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Here is a link: Web Link. A bit newer school Palo Alto Bad boys, Erin? Were we? Don't forget Fred Schweer and Derek Williams! What's your last name, Erin? Where did you live? Someone asked where Lake Lagunita is Another memory I have is Casa Real. PA was a great place to grow up. The Challenger school campus - what was there prior to the school? I think the school is a pretty recent change ? Hi folks, Andy Freedman here not to get confused with Andy Freeman - the PA Weekly wrote a small piece on this thread and left out the "d".

It was kind of a Quanset hut-type building. Remember when the summertime "recreation department" at all the elementary schools played Karems used to get together one time a year at the Lucile Stern Center for a day of play, night of roasting marshmellows and then sleeping in sleeping bags overnight in the courtyard?

Me, my brother Dean and one of the Stuckey kids were talking when we were suppose to be sleeping. One of the counselors had us stand up, outstretching our arms against the side of the building as a punishment. I was a start - ahh the good ol' days! Also, we burried a time capsul near where the flag pole was. I bet when they tore down the school and built the condos, they never thought to look around for it.

Anyone remember the gas explosion at El Carmelo elementary school in, I think, ?


In sync — we have to manage momentum, establish a rhythm for the organisation and ensure there is enough time to collect, analyse, explain, convince and encourage. The Ghost of Lillian Bayliss. My all-time favourite memory of Year 3 is the teachers because they teach me and they care about me. Blackout curtains were drawing-pinned to the insides of window-frames. After four years of writing and revising the manuscript and several years of receiving rejection letters from publishers, we were offered a contract by a small press — IF we would turn Matty's adventures into a three book series. But that's nothing to how she feels when a colony of the pesky flappers turn up in her own attic! More Details

Andy Freedman with a d androcls aol. Having the same teachers as my mom, dad, aunt, uncle and older brother teachers quickly retired after that revelation. Being one of the first classes to "graduate" from JLS. He was ancient when I was there, but he was cute! He used to come sit on my lap as I took English tests from Mrs.

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I totally remember her black beehive, and her bright turquoise eyeshadow. Anyone else get slightly freaked out about how Mrs. Paugh knew so much about you when she subbed for your class? I was always amazed at how she would meet me once, and then know who my parents and siblings were Don't get me wrong Learning to ice skate at the Ice Chalet.

Story time at the Children's Library. Summer days spent completely at the Riconada pool. Those were good times! Aymie you mentioned Mrs. Zimmerman at JLS!

In the writing room right now ...

I had her at Jordan in and my son also had her at Jordan in She has the same hair, same eye shadow, and the same Mustang car. I swear she is the female version of Dick Clark. Now that i'm a teacher, I can really appreciate her commitment to education! Lincoln Ave. At least we got to keep most of our Civil War hero names for our streets! It was a BIG mistake to let Mrs. Stanford and her gang take our town away from us. She was a prude, pure and simple. We had a rip-roarin', hard drinkin' opium denin' smackaroo going on!

Stanford just couldn't keep her kids away from our attractions! Look at it now. Cain't even get a get a good cigar for 5 cents and smoke it out front the local whorehouse. And you all call this progress?!!! The lake is now drained every year - but back in the day it was used for swimming, boating.

Remember: The Boathouse. I remember as a kid going to the Big Game bonfire constructed on the dry lakebed in November. Oh, and not getting caught! Ain't even no damn spittoons out in public. Try ridin' your horse down Lincoln, and you get arrested by some do-gooder sherrif. Hi Mayfield Jack, Hey you're my kind of party animal - where d'ya say them dens were? And I thought that WE were bigtime partiers in the late '60's. You probably recall, if it wasn't for "Pete" McCloskey, we'd have to go elsewhere for our beer and other alcohol beverages.

Stanford sure made it hard on the folks back then. She was a great poke. She still talks 'bout those days. She's blind as a bat, but I still like ta spend a little time with her we just talk, and spit tebacci, at this point. We talk 'bout the old days, and jest hold hands. Them opium dens were the real deal. Us crazy ass white guys, came into town every Saturday night. Them chinamen was right where we headed, before hittin' the saloons. A lot of them Stanford boys could hardly wait to get outta that jail that Mrs.

Stanford created. They could sniff freedom, when it wuz close to 'em. Some of 'em were good on a pony, but they wanted another kinda ride, if ya follow me , Sonny. Them boys could explode! That is why Mrs. Stanford went on the attack, cuz she couldn't stand a little fun. She put up a big high fence, but it wuz just a little more fun for them horny boys. They figured out 'bout eatin' clubs over where the working guys were. Go to class in the mornin', go for a poke in the evenin'. Problem was those boys had rich fathers who would, on occashin, join their sons in the fun. Stanford figgerred it out.

She rigged the election. Her guys even bought drinks for us guys, to make shur we didn't vote. Don't forgetta 'bout the free opium. It was the end of an honest day of drinkin' and whorin' and snortin'. Not to menchun horsin' and that grand pleasure of spittin'.

She even got ridda the hooch. She hated the chinamen, but they held on by pretendin' to serve grub. The great grankids of them Stanford boys and their old men are slowly takin' back the place. But I ain't seen a real horse or a real whore since about ' Cain't we at lest have a couple of by-god spittons? Andy boy, you wanted the past, so I just gave it to you, for real.

There's no way I can afford to live in PA as an average person now, but every once in a while I ride my bike down Bryant street. I always see Mrs. Zimmerman's mustangs in front of her house. Good on her for being a normal person in a neighborhood of multi million dollar houses and ultra super wealthy Steve Jobs.

