The Chrisitan Journey, Part Two

Basics in your Christian Journey – Part 3
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He goes out of his way to make sure that those people are doing okay. Jesus says that a pastor is someone who loves his sheep so much he's willing to lay down his life for them.

God's Design for Your Life

Well, I obviously made it six years as a Marine. I always assumed before I became a Christian that churches just don't like gay people, and I know that happens sometimes, but for the overwhelming majority of congregations, it all comes down to one question. No response. In it, the protagonist Mr. After his father was murdered, Adolph spent years searching for meaning in life, which he eventually found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I've cast Wiccan spells.

And that's what Mr. Great Heart seems to be. Honest in an attack against Giant Despair and Diffidence.

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With that sense of purpose, they brazenly knock on the castle door. Now, Giant Despair, because he was a giant, thought no man could overcome him; and again thought he, "Since heretofore I have made a conquest of angels, shall Great-heart make me afraid? He had a cap of steel upon his head, a breastplate of fire girded to him, and he came out in iron shoes, with a great club in his hand.

Then these six men made up to him, and beset him behind. They help set their people free through faithful preaching, teaching, shepherding, and pastoral guidance, like Mr. Great Heart. He equips their group to go on the offensive, just as we often must do in the Christian walk.

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And he cares not only for her family, but for others around them as well, as we see in Great Heart bringing Old Mr. Honest along in the battle. When Diffidence, the giantess, came up to help him, old Mr. Honest cut her down at one blow. Then they fought for their lives, and Giant Despair was brought down to the ground, but was very loath to die. He struggled hard, and had, as they say, as many lives as a cat; but Great-heart was his death, for he left him not till he had severed his head from his shoulders.

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At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Internet URLs are the best. Holy Week—what a time to learn about the Church and to experience it even more intensely! But I did attend the glorious Pascha service at 1 A. Sunday morning. I knew where home was and I wanted every glimpse of it that I could. The school year ended and I followed my job to Alaska where I started attending St. I became a catechumen there and began the process of preparation for coming into the Church.

I was finally home. I basked in the glory of God and the safe haven I had found in the Orthodox Church.

Kyle Dake: The Journey Part II

Now I have been an Orthodox Christian for almost four years. Life has changed a lot.

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I met the love of my life in the very church in which I was Chrismated and now have been married for over two years. I have been reflecting on my journey so far and on how I got here because it is so clear that my life would not be the same today had I never found the Church.

I have been asked many times by both those who were in my life before my conversion and from many that I have met in recent years, why did you become Orthodox? What led you there? Are you Greek? When I explain to them that I was Lutheran, then Evangelical, then nothing, and finally Orthodox, they find it very interesting, especially because of my age. But I believe that the Orthodox Church is precisely what my generation is yearning for.

My arrival at a Relativist viewpoint in college is not uncommon among my peers.

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With this Christian understanding, is it no surprise that the youth are hemorrhaging from the Christian churches in the United States? Is it no surprise that non-Christian faiths, philosophies, and spiritualties are drawing them in due to their promise of spiritual growth, historical foundation, and existential purpose? Is it no surprise that so many young adults are vastly materialistic and worldly in their viewpoints, seeing faith as pointless or even a weight holding down progress?

The average Millennial and all of us for that matter is searching for this depth in one form or another in our modern spiritual wasteland. I look back at these last four years and I see myself on a ship in the midst of the tempest. I have had a joy that I cannot rightly express in words and the sense that I am coming to love and know God in a way that I never knew existed before.

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Not everything has been easy—in fact I would say nothing has been easy. Christ promised us the way of the Cross, not the way of ease and prosperity.

Understanding and tackling the difficulties of life through the lens of the Body of Christ, the Orthodox Church, has allowed me to find joy even in the most depressing and dire of circumstances. More than anything, it has brought my life meaning through Jesus that I never expected to find before.

Read this story from the beginning. Click here to see all the presentations. I was raised Roman Catholic catholic grammer, high, and college. When I walked into an Orthodox Church, I was home. It hit me like a ton of bricks. What Orthodoxy teaches is that Christianity is a way of life in all areas, not just on Sunday Morning.

Yes, yes, yes! Thank-you, Adam, for your telling, not only the what, but how you said it, like you were reading the transcript of my epiphany of the Bride of Christ.