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In Fagan, P. Rice, G. Rind, B. Psychological Bulletin. Rogers, C. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. Rotello, G. NY: Dutton. Saghir, M. Satinover, J. Grand Rapids MI: Baker. Schreier, B. Journal of Mental Health Counseling. Schwartz, M. Steve A. Kay prof. Valter Longo prof. Gian Paolo Vannozzi Follow the link for a summary of the project and Diego Durantini's biographical information.

The fellowship is for a post doctoral position in algal genomics, biochemistry or molecular biology to be conducted at the University of California in San Diego. Eligibility : the candidate should have a Ph. Application deadline: before midnight of January 31, The committee for assignement of the first Issnaf Fellowship awarded dr. After evaluation of the eight 8 applications received the committee for assigment of the Issnaf Fellowship, composed by. Roberto Peccei Chairman , prof. Giorgio Bellettini, prof.

Riccardo Giacconi, prof. Duccio Macchetto and dr. Luciano Saccani,. Antonina Marino's project by the title " Evolution of galaxies in groups: a multi-wavelenght approach " will be carried out at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Click here for a summary of the winner project and dr.

Marino's biographical sketch. Application deadline: midnight of April 15th, Decision of committee and winner notification: May 15th, Start date: Sept 1st, How to apply: download the application pdf above and follow the instructions therein. Innovative therapies in the clinical practice, safe and timely availability of innovation in pediatric medicine, and orphan drugs will be at the core of the 2nd foresight training course promoted by the Benzi Foundation from September in Pavia. A select group of international discussants will compare the European and the U.

Link to the program. In addition, it is intended to support and strengthen existing and new international programs. To Italian Scientists and Scholars in Minnesota. Nell'ambito degli incentivi FIT, il Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico con decreto ministeriale del 16 gennaio mette a disposizione mln per le imprese che investono nell'innovazione chimica e nell'High-Tec.

Le risorse sono destinate a due tipologie di progetti: A - mln per progetti che mirano a sostituire sostanze chimiche "estremamente preoccupanti" nei processi di produzione, attraverso l'introduzione di innovazioni di prodotto e di processo. B - 55 mln per progetti proposti da imprese in fase di start up impegnate nei settori di alta e medio-alta tecnologia.

Nei prossimi mesi, un secondo provvedimento ministeriale stabilira' le modalita' e i termini di presentazione delle domande per accedere alle agevolazioni. Presented with identical summaries of the accomplishments of two imaginary applicants, professors at six major research institutions were significantly more willing to offer the man a job.

Surprisingly, female scientists were as biased as their male counterparts. To read the full article, click here. Seeker organizations post Challenges on the InnoCentive website in the Open Innovation Marketplace along with an appropriate award. Solvers submit solutions to the Challenge. The Seeker pays an award to the Solver who best meets the solution requirements as outlined in the Challenge.

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InnoCentive is a global, online marketplace where organizations in need of innovation—companies, academic institutions, public sector, and non-profit organizations—can utilize a global network of over , of the world's brightest problem solvers. The role of volunteers was un-replaceable, the support from Italian Institutions fundamental and the quality of our professional collaborators excellent. Thank you all! Vito M Campese President.

To view the Annual Report click here. An important breakthrough could help in the fight against myotonic dystrophy. An italian researcher, Michela Biancolella, took part to the research. The seminar focused on opportunities for Italy to overcome its political and social difficulties by wide individual participation to its change to "stop the decline".

For the video click here. The issue of rethinking robust international mechanisms for cooperation, mulled in EU and debated at various organizational venues, was the object of a recent meeting in London, on the future of UK research funding. The director-general for science and research at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Adrian Smith , made it clear that "serious questions" need to be asked about what needs to be done to further international collaboration, provided that the need to collaborate internationally is undisputable.

Per il testo completo del Bando cliccare qui. Notes from Within Si valorizzi il merito,'' Interview with L. Maffei , Messaggero. La Alma Graduate School di Bologna ha annunciato un programma di borse di studio biennali sponsorizzato da Banca Intesa San Paolo in onore di Nino Andreatta e destinato ai ricercatori italiani che abbiano conseguito un Dottorato di ricerca all'estero nelle Scienze Sociali, con focus su profili internazionali. Il bando scade il 31 Marzo Mario Monti's speech regarding the sustainability of italian national healthcare system.

