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Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders [9]. Canada The Record [10].

France SNEP [11]. Germany Official German Charts [12]. Norway VG-lista [15]. South Africa Springbok [16]. US Billboard Hot [18]. US Adult Contemporary Billboard [19]. US Cash Box Top [23]. Year-end charts [ edit ] Chart Rank Australia. Canada RPM [24]. US Billboard Hot [25]. US Cash Box Top [26]. Geoffrey Macnab.

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Shape Created with Sketch. Albums of the year Show all The band appear reinvigorated, brimming with energy and self-assurance. The country artist returns after the release of his acclaimed album Shine On Rainy Day with Providence Canyon; a slice of blue-collar country offering fresh tales of Southern life. Though their themes remain in the gutter, Suede aspire to monuments, and The Blue Hour will stand as another sordid masterwork.

The Best New Songs of the Week: Thom Yorke, Bad Bunny, and More

Even in discarding such basic pop necessities as melody, Robyn has managed to create a masterpiece. With her first album in seven years, the Swedish singer delivers nine songs that glow and pulse with bittersweet sensuality, sung in a voice that sifts over the synths like icing sugar. She seems to attribute much of this calmness to her new-found sobriety — she quit alcohol a few years ago and looks back on her twenties with a mix of fondness and regret. Keep That Same Energy is a pleasant surprise.

On Heaven and Earth, the Los Angeles saxophonist and band leader splits his second record in two halves: the urgent Earth side explores reality while Heaven deals in dreamy opulence.

Interpolation (Replayed Sample)

Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? So what is this going to be? You weren't aware of that? At last , however, the sea, as if weary of its new toy, threw me back on the shore, and in another instant I was clasped in my teacher's arms. Chuka Ummuna.

Camila Cabello's debut solo album is the first time fans have been able to see her clearly. On Mitski's brilliant fifth album she is desperate and lonely one minute, hardened and withdrawn the next. Her music, which exists in a space between fierce, guitar-led walls of noise and soft, delicate balladry, feels like an open wound — and Be The Cowboy is no different.

Frontman Olly Alexander is offering fans their own generational pop icon: a young man who has the courage to put all of that vibrant, dynamic character on full display. On Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett turns her keen eye inwards, exploring anxiety and depression while coming to terms with her own emotional life.

With producer SOPHIE on board whose own album, also released this year, is well worth your time , they explore the anxieties and frustrations of being a teenage girl through clattering beats and Nokia samples.

The result is exceptional. Ghetts re-evaluates much of what he said on Ghetto Gospel, when he was frustrated and angry with the world. His brilliant fourth album Love Is Magic takes listeners on a similar thrill ride, dominated by swirling loops of grand, romantic melody, sly twists of sardonic wit and heart-stopping drops of sheer honesty. Rockefeller", however, behind the vocals in "She's Gone to Another", there is a similar sound with a pitch closer to Last Call.

Other Types of Interrogatives

Since Kanye has sampled The Whatnauts before, I figured he might have found inspiration for the pitch of the version in "She's Gone to Another". I chose direct sample because WhoSampled doesn't feature time markers for when you select cover. I'm not hearing it. Kendrick Lamar feat. U2's XXX. Kanye West feat. TV Shows. Interpolation Replayed Sample 11 Votes. Kanye West. Sample appears at