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Zimmerman is Palo Alto. I remember working at Edie's Icecream sp? Still, it was worth it for all the free ice cream and candy. Also remember sitting on the bench at Winter Lodge, eating green apple sour balls and scraping together snowballs to throw at the girls. Going into the midtown creeks after Little League games to fetch frogs so my mom's garden could produce more corn, tomatoes, etc without bugs doing damage. Riding our bikes up to Foothill Club and University Club during the summer. It seemed like a Tour de France mountain stage at the time, but in reality it's just a small hill.

Going to Foothill Park and finding snakes, banana slugs, deer antlers and salamanders. Cruising around on the roof at Jordan, and finding all sorts of things you wouldn't expect on a jr high roof My sister and I are sitting here reading everyone's old memories and are loving it! We grew up on Emerson St, lived there from about We would love to have pictures of some of these old Palo Alto icons for a computer slideshow we are compiling. We would be happy to share the end product with you. If anyone has pictures of the following they'd like to share, could you please let us know?

Thank you Mayfield Jack for that piece of history - damn interesting! I wonder if it was the death of her son that made Mrs. Stanford a little partyless. Hi Barton Sisters. I actually have a few pictures of places that have since gone by the recking ball e. I wonder if the Weekly could create an area here where folks could post the pictures for everyone to see?

Hey Bill Johnson, what do you think, could this be done? It would be pretty cool. I know that the PA Historic Assc has a website of pictures, too. Andy Freedman androcls aol. Great idea. We are working on a capability to upload photos. Photos can currently only be posted with the original post, but not with comments on the original post. Thanks for starting this thread; it's produced some wonderful memories. What a fun thread! Above all, it's always fun to meet some fellow "Old Palo Altans," to be reminded that there are still a few natives or semi-natives here to keep the spirit alive.

And on that note, non-natives often ask me to describe the spirit of the Palo Alto I grew up in -- which as we all know is very different to today's PA. Seems like it changed while I was away at college in the late 80s, and I've never been able to put my finger on what changed, other than that the real estate started going through the roof and the average household income added a zero or two. Anyone care to take a stab at that answer? Was it more liberal? More artsy? More of a small-town feel? Here's what I've been trying to remember along the lines of places that have gone away.

Around , when I was at the tail end of my high school years, there was an old, house-lie building in downtown Palo Alto, corner of Lytton and Kind of a white adobe building, and on Friday nights, my friends Hershel Yadovitz and David Walker -- along with a few others -- would get a band together and play there. It was just a big open space, a great spot for a party though ours were very tame, now that I think about it. Not Chimera Books, though that was a great spot, too Anyone remember the name of the grocery store on Middlefield across the street from Midtown Market, where Scherba's auto store was.

Timeframe would be around 62 - Thank you Bill Johnson. I really enjoy this Town Square Forum. This has certainly jogged my memory - I can't believe all the other folks out there who, like me and my friends, snuck out at night to go swimming at Chuck Thompson's. An interesting aside - I was a little suprised at the opposition by neighbors of an additional tennis court in that area some years ago.

Mainly, it was a noise issue in fact, the opponents stated that the sound test by Palo Alto was invalid - the "squeak of the tennis shoes" were not recorded - But my point, back in the 60s, at the height of the baby boon era, on any given early Saturday or Sunday morning, there were no fewer than 50 kids taking swim lessons - now talk about noise. Hi Steve - the grocery store you referred to was called Market Basket.

My older brother and his friends used that store to show mw how to "shop" when I was 4 years old. They told me to grab a bunch of candy and meet them outside. Fortunately, when I was stopped by the employees at the door, they relized that I didn't really have a concept of shoplifting. In googling Palo Alto History for a project, I came across this site, with some fun pictures and information about Palo Alto's earlier days along with biographies of prominent citizens. I thought readers of this thread might be interested: Web Link. A few more memories that have jogged free, in no particular order: Riding my bike with the crazy handle bars and banana seat down the pedestrian overpass next to the Oregon exit without using the brakes, and completely wiping out at the bottom.

The old Printer's Ink on California when it had the coffee bar inside. The old Victorian house on the corner of Cowper and Forest: as a kid I remember it was just a burned out hulk and it stayed that way for quite a while. You could look up at one of the upper windows and see straight through to the sky because the roof had caved in. Almost all the houses on my street used to be single story, and the sidewalk made a big curve around the trunk of an oak tree.

The oak tree is now gone and all the houses are two stories. Making quesadillas on my Coleman stove for the neighbors after the 89' earthquake. How strange it was that night when the whole town was blacked out. Lake Don Paly. The odd industrial area where the PA Clinic is now. The China First restaurant where the Westin Hotel is now. Those stupid reversible shirts they made you buy for PE at Jordan red on one side, blue on the other.

I guess the idea was you could quickly change for "red team vs. I don't remember ever using it. The Keystone Palo Alto. Seeing Metallica there in '85, and talking briefly with Cliff Burton in the parking lot. I remember living on Forest being in 4th grade the last year of Lytton Elementary school. I had to go to Crescent Park for 5th, but then we moved to Cowper and was at Herbert Hoover for 6th grade. I remember Tony and his bike shop off ECR Way, he was a great guy, and riding my bike to Fran's to buy candy and read comics on the sidewalk by the tree.

