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New beams going in. Around a lamp post, secured by one chain, we see Grace's bike, and five others, two with training wheels. Bob's legs cross through frame and then stop. We pan up, Bob is staring up at the old Primate House. Megan is doing her best to keep the group together. Grace is holding tightly on to Tommy's hand, while in her other, she holds his Batman wallet. The stroller is childless, yet full of discarded sweatshirts, a picnic basket and a stuffed dolphin. Bob makes a definite left, avoiding the Primate House But then stops, and turns back -- after a deep breath, he decides to go in A dark, cavernous building, painted to look like a jungle.

Bob lets the door close behind him, shutting the sunlight out, as he slowly enters this very familiar territory. He walks over to the enclosed,. Bob looks over the different photos, stopping at the one on Sydney. He brushes his fingers over Katherine's name on the display, turns and leaves. Just as Bob reaches for the door, it is pulled open by Megan, ushering the kids in. The sunlight temporarily blinds Bob, who quickly averts his eyes. As he reaches for his sunglasses Grace and Tommy enter, passing Bob as he puts on his sunglasses. Bob and Grace are so close Bob slightly brushes against Grace's arm as he passes her.

Grace sighs, and lightly touches her heart. She squeezes a little tighter onto Tommy's hand Bob jumps. Grace reads Sydney's plaque and shows the kids how to do the "sign" for "Hi". They are right next to the glass Sydney, shifting his weight to get comfortable, notices the kids doing the signing. Everyone howls with delight. Hi, Sydney. Grace joins the others, doing the sign language for "Hi". Sydney waddles over closer to the glass and Grace. The kids all giggle and agree. Sydney stares at Grace, then puts the palm of his hand against the glass. He studies her face. Grace reaching out, presses her palm against his through the glass.

Charlie leans against the wall behind Bob. One of the "Suits" is wearing glasses and going over some papers. SUIT 1 We approved one large artificial tree to be planted in the habitat, fifty more feet was not approved. BOB First of all, artificial trees are not "planted" And why build a tree when two real trees are already there? SUIT 1 Slow down, we're just asking you to stick with the original plan. We're giving them the tires, your whole elaborate jungle-gym-piping-thingamajig and a fake tree. SUIT 2 Bob, we've given you total freedom since the zoning was approved BOB So why stop now?

C'mon guys, it's just fifty feet All that from just fifty extra feet. Isn't it better for the gorillas to have a "real" tree? BOB Because I seriously doubt the gorillas would even know how to sell the souvenirs, then there's the training involved But we've given in on enough BOB taking control Guys here's the deal. My wife wanted this building up two years ago. So the way I look at it, we're already behind schedule. You give me that fifty feet so I can build around the real trees and I'll finish the job within the month so you can have it open at the beginning of summer.

SUIT 2 considering - looking at blueprints One real tree enclosed would still leave us with BOB And I'll personally design and build a souvenir shop that'll fit in the space that's left The men get up and leave the room very pleased. Bob and Charlie stand there a beat, stunned. She opens the mail box and peers inside, then at her letter She puts the letter back into a rip in her coat lining, she gives it a secure pat and peddles away She immediately returns to the mailbox, takes the letter out of her coat, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and drops the letter into the mailbox.

Bob has aggressively taken control of a pick-up game of basketball. He's taken it upon himself to bring the ball up the court for the final shot. Charlie stop running, why bother, Bob has forgotten he has teammates. Bob drives through the key and past a few members of the other team, dunking the last basket. Everyone heads for the bench. But I won't tonight, because Friday night, I have someone very special An attorney. Great body, very attractive, great body I'd date her myself but I was with her sister once She loves animals, her cat is a patient of mine. I'm trying to help you BOB controlled, but angry You want to help me, Charlie--stop trying to 'help' me Let me at least enjoy my heartache BOB Don't just stand around, speak up.