For the comment For Prof. Mario Monti statements. Dorris Neurological Research Institute. Sutton , M. Carbonare , M. A reception will follow. For more information: mannellilorenzo yahoo. Download the flyer of the event. Further information and online application, here. The Italian Ministry of Health opened a new call for application for the "Bando per la ricerca finalizzata " funding over EurMio. An italian researcher, Fabiana Quagliarini, working at the University of Texas Medical Center, is the study's first author.

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This section is momentarily not available: we put all the content already present in the older version but we still are populating the new website content. Thank you for your patience! As of January 12, new regulations regarding the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications for countries signatories of the Lisbona international agreement, are effective in Italy , following the recommendation by MIUR and the Ministry of PA and Innovation.

More… In the U. These are independent organizations that evaluate non-U. MIUR published a call for applications for the recruitment of 24 temporary researchers open to scholars of all Nationalities holding a research doctorate for less than 7 years and have been permanently and continuously employed abroad for at least three years of teaching or research activity at reputable university or research institutions.

For more info: click here. Laura Perin Laura Perin is a young Italian scientist. Piattelli Palmarini commented his research. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on October 18 may change the current blood and marrow transplantation practices. The phase 3, multicenter study compared harvesting stem cells from bone marrow rather than blood and suggests there are benefits to both approaches, but no survival differences between the two methods. An italian researcher, Claudio Anasetti, is the study's first author. La recente approvazione del Decreto legge n.

Invito tutti i membri del Board of Directors, Board of Founders e tutti i soci di ISSNAF a dare un contributo di idee, suggerimenti e, se necessario, critiche al nostro operato nelle prossime settimane. Meetalents is an annual meeting between young Italian talents, institutions and companies. This year the meeting will focus on how to give value to young talents in time of crisis. You can participate giving your ideas and thoughts online at this link: meetalents. The final reports are available here.

Deadline to apply: November 6, To view the call's full text click here. In situations of oncogene dependence, such as in B-RAF mutant melanoma or in HER2 positive breast cancer, tumor cells survival depends on both aberrant oncogene activity and oncogene-regulated inhibition of alternative cellular pathways that could replace the oncogene function. It worked! In questi giorni circola in Italia un appello di docenti universitari contro i tagli alla ricerca operati dal governo Berlusconi.

Si apre con una sacrosanta protesta contro una politica confusa di tagli indiscriminati. Al solito: siamo bravi solo a lamentarci, contro i tagli del governo e contro i "cattivi" americani. Per evitare interminabili e fuorvianti disquisizioni ideologiche, ammettiamo pure che le analisi che vedono le universita' americane in testa alle classifiche mondiali di eccellenza siano tutte sbagliate e che il sistema universitario americano sia in realta' il peggiore del mondo e sia destinato nei prossimi mesi a crollare assieme a Wall Street. Lo status quo?

Davvero vale la pena difendere quell'incancrenito sistema baronale che fa acqua da tutte le parti?

Come mettere il merito al centro del sistema universitario? Come attirare cervelli e risorse economiche? Come contrastare il rapido declino del livello qualitativo dell'istruzione? Tutto il resto sono solo chiacchiere. Gabriele Boccaccini, PhD. University of Michigan.

Sono un asset e una risorsa da utilizzare, su cui fare leva, anche se non sono in Italia. Crea professionisti globali, innovativi, con attenzione al ritorno sul territorio" conclude la dottoressa Veronesi. Researchers have developed a refined gene therapy approach that safely and effectively restores the immune system of children with a form of severe combined immunodeficiency SCID , according to a study published online September 11 in Blood, the Journal of the American Society of Hematology ASH.

An italian researcher, Fabio Candotti, is the leading author. IMT Institutions Markets Technologies Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies is an open, competitive graduate school designed to integrate research, education and innovation. It has been recently featured on the pages of the International Herald Tribune and the Financial Time.

IMT mission is to produce scientific and technological knowledge in areas marked by a lack of technological applications and skilled human capital. IMT's teaching and working language is English. IMT is an international graduate school that promotes cutting-edge research in areas with clear practical relevance, contributing to the formation of international professional elites for business and institutions.

Research and teaching programs at IMT strike a balance between theoretical rigor and practical relevance. Research and teaching focus on institutional and technological change, the role of organizations and markets in economic systems, the analysis of complex systems in social sciences, computer science and engineering Sciences of the Artificial. The research areas are the natural environment for the selection of researchers and scholars and they are meant to foster the School's Ph. Research at IMT aims to push the frontiers of knowledge. Researchers are selected through competitive international processes and evaluated based on their publication records in internationally recognized peer reviewed and high impact factor journals.

