Swingers Dilemma

Couple faces the dilemma of a full swap
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codemotamar.ml/gastroenterology/our-cruising-experiences-photos.pdf Due to the fact, that they are working off the same page. Just my perspective, oh and by the way we are religious and I do feel bad for the narrow, shallow minded idiot who actually started all this crap. Poor sexually repressed sap. Who taught you what you know about what marriage means? Laws aside, you should study the history of marriage and why it exists in every culture. So his toothbrush would be next to mine. So he would come home from work, and it would be our home that greets him.

So we can argue about where to put the sofa. So I can take his freedom that he trusted me with, and return it to him complete and untouched — because I love him, and respect him as a person, not just an extension of my ego. Lagoon I think you missed the point entirly. Thank you, Stephanie! As for your random facts I had such a hard time with this, too! Why is being a swinger such a problem? How about the kids? Or, do they not count? At the root of this is a belief that what they are doing is abhorrent and un-natural, IMHO.

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That explains the defensiveness. Yes, people can get defensive about things they know are wrong, but what would happen if someone came out and criticized YOUR way of life? By your logic, both are wrong? Who, exactly, does swinging harm? Especially amongst childless couples, to stay away from the argument about whether or not being aware of sexuality is harmful to children.

Seriously get a life you self righteous piece of crap. You probably, secretly masturbate to gay magazines. My parents were swingers and were pretty open about the subject to me growing up. I guess some people just fear what they do not understand. You guys really are a weird bunch. If all you want to do is sleep around why get married in the first place?? You seem to be having trouble conceiving of a relationship that does not fit rigidly into your cookie-cutter ideas of marriage.

If a man and a woman love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, that should be reason enough for them to get married. Sex is not the defining aspect of marriage. Can you provide evidence that swinging hurts those involved in it? Yes, sometimes it can end in ruined relationships, but monogamous relationships can end terribly as well.

Please tell me what harm can come from consensual polyamory that can not rise from a bad monogamous relationship? Cheating is, not being aware of the other persons actions. How ironic is that. I am religious and I think marriage is one of the 7 sacraments and that needs to be valued. But I also believe in freedom of choices. Do whatever makes you happy as long as both are open to the idea. So I say be like dogs. I l just like how you said it. Swing it all the time baby. Swinging is immoral and should never be practiced by anyone. If both parties are open to swinging, go. Enjoy life.

Be adventurous. Do whatever makes us happy. Every woer written here is not just a waste of tim but of thought also. Ther point is that if u are a swinger then u dont think of it as cheqting!!! So if random sex turnes my woman on then random sex she shall have. U forget the very important point that sex is altough an inportnt part of a loving relationsip is not love in it self.

Thease people still love each other just as mutch as u love your wife the but difference is they let each other be happy with what is a mutural and pleasurable arangement. Serious cajones to you sir! I agree with you. You nailed it. People claim to be happy while swinging. Of course! Sex makes us happy! But now that swingers are willing to share their partners, it provides a clever escape for them to sleep around. I heard about a swinger couple that are party host, no less.

The husband met a girl at a party, took her to another city and had sex with her. Now he never had to tell his wife anything, but somehow he did. Now she considers him a cheater. They are still married but she still calls him a cheater. You see what happened? There is no consequence if sex is so cheap that your husband seeing another girl outside of your so called circle of trust, bares nothing to mind.

I guess you just keep poking on for he rest of your life without a care. Looking forward to growing old together and causing as much trouble for the night nurses as possible in the retirement home. Please — that is about the worst out of context use of scripture I have seen in a while.

That section of 2Sam has nothing to do with swinging — it was the punishment that David would be receiving for murdering the husband of the woman whom he had committed adultery with. He already had numerous wives and God even told him that He would have given him any woman if he had asked for another.

The fact that he stole the wife of another man and then killed him was the problem. It was not either multiple wives nor concubines nor swinging.

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These women in scriptures or otherwise should have not allowed for cheating to take place to begin with. Makes me syck to read how women will let a random stranger kill her own husband and then sleep with the said stranger. Swingers are spoiled. They want their cake and eat it too. You only qualify if you have another to offer?

Is that right? Have at it. First of all, not all swinger only swing with other couples. There are a lot of singles in the lifestyle. Second, though most prefer couples, it is because there is the togetherness aspect that prevails in swinging. It is something that is done together with another couple.

Third, not all swingers even have sex with another couple. Many are what is known as soft swingers, that is, they only flirt, make-out, etc with the other couple and then have sex with their own spouse. Some also have oral sex with the other couple but reserve penetrative sex for their spouse. Perhaps more people that are opposed to swinging, whether Christians or not, should investigate what it is before criticising it so blindly. A lot of false doctrine concerning anything sexual has been deeply rooted in the Church for centuries and scripture does not support those man made ideas and traditions.

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There is a movement growing around this issue in the Church. It is across all denominations and includes lay people not a pun and pastors and leaders. But swinging is more of a couples thing. We allow single males once in awhile, but they have to click with us.

How ignorant and judgemental can you be?! A Mormon came up with swinging?? You make me sick you are soo ignorant and judgemental. Mormons did not invent swinging. However, the percentage of swingers that are also religious or spiritual is just as high in the Mormon church as in any other denomination. So yes, gagme, there are many Mormon swingers.

Um hello?

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Not only does Deseret Industries multiple locations, DeseretIndustries. Thank you Jessica! It's not what you think Domestic Disturbance. Check out Bella Airbrush Tanning E.

Unwanted pregnancies? I have been friends with three married couples who were into swinging and justified the lifestyle as though they had achieved a higher plane of existence and guess what? All three of these couples divorced, two of them after nasty fights stemming from jealousy issues centered around their swinging. Did you guys miss sex ed? Condoms break. Moreover, I doubt how meaningful those sexual experiences could have possibly been. Your decisions affect others.


Someone could end up catching an STD from a person who made a mistake one night and ended up with one of you nasty people. I condemn you because until you stupid little monkeys get over your hedonistic greed and narcissism, this world is going to suck balls! My advice to you. First, jerk off. My biggest problem with swinging — never mind the herpes etc. Why would they care? Most of us need to learn the hard way that some things just might not be good for us. But for those people who really love it, I say leave them alone or respect their choice.

Makes me syck. The OT is full of polygamous relationships and concubunage. Did Soloman become any less one with his wives by having more than one and many more concubines? God never condemned any of it.

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In fact, God even told David that He would have given him all the wives he wanted after the Bathsheeba encounter. So God can hardly be used as a valid Biblical basis for anti-swinging. Jesus came to set people free from the law of sin and death. That law made women inferior to men and gave men dominion over women. Women are now free to do the things that only men were able to do in the OT.

That includes having sex with men that are not their husbands. However, Jesus also made the issue of body ownership equal. This only applies to Christians, those that are followers of Jesus. So, if both husband and wife, who are Christians, agree to participate in swinging activity, they are free to do so under the law that Jesus gave us — the law of love — that supercedes the law of sin and death. God is specific all throughout the Bible about worshiping other gods besides Him.

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God uses marriage as an earthly example of how the Church is to become one with Him at the end of time, not how individuals are to become one with Him on earth. The Church is to be pure to Him in worship and faith and not entangled in other religions. The wife had no right to offer herself to any man other than her husband. It was a property and lineage issue, not a sexual one. That becomes even more obvious when one considers that a maried man could have a prostitute or a concubine anytime he wanted and it was never adultery.

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