Many more memories but most of all Leslie Clopton my first girlfriend to whom I gave a St. Christopher, so we could go steady, and from whom I received my first kiss. I'm late to this thread, darn it. But I remember some controversial stuff, too. Remember the Zodiac killer threatening to follow the school buses in Palo Alto? The cops had to accompany the buses, at least to Garland Elementary. We had to stay in at recess.

I remember bomb threats at Jordan. We never really believed there were bombs; it was just a chance to get out of class and chat on the lawn. There were war protestors downtown in the s. I seem to recall them in Lytton Square and at the corner of Emerson and University. If the Mrs.

I was raised in Palo Alto and a few years ago meved to midle of nowhere Kansas, I remember when we moved to Palo Alto in the lat 60's all was orchard around us, it had long been developed by the time I left, Do you remember Terman Junior High, that was my school. I watched Palo Alto grow and I miss the area. As suggested in an earlier comment, we have created a "historic photos" category in Town Square and you can now post photos. You will need to first register as a user very easy Tony's Bike Shop used to be on El Camino in a broken down, green shack-like building next to that old white stucco building now being used as a tailor shop.

It was a real old place that smelled like new bicycle tires. His sons helped him out, too. A couple times, we went into the Al American Market and stole either chicken or spare ribs. Mmmmm, spare ribs. This brought back so many memories of places long gone. Remember during the spring many backyards were literally alive with tiny, tiny toads that would move in from the creeks? We were truly lucky people!! I remember them well but no one belives me. Does anyone remember what the name of the store was that had live monkeys in the window at Stanford Shopping Center back in the 's????

Here are some of my memories in no particular order: Milk deliveries to your home. The insulated silver box sat outside our front door. Pier's Dairy -- buying popsicles there during the summer. Walking to Stanford Stadium every Easter with my sister. We would stop at the Harker residence Harker Academy because he had a small "farm" in his yard. We would play with the chickens and other animals. We made a special trip to his house on Channing every Halloween because his wife would hand out popcorn balls and he would unload his excess store inventory to the kids.

The Carmelcorn store and See's candies on University. The automat in Menlo Park on El Camino. It is now Brix burgers. Playing hide and seek at night and being able to ride your bike all around town and feel safe. Watching the fire works from our 2nd story roof on the 4th of July. Grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate at Bergmann's with my Mom.

Testing fuses at Maximart with my Dad.

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Riding on the open tailgate of our station wagon to the city dump, my feet dangling a foot or so off of the ground while the car was moving. Subsidizing my snack habit at Rinconada by crawling under the wood tanning platforms and diving to the bottom of the deep end for all the spare change that fell out of people's suits. Living next door to Mr. Center what a great neighbor! My parents still live in that house. Being the last 9th grade class to go through Jordan.

The 8th graders moved with us to Paly that Fall. Setting up a makeshift fort underground in the street the summer they were replacing the 8 ft. Formico's pizza in Edgewood Plaza. It started as a deli, they added a pizza oven and eventually changed to a pizza place. Puddle jumping in my parent's car when it rained. The best puddle was on the curvy driveway that used to connect the Middlefield parking lot to the California Ave. It has since been removed.

I wonder why? Hanging out at Stickney's with my friends. The police used to eat dinner there and we would buy them milk and have it delivered to their tables. Coffe crunch cake, yummmm.

The Black Tower (1975) - P. D. James - Audio Book - Crime Fiction, Mystery

Saving the best for last: Stanford Football. Huge part of my life. I have been going to the games for 40 years now. Going there and sitting in the end zone with my family. Listening to the sound of the soda cans as they rolled down the metal ramps under the seats so they could be collected at the bottom.

Going to 2 Rose Bowls. Later on, we moved to the 50 yard line with the students. I cried off and on for weeks when the old stadium was torn down, I miss her. The new stadium is well built but it has no soul. Things that haven't been mentioned, or not mentioned enough: Not only Stickney's at Town and Country shopping, but also Stickney's Golden Chicken Restaurant Hobby House on Forest Avenue and its lady proprietress The years when Palo Alto police wore blazers instead of traditional uniforms The city-run green and white, with the Palo Alto seal bus system The pedal cars at Mitchell Park, complete with a model Chevron gas station The fact that Maximart was not only a pioneering discount store, but actually a collection of separately run businesses under one roof Saturday kids' matinees at the dark, spooky, unrenovated Stanford theatre which we all walked to from our homes, quarters in hand ; watching films with parents at the Fine Arts, and, if bored, learning from the illuminated clock on the wall how much more of the movie we had to endure.

Penney downtown but only at Christmas time , smaller variety store on California Avenue was it where Draper's Music Center more recently was? Midtown Pharmacy and the Market Basket also stocked some toys. Lee Brothers grocery store at Town and Country, and, specifically, buying Outer Limits trading cards from a machine there.

I was just alerted to this list by my sister, the last poster. I'll try not to repeat, but this is a great memory list. Our house is still there, although our parents have been on Edgewood for 43 years. Some more memories. The tropical fish store that used to be next to the Cheese House, where Sushi House is now. Does anyone remember the "Gingerbread house" that was on Oregon Avenue.

Some old lady had put huge river rocks outside of her house and had painted the fence and the rocks to look like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretal. We swore she was a witch. Center and donkey basketball at Jordan, and the Gilroy food drives at Christmas. Biking to Whiskey Gulch at 5 am to buy donuts so that we could stand in line to be first to sign up for swim classes at Rinconada. Couldn't do that now.

  • Carroll Thomas: An Author Study Joy Cooper RDG Fall ppt download.
  • Bleach, Vol. 12: Flower on the Precipice;
  • Black Gold Finale.