Initiate something. Fight one of the battles. You want to help me, Charlie? Then help me get it done--for Katherine. A teenage boy, wearing roller blades, negotiates the steps. He's coming down very slowly backwards, hanging onto the cement stoop for balance. Unbeknownst to Danny, Bob, carrying his gym bag and a small scale model of Sydney's new home, walks up behind him.

I just took Mel out. BOB Alright! The apartment, now lacking the "woman's touch", is unkempt and disorganized. Mel is sleeping against the front door, barely budging when Bob pushes the door open. Mel just kind of slides with it. Bob picks up his scattered mail beneath the mail slot. He casually tosses the mail next to the phone, then sits at the coffee table turning the model from side to side viewing it from each angle Bob walks down the hall to the kitchen. Mel following half way then turns and goes back to his "waiting" spot at the front door.

Bob watches him, sighs Bob answers the door. Mel starts barking. BOB grabbing Mel's collar Sorry. See ya tomorrow night. Bob closes the door and carries the food into the kitchen. He removes several cartons, opens the one of white rice and dumps it out on a plate. BOB O. I gotcha some rice. BOB C'mon Mel, stop it.

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She's gone. C'mon get up Do you think that's what she would have wanted? C'mon, get up Mel Look at you Bob sees his own reflection in the glass on the door Look at you He slowly slumps down. He sits, staring out, looking at nothing. We see a million memories flash by in his eyes BOB into phone Charlie. I'll go on Friday night. Yeah, you heard me. Where is it? He takes an envelope near the phone. He palms it, to write on the back. Wally is enjoying the music at the bar.

Grace begins refilling her empty tray, stopping only to put some garnish on a few plates. Marty walks by, deliberately setting a plate down in front of Grace. Angelo looks on Grace looks down at an airline envelope sitting on the plate She opens it. Grace gasps. I know you love me. Instead of postcards, you send me paintings. Sophie enters, picks up a small slab of Parmesan cheese She sees the ticket in Grace's hand.

I never imagined I think I'll go in the fall Marty, getting a little choked up, picks up two plates and walks back towards the dining room. He's at the bar waiting to meet you. He's just like you. He have a transplant. MAN O. So, I'm still in a little pain, but you know how that is MAN My doctors say it's a solid transplant. Marty politely takes their jackets and hangs them on the hooks in the entryway.

Bob's white pick-up comes up the street, he slows down directly in front of O'Rielly's He checks the name of the restaurant he'd written on the envelope and notices the letter's return address Bob slowly opens the envelope and takes out an enclosed form letter. Bob quickly tucks the pink envelope back into his jacket pocket and hops out of the truck. Marty sees the table is full and walks over to Grace at the bar. She's still talking with the man, who is now tugging on his own hair. Everyone's getting settled. As she takes off her suit jacket, we see her shirt is one size too small for her breasts.

She's smart, pretty, but ohmigod, shut-up Well, as you can imagine, everyone laughed That's when I met Charlie, he was the only Vet open Are they bringing menus? Anyway, Squeaker won't let another Vet touch him. You know that new building on State Street, that's Bob's. Grace arrives at the table and begins setting the waters down in front of each person.

Bob notices her, really notices her. When Grace gets to Marsha Do you have bottled water? Water, I just don't want Swiss. I got sick on imported Swiss water once. As long as it's not Swiss or tap water, it'll be fine. Preferably, French. Just as Grace's about to walk away, Bob reaches out to stop her; gently touching her arm There's a feeling between them. Neither one quite understands it It's just a hint of warmth.

Everyone at the table goes for their phone. The only one who doesn't is Bob, and it's his phone. BOB What? Hey Mike Bob stands, motioning to the table that he'll be right back. He talks and walks which takes him to the. BOB into phone I'm glad So let's call in a favor on Hank We'll contract them for five days, they'll do four for me, then one day at the zoo.