IMT also seeks the continuous presence of world-renowned visiting professors to enhance its intellectual community. IMT is a dynamic center for young researchers. A combination of private and public funds enables IMT to compete on an international level in the attraction of top junior faculty.

Once hired, IMT incentive schemes are designed to promote and reward scientific productivity. IMT aims to recruit students with high potential in a fast-moving global environment where research institutes and universities compete to attract resources and human capital. To do so, IMT applies international selection standards and seeks candidates from all around the globe. Courses are held exclusively in English and student performance is continually assessed through rigorous evaluation processes.

To attract the best and brightest, students are selected on merit and offered tuition scholarships, room and board and loans. Interaction between scholars and students generates a vibrant intellectual community which benefits greatly from the campus system and residential services provided by the Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research. IMT contributes to the development and internationalization of its territory, promoting its valorization and the transfer of research output.

IMT promotes administrative and managerial efficiency by adopting an integrated non-bureaucratic organizational model that is based on the intensive use of information technology and process engineering. The School also implements a model of management by objectives, emphasizing performance assessment and individual responsibility, evaluating professional performances on a regular basis. IMT regulations and incentives wish to promote academic entrepreneurship.

An italian researcher, Luigi Daniele Notarangelo, directed the research. Read more.. Bucchi, La Stampa. C-peptide, historically considered a biologically inactive peptide, has been shown to exert insulin-independent biological effects on a number of cells proving itself as a bioactive peptide with anti-inflammatory properties. Sticking with the roadmap they had decided upon, CEN did not invest on buildings or equipments, and set aside the bulk of its resources — 6. CEN has already hired Francesco Stellacci , to lead an international team of researchers. Riccardo L. Mario Bondioli , senior fellow at University of California Irvine, for the development of the time-based researchers' network database and all dynamical components of the ISSNAF website.

Erminia Scarcella, MD conceived www. If you are an Italian physician working in the USA your contact details may be included in the list. Time doesn't stand still, after all. Employment figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS show that the current recession hit men and male dominated industries more than women and reveal an unprecedented unemployment gender gap. The vast majority of proteins in our body evolved their biological function in parallel with the ability to remain soluble under physiological conditions. However, in several pathological situations, several proteins lose their native fold and aggregate.

As result, a wide range of human diseases is characterized by protein misfolding and aggregation. Among these are neurodegenerative disorders, in which protein aggregation occurs in the brain. GlaxoSmithKline announced plans to abandon some areas of neuroscience research e. There is some room for a "mea culpa" there. By Edgar Jones. London: Profile Books, August - A message from H. I wish to commend the founding members of the ISSNAF Foundation and to all the contributors to its creation, as well as extend my best wishes for success to an organization that I believe will play a very important role in Italian society.

For Italy, each represents an extraordinary opportunity. Many Italian academic and scientific professionals living and working in North America participate in one way or another in projects that develop in Italy, as consultants for example, and are in any case willing to welcome academicians, young collaborators and research graduates into the prestigious laboratories where they work. The phenomenon of scientific emigration, thus, is not seen as only a hemorrhaging of talent but also as an opportunity for two-way exchanges, collaboration, and synergy.

To take better advantage of the opportunities it is necessary to involve those who are active in the research and development fields in North America, strengthening the instruments that can give them greater visibility in Italy. All this also in the perspective of facilitating the flows of information between the two countries with respect to the scientific, academic and post-academic opportunities for collaboration offered by American and Italian institutions.

I have no doubts that the Foundation will allow, on the one hand, a growth of many Italian cultural, scientific and technological sectors, and on the other, a further strengthening of the relations between Italy and the USA. The role of the Embassy will be to contribute to its consolidation and acquisition of the necessary prominence, in North America first and then in Italy, in keeping with the institutional support due to this storehouse of culture and activity. Roberto Crea, are the recipients of the Ottorino Rossi Award Named after one of the founding fathers of modern neurology, the Ottorino Rossi Award is assigned yearly to a scientist who has made an important contribution to neuroscience research.

Mondino, the award has reached its XXVIth edition. When CreAgri began working with the juice of olives and the by-products resulting from the milling of the olives used for the production of olive oil, the idea that agricultural by-products could have a market value, and above all applications in health and wellness, seemed a far-fetched belief. Fast-forward to today, and this idea is not only a common belief, but is also being celebrated at Expo , the universal expo currently held Milan Italy, which theme "Feeding the Planet Energy for Life" has propelled the concept to a global dimension.

