Changing the Conversation: A Third Way for Congregations

Changing the Conversation: A Third Way for Congregations
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Additionally, he explains the need to focus on adaptive rather than technical change while admitting that often the two are intertwined. Each chapter offers numerous discussion questions, which appear scattered throughout the chapter and help make the readers move the conversation from a general idea to an applicable possibility within their own congregational context.

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On the whole, congregations in mainline churches have been experiencing decline for the past forty years. Adaptive rather than technical change is essential for a congregation to move from decline or plateau to renewal. Guided by the Spirit, servant leaders must step forward to begin to change the conversation.

In some cases the changing conversation may mean that the decline has been so dramatic that the right decision is death, which may then lead to resurrection or congregational rebirth. Does your congregation know its purpose? William H. In this book Tony furthers the conversation with clear, wise insights into how we can be a changed church. He enables us not only to change our talk but also to change our walk.

Tony Robinson has his finger on the pulse of the church and culture, is keenly aware of opportunities and challenges facing leaders in the midst of change, and develops his work on strong foundations within the Christian tradition and leadership theory. This text is a must-read for pastors, seminarians, lay leaders, and others who wish to participate in conversations for congregational renewal.

Building on his previous work, which many of us have found indispensable, he has written a book full of insight and wisdom. No one writing about church life today writes with more depth and perception. Robinson helps us understand what we are seeing in the current religious landscape and how we might respond faithfully. This is so much more than a "how to book. It is more useful than that. A fine book, it will provoke discussion and, by God's grace, new zeal for the gospel.


Perfect for seminarians who anticipate pastorates and for seminary continuing education events. With clarity and insight Robinson urges those who care about the church to discover a third way to vibrant faith and practice that transcends old polarities. What would you like to know about this product? Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours.

You can unsubscribe at any time. IVP Books. Every pastor wants to have a vibrant, dynamic church. There are many popular models for church growth based on outstanding churches led by outstanding pastors. But unfortunately, specific models are temporary and go out of style quickly.

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Author Gary McIntosh explores the biblical principles for church growth and applies them to today's culture. Instead of concentrating on the ephemeral how of church growth, he focuses on the unchanging why.

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McIntosh defines church growth as "all that is involved in bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with him and into responsible church membership. According to Biblical Church Growth, growing churches always evidence a desire to fulfill the Great Commission by cooperating with God in building a faithful church.

Using personal stories and current statistics as well as numerous biblical examples, the author sets forth ten basic principles that provide an eternal foundation for helping any church-large or small-achieve lasting vitality and growth. Gary L McIntosh. Brian Croft.


Changing the Conversation: A Third Way for Congregations [Anthony B. Robinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A sequel to his . Changing the Conversation. A Third Way for Congregations. Anthony B. Robinson. PAPERBACK; Published: 8/20/ ISBN: Price: $.

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Changing the Conversation: Nurturing a Third Way for Congregations

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