Either way, they get paid for five like under the original contract Who else is on the clock? Bob leans against the back wall and listens to Mike rattling off names on the other end of the phone We notice Bob's eyes are interested in someone. Grace is emptying a bottle of Evian water into a sink and refilling it from the tap. As she goes to replace the cap, her eyes meet Bob's She's embarrassed, she's been caught.

Bob winks his approval. They share a smile. This is the first time we see Bob truly smile again. BOB cont'd into phone Yeah, yeah, I'm still here That sounds great. BOB cont'd into phone I'll talk to you in the morning then Wait, Mike? Do me a favor, call me back in about five or ten minutes and just ignore what I say Bob sits as Marsha takes a big sip of water Shari laughs, then kisses Charlie way too much.

Bob doesn't take his eyes off Grace. GRACE A corn beef and cabbage souffle and a spinach ravioli in an arrabiatta sauce, it's my favorite. Grace walks away We need Yeah, Mike? Well, I'll leave right now. Be there in five minutes No, it's not a problem, if I have to be there, I have to be there. BOB Oh yeah I'm so sorry Marsha, really very sorry.

It was nice meeting you, and Shari Please, enjoy your meal and If you'll excuse me. Bob stands, pushes in his chair and bee-lines for the exit As he leaves he puts his cell phone down on the bar to grab his coat off the hook, he glances around one last time for Grace, she walks up behind him BOB She's not my wife Sophie walks up with a "to go" order all bagged and ready "to go".

Grace stops her Chicken Vesuvio and a side of cabbage Sorry for the wait Since it took so long, it's on the house. Come back again You lasted almost a half an hour That's a record BOB It's fine, Chuck. It's not her, it's me She's everything you said she was, an attorney with a great body. Okay, have a lot of wine and enjoy the company BOB walks to his truck I can't.

If I could I would But I've gotta go to work. Bob climbs in and sits--the steering wheel is pressed against his chest Bob adjust his seat. As he drives off, in the b. I just pick up order. One minute. Give me my keys, I be one minute The rain has stopped. Bob, lost in thought, leans on the stone railing that lines the gleaming wet path on the bridge, eating his ravioli out of the styrofoam container with a plastic fork.

He taps his breast pocket for the letter, still there. He slowly takes it half way out, then puts it back. He finishes eating Stops, breathes in the night air. Leaning on the rail, he looks out over the river and up at the Chicago sky line. He feels the letter in his chest pocket, reaches into the jacket and pulls out the worn pale pink envelope She is sitting up, thoughtfully composing the letter on her bedside table as little Bridgette lies beside her coloring.

Megan is busy adding water to the flowers on the nightstand. Grace immediately pulls the blanket over to hide Bridgette who continues to color beneath the blanket as the nurse takes Grace's blood pressure. The nurse finishes and exits, Bridgette pops out from under the blanket. Grace continues writing Bob flips the letter over to look on the back, no signature. Looking up at the stars, he slowly folds the letter, as we Bob stares up into the sun to the tops of the strong reaching branches.

Jeff walks over studying some blueprints.

Return to Me (Ritorna-Me)

As soon as he starts to talk, Bob walks briskly away, towards the trailer. Jeff does a small u-turn, walking and talking, trying to keep up BOB picking up the pace I have a different set of prints in the office. BOB Mike, give the newest plans to Jeff, so we can run over 'em right away.

MIKE I don't know I'll send one of the interns to pick it up. BOB No. JEFF looking over the new blueprints Are there going to be any trees in the souvenir shop? A spacious kitchen with an old linoleum floor spills into a family room with hardwood floors and a big bay window. It's cozy, lived in, and seldom quiet. Kevin's pounding on the piano. Megan and Grace are at the counter, preparing veggies. Joe sits at the head of the table, still in his fireman's uniform, with L'il Tommy on his knee JOE yelling into the family room Stop with the piano!