CreAgri's work has had a wider impact than just improving the management of agricultural waste, and by-products. It has given rise also to a new era in the olive industry, and in the use of polyphenols—olive's bioactive nutrients. Discovering that the juice of the olive contains from to more polyphenols than extra- virgin olive oil, CreAgri devised a method to mechanically separate the bioactives from the juice obtained during milling of the olives.

Utilizing the water of the olives, CreAgri was able, for the first time in the history of olive's utilization, to produce polyphenols from something other than olive oil. Furthermore, being produced on an industrial scale--before CreAgri they were extracted from olive oil in milligrams--they could now be used for the creation of consumer products ranging from nutraceuticals, to functional foods and beverages, to cosmeceuticals, and botanicals.

CreAgri's work has since been recognized internationally both for its innovation quotient with a Nutraceutical Business Technology Award in , and for its effectiveness in with a Paris Polyphenols Award from the International Society of Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health. The University of Milan "La Statale" of offers international programs and scholarships for foreign students to attend Bachelor, Master, and Single-cycle degrees in different fields from Economics to Medicine, from Humanities to Sciences entirely in English.

SNS-Pisa ormale Superiore, ranked among the top five universities in the world, is calling for applicants to a wide range of PhD courses in the following disciplines:. Shank in occasione di una cerimonia presso la White House. Ivan Turgenev, Fathers and Sons, chapter 10 : "Aristocracy, liberalism, progress, principles," said Bazarov. To a Russian they're no good for anything! Horizon is a European funding opportunity that is accessible to Canadians working in science, technology, and innovation.

Horizon is a multi-year program for science and technology funded by the European Commission. Read more. Atlantis carrying Galileo's Telescope. Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder that causes a defect in the hemoglobin inside the blood red cells. This means that the red cells are less flexible and can easily acquire the shape of a sickle and obstruct small blood vessels.

For the youtube video click here. Sagas are sometimes romanticized and fantastic, but always dealing with human beings one can understand. This may hold true for the "Icelander's" Sagas; EBRI's -- at least as re-told by Nature -- is seemingly unromantic, grim and difficult to relate to. Find out yourself here.

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This includes Components and individual Articles. L'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei ha attribuito al Dr.

Search form La scienza della relazione: Che tipo psicologico sei? (Audible Audio Edition): Priscilla Bianchi, Catia Trevisani, Edizioni ENEA: Books. Torschlussmami eine frau auf der suche nach dem groen babyglck lbbe sachbuch german edition. Che tipo psicologico sei scienza della relazione italian .

Aldo M. Nel , il Dr. ISSNAF Board of Trustees encourages all Italian early-stage researchers currently primarily working in the United States or Canada to submit their application and research abstract to compete for one of the following awards:. Click here to download the Call for Applications in pdf format Click here to read more Go to Awards page.

Click here to read more. Our pride is to be able to help young Italian talents follow their dreams and have opportunities. Here is where they share them. La Dott. The meeting, held in English, is open to Italians, Italian-Americans, and Italian sympathizers For more information email seattle iss The competition, aimed to encourage the creation of innovative business ideas, is a unique opportunity to transform creativity into business and is giving away for the winners 5 internship at "Mind the B The discussion will highlight different research experiences of Italian scientists in North America and promote future collaborations between medic Guest speakers: Mark Nassutti, novelist, will talk about how his Italian roots made possible to write a no Approximately people gathered to listen to our amazing speakers and the event was truly a success.

Join US! Intervista con il Prof. Vito Campese Read more. Italian TV news video. Italian news audio. RISeT intends to enhance the activity of Scientific researchers and of the expert working abroad inside the scientific, academic and entrepreneurial italian system. Access from here Register. Find out who works in your area of expertise or geographic area. Long and short term mentorships aimed at supporting under ISSNAF affiliates in their career choices and professional growth. Send us your texts, videos or podcasts to: publish issnaf. Follow us on Twitter. Feed RSS. A comprehensive overview on Italian intellectual migration, from its origins in the 16th century until this day.

An encyclopedia studying the influence and contribution of Italians on cultural life in the United States and Canada. Powered by World Net. Click here to read the full presentation. Access Database Forgot Username Password? Read More. Filippo Mancia pippomancia receives a Schaefer Research Scholarship Award from Columbia University Medical Center ColumbiaMed ColumbiaPS Columbia in recognition for his work on the biochemistry and structural biology of membrane proteins, and for his leadership role within the Columbia University and local structural biology community.

