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If there are more than one action icon on the same item, you can left click on your mouse to get the primary action and you can examine with a right click. To walk, just click on the floor where you want to move, or click on a hotspot and your character will move towards it. You can left click the mouse to skip through the dialogues. To exit out of close-ups or end conversations, click on the blue arrow on the bottom right of the screen. If there is no arrow and you cannot exit, you have not finished everything you need to do. You cannot skip any puzzles, but none of them are random, so the solutions are all in the walkthrough.

Click on the Briefcase Icon to access your inventory. You can combine inventory items by click-holding one of the items and dragging it to the item you wish to combine it with. When both items are highlighted in gold, you can release the mouse button. To use an inventory item on a hotspot or person click-hold and drag the item to a hotspot or person and release when it is highlighted in gold. Click on the Diary Icon on the task bar to access the Diary. The Diary contains clues and recaps of what you have done, so it is wise to check frequently.

Click on the Question Mark on the task bar to get hints. There are two levels of hints, the first one will be a subtle hint, and the second one will be a spoiler. Click on the Wrench on the bottom left of the task bar to save or load a game and adjust the settings. Your cursor will change to a pointing hand if you can head to another area. Click on the Wrench on the bottom left of the task bar to exit the game.

Click on the glass door handle to check out the ledge. Click on the body of Pierre Carchon. Click on the wound. Exit the room.

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Click on the table to get a close-up. Click on the hole in the table. Click on the in-tray and blotter desk pad. Click on the painting on the wall on the other side of the room to get a close-up. Press the button B on the left side of the frame. Click on the picture again to expose the safe. There are two ways to get the CODE from the stone cylinder. Leave the room and go to the sitting area on the left side of the hall and speak to Imelda. Chapter 2 — Quayside Walk to the right and click on the large gate C underneath the stairs. Click on the puzzle lock on the left.

Book 1: The Love's Valley Series

Retrieved 12 September How about a list of reason why you might love it. So be prepared to sink a lot of time into getting through the audiobooks. The first three books both the books and audiobooks are the strongest in the series with a decline after. Discovery — First Colony Book 5 — June 26th,

The object is to slide the latch with the knob over to the slot on the left by moving the pieces out of the way. See screenshot for solution. The object is to slide the latch over to the slot on the right by moving the pieces out of the way. Enter the skiff room behind the fallen gate. Click on the hull of the upright skiff to knock it over.

Click on the area to the right of the door on the left. Release it when it turns gold. Click on the cross D and note the door closes and a stone panel E opens. Click on the cross again and the door opens. Click on the cross to open the door. Click on the panel E to the left of the closed door on the right.

If you do not have it in your inventory, go back to the skiff room and take it from the panel next to the door. Click on the stuck door on the left. Head into the secret chamber on the left. You will automatically walk into the center of the darkened chamber. Head back towards the entrance and click on the generator to the left of the doorway to turn on the lights. Head into the room and walk to the desk on the left.

Click on the desktop and click on the pictures of Nico, the articles and the cup. Click on the drawer F again and the drawer will fall to the ground. Decode the message by correctly choosing a symbol on the bottom and matching it with the correct letter of the alphabet. After clicking on both the letter and symbol, the symbol in the note will automatically change to the letter.

See screenshot G for solution. Speak to Inspector Rosso. It does not matter what answers you give, choose any response. You will not be able to back out of the screen till you have clicked on everything. Speak to Nico and exhaust all options. Nico will give you her phone number but it will not appear in your inventory. Walk towards the workman. Speak to the workman and exhaust all conversation. Note the location of the phone I for later. Click on the manhole cover. Click on the open manhole to enter in the sewer system. Go up the ladder by the spikes to follow the path of the clown.

Speak to Albert after showing him the card and exhaust all topic options. Click on the phone on the ground to the left of the tent and call Nico.

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Head to the left and a map opens up. Click on the mirror two times to get a close-up. Back out of the close-up and click on the overturned table to the right of the mirror. After clicking on both the letter and symbol, that symbol in the note will automatically change to the letter. See screenshot K for solution.

Enter the skiff room and head into the anti-chamber. Click on the opened safe to get a close-up. You can click and drag the pieces into place.

Broken Road

Use the fragment on the upper right that is in the correct place already to build around. See screenshot M for solution. If you back out before completing the photo, you can find it on the desk below the safe. Speak to Nico and exhaust all conversation. Click on the blue arrow on the bottom task bar to exit the apartment. Head to the left to get the map. Click on the La Risee du Monde location on the map. Speak to the costumier and exhaust all conversation.

