Angewandte Statistik: Eine Einführung für Biologen und Mediziner (German Edition)

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The painted landscape of Chonji The Heaven Lake is visible on two banners hanging in the library. The area and the mountain are known for two reasons: a base for guerilla battles against the Japanese, who occupied the Korean peninsula for decades, and Koreans consider Paekdu as one of the three sacred mountains and a place of their ancestral origin. The two documents embody the historical friendship pact between the DPRK and the GDR a pact that also included China that resulted in a long-term relationship and cultural exchange between East Germany and North Korea.

This friendship made it eventually possible to open a German library and information centre in Pyongyang. The letters prove a deep wish from the side of the North Koreans for unification without American influence. The Goethe-Institut has institutions across the world promoting German language and culture, funded by the Federal Republic of Germany.

These familiar objects offer an alternative means of mapping the ubiquity and lingering imperial implications of national cultural institutes in a globalised terrain. The business cards show the person Johann Wolfgang von Goethe embodied: a poet, a politician, a scientist, a playwright and a novelist. The exhibition, financed by the mayoralty of West Berlin, opened several months before the unification of the city and Germany. In , twenty-nine years earlier, along the border with West Berlin, the GDR East Germany had carved out a heavily patrolled barren stretch of land, delineated by un-scalable walls, electrified fences and minefields.

A watchtower near the Heinrich-Heine checkpoint was chosen for the project. Two inscriptions, in bronze letters, were mounted on opposite sides of the watchtower.

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They were quotes by famous people that had been used in a series of advertisements by Daimler Benz. A few months before the exhibition, Daimler Benz bought a large piece of empty land at Potsdamer Platz, a site near the wall that had been the old center of Berlin and was expected to become its hub again.

The City of Berlin sold the tract to Daimler Benz before an urban plan for the newly opened areas had been developed. The company paid one-tenth of the estimated market price.

Biostatistik Eine Einführung für Biologen und Mediziner German Edition

Its chairman and its president were both members of the SS. Like other companies during the war, Daimler Benz relied extensively on forced labour. The company prospered again after the war. It is the largest enterprise in Germany and is also the largest producer of war materiel.

Daimler Benz has been a conspicuous sponsor of art exhibitions. In , it commissioned Andy Warhol to make a series of paintings of its cars from the beginning up to the s. They were exhibited posthumously in at the Guggenheim Museum — sponsored by Mercedes. In the German library there are books present on German culture, history, philosophy, science, German foreign relations policy, the Cold War and WWII, as well as literature and music scores.

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Angewandte Statistik: Eine Einführung für Biologen und Mediziner (German) Paperback – 6 Aug by Werner Timischl Kindle Edition £ Read with . Angewandte Statistik: Eine Einführung für Biologen und Mediziner. Edition/ Format: eBook: Document: German: 3. Aufl. View all editions and formats.

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