This honor was made possible through the generosity of the late Dr. Anna Moroni, from the University of Milano, in recognition of her work on ion channel physiology, and to support her one year sabbatical visit to the Department of Physiology at Columbia University Medical Center. Gelmini-Ddl -- From Words to Deeds. The Senate Hearings. The deadline for applications is 28 February The information package can be found here. Why Did Harvard Hire You? Five Years after Summer's infamous remarks, more than a quarter of Harvard faculty members are women -- an all time high, with the senior faculty accounting for most of the increase.

Women lead currently the engineering school, the law school, the education school, Harvard College and the Radcliffe Institute. In addition to all that, a huge investment in family-friendly programs and a "culture shift" regarding tenure track policy made Harvard a different place -— Lawrence H. Summer's Legacy, or just Faust? One may ask. The application deadline is February 1, Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and education.

Applications for the academic year must be submitted by February 1, Elder too is charmed by the "elegant meditation" on the primes' "suspicious solitude," reenacted in Giordano's "human" replicas. The Society for Neuroscience SfN , one of the largest professional associations in the world with over 40, members, will hold its annual meeting in Chicago, IL, from October , Many of the about 1, Italian SfN members will participate.

Italian neuroscientists, active in the U. Space is limited and reservations are required. Please send an email to iicchicago esteri. Reservations will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Only participants who receive an email from the Istituto confirming their participation will be admitted.

For further details click here. The current level marks a return to the average share held by the federal government throughout the late s and s. On March 22nd Dr. The motivation for the award was based on his research that appeared as cover story of Nature in March and the text says "For establishing the physical connection between inner winds and molecular outflows in active galactic nuclei. In palio servizi di analisi e supporto all'eventuale avvio di impresa per un valore complessivo di 5. Al concorso possono partecipare i cittadini residenti in Italia, sia singoli inventori sia gruppi di ricerca, inviando le proposte al sitoweb www.

The main focus of the event will be to foster a dialogue between the various academics who left Italy and Italian politicians who are willing to legislate effective changes in the university system on the basis of merit, as in UK. Scientists from the group of ISSNAF member Filippo Mancia ManciaLab pippomancia a t Columbia University show the atomic resolution structure of ArnT, a bacterial enzyme which catalyzes the attachment of a sugar to lipid A - a key component of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria.

This reaction underlines how gram-negative bacteria develop resistance to polymyxin-class antibiotics and their Report, just published in Science, unveils the molecular details. Click here to read the article. Frontera draws attention, in particular, to the Rita Montalcini Program for Young Researchers — an initiative recently launched by MIUR to bring back to Italy, for a limited time, early career researchers and scholars, of any nationality, Italian and other.

The article however, seems to suggest that, given the current situation in Italy, similar initiatives may end up discriminating against those researchers who chose not to leave the country. Is the author stretching the point? The online platform gives access to several web resources in Italy and in Europe, at national, regional or local level, providing researchers with information on job opportunities and research careers, as well as practical information concerning the host country.

A number of protagonists and experts from health-related fields describe how Milano achieved its leading role, and also frame current challenges. The absence of a question mark from the title is seemingly deliberate, but there is work to be done to keep it that way. A Note to Readers by Roberto Satolli is here. La professoressa di ingegneria della McGill University Marta Cerruti e collaboratori hanno cercato un modo per unire i due tipi di luce in una possibile soluzione. I ricercatori hanno sviluppato nanoparticelle in grado di convertire la luce NIR in luce UV e le hanno rivestite con un guscio di gel acquoso sensibile alla luce UV, infuso con una proteina fluorescente come sostituto di molecole farmacologiche.

Quando esposte alla luce NIR le nanopaticelle la convertono istantaneamente a luce UV, la quale induce il gel di rivestimento a rilasciare la proteina carico. I ricercatori fanno notare che questo loro sistema di delivery su domanda potrebbe essere usato non solo per farmaci ma anche per reagenti per imaging e diagnostica.

Il concorso che piace agli stranieri , CorSera. The EUI program offers a number of fellowships for young post-docs in the fields of economics, social and political sciences, law, and history. Fellows will be hosted at the European University Institute in Florence for the duration of the fellowship. Candidates from all nationalities are eligible for the Max Weber Fellowships program. Deadline for applications is October 25, To know more about the program click here. Congrats to pippomancia and all authors and to ManciaLab.

The Advanced Grants support projects carried out by researchers who have already established themselves as independent research leaders in their own right. The ERC grant scheme operates on a "bottom-up" basis without predetermined topics or thematic priorities. To learn more click here. Government agencies - NSF and NIH - US and foreign universities, global companies and investors will discuss, among other issues, recent experience with successful startups' establishment.

