! If there were only more people like you matt….

I wish I could be as knowledgable as you on all these deep intriguing topics. Thanks for everything bro. Thank you for your kind words brother. We all are a part of the change, we all have gifts to offer. Enlightenment of eternal happiness and fulfillment is inevitable and waiting within every moment to be realized, it is only a matter of our continued dedication and perseverance to the task. So with that being said, instead of a battle perhaps turn it around and think of it as an amazing journey of discovery to be enjoyed and revealed with gratitude.

I wish you well in all that you do, may we walk on a blissful path. Self, consciousness is just another concept, another thought that describes self, consciousness, so when battling the ego, who is really battling it? The parallel with The matrix, there is an alternative ending where the real world ZION turned to be another matrix and neo is just another element of control, so the idea is that there is no escape from matrix! Fantastic, profoundly astute observations. So thank you. It is not real and never has been. All is already complete, total, and entirely autonomous and spontaneous.

Thus liberation is immortality realized as all encompassing, all-present, Reality of Nonduality. The Self is the very Source of such things. It is Ineffably Subjective. Self-Realization is radically profound and immobilizing — Divinity Self-Realized. Yet the coming and going of universes is only the result of a limiting perspective and is still the result of an arbitrary point of perception.

Stop trying to escape in order to realize there is nothing to escape. The Creator and the created are one and the same. We are the Dreamer of Infinite, Eternal Reality, be free of attachments to the dream, it plays itself out. Reality is incomprehensible Nonduality. Once he has placed himself into an elevator, embracing his fear, he is checkmated by Macha; Jake cannot move in any direction once the power is shut off and the elevator is stopped; he is checkmated.

But he releases his fear, and the gun he has been holding in his hand for self-protection, at this point. Macha in fact has been provided the same opportunity as Jake to experience awareness and enlightenment. They have both experienced humiliation and money loss. In fact, Macha experiences the same melt down as Jake did in the elevator; they both point a gun at their own heads in order to still the voice there but only Macha pulls the trigger.

Harry, Awesome interpretations, thank you for your contribution. The perspective regarding the symbolic chess match being played out is awesome and really helpful, thank you for that. I agree, the point is the ego becoming checkmated at which point it has to surrender and accept its defeat. The notion of enlightenment is to truly realize our eternal, divine nature in which no fear is ever possible again. It is the subjective realization of our ineffable immortality.

Gold is clearly a symbolic figure for the ego, which is even clearly mentioned in the commentary. In the commentary they discuss that to transcend the ego is to become more or less like a Jedi capable of manipulating form to your will. All interest into miracles or manipulating form is a distraction. Why would we ever accept governmental control or regulation if we truly knew how amazing and full of power we truly are…? Overall, amazing points and I truly appreciate your unique perspective and the contemplation it triggered.

Your article opened my eyes on this movie and, thus, on understanding this ubiquitous thing in life. Thank you, thank you very much. There need to be more things like this on eggBlog. Your insight is great I just watched the film for the third time and a Light came on inside me that finally got it. I immediately looked on the internet for any discussion of the movie and its psychological ramifications — and found your web site thank you so much for verifying what I thought — that there is so much more to this movie than just a gangster film thanks again take care Brad.

So happy to hear brother, it is my greatest joy to be service and help awaken clarity and happiness within others. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! Wishing you only the best in life. Dear Matt Micheletti, you are a genius! I would like to share a very important revelation with you, can you send me your email id on groovearth gmail. They all have to do with the dream of reality and the artificial nature of the ego. I discuss this a lot in the posts regarding the evolution of humanity and the progressive themes of contextual awareness. For example I used to watch this film over and over again and analyze every little detail to find all the intricate teachings embedded — I have no idea how many times I watched the key scenes, probably at least over 30 times.

I was obsessed with understanding the concepts inside and out. Like climbing a mountain the view from the higher point reveals all the obstacles along the path. Hello, let me begin by stating that I appreciate the creation of this discussion. Nevertheless I absolutely admire this piece of work. Having studied psychology in college I was deeply enthralled by its message…. All these years I have been only a robotic repetition of learned works, tactics, knowledge and vague ideas of the human mind in order to help none other than myself. I know how egotistical that is, which is why this is a topic that I have always attempted to decipher to no avail.

