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chainaid.co.uk/auto-erotica.php Mokuba Kaiba requests the help of Yugi and his friends after Seto Kaiba gets trapped in a virtual reality game by the Big Five. Yugi, along with Joey, Mai and Mokuba save Kaiba. He ordered Yugi to stay away from the new shop. At school, they met the new student, Duke Devlin , the owner of the Black Clown. Joey was jealous of Duke's popularity and challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters.

Yugi objected to the condition that Joey and Duke both use Decks from packs they open on the spot. Joey lost the televised Duel and in keeping his end of the bargain had to do whatever Duke said. Yugi became disgusted after Duke forced Joey to wear a dog suit and behave like a dog, so he switched to Yami who challenged Duke to a Duel. Unfamiliar with the rules, Yami got off to a rough start. His chances did not improve as Duke revealed that he designed Dungeon Dice Monsters with Pegasus' aid.

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Yami succeeded in calling " Dark Magician ", which Pegasus had added to the game, and used it to defeat Duke. After the game, Duke, Yugi and Yugi's friends went to Duke's office. Duke lamented that his dream has been crushed as nobody would want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters now. However Yugi assured him that it was a great game and his friends agreed. Duke apologized for how he had treated them, and they agreed to be friends.

At first, Yami showed a confident face as he often did, but became confused when noticing that there was no one to Duel. After visiting many shops and attractions, they enter an arcade. Inside, Yami observes with interest the many games he has never heard nor seen before. If she loses she must become his girlfriend. Yami reveals himself to be Yugi Muto during the Duel, causing Johnny to surrender and run. Here they meet Ishizu Ishtar , who shows Yami some information about his past as a pharaoh and tells him he must enter the Battle City tournament to learn more, as well as warning him of a coming danger.

Yugi is invited to the Battle City tournament. After trying to return "Red-Eyes" to Joey, Joey insists that Yugi should keep it and he'll take it back when he becomes a better Duelist. Yami next faces Arkana , whose signature card is also a " Dark Magician ". The Duel is set up, so two saw-blades draw closer to the player's feet, as their Life Points lower. Yami wins the Duel and rescues Arkana from the blades. Strings Summons " Slifer the Sky Dragon " and creates a massive hand of cards. Yami manages to turn Marik's strategy against him, ultimately forcing his opponent to Deck Out , and takes "Slifer the Sky Dragon" after winning.

Kaiba challenges Yami Yugi to a Duel after his victory against Strings. Yami however postpones the Duel, as he must check his friends' safety, as Marik is just after threatening to turn them into Mind Slaves. Kaiba assists Yugi in his search. Umbra and Lumis Decks are designed to combat the Summoning of the God cards, but Yami and Kaiba manage to work together and get around their lock, Summoning Obelisk once again to win the Duel.

Yugi acquires enough Locator Cards to proceed to the finals after this Duel.

Inks – myf draws apparently

Both players are chained to an anchor and forced to Duel. Defeating their opponent would release a key to save themselves. After a timer hits zero, the anchor would drag one of the two players chained to it into the water to drown. Marik doesn't allow Yugi to use Slifer. Yami puts the card aside, not planning to use it anyway and instead adds Joey's "Red-Eyes" to his Deck. Shortly into the Duel, Yugi asks Yami to let him handle it. Yami is unsure if that's the safest option, but relinquishes control to Yugi.

Yugi puts the Millennium Puzzle aside, so Yami cannot take control. Yugi manages to snap Joey out of Marik's control in time for Joey to force the Duel into a draw and save both players. Yami learns from Yugi that in kindness lies the greatest strength of all, and he thinks one day Yugi will surpass him in every way. Yami competes on Kaiba's blimp for the Battle City finals. Kaiba warns him that he won't win unless he uses Slifer, and Yami reluctantly adds the god card to his Deck.

