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First of all the covers, most of them feature Berryz in the costume for their Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! The only cover to feature a change in outfit is the regular version which is mostly directed at fans of the anime since it features Berryz wearing their pink camo outfits while posing with the cast of the anime in a soccer group photo, and while I would have liked to see only Berryz I am glad that they are so closely tied to the anime since fans of Inazuma Eleven could go and easily find the single. I have to admit that I liked this PV a lot since it featured many shots, a loose storyline, and even a beach shot where the girls posed for the camera while holding hands and playing on the beach.

The PV was incredible since it does a good job of matching the fierceness and energy of the PV with the song and while I would have liked to see a more complex choreography although everything about the song I liked, especially the effects and the more equal lines for all of the group. Berryz Koubou — Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! I also plan to finally start one of the new sections I was talking about and I do have a very basic layout in mind but I will spend more time perfecting it before I can provide any details.

There was a total of votes for this poll.

Congratulations Nacky and Chisa!

There is always a first time for everything and for the first time on the H! P Poll of the week we have a tie for first place! Nacky and Chisato had the same number of votes one hour prior to the closing of the polls and after two votes for Ayaka during that hour the results were the same. I even waited an extra 15 min to see if someone would break the tie but they both remained in the same place. PB so I just added a Chisato picture under Nacky to follow order of seniority in the group. Ogawa Saki will appear on the poll this time so I only had to choose the two other members that would appear and for this I wrote the names of the 25 members in H!

I decided to do that one mostly because it is the easiest to do since I only have to review about 15 images and the songs in the album. Also an update on my recent H! To give you an idea of what I got here is a small list with some of the items I can remember of the top of my head:. I will also update next week if I decided to buy the concert DVD since it will be my first one and I will have to think of the format for the review. The next dish is from Australia and after calming Nacky down and calming her fears that it was Kangaroo meat Maimi reveals what the dish is: Crocodile steak.

Not surprisingly the album title has something to do with their latest single, specifically the main a-side Osakebi Boy WAO.

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There is no tracklist released, but we will most likely get a chance to see it next month along with some previews of the songs. The release date for the album is at the end of March, so we might also get to hear some songs at the Thailand concert which will occur 5 days before the album release. The album will most likely have a few new songs so hopefully that means that we will get some catchy and upbeat songs with some possible solo or duet songs for some of the members, like Chii, Kumai or Captain.

The concert title is a bit strange most H! Official H! Project Kids eventually participating in the group. However, this idea was apparently dropped and in and the other seven Hello! Project Club Event on January 14, Special Generation was released on March 30th, and ranked 7 on Oricon Charts. On September 11, , it was announced that Ishimura Maiha would graduate from the group and Hello!

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Project to focus on her studies. Her graduation took place on the last night of their fall tour on October 2, , making her the second H! Berryz Koubou has a weekly 15 minute radio show called Berryz Koubou Kiritsu! Sit Down! As of April 8, a new podcast called Beritsuu! On April 1, , Berryz Koubou held a concert at Saitama Super Arena, becoming the youngest female group ever to perform there: members average age did not exceed 14 years thereby dethroning Morning Musume, whose average was The tickets sold out a total of 20, seats two months before the concert, and a few days before the concert it was announced that there would be extra seats available.

kore wa nan deshou

It is the most-watched show each year in Japan. However, they had performed several times since the 54th edition but only as backdancers. They sang Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi as part of a H! On March 12, they released Dschinghis Khan, their first cover song, which is currently their highest selling single, the one with most charting weeks and the single with most versions. They performed their 16th single: Dschinghis Khan. It was also the first time that a Berryz Koubou PV feat.

The Korean winner of the Hello! M-net also launched a special site for the event. This is their 1st concert outside Japan. Project, to be promote publicly. Every month, Berryz were featured in a special corner of B. For the last issue they did the same pose of the first volume. The concert is sponsored by Mainichi Academic Group, their members will have a ticket presale on January 5th, while normal people will be able to get their tickets on Thai Ticket Major on January In order to promote Bangkok concert, Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami and Kumai Yurina traveled to Thailand on January 19th, to make the official concert announcement on January 20th.

They had TV like Channel V and many others , magazine and radio appearances, and also a press conference covered by Thai News. This single reached a peaking ranking of 3, making this their highest single ranking to date. Project since Unlike the concert in Korea, where they arrived on the same day of the concert.

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For this performance, all Berryz members traveled to Thailand on March 25th, in order to hold a press conference on the same day. After the concert, they held another press conference, where the girls left their impressions, they were really happy to be able to perform outside Japan and wanted to have more free time to travel around the town, but went back to Japan on March 27th at 5 a. Although the concert ended, several channels in Thailand and Japan kept showing concert and backstage footages. Oricon even made a special site for this concert. Seishun Bus Guide was used as the 2nd ending theme for the anime Inazuma Eleven.

Jikan yo modotte kure saisho no hi ni modoritai kimi ni tsutaetai koto bakari Jikan yo modotte kure. Habatakou dare ni mo makenai tanoshisa de Tobitatsunda Kuyashikerya hanamizu majiri no namida to ka Nagashichaeba ii jan. RSS - Posts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ebooks and Manuals

Sign me up! SayuNii Morning Musume and Hello! Project Fanblog. Home Reviews H! The first press of the regular edition came with a photo card.

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! Close-up Ver.

Music List | Hakoooo~ desuyo!

Aa douse nara kimi no you na konjou ga hoshii yoo AH konna jinsei wo Ooka shitai Junjou na yume kanaetai AH jibun shinjite Tsukiyaburou Kowai kedo yaranakya. Nanka hen da na kimi bakkari Me de otteru nande nanda Toshishita da shise mo ookiku nai Kimi bakari michau koi da wa Namaiki ni kaminoke toka Kaki ageteru shunkan Mune ga kyun to naru no Hitorijime shitai Yamete!


Buy double2 Futsuutte nanda (Japanese Edition): Read Books Reviews - Best ebook you want to read is Double2 Futsuutte Nanda Japanese Edition. I am sure you will like the Double2 Futsuutte Nanda Japanese Edition. You can.

Hajimete no Keiken Dance Shot Ver. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo Close-up Ver. Haru no Arashi Close-up Ver. Shuukan Yoro! Congratulations Nacky and Chisa! More news, if available will be updated on the review section. I will update if there are any changes to the concert date list. For their debut single, Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai, they spent a lot of time learning the choreography.

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Now they only need a few lessons for each new dance approximately 4 or less. Their goal for was to appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and they achieved it. They are the only H! She once traded autographs with Tsugunaga Momoko. They will be the first all-girl Japanese group to perform in Thailand. Berryz have made cameos in the anime Gintama, one time they showed the girls with their Koi no Jubaku outfits in a handshake event. A direct reference to Berryz Koubou. Starting from May 24, , Berryz members will have their own video blog section in Up-front official channel in Youtube; all the videos will have a duration of 1 minute and members can talk about anything they want, they will also upload concert clips.

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