JOE not moving a muscle It's okay, Grace. I got it. Grace takes Bridgette from Megan and exits down the hall. Megan smacks Joe on the shoulder. Rudy's coming by tonight. I though he'd come meet Grace, y'know JOE How? She's always here on her nights off. He has about as much experience as she does. Where you gonna find a guy like that? Grace walks in with baby Bridgette on her lap and places her back in the high chair. The room is quiet, except for the "kid factor". Grace notices Joe went'n invited someone over here, sort of as a blind date. JOE It's okay.

He understands. He's fine with it. He's a priest for Godsake. Jesus Christ, what's the big deal? He's never dated, you've never dated. Bridgette bursts out screaming at all the commotion. Grace is running around looking for a scarf. Joe gets up to go answer the door. He opens the door and there stands Rudy, complete with clerical collar. Joe stares at the collar a beat too long. RUDY quietly, re: collar I'm not used to being without it yet. Charlie is on his cell phone. Where the hell are you? You run away last night and tonight you don't show.

I've been sitting at the bar for two hours Bob, just out of the shower, stands in front of the mirror buttoning his shirt, with the phone cradled under his chin. BOB into phone I'm not up to it Yeah, "again" I'm uh TV's not on - panics - can't find remote Uh The front door opens, it's Danny with Mel. Danny takes Mel's leash off and hangs it on the coat rack. Bob emerges from the bedroom. Rueland, Mel ate something. I couldn't get to him, I think it was a rib bone I can give him a bath Danny stuffs the ten into his pocket My mom made you another lemon cake. I put it in the trash for ya.

BOB opens the door to leave, turns back How do I look? It was fine. He was a nice guy. Certainly knows his wine GRACE cont'd I'm not being ridiculous. Once a guy finds out, they think I'm I'm so-so lucky. Megan's got the phone tucked under her chin, as she reaches under the table and lightly pulls on the small blanket little Patrick is still sound asleep on. She slides him across the kitchen to the bottom of the steps. Joe walks down in his boxers, scoops up little Patrick in his arms and kisses Megan on the cheek. JOE mouthing the words Tell her I'm "sorry" about tonight.

Megan lovingly smiles and touches Joe's lips with two fingers. She picks up a toy from the bottom of the steps and crosses back into the kitchen. Joe carries little Patrick up to bed, but steps on a squeaky toy half way up the stairs. Patrick's eyes open. JOE takes control No.

Everyone's going to bed. And Grace, you're not lucky. It's fate. Grace hangs up the phone and leans against the terrace railing, observing the last few customers leaving. Marty's stacking up the remaining outside chairs. He glances up and sees her Marty carries the stacked chairs inside. Grace looks up to the stars She turns and walks into the apartment, as we You can't pick your dream team from different eras. Bob looks through the restaurant window.

No sign of Grace.

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Bob knocks again. Marty looks up, runs over to the stereo near the bar, turns it down a bit, then walks over and opens the door Please come in. I'll check for you, a phone, huh? Every week, one or two phones I think it's no good, too many phones in our lives. Y'got no one really talkin' anymore, face to face. I don't see one in here BOB No Let me getcha a pint. His wife is dead. The guys immediately accept him, with a chorus of "welcomes".

Angelo pulls out a chair for Bob. Deal him in. Who is the greatest center fielder of all time? They approve. Sophie comes out of the kitchen in her coat, tying a small silk babushka upon her head Marty and Sophie walk out the back door, Bob watches them go What about my phone? Why do you keep bringing it up? You're always playing that opera stuff, we can't sing along. You folding, Wal? BOB Oh, yeah sure I guess At Shakey's they'd put the words up on the screen My kids loved that.

Everyone singing. Grace is sitting in front of an antique mahogany vanity mirror, wearing a nightgown and shower cap. She stops and studies her reflection. We see her night gown is open at the top, exposing the full ten inch surgical scar on her chest. She touches it lightly and sighs. The men are laughing as Bob collects the pot Marty puts a pitcher of beer on the table and an espresso in front of Angelo, a milk in front of Emmett. Grace, in her nightgown and robe, walks down the stairs, grabs a raincoat off a hook and walks into the.

