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Puffin on Skomer Island.

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The sound and smell of thousands of seabirds on the cliffs - kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills — is also a memory to take away with you. It really is worth the effort to enjoy the Skomer experience. Initial impressions would be that the flora of Skomer is completely wild and natural, but were it not for the rabbits which were introduced many centuries ago; it would look quite a different place.

Small fenced off areas where rabbits are excluded are filled with tall, dense vegetation — often large old heather clumps, thick grass and bramble. This is also true for the coastal slopes of the mainland, where grazing by cattle, ponies, sheep and rabbits helps to keep the vegetation more open — a patchwork of short grassland, tall plants and gorse scrub which is so attractive to wildlife.

Welsh mountain ponies amongst spring squill flowers at Cemaes Head. The National Park encourages farmers and landowners along the coast to manage the cliff-tops in this way.

Learn how to turn your pony paddock into a wildflower meadow

Most of the coastline is privately owned and would have been farmed in the past - long before the arrival of tourism. Today, traditional farming practices and tourism can go hand in hand; the grazing animals help to produce the flower-filled landscape that people travel miles to see.

You can also discover more by joining in a National Park event, for details visit www.

More Common Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland!

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On four wheels. Our leather products are made with bison leather.

We chose bison leather first and foremost because bison are a more sustainable option vs. When bison graze they eat more grasses opposed to wildflowers-which is better for the ecosystem and causes less greenhouse gas.

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Their manure acts as a natural fertilizer to their habitat, and bison even cause less erosion to the land. Our bison leather is vegetable tanned and therefore biodegradable. Secondly, it is buttery soft, and yet extremely durable. Our policy stands that we want every Pup, Pony and their Owner to love their product as much as we do.

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