Trucks Trucks Trucks Picture Book for Kids who Love Trucks

Children's Picture Books About Cars, Trucks, and Diggers
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Publishers are well-aware of this and there are great books out there. These construction picture books were favorites of both my boys. Check these titles out from the library, they are sure to be a hit with your kids, too. Note: Covers and titles are affiliate links.

Children’s Books About Trucks

This book is kind of amazing. Not only does it show construction sites that might now immediately come to mind, like roller coasters and circuses, it does it in a way that involves wonderful paper engineering. The construction of this book pun intended includes lift the flap, pull the tab, pop ups and extensions that will amaze your kids!

As a parent of two boys, I especially love this book because it depicts brothers teaching brothers the importance of diggers! The older brother discusses how he is planning to buy a huge digger and revels in all the amazing things diggers do. Good Morning, Digger by Anne Rockwell. So, even though you might not like the loud construction noise every morning, your kid loves it because it signals the excitement of new construction! In this construction-themed picture book, a young boy takes a morning stroll in the city and revels in the fascinating work of a digger at a construction site.

Your child will be fascinated by the incredibly detailed illustrations in this book which takes the reader on a year-long journey at a construction site. Phoebe and Digger by Tricia Springstubb. Wonderful hijinks ensue when a cement truck heads out for his first day on the job. But stops at the wrong sites lead to mixing up a cake, frosting and lots of bubbles. Roadwork by Sally Sutton. This book has all the fun of watching roadwork and none of the smell.

Onomatopoeia and dynamic illustrations makes it even more fun. Who Made This Cake? Guess what? You can construct your cake and eat it, too!

A giant list of books for a preschool transportation theme

A big red truck gets stuck trying to go under a viaduct that is too low. Soon there is a huge traffic jam! Simple rhyming text introduces a long line of inconvenienced vehicles and amused onlookers. Hijinks ensue as various people try and fail to unwedge the truck until one clever police officer has a bright idea in the end. For truck fans, the appeal is obvious. There are innumerable trucks of different kinds, all whimsically illustrated. I'm a big fan of the exterminator's van with a giant bee bobbing on its roof.

Each truck is labeled in the text's main font, but above each vehicle is a unique, hand-lettered noise-word that is drawn to help bring it to life. The text itself has a steady, simple beat and rhyme scheme that makes it easy for kids to feel the words and follow along, ex: " Girl on Bike. Boy on trike. There are all sorts of great characters walking the pages of this book.

I love the Boy Scout troop that marches through, the kids who capitalize on the moment and sell lemonade, and the Elvis impersonator and cowboy who decide to jam. The resolution of the plot is a little weak and hard to understand for kids the cop lets the air out and the truck lowers , but I find that the important thing is that the truck was stuck. Night Light is a visually stunning counting and can-you-guess book. It uses die cuts to give kids a peek at the number of lights on the vehicle that will be revealed when the page is turned.

I reviewed it last year in my blog post about counting books and it remains a favorite. About half the vehicles in this book are trucks. There is a train, a helicopter, a loader, a taxi, a school bus, a fire truck, a snow plow, a tugboat, a street sweeper, and a tanker truck.

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See more ideas about Baby books, Children story book and Children's books. Your preschool child will love learning about trucks and all sorts of other. Awesome list of books for kids who love cars and trucks. It includes reviews . 10 of the best picture books for kids about construction work, trucks and diggers.

In the end, the vehicles are revealed to be toys scattered on the floor of a child's room. The child is reading Night Light in bed, just like we are. Night Light is the whole package. So many of our kids are motivated by numbers and sensory details like die cuts , and the can-you-guess structure is a built in, intuitive way for parents to practice dialoguing during a read-aloud. Singalong books provide a multi-sensory reading experience that promotes attention, engagement, and enjoyment. Old MacDonald Had a Truck is a fun adaptation of the traditional tune. Old MacDonald, his wife, livestock, and other animals are running a machine-heavy farm.

In the place of animals and animal sounds, as in the usual version, we are introduced to a variety of farm vehicles and their sounds and actions. My son Luke found it very silly that the animals were workers on the farm, driving the vehicles. My kids enjoyed the graphic illustrations, but some may find them a little busy. A little grey garbage truck with thick Clark Kent-style glasses "just collects the trash" while all around him trucks do cool things like fix power lines a green bucket truck , put out a fires a red firetruck , or rescue others a blue tow truck.

The art is wonderfully simple. The clean, digital illustrations set apart characters with distinct colors.

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Simple graphic line backgrounds show an urban setting without distracting. The transformation of the garbage truck from grey to blue is a perfect way to communicate the concept of a secret identity although I wish he'd kept his glasses. With just a short, single sentence on each two-page spread, Supertruck is an easy-to-understand superhero story for kids who love trucks.

Roadwork , Construction , and Demolition are amazing books that will appeal to kids who love construction vehicles and watching, from start to finish, how workers use trucks and machines to transform a site or complete a project. Roadwork shows a new highway being dug, paved, wired, and painted.

Construction is the story of a library being built. And in Demolition an old building is taken down so the land can be re-developed into a playground. Sutton uses a driving, pulsing rhythm and rhyme scheme that communicates a lot of excitement. Each stanza ends with sound words that accurately convey, through onomatopoeia, the noise the machine makes.

A brilliant, well-executed series for construction vehicle lovers. Similar to the plot of Night Light , this is a book about a child imagining that his toy trucks are real but with an actual story. The boy tells us how at age 2 he learned to drive a concrete mixer, how at 3 he operated a backhoe, and how by 4 he was driving a firetruck, and so on. With each spread we see the boy, slightly older, alongside his animal co-workers eventually revealed to be his pet cat and stuffed animals , operating various trucks on the job. All the big favorites are in the mix, plus some more unusual vehicles like an earthmover, a combine, and a baler.

The text is written in a bouncy rhyme, making it easy for kids to follow along.

Books About Cars, Trucks, and Trains

I love how the truck names are printed in various colors so that they pop out and become sight words. I also love how the book weaves in the idea of age and getting older, which is a rarity outside of "birthday" genre books. Kids who like to tact numbers will enjoy this aspect too. There is also a lovely moment of wish-fulfillment at the end, when we get a flash-forward to the boy, all grown-up, driving a truck on a highway with his childhood stuffies roped to the grill.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the sentiment of this—the celebration of a blue collar job as something to aspire to is far too rare. With Any Luck, I'll Drive a Truck celebrates having a strong interest and shaping a happy life around it. I wrote a goodbye letter to Anna Dewdney on this blog on the sad occasion of her untimely passing in Best known for her Llama Llama series, she has been an important author for my son Luke, in particular.

Her books feature characters who are easy for kids to identify with. They are usually grappling with social-emotional issues or brand new social situations. Skip to Content. Go to For Your Family. Some kids seem born with a fascination for anything with a motor, a couple of axles, and a steering wheel. If your kids are into cars, trucks, tractors, and trains, these books are sure to get them vrooming. Google Tag Manager. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work!

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"Best of" lists

Charming bedtime book is magic for truck lovers. By Sherri Duskey Rinker. Little Excavator. Fun, fast-paced construction story is truck lover's delight. By Anna Dewdney. Mighty, Mighty Construction Site.