Bourbon Street Stanford football for the last 40 years. Tearing down wooden goal posts, getting handed roses when we clinched the Rose Bowl bid, the band parading around a horse skeleton with Tommy Trojan on top during an SC game, Prince Lightfoot. And lots of things I still won't put in print Grod music teacher Maybe I shouldn't - ahh, I will : Hanging out in the picnic area before school began at Wilbur junior high smoking cigs while Mr. Leon, Asst Principal, rode his bike to work. I was alerted about this thread by Nancy, with whom I would ride my bike at 5 AM to Whiskey Gulch to buy donuts so we could sit in front of Rinconada Pool to sign up for swimming lessons.

At a time when it was safe for 10 year olds to do this. I grew up on E. Crescent; the shell of my old house is still there, but it was turned into a monster house which destroyed the wonderful huge back yard we enjoyed as kids. High , Paly grades The day in Feb. And riding my bike to Gunn for three weeks one summer because there was no opportunity to take Driver's Ed at Paly Brownie day camp at Searsville Lake Testing fuses as well as shopping at the Lucky store at Edgewood Plaza, and buying candy at the pharmacy there Frequent trips to various stores in Whiskey Gulch Mrs.

Wermuth, English teacher at Jordan, and Mrs. Morris, the graphic arts teacher at Paly. You both helped me through some very tough times. Bergmanns, Norneys, Liddicoats and the first Mrs. That parking garage seemed to be so much bigger when I was young! Afternoon movies at the Stanford Theater, then graduating to the midnight movies at the Varsity every weekend Having milk delievered by Peninsula Creamery to the cubby in our old kitchen that had a door to the outside for this purpose.

The mint fudge ice cream I'd request, and trying to convince my mom to get butter instead of margarine because it tasted better. Plus going to Piers to get popsicles in the summer. Buying the last ticket for the Elton John concert at Bullocks now Nordstrom , among many other tickets purchased there Working at Baskin-Robbins on University Ave, even though I preferred Swensens Reading the Palo Alto Times Spending lots of time at Foothills Park, which I miss Rinconada Pool, when it had the high and low diving boards and the high and low diving platforms.

We spent the entire summer there, spending part of our time looking for and finding plenty of spare change at the bottom of the pool. Brownie troop meetings at the multi-purpose room at Crescent Park, and Girl Scout meetings at the Girl Scout House next to the Children's Library Fireworks at the Baylands, and going up to the top of Mayfield Mall so you could see the fireworks from all the local cities Lots more things that I don't talk about ;- I live in Ladera now, but still remember the cool place that Palo Alto was all those years ago.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Dick's a hamburger place near Polly and Jake's. Taco Tio, also on El Camino, when we could drive, and leave campus Paly , that's where we would go for lunch. Some places I worked I could write a book about my memories from those years, and my wife could also, we dated while at Cubberley and got married in She was a cheerleader and I was on the soccor team, tennis team, swim team, baseball team and wrestling team. I went to every school dance with live rock bands! The Varsity Theater used to be the center of my universe.

I was friends with Michael Hedges, guitarist extrordanair! Thanks for this opportuniy to share. I came back to see who else had posted and because I remembered a couple of things. Bonfires at Stanford! Those were great. And also Wiedeman's Mens store downtown. The chocolate cake at the Jordan cafeteria. I'm a baker and wish I could reproduce whatever it was that made that cake so good and memorable.

Palo Alto. What a great place to grow up in. I could relate to so many of the comments. I ran across this thread while searching information about Ramos Ranch. For many horse crazed teenagers, it was a great place to grow up. Lots of freedom. Open space. Good friends. We are trying to have a reunion with those of us who spent time there in the 70's.

We have tracked down a number of people, but since most have different last names, or have moved, I could use some help. If you used to ride at Ramos Ranch, or knew somebody who did, please have them email me at alannalight cox. Time to make more Palo Alto memories! Yes,the bonfires at Stanford. When the Stanford barn was a food court. The first one I remember. The Chuckwangon, all you could eat. My brother could eat a lot. Afternoon sock hops at Jordan. I am having flashbacks -- the good kind!

Long time no see!! My parents' Eichler on Dake Ave. From Mackay to Alma it was all fields with mustard flowers in the spring. Dad still lives there. I'm flying out for a visit in two weeks. Ah yes, the crossing guard sweater and the little yellow cadet beanie. Officer Mashinsky. The daytime traffic at Middlefield and Montrose seemed treacherous at the time. And that was when people actually drove the speed limit of I could whip through the Circles Roosevelt and Carlson with my eyes closed and not get lost The shoe store monkeys were real. I thought they were kind of nasty. My sister's boyfriend worked at what is now Rick's Rather Rich Ice cream at Charleston Center, and he would give us free cones.

As rebellious teens, we used to hang out at Mitchell Park at night. We owned that park. We were always the only ones there. Not too long ago, I took a walk there after dark, and the police shined a spotlight on me So many memories, lying fallow! Emerald Isle ice cream at Edy's Trudy, the waitress there The diner counter inside Bergman's, which many many years later turned into Bajis', with fantastic omelets Bajis is still in business on Old Middlefield, isn't it?

The opening of Mayfield Mall, where I lived almost daily at the age of Magnin's op art themes The first train in the morning along Alma, its horn always waking me before dawn. Two words: Searsville Lake! I would catch the train to SF at California Ave. Yes, I guess I do like multi-tasking! How about you? But it wasn't clear at the beginning that this would even be a mystery series. Here's what happened. And thank you, Carole, for bringing us into the "story of the story.