Click on the phone next to the tent and call Todryk the tailor, and get a new location on the map. Head to the right to access the map and click on Hotel Ubu. Head into the Hotel Ubu and note the thugs hanging out by the entrance. Enter the hotel and walk left to the reception desk and speak to the hotel clerk entirely. Attempt to take the key from the wall N behind the counter.

Check the guest log O on the counter in front of the hotel clerk. Speak to the hotel clerk again and exhaust all conversation. Speak to Lady Piermont regarding the key. Click on the green staircase and go upstairs. Click on the window to open it.

Click on the opened window to climb out on the ledge. Click on the bed, the wardrobe and the nightstand. Attempt to exit the room through the door to the hall and automatically hide in the wardrobe while Khan changes clothes. Search the green checked pants on the bed and note the sewed up compartment on the top right of the pants. Click on the button area of the waistband of the slacks to turn them over.

Click on the metal silver tab on the top left of the waistband to rip out the thread. Turn the pants over again by clicking on the middle of the waistband. Head out the door to the hall and go down to the lobby. Try and leave out the front door. Head back upstairs and enter the first room on the right. Head out of the window and onto the ledge.

Enter the room through the window and exit the room. Exit the hotel and the thugs pat you down. Head into the alley to the left of the hotel entrance. Nico will give you the name of a curator, Lobineau, and you get a new location on your map. Exit the conversation to leave the apartment and head left to trigger the map. Click on the Musee Crune location on the map. Enter the museum on the right. Examine the tripod in the glass case in the center of the room. Speak to the custodian and exhaust all topics. Click on the totem next to the red tapestry on the wall to see that it is wobbly.

Click on the sarcophagus to the right of the totem. Click on the window mechanism on the left of the window. Exit the museum and exit the area to the left to access the map. Speak to Nico and exhaust all conversations. Leave the apartment and head to the left to access the map. Categories : Australian literary awards Awards established in Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Australian Horror Writers Association. After Egwene awakens in the camp, she complains that they may have ruined her chances to gain credit among the Tower loyalists for defeating the Seanchan. Using the information provided by Verin, Egwene begins to expose the Black Ajah among the rebels, requiring every sister to re-swear her allegiances.

Fifty sisters are exposed and executed, while twenty are able to escape.

Taking advantage of the weakened White Tower defenses following the Seanchan raid, the rebels prepare an immediate attack. Just before the attack is mounted, the Tower Aes Sedai announce that Elaida was captured in the Seanchan raid, and that they would have Egwene as the Amyrlin Seat. She appoints Silviana as her Keeper as a gesture to the Red Ajah and in honor of Silviana's sense of duty and fairness she stood up to Elaida following Egwene's imprisonment, and was nearly stilled and executed for it.

The rebels return, and after exposing the Black Ajah in the tower itself, they begin rebuilding the Tower. Nynaeve, under the instruction of Cadsuane, locates Tam al'Thor , Rand's father, who meets with Rand in an attempt to break his emotional isolation. Rand becomes angry when he learns that Tam was sent by Cadsuane, nearly killing his father before fleeing in horror at what he had almost done. Rand Travels to Ebou Dar , intending to destroy the entire Seanchan army, but he becomes reluctant to act after seeing how peaceful the city is, and their concern for him when he is struck by his channeling sickness.

Nearly mad with rage and grief, he Travels to the top of Dragonmount , the location where he killed himself as Lews Therin Telamon. Angry at the futility of life bound to the Wheel and its repeating pattern, he uses the Choedan Kal to draw enough power to destroy the world and end all suffering. Lews Therin seizes a moment of lucidity and suggests that by being reborn to the same life, one has the opportunity to do things right. Agreeing, Rand turns the power of the Choedan Kal against itself, destroying it.

Rand is finally able to laugh again, and the oppressive clouds which had shrouded the Westlands for weeks finally break. It shows Egwene al'Vere fighting a raken. The Gathering Storm contains 50 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue, in 28 different POVs, of which:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses of the words "gather" and "storm," see Gather and Storm.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Chapters What the Storm Means 1. Tears from Steel. The Nature of Pain. The Ways of Honor. A Tale of Blood. When Iron Melts.

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The Plan for Arad Doman. Clean Shirts. Leaving Malden. The Last of the Tabac. The Death of Adrin. Unexpected Encounters. An Offer and a Departure. A Box Opens. A Place to Begin. In the White Tower. Questions of Control.