Notes de route : Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie (French Edition)

Isabelle Eberhardt
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This alienated Eberhardt from the French authorities, who were already outraged by her lifestyle. The French transferred Ehnni to the spahi regiment at Batna , possibly to punish Eberhardt whom they could not harm directly. While waiting for the meeting to begin she was attacked by a man with a sabre, receiving a superficial wound to her head and a deep cut to her left arm. When asked why he had tried to kill Eberhardt he only repeated "God wished it; God still wishes it. After Eberhardt recovered in late February, [56] she joined Ehnni with funds from members of the Qadiriyya who regarded her survival as a miracle.

After spending two months in Batna with Ehnni, [58] the French ordered her to leave North Africa without explanation; as an immigrant, she had no choice but to comply. Ehnni requested permission from his military superiors to marry Eberhardt which would have enabled her to stay , but his request was denied. She traveled to France in early May , staying with Augustin and his wife and daughter in Marseille. In mid-June she was summoned back to Constantine to give evidence at the trial of her attacker, who maintained his statement that God had ordered him to kill Eberhardt, though expressed remorse towards her.

Abdallah received life imprisonment although the prosecutor had asked for the death penalty. When the trial ended, Eberhardt was again ordered to leave the country. She returned to live with Augustin, working with him disguised as a man as a dock labourer. Eberhardt and Augustin's family lived in appalling poverty. He sent her a several-hundred- franc advance and tried to have her stories published, but could not find anyone willing to publish pro-Arab writing. Eberhardt, unfazed, continued writing; her morale lifted when Ehnni was transferred to a spahi regiment near Marseille in late August to complete his final months of service.

With this news, Eberhardt abandoned any hope of having a financially secure future. After a short time living with Ehnni's family, the couple relocated to Algiers. Eberhardt became disappointed with Ehnni, whose only ambition after leaving the army appeared to be finding an unskilled job that would allow him to live relatively comfortably. Eberhardt became a regular contributor to the newspaper; Trimardeur began appearing as a serial in August Eberhardt's articles arrived irregularly, as she would only write when she felt like doing so.

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Her job paid poorly, but had many benefits. Through Barrucand's contacts, Eberhardt was able to access the famous zawiya of Lalla Zaynab. This behaviour made her even more of a pariah among the other European residents of the town. She was given a regular column in his newspaper, where she wrote about the life and customs of Bedouin tribes.

Eberhardt and Lyautey became friends and, due to her knowledge of Islam and Arabic, she became a liaison between him and the local Arab people. At the marabout's zawiya , Eberhardt was weakened by fever. She left the hospital against medical advice [82] and asked Ehnni, from whom she had been separated for several months, to join her. The following day, a flash flood struck the area. Ehnni was discovered almost immediately, saying that Eberhardt had been swept away by the water.

Based on this information, Lyautey and his men searched the surrounding area for several days before deciding to explore the ruins of the house where the couple had stayed. The exact circumstances of her death were never discovered.

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While some biographers have raised suspicions regarding Ehnni, most believe it more likely that Eberhardt, who had always believed she would die young, instead accepted her fate. Mackworth speculated that after initially trying to run from the floodwaters, Eberhardt instead turned back to face them. At the time of her death, Eberhardt's possessions included several of her unpublished manuscripts.

Lyautey instructed his soldiers to search for all of her papers in the aftermath of the flood, and posted those that could be found to Barrucand.

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Some of what he published is considered to be more his work than Eberhardt's. The book inspired Paul Bowles to translate some of Eberhardt's writings into English. Eberhardt has been portrayed in two films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Isabelle Eberhardt film.

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