His first Duel is against Bakura, and is shocked to find that his dark half has survived. Soon, Yami's only hope is "Slifer", and he plays the god card for the first time. Marik, who had enlisted Yami Bakura's aid, tells him to use the real Bakura, who had been injured, to try and get Yami to forfeit the Duel. Yami Bakura does, but then changes his mind at the last minute, and Yami uses "Slifer" to attack and win the Duel. Joey shields Mai with his own body, though it would risk a great deal of damage.

Yami rushes in at the last minute and takes the hit; his own body, through the power of his Puzzle, affords him the strength to withstand Ra's attack. Yami Marik, however, still traps Mai in her mind sends her to the Shadow Realm in the dub. Before Kaiba's blimp can land on KaibaCorp Island, Yugi, Kaiba, and the rest of the passengers aboard are rerouted to a hidden bunker. The bunker seems to be operated by a boy who calls himself Noah, who forces Yugi and company into a Virtual World, where everyone is separated from one another to fend for themselves—and to Duel against KaibaCorp's former Board of Directors, the Big Five.

They battled the Big Five and won in the end. Yami convinced Noah to Duel him after he said that Kaiba would have beaten Noah, had Noah not used Mokuba to keep him from losing. He replaced Kaiba as Noah's opponent and combined Kaiba's Deck with his own, despite Kaiba having only Life Points while Noah had nearly twenty times his score. With every passing turn, Noah turned each one of Yugi's friends to stone when Yugi failed to defeat him. After a harrowing battle, Yami, drawing on the strength of his friends, was able to activate " Card of Sanctity " and draw himself a brand-new hand one card for each of his friends.

Right after the Duel, Gozaburo Kaiba , Noah's father, appeared and revealed the Noah has been working for him all along, and has plans for taking of the world by sending it to the Virtual World.

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Noah teams up with Yugi and co. However, Gozabura separates all of them. However, Noah double-crosses them and has taken Mokuba's body and entered the real world. He later tried to blow the Virtual World up. However, after Noah had a change of heart, and Yami Marik destroys the computer programming the missile, he tells them all the exit, and they all leave the Virtual World, with Noah returning Mokuba's body, and barely escaping the explosion.

After escaping the Virtual World , Yugi and the other three finalists in Battle City — Yami Marik , Joey Wheeler , and Seto Kaiba —competed against each other in a 4-way Battle Royal , to determine which opponents would be paired up against each other. Yugi found himself pitted against Kaiba in the rematch of the Millennium since their bout in Duelist Kingdom. During this "Clash in the Coliseum", both Yugi and Kaiba Summoned the respective Egyptian God Card each of them possessed, but the Duel became a heated stalemate, as neither Egyptian God was able to destroy the other. After a frightening flashback of Ancient Egypt, where Yugi and Kaiba saw their previous incarnations conduct a Shadow Game, both " Slifer the Sky Dragon " and " Obelisk the Tormentor " were destroyed, so both Yugi and Kaiba fell back on Summoning their favorite cards " Dark Magician " and " Blue-Eyes White Dragon ", respectively to battle each other.

Kaiba would ultimately force the Duel into a 6-turn showdown by using " Final Attack Orders " to reduce both players' Decks to three cards. As per the ante rule of the Battle City Tournament—and after Kaiba berated Yugi with his delusion that one cannot truly win while relying on others—Yugi was given " Obelisk the Tormentor " before the Duel with Marik. The Duel between Yugi and Marik is a Shadow Game involving the loser forfeiting his alter ego, but as Marik pointed out, no matter who won, an innocent soul would be lost forever—and if Yami Yugi lost, Yugi would die vanish into the Shadow Realm in the dub , and the Pharaoh would cease to exist.

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Regardless of how they feel about Tristan and what he did, they admire Khloe's strength and how she has put her little girl first. Defeating Yugi, Yami is told by his partner that he had overcome his mistakes and, in doing so, defeated the darkness in his heart and eliminating the influence of the Orichalcos that corrupted him, meaning that Yugi planned this all along and was never under the influence of the evil card. First I put down the pen lines. However, after Noah had a change of heart, and Yami Marik destroys the computer programming the missile, he tells them all the exit, and they all leave the Virtual World, with Noah returning Mokuba's body, and barely escaping the explosion. You'll be listed with all of our backers in the Kickstarter edition! Pharaoh Atem defeated Zorc Necrophades , sacrificing his life in the process.