Recently I have been discussing this topic among others that deal with the perception of the truth with a close friend and I have become so chaotic that it has caused my entire self perception to switch between the ego and the self I have no idea which is which anymore. And while I agree and try to grasp all the information discussed. While I try to wrap my mind around this idea, I have come to see fallacies in this truth — now, I do know that this may be the work of my ego, and so I ask for your wisdom regarding the matter of the WHY.

The ego in itself is part of the mind, without it, the mind could not find a purpose, reason to advance the body. The Id, the ego and super ego are a balance of power. Thus one cannot be obliterated absolutely, however, I ask —. Society gives a projection of an ego to every mind born. The reason? If this is so, then the ego is necessary. The paradox is — Society is a mechanism that demands the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the best to carry society on their shoulders so that progress can be advanced and thus help for the greater good.

I know there is a logical response by an enlightened one, but is that the real truth??? The catch here to me is: If you dont follow the societal credo of success, you will be outside and we cannot be rewarded. I know that an enlightened one will reason — love, peace and logical reasoning will overcome any barrier.

And although true, I also ask. Where will the motivation to succeed emerge from? The need to progress and advance will be obsolete since all they would need is already at their disposal i. Will the self be an Artificial Intelligence I left as a result of the ego to supplant the minds need for a balance of power? I know that this sounds exactly as the ego would and is acting on my behalf. However, I ask that you reason my questions from the point of view not of a person still a slave of the ego or the enlightened person or the person that is oblivious to both and lives unperturbed in a world that seems real, happy and unquestioned.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I search for the truth, whether it destroys the solution to defeating the ego or enhancing it. Alas, love is as true as long as you accept that there is nothing better and that you are just that and nothing more. Ergo, love is only another center or form that projects my ego its fulfillment and need. Esau, Thank you so much for sharing your insightful, well articulated contribution and for sharing some of your journey of understanding.

It is an honor to meet you. You are correct in that society generates, programs, and feeds the ego in order for it to then in return give back to society. In both cases however the consistency is the collective ego of the society governs the individuals, like a Supermind controlling all the individual minds, or in spiritual terms used by Krishna and other mystics, the Supersoul that is the accumulation of all individual souls.

Criticism of Society in the English Novel between the Wars

With this relativity understood we can then address your notion of what is an ego to do? This type of being has evolved their awareness to a point where they, having seen the transience and relativity of the outer world, want to find something more permanent, immutable, and universally consistent — something that is not perturbed by the fleetingness of the world of form e. Truth thus becomes the pursuit.

As Christ said, all things of the world shall pass, store up your treasures in Heaven Truth where moth and dust cannot corrupt. Implying that all things of the world will fade and are relative, lacking, and ultimately an endless pursuit and never actually getting anywhere e. Truth on the other hand is infinitely rewarding, eternal in fulfillment, and universally consistent regardless of the outer world and goes beyond the endless wheel.

Sagittarius "UNCONDITIONAL love grows with DIVINE passion" JUNE 2019 TAROT READING

It is a subjective actualization and is invisible, not capable of being perturbed, immutable, invincible, and immortal. With this said now we look at the next question, what is such a being supposed to do in the society they still exist within. One can enjoy a healthy body simply for its own sake not because it needs to be approved of or accepted by anyone else the vanity you spoke of.

The fulfillment is entirely internal and subjective. This of course is actually where all happiness, love, and success ever actually resides. So as one escapes this illusion there is actual immense joy that accompanies each step closer to Absolute Truth. The liberation is self-fulfilling and propels itself by its very nature. We love because love itself is the reward, we are happy because happiness itself is the reward. We are finally free form the external world, it holds no power over us.

In this movie Jake demonstrates this by being completely fine with accepting his death at the conclusion of the film. With this we come to your final conclusions, we shall know Truth and the absence of attachment to ego because it will be unmistakable.

When all fear vanishes it is impossible to not notice… Liberation and Self-Realization is unmistakable and beyond question. All who have realized such a state will never be the same again and all reality is transformed forever. As many mystics have said, there is no going back once the Truth is realized. Hence one has to be absolutely committed to making the final leap into enlightenment, accepting the oblivion of the ego release of all attachments — the source of all fear and suffering.