For the program visit the conference website. The convergence of public research, industry, and government as the basis of the Triple Helix , has emerged later, and at a slower pace, in Italy than in the US and in a few European countries. The Association builds on the triple helix approach for the implementation of national as well as regional innovation policies in Italy. A recent article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [ Quantification of artistic style through sparse coding analysis in the drawings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder by James M.

Hughes, Daniel J. Graham, and Daniel N. Rockmore] suggests that the application of statistics models to analyze a painter's style may go well beyond the ancillary role of assisting art historians in authenticating works of art. The mathematical model developed by the authors, regarding Bruegel the Elder , may serve to capture the style of any artist. Even more, it is conceivable that computers may someday be the best Bruegel imitators, suggest the reviewers of the study in The Statistics of Style , Nature. Remember Kasparov vs. Deep blue? Al momento della pubblicazione sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale G.

Lo si apprende da un articolo pubblicato sul sito online del Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico. Alle start-up 55 mln per l'innovazione, Italia Oggi , 17 luglio Participants will debate Research and Innovation development in Europe: the event is targeted towards young researchers. Further information can be found at www. La Fondazione per il Sud mette a disposizione 2,5 milioni di euro per promuovere lo sviluppo del capitale umano di eccellenza in campo tecnologico, scientifico, e economico nel Mezzogiorno italiano. Per maggior informazioni si consulti il website della Fondazione per il Sud.

Participants will present and debate papers, posters and demos previously accepted for the workshop. As the term "entrepreneurial tech transfer" implies, the course is addressed to stakeholders with different objectives, styles, time horizons and perspectives- e. The course is free, but registration is required. Il programma di ricerca , finanziato dal Ministero del Lavoro, della Salute e delle Politiche Sociali, copre le seguenti aree:. Il bando scade il prossimo 30 settembre Per maggiori informazioni si visiti il sito online del Ministero della Sanita'.

A panel of influential members from the Swiss, U. Le aree di ricerca:. Il testo completo dell'avviso e' consultabile online sul sito della Fondazione CariPisa. Have a pregnancy test beforehand to exclude any risks. ISSNAF and its collaborators are not responsible for any unlawful use of the data contained in the database and in the data collection by third partyes.

Geographic based search capabilities offered on this website are not intended nor designed for individual localization purposes. ISSNAF is a non profit organization and all data collected will not be used for commercial aims, advertising or spam mass mailing. All the e-mail messages will be sent solely to communicate with members on initiatives or matters strictly related to the membership. Data collected are visible through the pages of the ISSNAF website to the general public but they will not be actively distributed in any form to anyone.

Quali sono gli obiettivi? Quali sono le linee strategiche verso quegli obiettivi e gli eventuali vincoli percepiti? Rispondere ai tre quesiti consente di chiarire i limiti del disegno di legge e le correzioni di rotta necessarie. Nessuna, apparentemente. Gli apprezzamenti ricevuti riconoscono esattamente questo. Quali sono le linee strategiche verso gli obiettivi di efficienza e merito, e gli eventuali vincoli percepiti?

Details about the PhD program, eligibility and organization can be found here. Deadline is September 25, The patterns of Italian emigrations viewed from the perspective of the country are highlighted in a recent report from the "Fondazione Migrantes" whose key points are summarized here -- in particular, the data regarding students and entrepreneurs, in the US and Canada.

In fact, in the era of globalization, efficient interchange among scientists in different countries has become an essential ingredient for technological progress. In the past, both Italy and the United States have drawn enormous benefits from reciprocal collaboration. At the grass roots of this collaboration are the visits and exchanges of scholars. Promote contact and the exchange of knowledge between Italian scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs in Italy and North America.

Facilitate collaboration, including joint research and development projects, among Italian and North American scientists, scholars, and nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental organizations. Promote the bilateral flow of students, scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs between Italy and North America. Promote, provide information about, and administer fellowships for the exchange of students, scientists, and scholars between Italy and North America.

Identify significant research opportunities for Italian academia and industry, and stimulate their development. Provide advice about the capabilities and merits of individuals and organizations — nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental — in both North America and Italy for scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs from these respective countries. Advocate the improvement of scientific, scholarly, and entrepreneurial activity and organizations within Italy. Promote and coordinate the activities of other organizations and associations that link scholars, scientists, professionals, and entrepreneurs in Italy and North America.

Just browse the Internet, opt for a reliable platform, find the necessary treatment and add it to the cart. Contact the customer support canadianrxon. Convenient and up-to-date payment methods allow it to be an easy task, as well. The prize is given to an astronomer who has not attained 36 years of age in the year designated for the award, and who is based at a North American institution.