Yami responded by activating a card that Kaiba had given him before the Duel—" Fiend's Sanctuary ", which would turn all Battle Damage back on Marik if the attack went through. Even though Marik negated the attack or "Ra" with "De-Fusion" which he'd gained after Yugi activated " Exchange " to take " Monster Reborn " from Marik , Yami would then combo "Fiend's Sanctuary" and " Multiply " to Summon "Obelisk" and attack Marik directly, but it would not be enough to win, because with that direct attack, Marik had everything he needed to complete his Immortality strategy, eventually locking down Yami's attacks with a combo of " Egyptian God Slime " and " Jam Defender " before reviving his "Ra" with "Monster Reborn" yet again.

In addition, Marik also shows him the hieroglyphs tattooed on his back. According to Marik and Ishizu, the "Secret of the Pharaoh" is written somewhere in the hieroglyphs, and only the rightful possessor of the legendary Millennium Puzzle and the three Egyptian God Cards can unlock that great secret. After the Battle City tournament, Yugi goes to the museum, where Yami Yugi attempts to regain his memories by holding the Egyptian Gods up to the tablet.

However, it can't due to another dark force freezing the entire thing, preventing him to enter and it begins to consume the God Cards' power. Afterwards, It was interrupted by real life Duel Monsters appearing outside. Here, they meet Dark Magician Girl , who explains about the Leviathan and urges them to pull a sword from a crystallized dragon.

In doing so, Yugi, revealed to be 1 of 3 chosen Duelists, releases the Legendary Dragon known as Timaeus, who becomes a card in Yugi's Deck. Together, he and Yami use this card dubbed " The Eye of Timaeus " to fight the Paradius organization, who are trying to awaken the Great Leviathan with the power of "The Seal of Orichalcos". Afterwards, Pegasus sends Yugi and his friends a videotape, inviting the group to Industrial Illusions headquarters in America to collect a card needed to defeat Paradius.

Yami gradually being taken over by the dark energies of the Seal of Orichalcos during his Duel against Rafael. Believing Yami Yugi was an evil Pharaoh, Rafael targets him to try and take his soul. Rafael later plays the card " Exchange ", forcing Yami to take that very Magic Card. Yugi instructs that they must not play that card, no matter what. Unfortunately, Yami reaches a point in the Duel where he cannot win without playing it.

As he prepares to activate it, Yugi objects, to no avail. However, upon playing the Seal, Timeaus automatically leaves Yami's side of the field, as it doesn't co-operate with the Orichalcos. The energies from the Orichalcos corrupts Yami, who begins Tributing his own monsters in a reckless attempt to damage Rafael's Life Points and win, despite Yugi's objections. Rafael uses Yami's strategy against him when he Summons " Guardian Eatos ", whose ATK increases according to the amount of monsters in the opponent's Graveyard, and defeats Yami.

The Pharaoh, horrified at what his actions has caused since falling prey to his own inner fury. Yami falls into depression and guilt over what he let happen to Yugi. When Weevil tricks Yami into thinking he's permanently lost Yugi's soul, Yami goes berserk and recklessly attacks him by using the combo " Breaker the Magical Warrior " with " Berserker Soul ", continuing even after Weevil's Life Points reach 0.

Yami giving his card, The Eye of Timaeus to Ironheart. Ashamed of himself, Yami lets Ironheart hold onto his "Timaeus" card. Ironheart leads Yami to a place of lost souls, where, after confronting several evil spirits of Duelists he has faced most of them originated in the Duelist Kingdom arc of this series , he finds Yugi's spirit. Yugi convinces Yami to engage him in a Duel, stating that this is the only way that Yami can prove he's sorry for his recent misdeeds. Yami tries to reason with him, but Yugi refuses to listen, declaring that Yami never cared about anyone else's lives that he has brought this upon himself.