This it seems is truth. The most pure answer to your question is all we have to do is find out for ourselves and then all questions will have been dissolved into actualization. All searches will have ended, all questions answered, and all does in fact stand revealed as infinite bliss with divine clarity. It is likened unto eternal happiness, surrender, love, and ultimately in the highest truth it is indescribable. No names, nouns, adjectives, or otherwise would ever do justice. All language is a substitute and metaphor of Truth.

Ignorance is the darkness and Truth is the Light that all shadows are replaced by. All suffering is never possible again and eternal serenity of perfect love and peace does indeed reign supreme. This may seem poetically delirious but it is simply so and cannot be denied. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

Wishing us Peace and Love always — Namaste. Brad, Thanks for pointing this out. It is helpful to recall all dualistic perceptions are an ego identity. It operates according to its programming and is always fluctuating and evolving in order to play its particularly aligned roles. We can just enjoy the movie without being attached to it anymore.

It is a paradoxical sense of going beyond the human avatar and realizing it is more so like a pet and the Self is the observer, the very core of subjective experience. The Self is the very Source of the ego and the entire universe of which it is an extension of. All true satisfaction and joy in life is a radical inner experience that is invisible, immutable, invincible, and completely subjective. One can be completely in bliss and peace even while being nailed to a cross once the Truth has been realized…. All suffering ceases, all fear obliterated, and eternal happiness and love reign timelessly in the eternal now.

The mental self image we project towards others and have of ourselves is basically just a part of our personality that develops over time. Partially encoded from DNA but mostly learned through experiences and education. The confusion and deception arises from being dishonest to an excess about our value and relevance in the social hierarchy. Once most moderately, balanced people have matured emotionally enough they realize the underlying equality and value of every life, regardless of wealth, station, notoriety etc.

The fear of death and suffering is natural and healthy to a degree. Forgiving our past errors in judgement and current, imperfect weaknesses is as close as we come to finding solace with our ego. Peace is not a continuous state of mind, though living for the moment and appreciating simple pleasures is a better existence than the bad habit of stressing beyond any functional proportion.

A well rounded person with general knowledge, caring, compassion and sense of fairness who contributes to society by trying to be a productive member of it is about the best most of us can hope for. There is a certain mystery and infinite depth to the soul thru the spirit that cannot be fathomed or reasoned that gives light to the incredible beauty that is life.

As far as we philosophically and scientifically can comprehend each person through our perception is an individual center of the universe or reality. We at the same time input information and project reality thru our interaction with it. The physical universe has no center, edges or boundary that we can identify. The world evolved organic matter by instilling physical responses to outside stimuli thereby creating the senses in order to adapt, procreate and perpetuate.

We have this entire ecosystem of variety on our planet as a result of environmental conditions conducive to life. Why would a near infinite amount of energy that created countless stars, planets and space make animals? I say this because I believe the ego is ALL that we really are and that the human body is merely a temporary facilitator for a permanent soul. The true self is the conscious spirit of life that is unchanging and ineffable. It is the core of all being though it can take on the attributes of any set of experiences and character that transpires with it.

It is pure energy that can transform itself into any myriad set of new features that it desires but it does most of these things in a way that we can comprehend thru natural laws. Beautifully written article. Well done. After watching this film almost once a month for the last few years, I finally caught on to one thing that blew right by me.

I know understand that he meant that literally. Zack was a master con.


Avi, a master at chess. Peter, Thank you for the love and kindness. It is most certainly referring to the radical realization of the Infinite Self that is all encompassing of All That Is. In other words, Jake, Avi, Zack, and all beings and existence is in fact all the Self. Brad, Thanks for your kind words and love, glad to be of service. Your answers to your question are actually quite right as is. It ultimately was all for Jake for he is the subject of liberation.

He stole the money and donated it in order to continue to release all attachments. It is interesting that a form of entertainment has been used as a conduit to help bring awareness of our social and spiritual evolution into the mainstream. Shakespeare was far more a teacher than a playwright, Ritchie is carrying the torch in the modern world. We are blessed to be given the opportunity to bring enlightenment to humanity on a grand scale. A beautiful and timeless description of transcending the ego and becoming our true selves.

Bring the message to everyone you encounter, be the change our nature has prepared us for. Love, compassion, peace, virtue, we are the teachers the Universe designed us for. Same as the devil…. To even conceive of God as a human is already the greatest ego vanity possible and an obvious projection.