To learn more about Tommaso Treu's career and achievement read here…. Application deadline limited to seed funds: September 14, No deadline for internship grants. Bracco is a retired Beverage Industry Executive and Mrs. Bracco is President of COM. Cocktail Reception: 6 p. Contact: Carolyn Laurenzano Phone: Email: carolyn niaf. Per segnalazioni e eventuali richieste di informazioni si prega di scrivere all'indirizzo ercgrants cnr. Go West, Young Man!

Luca Dal Negro. This Faculty Early Career Development project aims to advance nanophotonics by developing a new class of light emitting devices exploiting aperiodic media. Intellectual Merit : This Faculty Early Career Development project aims to advance nanophotonics by developing a new class of light emitting devices that leverage Anderson light localization in deterministic aperiodic media for enhancing radiative transitions in silicon nanostructures.

Differently from conventional photonic crystals approaches, the proposed research allows broadband engineering of density of states fluctuations, radiation patterns and localized fields in photonic-plasmonic nanostructures, enabling unprecedented control and enhancement of radiative processes on the nanoscale. The active material will consist of Er ions embedded in Si nitride superlattice structures. This material provides efficient excitation of Er resulting in 1. This project explores for first time Anderson light localization in the context of on-chip light emission, and will result in the demonstration of photonic-plasmonic light-emitters susceptible of optical and electrical excitation.

Broader impact : The successful demonstration of Si-based emitters and lasers will extend the reach of optical technologies into diverse fields, enabling low-cost applications of integrated optics in communication, processing, interconnects and optical biosensing. Source: National Science Foundation Read more Related reading : L. Whatever happened to that picture? This program has been established to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-initiated frontier research across all fields of research on the basis of scientific excellence as sole evaluation criterion.

More information can be found at www. Have you always dreamed of coming to Europe to develop your research career? Europe is an exciting and dynamic place to carry out research. Watch this webinar to identify how you can enhance your innovation potential through interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training in Europe!

At the core of Professor Meli's approach is the idea that "we can learn more fruitful lessons from the past by paying close attention to Galileo's own intellectual problems and difficulties, rather than by looking at history through modern eyes from the vantage point of our modern theories. For further details, click here. The relevance of Galileo's invention for the defense of a maritime city had not been lost on the Venetians Galileo knew it Regione Sardegna : Politica: Master and back, nuovo bando a giorni June and Ricerca, ritardi ingiustificati.

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La "sveglia" arriva in Regione September Ti scrivo per chiederti un ulteriore sforzo per questa importantissima causa. Che vogliano utilizzare ogni risorsa della medicina o che intendano accettare la fine naturale della vita, i cittadini vogliono essere liberi di scegliere. The launch of 33 new and innovative projects among universities and training institutions on both sides of the Atlantic involves this year institutions and more than student exchanges. This cycle of lectures will start in March and is targeted for a non-medical audience. These Italian physicians heavily contributed in the scientific advance in their field but also their lives are also characterized by interesting personal histories that finally made them decide to practice medicine in NYC.

While describing their scientific results they will share with us their life experience between Italy and US. The series will be moderated by Dr. Deadline: November 30, The fellowship is open to graduate students or PhD graduates in Physics, and in Engineering. Anthony J. Tamburri, Dean of the John D. Oceanography in Dept. For the program and the list of conference topics click here. Marco Tedesco, who is also a member of ISSNAF, has been using satellite data and ground based microwave technologies to "spy" on ice-melting trends in Greenland and the Antarctic.

Tedesco has just returned from Greenland, where with a team of U. IMI and EFPIA European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations pre-announce the launch of call for proposals in the areas of 1 cancer, inflammatory and infectious disease, and 2 knowledge management.

List of topics is here. The expected deadline is January Further details here. BioCamp is open to postgraduate students in the natural sciences and business administration. At this year seminar, 60 selected students from about 24 countries will have the opportunity to learn from leading biotech experts, interact with professionals and work together with other students from various cultures.

The students also will be able to explore career opportunities and network with global leaders in the biotechnology sector. A novelty for Italy, where, through the point five percent tax relief -- introduced under the of the National Budget of L. The program attempts to catalyze translational research in Italy, abating barriers between clinical and basic research in the areas of cancer diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, therapy and prevention.