Yugi uses monster sacrifices to get through to Yami's doubts, but Yami prevails by using a trap card, " Divine Wind ", to counter this strategy. Defeating Yugi, Yami is told by his partner that he had overcome his mistakes and, in doing so, defeated the darkness in his heart and eliminating the influence of the Orichalcos that corrupted him, meaning that Yugi planned this all along and was never under the influence of the evil card. Yami seeing a vision of the past showcasing the war between duel monsters and the Great Leviathan. Yami is unable to defeat the Soldier's " Orichalcos Gigas " without "Timaeus", so Ironheart, Chris and Skye sacrifice their own lives as they return the card to Yami, imploring him to save this world.

With the darkness within Yami's heart erased, he summons "Timaeus", fuses his dragon with " Dark Magician Girl " to Summon her evolved " Dragon Knight " form, and uses it to defeat the Soldier. Yami and Kaiba engaging Dartz and the Great Leviathan for the first time. Kaiba takes them back to Domino City, which has become overrun with Orichalcos Soldiers. After Joey beats Valon, he loses his own soul in a Duel with Mai. On that note, Mai, who realized she made a mistake leaving Joey for "a madman who promised me power" according to her , and who was filled with rage over losing Joey as he was "the only one who ever cared about" her , challenges Rafael in a Duel to avenge Joey believing that Joey would've done the same thing for her if their roles had been reversed , but she is defeated and loses her soul.

Yami makes his way to Duel Rafael, who tosses him Joey's " Hermos " card. Equipping his new Guardian with his " Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe " card, Rafael defies his own practice of letting his own monsters go to the Graveyard in a vengeful attempt to defeat Yami, stating that he hates him more than the thought of having monsters in his Graveyard. However, after Yami Summons "Eatos" back to the field under his control and equips her with " Goddess Bow ", he destroys Rafael's "Dreadscythe", ultimately managing to free him from Dartz's influence. To end the Duel, Rafael plays " Soul Charge " to revive his monsters, but depletes his Life Points and loses on purpose.

However, since Rafael overcame the darkness in his heart, there was nothing to power the Seal, thus allowing him to keep his soul. Afterwards, Yami continued the Duel and activated the seemingly useless card that Pegasus created back at Industrial Illusions to battle Dartz and the Paradius Corporation—" Legend of Heart ", which allowed Timaeus, Critias , and Hermos to assume their human forms as the Legendary Knights. Sending them into battle against Dartz' "Orichalcos Shunoros" and later, his strong " Divine Serpent Geh ", Yami was able to seek out his victory—but not before the Leviathan seemed to swallow Dartz whole.

The Legendary Knights, returned Yugi's soul. The final episodes of this arc brought Yami into battle with Dartz, who seemed to have merged with the Leviathan. He calls forth his monsters, as well as the Legendary Knights, to battle the Great Beast. However, the Leviathan is too strong, despite his best efforts, and absorbs Yugi into its own body.

Yugi convinced all the boys and men imprisoned inside the Leviathan whose dark feelings fueled the Leviathan's power to remember all the good things in their lives. In turn, Yugi whose soul Dartz offered as a tribute to accelerate the Leviathan's awakening—was released, and Yami left Yugi's body to join them in the battle. Through the power of the light of every boy and man from all over the world imprisoned inside the Leviathan fueling the Gods, Yami was able to defeat the Leviathan, and Dartz was restored to his human form. However, the Leviathan's essence still existed, and Yami knew that the only way to defeat the Great Beast was to face his own evil and step into its darkness.

Using the power of his light, Yami's spirit was able to destroy the Leviathan. With the Beast permanently eliminated, Dartz seemed to act differently, as it was revealed in a flashback during the Tag-Team Duel with him that he had also fallen under the control of the Orichalcos. With the threat of the Orichalcos now behind them, Yugi and his friends were prepared to head back to Domino in Japan—but no one had any airfare for the trip back home.