Most simply though, any concept, thought, or label is ultimately going to be born of the ego for it is only the ego mind that becomes attached to such things. Hey, Matt! I have read some of those books actually and had a very close teacher and friend who was extremely aligned with them as well. We have had countless, endless discussions regarding all of the profound implications they offer. Thank you for the recommendation for others to now see too. Alan Watts was a profound teacher and important figure to me so it is particularly an honor that you even joked that I was in the same category.

Glad you enjoyed the movie and the article. And the closing alternate ending line is definitely epic for sure! Reblogged this on michellezgheib's Blog and commented: One of my favorite movies, beautiful. Below is one of my favourite quotes from Russell and always found it poignant but after watching the film and reading this blog, whoa. Labels, I find, give with one hand and take with the other. Why the overt violence? The message is what is most profound in this film and it could have been infinite other plots to demonstrate the same point but it is what it is.

Apathy and Suicide? Is there Something Greater than this Life?

Mathew Micheletti

Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love (The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love Book 3) - Kindle edition by Marcus T Anthony. Religion. A More Attractive Law of Attraction (The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love . Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love (The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Publisher: MindFutures; 3 edition (May 19, ); Publication Date: May

The Liberated Lotus. Very profound explanation. I agree with most of it. However I have an interesting spin on things. Scared kids, managers to control the kids and finally The Self. More trauma, more kids, more or stronger managers, more unbalance. Ego is then not just single part of mind to get rid off.

More like establishing peace between parts of our personality and restoring Self patronage. Hey Danny, I love your perspective and definitely agree with its application to our lives and the truth of its findings. The Buddha Avi and Zack returns to the world to assist liberating other aspects of HimSelf Jake to the joys and eternal peace of Reality. Hey, Matt. There should be a lot more info on the subject. I just put the article and every comment so far in my kindle and I read some everyday.

Thanks, guys. He still does it from time to time, we argue, I feel bad and disrespected anyway. Maybe some guy cutting in line in front of you. Everyday thing in Chile. And so it goes. I hope this goes somewhere, I really need empyrical applied advice for dummies.

Thanks for everything, Matt. PS: I think Nietzsche would very much disagree with all of us. Would you say he was wrong about this subject? To begin, all the answers to your questions come down to how far or deep do you desire to take the spiritual practice. In context of the movie, Jake was all-in for example, there was no turning back and in his case it was life or death. Maybe park somewhere else?

You could go to the police which would either go nowhere or capture them, possibly leading them to seek revenge. So really that comes down to a case of surrender and if possible even make friends with them and have compassion. I could see a buddha figure being kind to them and looking them in the eyes without fear, acknowledging their true weakness as men that are lost in fear. Any person that makes a living stealing from others is trapped in fear. This brings me to number two. So fighting them is not really going to solve anything, although particular situations it is necessary and the only rational option.

Yet nevertheless, the core issue is their own feelings of inadequacy. What I have seen kids do is downplay the bullies threats by turning them into jokes or not taking it serious and always putting it back on the bully or giving the bully ego gratification in the form of compliments or something similar thereby symbolizing not being a threat. Befriending the bully as you said could be useful although not always productive. Thus, it really is a case by case basis and it depends on the level of fear in the individual. The greatest thing is to always look them in the eye and know them for what they really are and reflect the love and compassion that their soul needs.

Transcending themes of consciousness: Awakening to Forgiveness, Self-acceptance, and courage covers this in detail. With your boss you can either demand respect, leave, or ignore his disrespect, look him in the eye and know that it is only a projection of his own weakness and feeling of powerlessness that makes him be disrespectful. Again, we see that all negative human actions towards others is never about the other person, it is always a projection of inner fears being projected and blamed onto others in order to validate oneself.

The grandest outcome would be for you to know your own divine self-worth and thus reflect that back onto your boss to subconsciously make him feel his own greatness and self-worth thus both of you moving into higher states of truth and peace. The person is cutting you off, not to be personally vindictive, but because they really think that such drastic maneuvers are somehow going to make them get wherever they are headed slightly faster… fear of being late is therefore driving.

Politics is one pursuit, spiritual evolution is entirely another. Spiritual perspectives are that politics are ultimately irrelevant because the world is fleeting. Therefore, find peace and contentment with what is. He will not leave you nor forsake you. I am not afraid of them; for the Lord my God, He is the One who goes with me!! He will not leave me nor forsake me!!! Yes, it's Monday. Yes, we all have to go back to work. Yes, some of us have long-standing problems that take time to resolve in our lives.

