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The week Trump went full dictator and no one tried to stop him | Will Bunch
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In the new states of Africa and Asia after World War II , dictators quickly established themselves on the ruins of constitutional arrangements inherited from the Western colonial powers that had proved unworkable in the absence of a strong middle class and in the face of local traditions of autocratic rule. In some such countries, elected presidents and prime ministers captured personal power by establishing one-party rule and suppressing the opposition, while in others the army seized power and established military dictatorships.

The communist and fascist dictatorships that arose in various technologically advanced countries in the first half of the 20th century were distinctively different from the authoritarian regimes of Latin America or the postcolonial dictatorships of Africa and Asia. Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin were the leading examples of such modern totalitarian dictatorships.

The crucial elements of both were the identification of the state with a single mass party and of the party with its charismatic leader, the use of an official ideology to legitimize and maintain the regime, the use of terror and propaganda to suppress dissent and stifle opposition, and the use of modern science and technology to control the economy and individual behaviour. See totalitarianism. Soviet-type communist dictatorships arose in central and eastern Europe, China , and other countries in the wake of World War II, though most of them as well as the Soviet Union itself had collapsed by the last decade of the 20th century.

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During times of domestic or foreign crisis, even most constitutional governments have conferred emergency powers on the chief executive , and in some notable cases this provided the opportunity for duly elected leaders to overthrow democracy and rule dictatorially thereafter. In other democracies , however, constitutional arrangements have survived quite lengthy periods of crisis, as in Great Britain and the United States during World War II, in which the use of extraordinary powers by the executive came to a halt with the end of the wartime emergency.

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While royal rule, as legitimized by blood descent, had almost vanished as an effective principle of government in the modern world, monocracy—a…. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. While royal rule, as legitimized by blood descent, had almost vanished as an effective principle of government in the modern world, monocracy—a term that comprehends the rule of non-Western royal absolutists, of generals and strongmen in Latin America and Asia, of a number of….

Totalitarian dictatorship was a phenomenon first localized in 20th-century Europe. A number of developments made it possible. Since the 19th century the machine gun had greatly facilitated drastic crowd control. Public address systems, radio, and, later, television made it easy for an individual orator…. The fundamental political issue in interwar Romania was the struggle between parliamentary government and authoritarianism.

In the s the prospects for democracy seemed bright, for the two strongest parties supported representative institutions. The Liberal Party, the dominant political force of the decade, sponsored a….

Donald Trump: The Dictator In Chief

A coup installed Gen. He had certainly been aided by a favourable combination of circumstances, both political and economic; but his remarkable and sudden success also owed…. History at your fingertips.

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He was not joking; nor was he using hyperbole to make some other, more subtle point. Discussing the relative merits or the legality or even the possibility of each of these statements coming to fruition is cute for the purposes of late-night punditry, but it is entirely unnecessary, and suggests there may be some validity to his words. No presidential candidate, not even Al Gore, who was robbed in , has refused to accept the results of a presidential election.

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A dictator is a political leader who possesses absolute power. A state which is ruled by a . in the Spanish Army before he became Chief of State of Spain; Manuel Noriega was officially commander of the Panamanian Defense Forces. The lesson: Any aspiring dictator who restores order, even through coercion, Conveniently, this ideology often passed as an explanation of why the chief.

Those are the words of a dictator. Ironically, when it comes to politicians who seem to believe that they are above the law, there is no more prominent example than Hillary Clinton. During her time as secretary of state, she engaged in behavior through the Clinton Foundation and with her emails that, while certainly not illegal, would have gotten a regular person in trouble.

Barack Obama did in It is common for former Bernie Sanders supporters to bemoan how much better their candidate would have been doing against Trump something I question because I think a stronger case could be made against Clinton.

If Modi returns to power he will become a dictator: Siddaramaiah

A Marco Rubio, not saddled with sexual harassment charges and shady business dealings, might have been able to make a stronger argument that Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are double-dealers. Montgomery Burns and Tony Soprano. With less than three weeks before America chooses the next president, this debate was the last chance to size up the two candidates, and they differed bigly in their qualifications for the job. We all knew that before this debate, but Trump, by refusing even to acknowledge the rules of the process, made himself even less qualified than he was before.