Seto Kaiba offered to take them back home, on one condition: Paradius' interference in KaibaCorp had all but ruined the latter's credibility, so Kaiba would be planning the ultimate tournament, the KC-1 Grand Prix Championship , to restore his company's reputation, and he wanted the rest of the group to attend.

The winner of the tournament would face Yugi Muto in an attempt to claim his title as the world Duel Monsters champion. On the opening day, while Yugi and his friends are watching a Duel between Rick and the KC DuelTek , a hacker traps all the Duelists and spectators inside the makeshift electronic stadium. The CPU opponent level has been altered to its highest of difficulty, and the only way for everyone to escape is to defeat the CPU in a Duel.

Yugi transforms into Yami and takes over, using " Heart of the Underdog "—a card Yugi had given Rick—and combined it with the effects of " Spirit Ryu " to win and free everyone. Yugi didn't Duel much in this season. He cheered for Joey and Rebecca throughout the tournament. When Yugi wakes up one night, due to being disturbed by the theft of Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor, and meets Yami Bakura , Yami talks to Bakura, and parts ways for the day.

The next day, when they arrive in Egypt after a long journey, they meet up with Marik, Odion, and Ishizu, who asks to speak to the Pharaoh. They take a journey to the place where the Tablet of the Pharaoh was sealed, and once there, the Pharaoh holds the Egyptian God Cards up for it to see. They all get blinded by a light, which sucks the Pharaoh out of Yugi's body and the Puzzle, and gets transported to a table, and playing the Dark RPG with Bakura with his main piece as his past life, while a part of him travels back to the world of his past life as Pharaoh. There, a part of him undergoes the events that happened recently before he died.

The day Yami becomes king, Thief King Bakura , possessed by Yami Bakura his future self , attacks the palace, filling the Pharaoh's head with lies that his father, Aknamkanon , was the one who created the Millennium Items. The priests are in shock, as well as Bakura, while Yami unleashes his power, making Bakura flee to recover from battle. The next day, Mahad battles the Thief King inside a tomb. While Yami and his childhood friend Mana, fight Bakura's army outside, Mahad joins together with his monster inside to defeat Bakura.

Unfortunately, he escapes with the Millennium Ring, and Mahad is sealed inside a stone tablet, and he becomes the Dark Magician.

Soon after that, they face tragedy yet again as Bakura attacks Aknadin inside the monster temple, trying to steal his Millennium Item. In lieu of killing him, Bakura puts a spell on the old priest, and escapes. The Pharaoh gives chase into the village, Summoning Slifer as he does so. Later, after a long battle, Slifer is wiped out, leaving the Pharaoh with nothing more than a few breaths.

Yugi steps in, with the other three of his friends, and give Yami more strength, allowing him to Summon the Winged Dragon of Ra. Slifer is knocked out once again, and this time, the Pharaoh decided to combat Bakura himself. Diabound tears apart the cliff supporting Yami, and after Bakura takes the puzzle, he stomps on the cliff hard enough to knock off the slab that held Yami up. The pharaoh survives and meets Hasan.

He then reunites with his present-day friends, but Yami leaves soon after with Mana to go to Kul Elna, where Bakura lives. Bakura and the royal court battle, with Diabound being destroyed by the spirit of Mahad, the Dark Magician, Yami Bakura leaves Thief King Bakura's body and reducing him to sand. However, when Zorc attacks, Yami Yugi at the RPG table uses a master item, Hasan , and protects them from the attack, and redirected it to Bakura's hourglass token, and time wasn't frozen anymore.

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However he transforms Aknadin into the Shadow Magus. He later kidnaps Seto, revealing that he's his son. The Pharaoh follows him. However, he finds out that the Shadow Magus had killed Kisara, and that he had also entered Seto's mind, and forces him to battle the Pharaoh. Seto Kaiba had watched the whole time, and says that he didn't know how he entered the Memory World. Yami and Seto then head out for battling Zorc. Yami and the Priests are taken out one by one as they battle the evil lord Zorc Necrophades , a hulking beast with a head for a stomach.