But please read this promise from God's Word slowly and take it into your spirit He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed. Three days later, hearing problem GONE! God's healing is still radical today! Most people just can't understand it or accept it though it is still needed today as much as ever.

Acts says, "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. Some people think that healing is no longer available, but it is. In Hebrews the writer says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Because God does not change, forgiveness, love and healing are available to you right now. Sorry for the lack of posting. Site has been down due to technical difficulties. How amazing is God? I stand in awe of God because of what he has done through his creation. My faith has been increased through my research.

Only a rookie who knows nothing about science would say science takes away from faith. If you really study science, it will bring you closer to God. Studying science brings you closer to God! The God who made the molecules also made YOU! Today, be in awe of God's goodness in your life. Yesterday I got to visit with a church member who was discharged from the hospital after a minor stroke. Then the news of actor Luke Perry dying at age 52 of a massive stroke.

It's just one more reminder that you never know when your time is up. Hebrews says, " Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment. February Stop trying to fight your own battles and start trusting God! His will for us is always the best. Take time to take a deep breath and say "Thank You God, for I know that this battle is not mine but yours, and I give it into Your hands to do as You will. I know that You are with me.

I will be still and allow You to take over! In Jesus' mighty name, amen! I know things seem hopeless sometimes, but believe me when I tell you that you are NOT hopeless or helpless. Do all that you can and trust God to do the rest! Pray about it and get on with enjoying your day, trusting that God's got this! God says to you today: "Keep running the race set before you. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Because I AM right there with you. I AM in you. The Holy Spirit lives within you. I know it is hard at times to keep going. The devil is throwing everything he can at you right now. But you say: "God loves me. I am His Beloved. I am blessed with ALL the blessings of Abraham. I am blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Greater is He Who is in me, than he who is in the world. Though I may fall down many times, My Lord picks me up and sets my feet upon a Rock.

It means that no storm can sink your boat! Walk in faith and you will never walk alone. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor rest on God, my strong rock; my refuge is in God! Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. Even the winds and the waves obey him! During the storms of life, it is natural to panic certainly, I tend to. He does not appear to be doing anything about our problems. However, Jesus brings peace as we go through the storms of life.

Whatever it is that is trying to sink you in this world today, simply give it over to God. Cry out to Jesus and he will either 1. God says, "you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you Receive it, that you are so precious and honored in God's sight, and that He loves you so much. In Mark chapter 5, Jesus and his disciples set sail all the way across the Sea of Galilee just to reach one man who was possessed by demons.

It didn't matter to Jesus that the people of that region rejected him according to Mark It didn't matter that Jesus didn't have some big, mass revival in that region. All that mattered to Jesus was it he changed one life, and he was willing to travel all the way across the Sea of Galilee and back just to reach that one soul Jesus is willing to go through Hell just to reach you and to love you and release you from the enemy's power. Today, remember how special you are to our Lord Jesus. He would have gone to the cross even if it was just for you!

The reason Peter pointed out the peoples' sin was to not to 'judge' them but to make them feel sorry for their sin contrition and to get them to want the Savior repentance. It worked! How does this apply to us? What would your sin be? Today is the best day to be sorry for your sin and turn away from your sin. Acts promises, "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. January For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.

If you sow to your sinful nature, you will reap corruption. But if you sow to the spirit, you will reap life. Today, sow good seed. Think positive thoughts. Think piece thoughts. Think grateful thoughts. Speak happiness. Speak joy. Declare, "My, what a glorious day! Remember, what you sow, you reap! Don't think God is disappointed in you. God sees you as the beautiful child He created. He knows your shortcomings and failings and has already forgiven you for them through Christ Jesus.

Psalm The word of the day is Matthew , "But Jesus immediately said to them: 'Take courage! It is I. We don't always have courage. I can be a scared, insecure wimp, and you might know a little bit how that feels. Accept it! Man up You can take advice. You can take an aspirin. You can take a phone call. Those are all choices. So make the choice to also TAKE courage today! I am full of faith! I am full of fire! If God is for me, who can be against me? I have God and I have courage today, in Jesus' mighty name, amen!