The guys all stand and then sit, except Bob, who is a bit stunned Grace sees Bob and immediately touches her head -- yep, shower cap's still on. She closes her bathrobe, wrapping the raincoat snugly around her neck. BOB now stands Hi, yes We met last evening. I was here with The guys all remain in their seats, looking up and enjoying the two of them as they talk. You're Bob. I'm Grace, well, you know that We just said it Well, excuse me I'm not dressed and my hair is I have your pajamas Grace turns and gives Angelo a wide eyed "so help me God" look as she exits out the back door.

Return to ME

Return to Me is a American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. It was filmed in Chicago. A man who falls in love with the woman who received his wife's heart must decide which woman it is who holds his heart. Bonnie Hunt (story), Don Lake (story) David Duchovny, Minnie Driver, Carroll O'Connor.

Bob follows Grace out to the back courtyard. Marty comes from behind the bar with Bob's phone and waits for the door to close, then sets the phone down on the bar. The quaint little back garden is now dark, lit only by the street lamp. The rain is soft, not enough to blink at Bob is covering a medium sized plant with a piece of plastic. Grace helps straighten the plastic out on one end. Some people take in stray dogs and cats, with Grandpa, it's people Not that you're BOB Oh, yes I am Grace moves around the shrub and so does Bob, causing them to be, physically, very close.

BOB Sure, I'll just go around. I put them in the ground too soon And of course I just watered them this morning I can do this. Grace is careful to keep her neckline covered. Bob notices the rusted bike, the easel and the painting pushed under an awning. BOB No, no, I don't mind You bought me dinner last night. BOB Wow ALL What? Of course you saw my hair last night Not that you were looking at me.

But we did speak, so maybe you noticed my head--hair BOB re: the rain You go ahead in, I'll get these last two Before Grace enters the dining room, Marty and the guys hear the sound of the door Marty ushers them quickly into the kitchen. Wally jogs off still holding on to his cards.

They disappear just in time for Grace to enter the dining room. She is "really" happy, almost floating, drunk with romance She sees Bob's phone on the bar, picks it up Bob enters, wipes his feet.


Grace hands him his phone. Grace stands silently, watching Bob get in his shiny white truck and drive off into the moonlight. She turns and notices the "guys table" is now empty.

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She listens and hears voices coming from the kitchen. Megan is in the kitchen, picking up toys. There's a knock at the door. She looks at the clock: one A. She goes to the door. Bob sits on his jacket, as he leans against a fence eating a hotdog 'n fries off his lap and talking to someone.

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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. I can't think of one. Bonnie Hunt. Ask a question. On Video. On the night of her fundraiser for a new primate house, Bob promises Elizabeth he'll finish the building. The Big Sleep.

We can't see who it is. Bob offers them a fry BOB I guess this is the first woman I've noticed since Well, not the first woman I've "noticed", you know as a guy, but as a man. You know what I mean MEGAN through the phone I'm just saying for safety--don't shave your legs, because then you won't--definitely won't let it go to far. MEGAN cont'd I'm sure you plan on being levelheaded, but once you're in the moment, the male brain seems, well I don't know Hairy legs are your only link to reality.

Grace hangs up the phone and relaxes in the tub, leaning her head back, she closes her eyes Grace and Bob stroll up to the courtyard. Bob gallantly opens the gate, letting Grace pass in front of him. Her eyes never leave his. He pulls a daisy from the garden and places it gently in her hair. He runs his hand down the side of her face Grace gazes into his eyes, paralyzed with romance. Bob wraps his arm tightly around her waist, pulling her closer.

He takes her face into his hands and kisses her passionately and then leans her against the fence. Grace, totally "under his spell", slides down the fence and onto the grass. Bob is now on top of her. She looks up trustingly into his eyes as he runs his hand along her "shaven" leg, up to her waist and her breast Bob looks down and gasps in horror.

