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Soviet Challenge
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Publisher Description What did we learn that might help us do better this time. Lesson 1.

Fifty years later, panelists consider a new science education ‘surge’

Reform must focus on the attainment of long-term educational goals, not on solving the crisis of the moment. The Sputnik cold-war challenge was for the United States to become dominant in space, which soon came to be to get a man to the moon first. This time the motivation seems to be international trade competition and international education test contests. Will we again doze off, or have we learned our Sputnik lesson? Now that we have National Science Education Standards, we have challenge enough to focus our efforts on for the next few decades.

Sputnik Challenge by Robert Divine

Lesson 2. We stopped too soon! The Sputnik effort play out after about 15 years and was followed by 15 years of inaction. Anything as massive and as complex as schooling in America simply cannot be changed in a hurry. There are no quick and easy and inexpensive fixes available.

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Decades of concerted, unrelenting effort will still be needed. Lesson 3.

Sputnik-2 or: Laika, Our Hero

The federal government has a crucial role in reform and needs to stay in the game. As the Sputnik effort faded away, we discovered, to the dismay of many of us, that few states or local school districts were prepared to pick up the tab for underwriting research and development, continuing the training opportunities for teachers of science, providing modern science teaching materials, and employing science specialists in the elementary schools.

How Sputnik changed U.S. education

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One thing to change: Anecdotes aren’t data

We will contact you if necessary. Still, he said, government typically grows during wartime and then shrinks again when wars end, but never back to the prewar level. Is your home making you sick? After Sputnik, the exciting ride of the Cold War became a dangerous, arduous race to technology. But the goal of this competition remained unclear.

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The Sputnik Challenge Hardcover – March 25, On October 4, , the Soviet Union launched a pound metal ball called Sputnik into orbit around the Earth, and America plummeted into a panic. In the White House, President Eisenhower seemed to do nothing, leading Kennedy in. In The Sputnik Challenge, Robert Divine provides a fascinating look at Eisenhower's He recreates the national hysteria over the first two Sputnik launches.

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