Most psychologists believe that about 85 percent of families are dysfunctional, so most of us are in the same boat. Everyone has their story: "My parents were alcoholics". The real question is, what are you going to do now? What do you choose now? Because you can either keep focusing on the "messes" of your life, or you can focus on the good, the God, in your life.

And when you start focusing on the good, the messes of your past loses its hold on you. Now read this email again, slowly, and then a third time, and then choose to focus on your blessings and you will find more blessings coming into your life. You are secure in God's care. There is certainty in his words. We as believers are certain that God will save us, someway somehow. If you are troubled, don't give yourself over to worry. Call on the Lord who is mighty to save.

Good morning! The word of the day is Philippians , "Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks. That's the recipe for peace according to Philippians 4: , pray about everything, give thanks to God before you see results, and the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind. It's not a perfect formula but it works if you keep on doing it. I have always told you what will happen. You are my witnesses.

There is no other God but me. I know of no other Rock; I am the only One. I will not worry! God is with me and there is no other Rock! God is the only one, so I am bold! I am confident today! I am full of faith today! Deuteronomy , "The Lord Himself will go before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forget you.

Read that carefully. God's Word assures us that the Lord Himself has gone ahead of you on this Monday. He will be with you throughout your week. Your Father will not leave you or forget you at your weakest moment or your highest point. He's God on the mountain top and got in the valley. God will not leave me or forget me. In Psalm , it says "it is better to take refuge in the Lord than the trust in man, it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

We could expand upon that thought and say that it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in doctors, it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in the government or politicians, it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust even in friends, because as hard as it is to admit, we all know that there are friends who are fickle and untrustworthy. Sorry that it's been a while since I've sent a "word of the day" message. Because this is the beginning of the year, I am reading Genesis, the beginning of the Bible.

The Book of Genesis tells us that God created the stars and the planets and the galaxies and everything in the universe. Seven times God states that what he created was good. Just like God said "it was good," we need to declare that the things in our lives are good. This morning, declare, "This is a good day! The only time in Genesis that God said that something was "very good" was when he made human beings. I believe that God looks at you and says that YOU are "very good".

Now see your own goodness today. Believe in yourself today. Agree with God's wonderful opinion about you. You are very good no matter what anybody else says, because God said so! December You made it through another year without going bankrupt or going to jail! On this last day of , God wants you to know that you are His child, and that God is proud of you!

Take time today to reflect upon and thank God for the blessings and joys! Now it is time to look forward with expectation and anticipation, because God has more in store! Begin now today to think about your goals for When it comes to New Year's Resolutions, plan your work and then work your plan! I enjoyed , but I am truly excited about what God has in store for !

Let's strain toward what is ahead together!! PRAYER: "Dear God, thank you for , and thank you for the wonderful blessings and incredible opportunities that are coming our way in ! Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you God wants you to be successful wherever you go! Be strong and very courageous in Remove unrealistic expectations. Take failed relationships off the ventilator, shed a tear and let them die. Stop borrowing money and paying interest. Stop over-commiting. Learn how to say "No. Take care of YOU and don't feel badly about it.

Exercise, eat right, sleep right, think right. Stop answering calls and texts that bring you down. Create your days. Paint them with peace, fill them with LOVE! Having a great year begins with one choice, and then another, and then another PRAYER: "Dear Lord, from now on, I will be strong and very courageous to take practical steps to go after the new things that you have for me in , in Jesus' name, amen! As you may know, the man convicted of killing Hailey Owens was found guilty and given the death penalty.

Some rejoiced and some objected. Regardless of our own opinions about the death penalty, the Bible says that God will hand down the death sentence to all the wicked. This does not refer to lost sinners but to those who enjoy hurting people and delight in ruining people's lives.

The Scriptures teach us that the wicked who love evil bring wrath upon themselves. The ungodly only need enough rope to hang themselves. Basically, wickedness is it's own punishment. Here's the good news for us: "The LORD watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy.

Because you love him, you can rest assured that He watches over you, takes care of you, directs you. I trust that your righteousness and justice will win out, in Jesus' mighty name, amen! In John chapter 5 it says that Jesus walked into an area with a great number of disabled people. Verse 5 says, "One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. Notice Jesus didn't ask the invalid about God's will. Jesus asked him what he wanted. That's the question that Jesus is asking all of us. Can you say, "it is well with my soul"? If not, if ANY area of your life is not well, then give yourself a spiritual checkup!