My co-author Tom Ratliff and I had created a book we called Matty's War , about a sixteen year old girl who disguises herself as a boy and goes to fight for the Union army in the Civil War. It was based on a article in Smithsonian magazine about the women who actually did this — a little-known part of American history. After four years of writing and revising the manuscript and several years of receiving rejection letters from publishers, we were offered a contract by a small press — IF we would turn Matty's adventures into a three book series.

We were able to write a prequel to Matty's War fairly quickly because we had already alluded to many events in Matty's life before the war, and now we just had to elaborate upon them; this became the book Blue Creek Farm , which describes Matty's life in Kansas just prior to, and at the start of, the War between the States. But the sequel presented us with a challenge: with the Civil War over, we wondered how to bring excitement and drama to the story.

Then the idea of a murder mystery came to us. As the Civil War ends, Matty's war experiences lead her to want to become a doctor. While she is working in a Boston hospital, a dying woman utters some strange last words to her, and Matty and her cousin Neely set off on a quest to find out the meaning of those words. In a world without modern forensics, our young protagonists take on and solve a most baffling murder case. In , there were two medical schools for women, one in Boston and one in Philadelphia. Since we lived in Connecticut, the Boston school was the easier one to research; the archives from New England Female Medical College reside in the library of Boston University.

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Creating a plethora of families that don't fit existing legal definitions, lesbian and gay parents force us to examine the role of the state in defining family life. What happens to children of lesbians and gay men when parents split up or when the biological or adoptive parent dies? Is a family defined only by biological connection and heterosexual union? Eight-year-old Danielle, the daughter of lesbians and gay men, suggests an alternative definition: "people that love each other, help out, and understand each other.

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Imagine a person with the culinary acumen of Julia Child, the inquisitiveness of Margaret Mead, and the daring of Amelia Earhart. This is Clementine Paddleford, Americas first food journalist. In the s, Paddleford set out to do something no one had done before: chronicle regional American food. Writing for the New York Herald Tribune, Gourmet, and This Week, she crisscrossed the nation, piloting a propeller plane, to interview real home cooks and discover their local specialties.

The Great American Cookbook is the culmination of Paddlefords career. A best seller when first published in as How America Eats, this coveted classic has been out of print for thirty years. Here are more than of Paddlefords best recipes, all adapted for contemporary kitchens. Behind all the recipes are extraordinary stories, which make this not just a cookbook but also a portrait of America. From the Hardcover edition.

Questions to a Zen Master, Taisen Deshimaru , , , The great Japanese teacher offers practical suggestions for developing unitary mind-body consciousness through posture, breathing, and concentration and clearly explains concepts such as karma and satori. Somebody Everybody Listens to, Suzanne Supplee , , , Retta Lee Jones is blessed with a beautiful voice and has big dreams of leaving her tiny Tennessee hometown. With a beaten down car, a pocketful of hard-earned waitressing money, and stars in her eyes, Retta sets out to make it big in Nashville.

But the road to success isn? From the breakout author of Artichoke? The Dynamic Cycle, Frank Lake , , , Kueh , , X, China is particularly dependent upon her agricultural surplus for financing her ambitious industrialization programme, but the performance of the agricultural sector of the economy has been extremely unstable throughout the twentieth century. Professor Kueh has achieved a unique analysis of the interrelationships between natural, economic, and institutional factors, which lie at the heart of China's agricultural performance.

He describes policy changes, technological advances, and natural factors such as climactic conditions, and distinguishes the effect of each factor in the varying level of agricultural production. Report It in Writing, Debbie J. Goodman , , , This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book.

The 5th edition of Report It in Writing is a must-have, must-read guide for Public Safety professionals who need to write reports. Organized in an easy-to-follow A to Z format, it discusses both report writing elements and basic writing skills. Each part tackles a specific aspect of report writingfrom listening to punctuation. Integrated exercises focus on indentifying basic facts and reinforcing basic rules of the English language. With its emphasis on ethics, investigative reporting and interpersonal skills, this book shows officers not only what information should go into reports, but also how to write this information well.

Fox vows revenge for the death of his cub. But is he a match for Scarface, the fox who has long been dominant in White Deer Park? Tropical Mariculture, Sena S. De Silva , , , Tropical Mariculture takes an in-depth look at developmental activities in a growing industry striving towards sustainability and environmental integrity. All of the contributors to this book have considerable experience and expertise in the field of tropical mariculture, and this is the first book to bring expert contributions together.

The topics covered are wide and varied, ranging from general issues such as the impact of mariculture on coastal ecosystems to genetic improvement of cultured marine species, as well as the specifics of breeding selected marine species of current importance, such as groupers and sea bass. Significant coverage is also given to the problems of larval rearing in inland aquaculture as well as the demands of water- and land- based resources in a tropical environment. The chameleon wore chartreuse: from the tattered casebook of Chet Gecko, private eye, , Bruce Hale , , , When hired by a fellow fourth-grader to find her missing brother, Chet Gecko uncovers a plot involving a Gila monster's revenge upon the school football team.

Hakan Yavuz , , , Hakan Yavuz offers an insightful and wide-ranging study of the Gulen Movement, one of the most controversial developments in contemporary Islam. Founded in Turkey by the Muslim thinker Fethullah Gulen, the Gulen Movement aims to disseminate a ''moderate'' interpretation of Islam through faith-based education. Its activities have fundamentally altered religious and political discourse in Turkey in recent decades, and its schools and other institutions have been established throughout Central Asia and the Balkans, as well as western Europe and North America.

