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There is no long and heated argument as there had been between Jesus and the Pharisees see I Am the Light of the World.

A well known professor educated Paul in Jerusalem

Why not? Saul recognized both his sins and the Lordship of Jesus. The "light that shone around him" Acts wasn't ordinary light.

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It was "from heaven" Acts and had supernatural power that had knocked him to the ground. He now knew that Jesus is who the Christians have been saying He is, and that he - Saul - had been committing murder. The goading of his conscience when he imprisoned and killed Christians had been for a reason.

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How does this differ from the exchange Jesus has with sinners today? There aren't 'small' sinners and 'great' sinners, but just sinners. If we admit our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord, the discussion is short.

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The conversion of Paul the Apostle, was, according to the New Testament, an event in the life of .. In science fiction, the book Road to Damascus is based on a sudden political conversion of a self-aware tank, Unit SOL, "Sonny," a Mark. The Road to Damascus may refer to: Conversion of Paul the Apostle, an event in the Christian Bible; "The Road To Damascus", an episode of Carnivàle.

It's only when we try to deny our sins or the Lordship of Jesus that the discussion and the goading drags on. It is hard for you to kick against the goads. If you have questions, comments, corrections or suggestions for this page, please click here. To share this page with others, please link to it from your social media profile, blog or website.

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These are the two questions that all men must ask. The answers to these two questions are the ground upon which the Christian life is built. Saul learned the answers to those questions on that particular day on the Damascus Road. When Jesus reveals Himself to us, we also learn the answers to those questions in our spiritual experience. There was converting grace on the Damascus Road, but there was also calling grace.

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On the authority of the most important priest, I put many Christians in prison. Saul certainly could have obtained letters, but the political situation in Damascus and the relationship of the high priest to the political authorities in Damascus and the synagogues there is not clear. Perhaps he paid money for this, which would have been very expensive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is also a viewpoint within which Paul would have been unable to recognize his own mission or message, purpose or intention. The second error is to forget that true Christian belief is not rules and regulations, but a relationship to Christ.

Not only does God redeem the worst of sinners, His grace can make them instantly useful in His kingdom. This usefulness would not come without suffering. We know how much the great Apostle Paul did ultimately suffer for the name of Christ v.

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Many years after his conversion and calling, the Apostle Paul would reflect on his former life and see in it the purposes of God for the salvation of others. Acts , Galatians , 2 Corinthians I like to remind the members of our church that three of the foremost authors of Scripture were murders: Moses, David, and Paul. This is the same grace we, too, rely upon.

Written By Nick Batzig.

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