Are you obeying God in every area of your life? If not, Christmas is an ideal time to bend the knee at Bethlehem and make sure you are obeying God in every area of your life. Pick up your mat and walk. We must be hearers and doers of the Word. As you obey God, love people AND love yourself, you will be able to say, "it is well with my soul"! After Jesus had much success in other towns, he went back to his hometown of Nazareth. Matthew 57 says, "And they took offense at Him. Jesus did NOT do many miracles there, because of their unbelief. THEIR unbelief. It doesn't say, " He did not do many miracles there, because it wasn't God's will.

So don't beat yourself up if you try to talk to someone about God or faith, and you get no results. When Jesus did not do many miracles in his own hometown, he didn't beat himself up over it. Never, ever, ever give up in sharing your faith when you feel led, but don't be hard on yourself if you don't get the desired results.

People have to be ready before they can receive it. DECLARE: "I will boldly share my faith and will leave the results to God, knowing that when the time is right, people's hearts will open with faith, in Jesus' mighty name! Mark , "Then they came to Jericho. On your feet! Jesus put the focus on Bartimaeus' faith. Faith still heals, it still moves mountains! I was asked about two weeks ago to pray for a friend's mother who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She said, "Thank you for the prayers, God works in mysterious ways.

Faith is the key to unlock the door to miracles for you! If you've read this for, congratulations! My faith moves mountains! My faith is a gift from God and a gateway to new miracles, new blessings, in Jesus' mighty name, amen. Don't get too stirred up about negative people who criticize and spew venom at you and others. Jesus came to destroy the devil's works. Just keep an active prayer life, stay close to God, praise Him during your storms, and you will have victory in every area of your life!

My sight is set on you, I am blessed every day, I am strong in you Lord and in the power of your might! I continue to live in peace and joy and love!! Thank You Lord!! In Jesus' mighty name, amen. I watched the news two nights ago. I saw a news report showing a couple caught on video sending their child up to someone's porch to steal a package. I'm like, "Really? Besides it being illegal and immoral, that person is teaching their child at a young age that it's okay to take something that doesn't belong to them.

That news story made me angry! I also saw another new story about a U. Marine that drives a FedEx truck. He stopped and took the time to fold an American flag after winds knocked it over on a porch of a Maryland home. That news story made me happy! My friend, there is bad news out there, and there is good news out there. That's obvious. What's not so obvious is that whatever you choose to focus on determines your attitude, and your emotions. The key word is "choose.

If we keep looking at the bad news, we'll be in bad moods and that's what the devil wants. If we focus on the good stuff of life and there is good news out there , we'll be in a good mood. When he focused on the storm and waves, he sank because of fear. His focus made the difference. Today, right now, choose to focus on the good stuff of life, and your life.

If you're one of those that says, "All of the news is bad!!! They never show anything good on the news!!! PRAYER: "Dear Father, today I choose to focus on good news, good people, good times, because I don't want to live in misery and bitterness, I want to live in peace and joy and outrageous, contagious happiness, Wooooooo Hooooooooo!!!

The word of the day is FOUR simple but profound words Can you remember the things you worried about at this time last year? Two years ago? Probably not. They got resolved. Likewise, the things that worry you today, will ALSO get resolved, so it's not worth stressing out about them. Obey Psalm , "Be still and know that I am God I will let stress go and enjoy today.

There are only a few things that last forever, you and Heaven and all of my saved loved ones!! Today I came across a message that I posted on my Facebook that really spoke to me. The message is I don't know about you, but that really speaks to me because there have been people who have left my life, specifically in the past couple of years, and it's painful and I want closure and I want to chase them down for answers and explanations.

But sometimes it's best just to let people go and not fight for explanations or answers. Peace is more important. Nothing is worth losing my peace. Brief preview of this Sunday's message What does it mean to "walk in darkness"? It means to live with uncertainty, to doubt your beliefs, to doubt your sanity, it's being so discouraged that you have no 'fight back' anymore, and you can't find joy.

As long as you're following Jesus, you never have to worry about "walking in darkness. Nobody following Jesus lives in darkness permanently. Today, pray, and then just do what you feel in your spirit that the Lord is telling you to do, and you can rest assured that you will walk out of your own "darkness" and into the light again. Someone I know who recently said, "I really feel as if everyone in management is against me or out to get me in trouble.