Through much traversing, and after getting back the Millennium Items, Shimon also helps by Summoning Exodia, but is also taken out later. Yami Summons the Egyptian Gods, thinking it will be enough. The sun starts to reveal itself once more, but Zorc arises again, blacking out the sun of Egypt. He crushes the Egyptian Gods, causing Yami to pass out from the pain it causes him, and from fatigue. Even that fails as Zorc still stands strong. At the RPG table, Yami Bakura reveals he is partly Zorc, and they both leave the table, enters the game, and merges with their past selves, with Yami merging with the Pharaoh, and Bakura merging with Zorc.

The only way to win was to tell the Pharaoh his name, but there was one problem. Yugi confesses that his name was carved in hieroglyphics that they couldn't read. Kaiba assists in defending them, and finally, Yami's name appears, allowing him to figure out who he is. He says his name to the skies, "Atem! He merges them into the Creator of Light, Horakthy, and destroys Zorc. Later, after the sun returns, as Atem vanishes, he relinquishes his position as Pharaoh to his cousin, Seto. They journey back into the real world, having the good Bakura back and the evil Bakura destroyed with Zorc.

They embark on their final journey, which will decide Atem's fate-whether he should stay in the present for another 3, 5, in the dub , or move on to the spirit world. With the seven Millennium Items , three Egyptian God Cards , Zorc Necrophades defeated, and his past learned that including his true name , the pharaoh can depart the mortal world, and join his faithful priests in the afterlife.

In order to open the doorway to the afterlife, Yami must be defeated in a Duel, known as the Ceremonial Battle. Yami and his friends follow the Egyptian belief that a pharaoh must depart via a boat. Joey and Kaiba both volunteer to face Yami in the battle, but Yugi insists that he shall battle Yami.

Kaiba was skeptical of this, since he thought that Yugi would just be Dueling himself. He even grabbed Yugi by the throat and started yelling at him in a dramatic act of anger, but eventually stopped upon Yugi's determination. Yami leaves Yugi to think in private, as he constructs a Deck for the battle. Yugi does the same for Yami. Yami quickly Summons the Egyptian Gods.

As the Duel continued, Yami's will was so strong and powerful he had actually influenced fate itself to draw exactly the card he needed at the right time. Despite Yami's best efforts, Yugi destroys his most faithful cards that Yami Summons. Yami tries to end the Duel, by reviving " Slifer the Sky Dragon " with " Monster Reborn ", but Yugi predicted the move earlier and revealed the card he hid within " Gold Sarcophagus " was also "Monster Reborn", negating its effect. Yami ends his turn, ready to admit defeat. Yugi hesitates to make his last attack, as he does not want Yami to leave.

Yugi weeps and orders " Silent Magician " to attack Yami, winning the Duel. Yugi falls to his knees, crying, thinking that he is weak and cannot follow in Yami's footsteps. Yami tells Yugi that he is not a coward and reminds Yugi that he has taught him about the principles needed to win. Now that he is leaving, he says that there would be no one else for Yugi to follow and that there would only be one Yugi. The Eye of Wdjat glows on the wall. Yami tells it his true name, Atem, in order to open the gate to the afterlife. His friends try to talk him out of leaving at first, but come to accept that he must go.

Yami then says his farewells and enters the afterlife to join his ancient Egyptian friends, where he can finally rest in peace. Lots of artists complain that the inked version is never as lively and free as the original pencil. I struggle with being lively and free at all, to be quite honest, but yes, I can see the pencil piece is a tiny bit more carefree. Some of it I was pleased with. February first is Hourly Comics Day!

In April, I really enjoyed doing some life drawing. This was also the month that we went to Bath for our family holiday, and I made a holiday sketch diary. Straight after we got back from Bath, work sent me to Santiago in Chile! I was working, so keeping up a sketch diary was a bit more of a challenge, and I finished a good bit of it after I got home. It looks like I had a month off from drawing in June! In July, though, I started a series of pictures of the plants that grow alongside Brighton beach , where I go running and also spend a lot of time with my daughter:.