Gasping, she grabs the sides of the tub and shakes off the dream. Putting her head back, she sighs, as we Marty, sweeping the cobblestone walkway, hears footsteps and Grace's laugh. He quickly discards the boom and scurries to a small table, lights a candle, pulls the two metal lawn chairs together, so they're side by side, then runs inside. Bob's jacket is over Grace's shoulders And in his other hand he carried a bean bag ash tray, red plaid I was his spotter. My mother would get so mad. But without fail, come her birthday, Uncle Al would make some great lamp or table out of the lumber and stuff we collected.

She loved everything he ever made But every time he collected stuff, they'd have the same argument Thought we had time. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and others when it seems like another life Bob reaches to gallantly open the gate for Grace, identical to the way he did in Grace's dream. However, the gate is stuck. He tries again--still stuck. Bob finally gives it a strong tug, but it opens too quickly and he loses his balance.

Bob inadvertently puts his hand around her waist and pulls her close to prevent him from falling over They are close just like in Grace's daydream We see the Deja vu expression on her face Bob stands there, totally stunned BOB rubbing his face Geeze, I was just going to kiss you. BOB still stunned I was just going to kiss you. A small peck on the cheek. Well, it might have been. I don't know--I stopped it BOB Sometimes those dreams are better with strangers. BOB Fine, fine BOB I didn't mean to Not in the dream--but here just now Suddenly Grace takes Bob's face in her hands, kisses him on the lips and joyfully runs inside--her feet barely touching the ground.

Bob stands alone in the courtyard. Life is good. He blows out the candle--leaving him in total darkness We see Jeff, pacing outside the trailer, as he waits for Bob to arrive and yell at him. Mike steps out of the trailer and checks his watch, just as Bob pulls up in his truck. Bob jumps out, carrying a tray of Starbuck's coffees.

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He walks over to the guys, who can't help but notice the spring in his step. BOB handing each guy a coffee Morning, Jeff. Morning there, Big Mike. The workman smiles. Bob smiles back and then takes the last coffee for himself. He "frisbee" tosses the cardboard tray into a trash can and jumps on to the elevator. Mike takes a sip of his coffee, looks to Jeff They applaud. Joe finishes re-tying his shoes, he's next Joe stares at the ball as it rolls up the return Bob walks up and sets down a tray of draft beers, plus one espresso for Angelo, and a milk for Emmett, who is busy collecting cash from Marty Joe takes his shot.

It looks good. He walks back with confidence Grace watches Megan clean up a spare in the next lane. Megan victoriously smacks Grace five as they meet on either side of the ball return. I've never seen you so happy. Tell him. MEGAN He's a great guy, it won't make a difference to him, besides, eventually he's gonna want to get, you know, intimate. BOB re: the hot chocolate I'll just hold on to this for ya Grace is light as a feather, she lines up her shot, good form, releases the ball Everyone claps, Grace goes wild.

She does a touchdown dance that goes on a bit too long. Everyone stops clapping and just stares She realizes and recovers. Bob runs up to take his turn.

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Joe hands Charlie a beer. After Elizabeth is killed in an auto accident, her heart is transplanted to artist Grace Biggs Driver , who's near death from the congenital heart disease she's suffered since she was a teenager.


Grace is grateful for the transplant and composes a letter to Elizabeth's grieving family thanking them, but can't bring herself to mail it. She's also reluctant to get into the dating scene, despite the urging of her friend Megan Hunt , due to self-consciousness over the scar on her chest following the operation. A year passes. Bob is grieving and lonely, prompting his friend Charlie Grier to set him up on a blind date. While the date itself does not go well, Bob finds himself attracted to the waitress at the restaurant.

Who happens to be Grace, whom Bob has never met. And whose thank-you letter was finally sent and is sitting unopened at Bob's house.