Consequently, its goals and modus operandi have come under increasing scrutiny around the world. Yavuz introduces readers to the movement, its leader, its philosophies, and its practical applications. After recounting Gulen's personal history, he analyzes Gulen's theological outlook, the structure of the movement, its educational premise and promise, its financial structure, and its contributions particularly to debates in the Turkish public sphere , its scientific outlook, and its role in interfaith dialogue.

Towards an Islamic Enlightenment shows the many facets of the movement, arguing that it is marked by an identity paradox: despite its tremendous contribution to the introduction of a moderate, peaceful, and modern Islamic outlook-so different from the Iranian or Saudi forms of radical and political Islam-the Gulen Movement is at once liberal and communitarian, provoking both hope and fear in its works and influence. Scientists find a little red missile in the frozen Antarctic named Chocolate, which changes the way mankind looks at itself. It wins the hearts and minds of even the most dogmatic and guides the world to a safer, richer, friendlier, healthier and better future.

Is there life after death? How can we eliminate war, poverty, and disease? Includes 16 page, illustrated children's book. Arens, Randal J. Elder, Mark S. Beasley , , , This innovative, easy-to-understand best-seller offers complete coverage of, and an integrated approach to, the entire audit process--taking readers step-by-step through each audit cycle, then showing how each step relates to the process as a whole. A six-part organization covers: the auditing profession, the audit process, application of the audit process to the sales and collection cycle, application of the auditing process to other cycles, completing the audit, and other assurance and non-assurance services.

For individuals interested in an exciting and new auditing education. An absorbing read. From the fourth century BC in China, where it was used as an aid in Buddhist meditation, to the Boston Tea Party in , to its present-day role as the most consumed substance on the planet, the humble Camellia plant has had profound effects on civilization.

Renowned cultural anthropologist Alan MacFarlane and Iris MacFarlane recount the history of tea from its origin in the eastern Himalayas and explains, among other things, how tea became the world's most prevalent addiction, how tea was used as an instrument of imperial control, and how the cultivation of tea drove the industrial revolution. Both an absorbing narrative and a fascinating tour of some of the world's great cultures-Japan, China, India, France, the Britain, and others-The Empire of Tea brings into sharp focus one of the forces that shaped history.

The Runaway Pastor, David S. Hayes , , , The truth was he had sold-out. It was the coward's way. But it was, at least, a way out. His head was spinning as he boarded the red line, just down the street from the hospital. He was headed toward the city center. Trent needed to get lost and he had a plan.

Besides, the way he saw it-he was already lost. Long lost. Trent Atkins felt a call to help people and be a minister but quickly discovered that his real job was to be a junior CEO and manager. That's what all the leadership books taught him and it was all there in black and white on the job description handed to him. He and his wife Natalie played the role of the perfect couple, yet their long drift away from friendship and intimacy have left them cold toward one another. His plan is so thorough and careful that neither the members of Baylor's Bend Community Church nor his wife had any idea it was coming-or where he'd gone.

But Trent discovers that no matter how many miles you run Dreamtime Horizon, Christopher William Purdom , , , The sixth volume of Mr. Purdom's critically ignored formal confessional language flarf performance art epic combines plain English with found and invented words in syntactically ambiguous and grammatically inappropriate configurations of incomprehensible sentimental angst-ridden romantic religiosity inexplicably divided into two twelve-poem chapters titled "Misinterpretations" and "San Francisco. The Midas Touch, Miriam C. Larsen , , , A Life Worth Becoming, Joseph , , , Chaturvedi , , , Not only do modeling and simulation help provide a better understanding of how real-world systems function, they also enable us to predict system behavior before a system is actually built and analyze systems accurately under varying operating conditions.

Modeling and Simulation of Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art coverage of all the important aspects of modeling and simulating both physical and conceptual systems. Various real-life examples show how simulation plays a key role in understanding real-world systems. The author also explains how to effectively use MATLAB and Simulink software to successfully apply the modeling and simulation techniques presented.

After introducing the underlying philosophy of systems, the book offers step-by-step procedures for modeling different types of systems using modeling techniques, such as the graph-theoretic approach, interpretive structural modeling, and system dynamics modeling. It then explores how simulation evolved from pre-computer days into the current science of today. The text also presents modern soft computing techniques, including artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, and genetic algorithms, for modeling and simulating complex and nonlinear systems.

The final chapter addresses discrete systems modeling. Preparing both undergraduate and graduate students for advanced modeling and simulation courses, this text helps them carry out effective simulation studies. In addition, graduate students should be able to comprehend and conduct simulation research after completing this book. Philosophical Essays, A.

Ayer , , , Hong Kong has long held a fascination for travelers, and has been an inspiration to those who lived there. The sixty extracts are taken from novels, poems, short stories, biographies, letters, postcards, diaries, and even speeches--many never before published--and are illustrated with contemporary photographs and sketches. Auden, as well as soldiers and sailors, doctors and clergymen, painters and photographers, tourists and travelers, the rich and the poor, Europeans and Chinese. Lord Palmerston comments in on the addition to the British empire, the first settlers describe and difficulties of life in the new colony, late Victorian ladies struggle with the language, heat, and social obligations, and the war years bring letters from the POW camps.