There are more plant drawings here and here. Those sunny days seem far away now — hard to believe I was sitting drawing on the Level our local playground while my daughter mucked about in the fountains.

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The weather turned, naturally, right before our week in Jersey — fortunately there was plenty to do there anyway. I shared my graphic short story competition entry :. Never mind, I waded straight into another comic strip , this time based on recent experiences with a community archaeological dig:. That was also the month I created the Hashtag Underdog strip.

October must have been the peak of my productivity!

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I should scrutinise what the prevailing conditions were, and try to bottle them. I also made a short comic strip about working from home :. I must say though, that everyone has been very nice about them, which is what every homemade card creator really wants — so it was all worth it. Clearly, the effort of all that lino-printing has taken it out of me because, other than a couple of sketches of my daughter and husband, I have not drawn since. This year brought a couple of commissions. I find these quite stressful, and it made me wonder whether to refuse all commissions from now on on the other hand, that means relying only on my own inspirations to drive me forward, a situation which, of course, many artists would be envious of, but which may well narrow my horizons.

It can only really be done as an exercise in spreading your name about a bit. Reader numbers on this blog are pretty low though boosted greatly every time someone tweets or shares the link on Pinterest or Facebook, so thank you very much to everyone who did that.

In , I think I will have an additional resolution to get some strips published in existing comics: that means that someone else is doing the distribution and the marketing, and probably doing so far better than I would have time to do myself. Spot the non-deliberate mistake! I draw mainly in the evenings, and generally while listening to the radio — and the later it is, the more serious the subject matter becomes. If you like the Christmas card designs below, you are welcome to use them. And if you do, please donate a couple of pounds to charity in return.

You can print them out from the PDFs at the foot of this post. They will fit an A4 sheet of card, so you can print them on your home printer or take them to a professional print shop. The Red Cross Ebola appeal. Oxfam , working on poverty in the UK as well as internationally. The Fawcett Society , fighting for equality between the sexes. Tree with a star Large, one card to an A4 sheet. Tree with star Small, two cards to an A4 sheet. Garland Large, one card to an A4 sheet. Garland Small, two cards to an A4 sheet. Tree with lights Small, two cards to an A4 sheet.

Holly in the snow blue Small, two cards to an A4 sheet. Holly in the snow black Small, two cards to an A4 sheet. There are stories, insecurities, and beliefs. There is wishful thinking, disappointment and elation. And that was fun, and the results were colourful and people liked them. But my goodness it was time-consuming. So although I am not, repeat not, doing Clovember , I did allow myself to do just this one drawing. And here it is inked over with a dip-pen and then coloured with watercolour:.

Skip to content. What does a feminist comics residence involve, anyway? How did it happen? House on what would ordinarily have been an island, now icebound. Enclosed verandah on the first floor of Villa Salin. One of the participants. More sketching. Rachael House goodies. Johanna giving a workshop. Sketch of a participant. A couple of the participants. Villa Salin, seen from the back, with the shoreline behind the viewer. Sketch of everyone around the table, all drawing or thinking.

View from a run. More frozen sea! Rachael House making porridge for Tyre marks where cars have driven on the sea. View from the drawing room window. View across the frozen bay at Lauttasaari. Sunna Kitti giving her talk. Across the villa garden to the frozen sea.

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Read Komik Im Tristan book reviews & author details and more at rapyzure.tk Free delivery on Komik Im Tristan (German) Paperback – Import, 24 Jul Buy Komik im Tristan by Anonym (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low Komik im Tristan (German) Paperback – 24 Jul

Tell all your mates Pinterest Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading February On the 1st, I took the Hourly Comic Day challenge, where you draw one frame for every hour you are awake. September I designed some nice postcards to sell alongside my comics at festivals.

December Recent readers will recall that I made, and blogged, a four-colour linocut Christmas card. And now… forward into ! And now, some process pics. Sketches: I inked over these with a lightbox and coloured them in digitally. Then went to print them out. Oops, I guess my printer is low on yellow ink: [Inserts yellow ink] Oops, I guess my printer is low on magenta: [sends husband to buy ink] Phew, finally.