But I've learned, which I've stated before that your mentality creates your reality, and if my friend continues to say, "I really feel as if everyone in management is against me or out to get me in trouble," pretty soon it will become his reality. The proof is that two hours later, that same person said, "Not going to lose my job because someone reported me to the bosses. His mentality, his words are becoming his reality. We have to be careful with our words and specifically we have to be careful with complaining about something or someone in our lives.

Jesus himself told people who needed prayer, "According to your faith be it done to you. If your level of faith or belief or confidence is: "I'm constantly hit by bad stuff" Then you will be constantly hit by bad stuff. If your level of faith or belief or confidence is: "My life stinks and it's not getting better" Then your life will stink and it will not get better.

If your belief or confidence is: "I have no luck with dating" Then you will have no good dates, only terrible dates. If your belief or confidence is: "I am blessed of the Lord; God's got my back," then you will experience unexpected blessings and so-called "good luck" which is not really "luck" but God's blessings. Remember God's Word when it says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Does this makes sense? If so, then begin TODAY to watch your words and speak life, speak health, speak success, acknowledge your problems briefly and then talk at length about blessings, happy moments, etc.

It's that simple. It works if you work it, and if you've read this far, thank you and congratulations! November Many times we can become so consumed in getting to the next destination that we fail to enjoy the now. When we are single we want to be in a relationship, once we are in a relationship we want to be married, once we are married we want children, after our children are raised, we look forward to retirement, and so forth. We were meant to enjoy the journey of life. There are so many blessings in this day that many of us have overlooked because we so desperately want to pack our bags and jump on a plane into tomorrow.

Enjoy life. Ecclesiastes NLT , "So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun. I enjoy my life! I enjoy now!! I focus on the present, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is a wonderful Wednesday, in Jesus' mighty name! But God's presence is always in our lives whether we are aware of it or not, and God will eventually humble His enemies and bring justice to the earth. In Psalm , the same Psalmist said, "Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek your name, O Lord.

I declare that today is a Terrific Tuesday, and I am grateful to be alive and to be a child of God. I trust that you will eventually put the wicked to shame and make them dismayed forever; you will let them perish in disgrace, so that they may know that you alone, whose name is the Lord, are the Most High over all the earth. Life gets busy, people are fickle, and things change a lot, so it is important than to be at peace with yourself, to be at peace with your life, your soul. It's better to pick your battles and choose peace over conflict.

It's better to pay the money for the doctor appointment or the surgery in order to have peace of mind regarding your health. It's better to hold your opinion and avoid a conflict than to engage in an unnecessary argument. Do all that you can and then to cultivate peace of mind by trusting God to take it from there and do the rest. In in Jesus' mighty name, amen. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. Jesus does not condemn you. Sometimes we condemn ourselves because of mistakes that we make.

But God did not send his son to condemn the world but to save the world, and he will not fail in his mission. So the next time you're tempted to condemn yourself, stop! It's good to repent, but it's not good to condemn yourself or to shame yourself. Remember "there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus", Romans My conscience is free because I am a Spirit-born, blood-bought, forgiven, accepted, overcoming child of God!

Romans 8: TLB , "Those who let themselves be controlled by their lower natures live only to please themselves, but those who follow after the Holy Spirit find themselves doing those things that please God. Certainly you can see the moral decay in America today. If we forget God and abandon the Bible, which is his Word, then we will reap the inevitable results of sin. To some degree, we already have as we have seen the breakdown of the family, rampant crime and so many other problems that have come from disobeying God.

If there is any area of your life in which you are not obeying God, repent now, and save yourself from the awful consequences of sin. Love wins, but love also warns. The word "religion" often gets maligned these days. The etymological root for the word religion is the Latin word, "religare", which means to yoke with, to unite, to bind with, to connect. It's the root word from which we get our word ligament, which connects bones or cartilages or holds together a joint.

So religion is about binding or connecting us to God. He won't leave you and He's always there when you're not aware of it. Let your connection with God bring assurance, confidence, and rest for your mind and soul. The Apostle Paul said in Philippians , " Your body, heart, and mind may be telling you to go into hiding to avoid any more possible stress.