Through these passages readers are given the opportunity to experience Hong Kong and its people, from past to present, in a unique and personal way. Potter , , , Jain, Jack Malehorn , , , Reminiscences and Reflections, , Heinrich Fritsch , ,. Moorer , , , Commentary on his background and his most famous novel, "Native Son," and his short fiction and later works. Dunstall Park, one of the first airports in the country, was to remain the town's airport until after the First World War, though an anti-Zeppelin landing strip was established at the Fern Fields, Perton, during the War. Though dogged by bad weather the Flying Meeting attracted huge crowds and considerable Press interest.

After the Meeting most of the flyers left, but Dunstall Park continued to be used to test the odd aircraft, particularly those built by the two local car companies, Sunbeam and Star. The pioneer of British Airships, E. Willows based his airship at Dunstall Park and balloon pilots took advantage of nearby Wolverhampton Gas Works to inflate their envelopes before setting course for wherever the wind took them. RAF Pendeford was built to serve the local area. Wolverhampton's first true municipal airport was built at Barnhurst Farm, Pendeford but Wolverhampton Airport did not officially open until 27 June , exactly twenty-eight years after Dunstall Park.

The municipal airport was taken over as a training airfield, as RAF Wolverhampton, during the War, but resumed its civil function at the end. Halfpenny Green had been built as a RAF training airfield during the War, and was re-opened after its post-war closure in the early s. Oyegunle , , , If you are a consultant or a knowledge worker that wants to know exactly what to do to become rich, you will benefit greatly from this Workbook as it will increase your chances of success dramatically. To become rich, you should start by really thinking about the real reasons why you want to be rich.

That's just the beginning of the process though, then you need to do the personal work required to apply the timeless wisdom to your life. This is exactly what this workbook will help you to achieve. He discovered these principles during his 20 year project to research the success principles used by the richest people in the world at the time. The workbook takes you through each chapter in the book by initially providing a summary of the essence of each chapter as a brief refresher.

Then it follows with a series of questions and exercises that will help you increase your understanding of the concepts and to also apply them correctly to your personal situation. You complete the book by learning the specially developed Rich Consultant Framework r and using it to develop your personalized Rich Consultant Action Plan r. This is your uniquely designed strategy that will capture the tasks and tactics you must deploy to ensure you use your knowledge, skills and experience to become as rich as you des A Practical Guide to Publishing Books Using Your Pc: Organising, Writing, Printing and Marketing Your Own Books, Peter Domanski, Philip Irvine , , , Conference , , , Raising And Caring For Your Pet Coatimundi shares valuable information that coati breeders have used to successfully raise their animals.

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced coati owner or simply interested in learning more, you cannot afford to pass over the information this book presents. Re-discovery: Return to Political Reality, L. Trevor Grant , , , The book is primarily about the Trinidad and Tobago general election of Moreover, it features the political process in the twin-island republic from with emphasis and specific details on the election results and the many political parties in both islands from to Rare or idiosyncratic words and expressions are given lower priority compared to "difficult, yet commonly used" words.

Rather than supply a single translation, many words are translated for a variety of meanings in Spanish, allowing readers to better grasp the ambiguity of English, and avoid using the notes as a pure translation crutch. Having the reader decipher a word's meaning within context serves to improve vocabulary retention and understanding. Each page covers words not already highlighted on previous pages.

If a difficult word is not translated on a page, chances are that it has been translated on a previous page. How can one pilot cram so much into a single lifetime? Climb into Captain Terry Reece's cockpit, fasten your seatbelt, and hold on for an exciting journey into the world of aviation. Born to a family of transplanted North Carolinians who moved to Washington State, a young Reece explored the hills of the Pacific Northwest.

Hiking in the mountains and being a fire lookout gave him a taste of adventure, but he craved more-and he got it. Reece's first flying lesson ended in a cloud of billowing dust, ripped metal, and broken Plexiglas. But that didn't keep him grounded. Over the next few years, he navigated his Lockheed C to steamy nights in Rangoon, risky undercover aircraft deliveries to Libya, icy Arctic expeditions, and desperate flights out of the desert with machine guns pointed at his gut, to landing Boeing jets on short, icy runways on Alaska's Aleutian Chain. Reece's entertaining biography delves into the fast-paced world of aviation and is filled with compassion, danger, bits of humor, and the follies of youth.

It's also the remarkable tale of how Reece and his wife, Nancy, sought to keep his dream of flying alive through the years. From the freezing, isolated North Pole to the heat and heart of Africa, "Flying North South East and West" takes you to every direction on the compass and leads you to the adventure of a lifetime.

Ugiansky , , , Have I Got Dogs! The owner of all kinds of dogs describes, in rhyme, the unique features of each. Scottish Office , , X, Switch on the Dark, Peter Woolley , , , Reeder, Edward G. Brierty, Betty H. Reeder , , , Provides an overview of industrial marketing. The book includes a section on industrial marketing environments, with reference to international considerations, a discussion of high-technology exports and a consideration of such critical areas as the resellers market, and computerized techniques.

Beam , , , From the deserts of Israel to the tsunami-lashed coasts of Japan, from the steppes of Mongolia to the most mysterious island on Earththis is what we have come to expect from Matthew Reilly: stupendous action, white-knuckle suspense, heroes to cheer for, and an adventure beyond imagination. Strap yourself in and hold on tight as he unleashes his biggest and fastest adventure yet, The 5 Greatest Warriors.