Oct Hundreds of migrants are stranded in Budapest after police stop trains leaving for Austria and Germany in a bid to prevent them from travelling onwards. Elements that attracted me were: — Crowds of people, often swarming around a central point: an interviewee surrounded by journalists with recording devices; a protester being manhandled by multiple police officers; a speaker being harangued by opponents; Oct Demonstrators on both sides demonstrate outside a university where white supremacist Richard Spencer was speaking.

How I worked The only Inktober rule is that you use ink. Oct Pole dancing could become an Olympic event. A member of the Chinese national pole dancing team practices. Oct 1: Spanish police resist a woman who wants to vote in the Catalan independence referendum. Oct 2: Chaos as music festival attendees in Las Vegas try to avoid bullets from a serial killer, shooting from a hotel window. Oct 3: People filling containers with water in an area hit by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Oct 4: Rohingya families walking towards shelter at the Myanmar border.

Oct 6: Syrian Democratic Forces help a shell-shocked comrade to his feet. Oct 7: Swedish model Arvida bystrom received threats after posing for an Adidas campaign with hairy legs. It was tranquilised and will be released back into the wild. Oct In Satiago, Chile, riot police tackle a demonstrator. Oct In Vietnam, soldiers help save a pig after flash floods.

Oct Kyrgyzstan has held a presidential election that is unusual for central Asia because the result is unpredictable. Oct A cargo plane crashed into the sea off Ivory Coast, close to Abidjan airport. Mayor Carlos Ocariz greets supporters. Oct Raqqa has fallen to US forces. Oct An outbreak of plague has killed 74 people in Madagascar. Oct People react as the Catalan parliament declares independence. Oct Refugees hold up their hands in protest inside Manus detention centre in Papua new Guinea. In which we are on the last leg of our trip home, and continue to hit problems.

In which things start to go awry. In which we experience the typical Lake District weather. In which I have a mini comics epiphany. Click each page and then click again if you would like to view these pages at a larger size. The initial idea Inspired by a vintage photo I saw, I decided I wanted to do something around the idea of synchronised swimming. The script I knew I wanted this cartoon to be four pages long.

Thumbnails 1 I think that this is one stage more than most cartoonists would do, and it does annoy me, but it turns out this is the way I have to work, and so be it.

The takeaway No wonder it all takes such a long time! May Straight after we got back from Bath, work sent me to Santiago in Chile! July It looks like I had a month off from drawing in June! In July, though, I started a series of pictures of the plants that grow alongside Brighton beach , where I go running and also spend a lot of time with my daughter: There are more plant drawings here and here.

August Those sunny days seem far away now — hard to believe I was sitting drawing on the Level our local playground while my daughter mucked about in the fountains. October Never mind, I waded straight into another comic strip , this time based on recent experiences with a community archaeological dig: — and, at very short notice indeed, I threw together a collage for the Association of Illustrators competition : That was also the month I created the Hashtag Underdog strip.

What good is drawing? If you would like to sell the cards for charity, drop me a line and we can talk. Donate Here are some charities where you might donate, or feel free to choose your own: The Red Cross Ebola appeal Oxfam , working on poverty in the UK as well as internationally The Fawcett Society , fighting for equality between the sexes Downloads Here are the downloads in PDF form, ready to print: Tree with a star Large, one card to an A4 sheet Tree with star Small, two cards to an A4 sheet Garland Large, one card to an A4 sheet Garland Small, two cards to an A4 sheet Tree with lights Small, two cards to an A4 sheet Holly in the snow blue Small, two cards to an A4 sheet Holly in the snow black Small, two cards to an A4 sheet Thanks — and do feel free to spread the word around.

Here it is in pencil: And here it is inked over with a dip-pen and then coloured with watercolour: [Click to see it bigger] Tell all your mates Pinterest Twitter Facebook Email.