Strategic analysis of Brazil

Strategic analysis of Brazil
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Among others, there are the recurrent border conflicts aggravated by all sorts of illicit activities, particularly drug trafficking. Also, disputes of fiscal or customs nature which often come up as commercial barriers involving specific groups of products, or disagreements derived from the intensification of migratory flows, generally concerning the large contingent of Brazilians who settled down in Paraguay decades ago, and more recently in Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and French Guiana.

Strategic Analysis of the Brazilian Electricity Industry

However, there is consensus in opinion among specialists that the most important potential risk for the future of integration is the one stemmed from the deepening in the asymmetry among the countries in the region. Except for cases of minor importance, such as the recurrent picture of old border conflicts between Peru and Ecuador, Venezuela and Guiana, Peru and Chile, or even the Bolivian tragedy as a landlocked nation, what is actually risky is the presence and the recent increase of North American military apparatus in Colombian territory as previously mentioned , at first on the pretext to give support to this country to combat drug trafficking Colombia Plan , representing indeed a foothold of the superpower in the region, though.

All in all, this region represents the South American hot point, currently the major political-strategic and geopolitical friction, and this topic is surely a priority on the agenda of multilateral mutual consultation entities in the region. The second priority is the Amazon, considered the major national strategic vulnerability in the country.

The third one is the South Atlantic or the Blue Amazon , the newest Brazilian jurisdictional territory 4. In fact, with its more than five million square kilometers, the most important river basin in the world and the biggest tropical biodiversity of the planet, as well as its over eight thousand kilometers of boundaries, in itself would deserve a strategy qualitative by any state of the international community. At the height of the military regime, as previously mentioned, the geopolitics for this region materialized mainly by means of the so-called National Integration Plan On the one hand, this strategy of occupation especially for the national sovereignty defense, crystallized in practice ideas expressed by the old military geopolitics, as previously mentioned, and on the other hand, inspired critical studies of the new geopolitics developed in the country as from mid s.

The Amazon Ecological-Economic Zoning Program, which fostered a great deal of research on the physical-biotic and social-economic aspects of the region, in addition to subsidize policies focusing the regional and environmental planning in the scope of the nine Amazonian states is worthy of praise. On the one hand, there is a mix of various perceptions and scientific research results becoming stronger throughout the world, and which emphasize the impacts of this ecosystem in the functioning of the planet environment.

On the other hand, there is an ongoing revaluation of natural resources minerals, water resources, bioproducts, etc,. It is a conceptual and analytical attempt to rescue the imperative of Brazilian sovereignty over this region, at the same time that embodies the challenges of its decentralized and participatory management, grounded in international cooperation.

It regards the valuation or revaluation of the Brazilian coast, Brazilian jurisdictional waters and, why not say it, the South Atlantic.

2018 Strategic Planning Meeting in Brazil

This new strategic scenario of the country has been designed since mid s by means of application of U. Convention on the Law of the Sea principles, which allowed the country to establish its jurisdictional maritime waters, i.

Strategic Planning Meeting in Brazil

There is also an ongoing increase in oil and gas exploration in the immense offshore deposits of the so-called Pre-Salt fields, some of which are located in the limits of the expanded Brazilian maritime area. Ultimately, what is important to keep in this process is the fact that nowadays the South Atlantic economy and politics have a new scale, move in a different way and this explains why it has become one of the most noticeable areas in the world geopolitics. The conflict was triggered with the invasion of the Islands by Argentinean forces, followed by a British reaction, which dislocated to the theater of operations a powerful task force.

It is located in the Northern portion of the South Atlantic, around two thousand kilometers from Recife and six thousand kilometers from Falkland Islands; since World War II, there is a North American base in operation on the island, as well as a strategic monitoring and electronic surveillance center for civil and military purposes. There is a close partnership between England and the United States that replicates in the South Atlantic the automatic alliance the two countries have kept for at least one century, and nowadays is illustrated by joint military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO and on other military bases operated in consortium, such as their powerful joint naval aviation on Diego Garcia Island, in the Indian Ocean.

According the International Institute of Strategic Studies , this country deployed huge military installation on the island, involving latest generation air and naval forces, such as combat and patrol vessels, bomber and transport aircraft, fighter aircraft, helicopters, and yet not officially admitted, a nuclear submarine patrolling the region. Among these, keeping its sovereignty over Falkland Islands at any cost is especially noteworthy.

They include brands which are quite much at their market peak. Such products hold a huge market share in quite significant share in a quite growing market Oakley , They therefore, need a continued investment in order to enhance their market position and competitive edge.

2018 Strategic Planning Meeting in Brazil

More competitors are entering the market with continuous innovation and new competitive strategies Oakley , Continued investment in TESS, a patented innovation that employed natural essence from freshly collected leaves has facilitated the universal re-launch of Lipton Yellow Label fueling a 5. These include products that have high market share but low growth in the market. They need little investment in order to generate more revenues.

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Mar 6, Emerging Market Entry - A strategic Analysis of Brazil - Amazon. 1. Fernando Bez , Lisa O'BrienDavid Broderick & Michael de Korte; 2. May 2, played a monopolistic role in Brazil until when the government decided . Analysis of Petrobras Strategy Using the Strategic Lenses.

These are the most significant brands of Unilever. They allow for the profits to be ventured into the raising stars. Its investment has been greatly restricted to advertising Oakley , There include products with low market shares but increased market growth. They are relatively young brands which will be tomorrows raising star. These include brands like T2, a fast advancing Unilever brand in Australia.

These are brands with low market growth and share. They are dead-end products and offer no significant future profits to the company. They waste resources by being in the market.

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Unilever has been subject to global, and regional regulations. Such cover wide areas including safety of products, copyrights, patents product claims, workers health and safety, the environment, and corporate governance Brand Finance, These markets have been more volatile than those in developed economies.

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JBS was a world-leading beef producer and exporter, and employed over , people globally. Opportunities - The Brazil economy is experiencing a rapid growth. This also makes the official statistics relative or doubtful, as some very high income people can create certain bias. Bottling companies, which dominate the link in packaging and retail distribution, are multinational beverage companies;. The study also contributes to a better understanding of the system and can be a tool to assist in decision-making. The method has been applied several times in other agro-industrial systems such as wheat, milk, sugar cane, meat and cotton. Table of Contents: 1.

Supply chain agility, adaptability and alignment : Empirical evidence from the Indian auto components industry. Competence and resource architectures. Winning the competition for supplier resources : The role of preferential resource allocation from suppliers. The most cited papers from this title published in the last 3 years.

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