When we last left Jack West Jr. But all hope is not lost. After an astonishing escape, Jack regroups with his trusty team. Racing to rebuild the final pieces of the fabled Machine, they discover an ancient inscription containing a rhyme about five mysterious unnamed warriorsgreat historical figures whose knowledge will be vital to unlocking the secrets of the Machine and its long-lost pillars.

But the ancients have hidden their secrets well, and with each pillar bestowing an incredible power upon its holder, their pursuit has attracted the attention of other forces from around the worldsome who want to rule it and others who want to see it destroyed. With enemies coming at him from every side and the countdown to doomsday rapidly approaching, Jack and his team had better move fast. Because they are about to find out what the end of the world looks like. The main aim of this book is to provide practical advice to designers of plated structures for correct and efficient application of EN design rules.

In chapter 1 the purpose, the scope and the structure of the book is explained. In chapter 2 a rather detailed and commented overview of EN design rules is given following the structure of the standard. Shear lag effect as well as plate buckling problems due to direct stresses, shear forces, transverse forces and interactions of these effects are covered. This chapter also includes a reduced stress method and a finite element analysis approach to plate buckling problems. A large number of design examples illustrate the proper application of individual design rules. English Skills with Readings, John Langan , , , Grounded in John Langans Four Bases unity, coherence, sentence skills, and support English Skills with Readings employs a unique personalized learning plan to address student deficits in grammar and mechanics and to free instructional time for activities emphasizing writing process and critical thinking.

English Skills with Readings features John Langan's trademark crystal-clear explanations, along with his range of motivating activities and writing assignments that reinforce the four bases of effective writing. The new edition adds a variety of exciting new features to John Langan's proven approach, and reinstates much- requested material from previous editions.

Aeschylus; a collection of critical essays, Marsh H. McCall , , , Electronic Commerce: The energy industry in the electronic age, , United States. Committee on Commerce , , , Atlanta Summer , , , , Manx Income Tax, Mark Solly , , , Enabling power: S.

Issued: Made: Laid: -. Coming into force: Effect: None. In , when seventeen-year-old Cornelia and her cousin Matty begin their studies in science and medicine in Massachusetts schools for women, they make new friends, meet political celebrities, and become involved in a mystery. The great echoing phrases of the King James Bible that have boomed through the English- speaking mind for years an eye for an eye.

But William Tyndale, the young Gloucestershire tutor who wrote them, paid for them with his life. He was persecuted, exiled and eventually burned at the stake. Book of Fire is the thrilling, moving story of the man who first translated the word of God into the English vernacular. He was finally betrayed, but by then his courage and poetic instinct had provided the backbone of the single most significant work in the English language.

The Tudor heretic had changed the literary, religious and political landscape for ever. Blekit Zzielenialy, Grzegorz Stachura , , X, Urodzony w pierwsza rocznice slubu dobrych ludzi zyje juz czas jakis. W wyplynal w swiat tomik wierszy plaskowyz cienia. A tu blekit zzielenialy. Impresje biblijne, ktrymi zapraszam do rozmowy o niebie schodzacym w zycie ludzi. Jesli ktos nie boi sie zastanawiac nad tym. A potem? Kto wie co bedzie potem Dla mnie jest jedno pewne Bg jest dobry, a my jak woda rozlana na ziemie, ktrej nikt nie moze zebrac. Coraz bardziej wiem, ze gdy stane na brzegu jeziora i wezme garsc wody w reke, to ona i tak wycieknie.

Nie marze o zmieszczeniu jeziora w dloni. Hiltz , ,. The newest addition to the Windshield Adventures series of books by the Spencers. A great guide to a wide variety of daytrip adventures from and witin Las Vegas, NV. When you're tired of The Strip, there's a world of sites and sights to experience in Nevada and Southwestern Utah. This book guides you mile-by-mile to both natural and man-made destinations and shows where and what services are available with maps and dozens of pictures in black and white as well as color. This publication is companion volume to "Guidance on the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families".

It offers support to policy makers, managers and practitioners concerned with the assessment of children in need and discusses the key issues involved. Technical Advisory Committee , , , The End of the Peer Show? Love Is in the Air, Glenda Blosser , ,. Brooks Standard Rate, Books , , ,. The Prison Service Pay Review Body report on Northern Ireland sets out a number of recommendations regarding pay, including: a consolidated increase of for night custody officers, operational support grades and healthcare assistants; a consolidated increase of 0.

These recommendations are made against the background of exceptional economic circumstances, and follow the Minister's recommendation that consideration be given to those earning 21, or less, which follows the Government's announcement of a two-year pay freeze for those earning above that threshold. Daniels , , X, Exposing Men examines how ideals of masculinity have long skewed our societal--and scientific--understanding of one of the pillars of male identity: reproductive health. Only with the recent public exposure of men's reproductive troubles has the health of the male body been thrown into question, and along with it deeper masculine ideals.

Whereas once men's sexual and reproductive abilities were the most taboo of topics, today erectile dysfunction is a multi-billion dollar business, and magazine articles trumpet male reproductive decline with headlines such as "You're Half the Man Your Father Was. Daniels casts a gimlet eye on our world of plummeting sperm counts, spiking reproductive cancers, sperm banks, and pharmacological cures for impotence in order to assess the true state of male health.

What she finds is male reproductive systems damaged by toxins and war, and proof piling up that men through sperm, pass on harm to the children they father. Yet, despite the evidence that men's health, as much as women's, significantly affects the vitality of their offspring, Daniels also sees a society holding on to outdated assumptions, one in which men ignore blatant health risks as they struggle to live up to antiquated ideas of manliness.