Consistently with its "benchmark to bedside" approach to translational research, the program will give priority to proposals in which "explicit plans are made to enroll physician scientists specifically dedicated to the project" and "are expected to be involved simultaneously in the lab and in the clinical setting. It is also stated that full proposals will be evaluated by an International panel, with the aid of ad-hoc International referees. Thus those in pursuit of a gender-balanced perspective "when the world reported is gender-imbalanced," are left, like before, mulling over what's required to change the status quo.

In the end Men still make the news, Women have mimosas. Tutto questo con una sfacciataggine ed arroganza, tipici del sistema politico italiano. I primariati ospedalieri vengono attribuiti sulla base di un concorso. Ho personalmente assistito a casi di medici calati in uno stato di depressione patologica dopo un concorso perso immeritatamente. Prevedo due problemi di fondo. Io credo che la Commissione giudicante debba essere composta da 3 primari ospedalieri sorteggiati ed esterni alla regione dove il concorso viene effettuato.

Il candidato primo nella lista dovrebbe essere il candidato prescelto. Tuttavia, un noto regista giapponese una volta disse: A lovely thing always starts with a dream. Le cose belle nascono sempre da un sogno. As the ballad goes… "Drink and Devil had done for the rest, Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of room! Seemingly, about one-third of more than scientists working at ISPRA may not have their contracts renewed. The Fellowships are granted for one year initially and are normally extended for a second year. Deadline for applications is December 4, The Embassy of Italy in Washington D. The event is cosponsored by ESA.

Ricerca: aiuti a chi assume, Italia Oggi , 22 Luglio An international panel will discuss new knowledge about biodiversity, and ecology, in the context of international partnerships and policies' development. For program and information visit the Norway website. Visitors at EIEF will receive financial support, access to research facilities, and travel allowance. Applications should be received by December 15, To learn more about the program click here. NW Washington D. On the occasion of the signature of the agreement between ASI and NASA on Earth observation the workshop is an opportunity of exchange with any other international partner interested.

For more information www. P: to register click here. Read the program. For the invitation click here. The appointment is for 7 years, starting September There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of the applicants. Interested candidates should submit a Curriculum Vitae, a completed research paper as well as three reference letters to the EconJobMarket website alternativly to applications eief.

Studying in the US. Teaching in the US. Read the full program. Universita', ecco i nostri si , by Luigi Berlinguer, Europa. Italian citizens and citizens of a member state of the European Union are eligible if graduated from an Italian university and willing to pursue further study abroad in the following fields: - political economy and economic policy;. Ricerca, il Governo apre ai piu' giovani , Corsera. Il programma Sergio Lombroso finanzia borse di studio destinate a giovani ricercatori italiani che mirano ad approfondire la ricerca sul cancro nel Weizmann Institute of Science in Israele a sinistra , un centro all'avanguardia per la ricerca oncologica a livello internazionale.

In Italia, l'istituto Weizmann collabora con l'Istituto Mario Negri di Milano nell'ambito del "Comitato Negri-Weizmann" fellowship per sostenere la ricerca sul cancro e favorire la collaborazione scientifica tra Italia e Israele. Di fatto si auspica una strategia di "azioni integrate in grado di generare un proficuo trasferimento di conoscenze scientifiche e tecnologiche tra il Sud e il Centro-Nord del paese. To all Doctors, Medical professionals, Professors and students of medicine the Tuscany Model Public Healthcare Conference is an extraordinary occasion to learn about the Tuscan model of Public Healthcare and exciting advancements occurring throughout Italy from highly respected Tuscan Physicians and Professors.

This will also be a fantastic networking opportunity for all sorts of Doctors or Medical Professionals on a local, national, and international level! You may RSVP by email tuscanyhealth themarino. The Event is free of charge. CoSBi, a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence in research and innovation in the field of sciences, medicine, biology, genetics and information technology, was established in as a joint enterprise by Microsoft, the University of Trento, and the Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

Sponsored by Thales Alenia Space. Vito Campese.

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Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli. Luciano Lavagno. Follow the link for a summary of the project and Mostafizur Mozumdar's biographical information. Background Climate change is quickly becoming one of the great challenges of our time. The availability of sound, accurate and reliable climate scenarios are increasingly required by planners and decision makers for infrastructure planning, operations, and energy security. The focus is shifting to the period closer to us, the research papers writing help next thirty years, which includes the horizon of major strategic decisions that are taken today.

Developing quantitative systems for simulating climate scenarios for the next few decades is becoming the next challenge for climate science. Program The research projects should have particular focus on decadal scale climate simulations and analysis; possible topics include: coupled data assimilation and the initialization of coupled models, decadal predictions, climate models development, statistical methods for detection and attribution.