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So, the protons are accelerated in this huge tunnel. You put 24 zeroes and 1 there second. Pongan 24 ceros y un 1. Il n'y poussait que des lavandes sauvages. Je n'avais plus d'eau depuis la veille et il me fallait en trouver. Il me fallut lever le camp. Il me sembla apercevoir dans le lointain une petite silhouette noire, debout. Je la pris pour le tronc d'un arbre solitaire.

A tout hasard, je me dirigeai vers elle. Cet homme parlait peu. Le vent qui le frappait faisait sur les tuiles le bruit de la mer sur les plages. Les femmes mijotent des rancoeurs. Je fumais ma pipe. Je me proposai pour l'aider. Ce fut toute notre conversation. Je lui demandai le lendemain la permission de me reposer tout le jour chez lui. Il faisait ainsi un trou dans lequel il mettait un gland, puis il rebouchait le trou. Je lui demandai si la terre lui appartenait.

Il ne savait pas. Depuis trois ans il plantait des arbres dans cette solitude. Il avait visiblement plus de cinquante ans. Cinquante-cinq, me dit-il. Il avait perdu son fils unique, puis sa femme. Cependant, je commis une faute. Le vent aussi dispersait certaines graines. Ils moururent tous. Il connaissait la valeur des choses. Il sut rester silencieux. Je me demandais combien d'hectares il allait encore couvrir d'arbres.

Il n'insista pas. L'oeuvre ne courut un risque grave que pendant la guerre de On l'abandonna. Le berger n'avait rien vu. Il avait alors quatre-vingt-sept ans. Tuve que levantar el campamento. Era un pastor. El viento golpeaba las tejas con un sonido como el del mar sobre la playa. Son lugares donde la vida es precaria. Las mujeres cocinan a fuego lento sus rencores. El viento igualmente incansable irrita los nervios. Yo fumaba mi pipa. Estaba plantando robles. Cincuenta y cinco, me dijo. Pero no estaba muerto, sino muy vivo y lleno de vitalidad.

Eran tiernos como adolescentes y muy decididos. Nunca lo vi flaquear ni dudar. Todos murieron. Este funcionario le dio la orden de no encender fogatas al aire libre, no fuese a provocar un incendio que pusiese en peligro a este bosque natural. Dividimos nuestra pitanza entre los tres y pasamos varias horas contemplando en silencio el paisaje.

Era un atleta de Dios. A su alrededor, las ortigas devoraban las casas abandonadas. Incluso el aire mismo. En lugar del viento seco y brutal que en otro tiempo me diera la bienvenida, ahora soplaba una suave brisa cargada de aromas. Se han canalizado las aguas. Los pueblos se han ido reconstruyendo poco a poco. Anche in condizioni limite, non ha fatto una piega. E voi potreste dire: E chi se ne frega? Il bagagliaio cresce, di cinque litri con i sedili posteriori alzati da a e di ventiquattro con i sedili posteriori abbassati toccando gli litri. La cucitura che taglia trasversalmente la plancia nel lato passeggero riprende a giorno quelle dei sedili e del tunnel centrale, con la leva del cambio investita della stessa chiave cromatica.

Sotto il display centrale gli elementi circolari del climatizzatore automatico sdoppiato e la leva del cambio. Trazione integrale permanente, con motorizzazioni benzina da 1. In fase di presentazione a Riga, in Lettonia, i concetti sono stati fondamentalmente tre, e sono poi quelli racchiusi nella filosofia XV: Safe, Fun, Tough.

Tradotto: sicura, divertente, tenace. Una esploratrice tenace per lanciarsi in ogni genere di percorso, in ogni genere di situazione, con ogni genere di condizione climatica, in totale sicurezza. It did not put a foot wrong, even when pushed to the limit. You could say, who cares? But my certainty goes beyond feelings or opinions and is based on a set of objective findings. Yet the differences are there on closer inspection: the signature lighting remains important, with full adaptive LED headlights and LED daytime running lights; the small, black grille still stands out against a front compartment that is understated as is the rest of the body, clad in a grey khaki shade designed for the launch; eyesight, the active driving protection system covers various items, but is mainly evident in the system of TV cameras available on the part of the windscreen.

The lines appear more angular when viewed from the side and in general; the tail-light clusters are slightly larger while the car still sports useful side body reinforcements designed above all for off-road driving. The load compartment has grown by 5 litres with the rear seats raised from to and by 24 litres with the rear seats lowered touching litres.

On board, you immediately notice the difference compared to the past model. Although the car cannot yet compete with premium bands, the good first impression marks a tangible step forward compared to the previous model. The seam that cuts sideways across the dashboard on the passenger side reflects the top-stitching on the seats and central tunnel, with the gear lever trimmed in the same colourway. The quality of the plastic in the interior has been improved and although there are still a lot of keys on the steering wheel spokes, they are now organised sensibly.

The same applies to the dashboard, which shows a classic layout with speedometer, rev counter and an on-board computer in front of your eyes. Round automatic climate control system elements and a gearlever can be found beneath the central display. Further back, near the armrest, where a roomy compartment is revealed, you can see the X-Mode activation button, while the anti-collision and lane assistance controls are arranged on the ceiling, near the interior rear view mirror. Permanent all-wheel drive,1.

One jarring note for diesel lovers: no diesel version will go on sale in Italy. Do you still want diesel? In that case you will have to content yourself with the previous model, which will still be on sale. The boxer engine remains an indispensable hallmark of Subaru. The same applies to all-wheel drive, which pushes distribution to a proportion to and is combined with lower roll and greater stability on the XV.

The steering response has also been improved by a fraction of a second, and you can really feel it particularly during sudden manoeuvres.

A tough explorer willing to set off over every kind of terrain in every kind of situation in every kind of weather, in total safety. This means, especially downhill, that the car maintains an automatic speed setting according to brake pedal use so that the driver only needs to control the trajectory using the steering wheel.

With the evolution of technology and the development of commerce come high rise buildings and urban living spaces. With a little bit of creativity and thinking out of the box, tiny homes can be made to look stylish without compromising lifestyle. The biggest issue about small apartment living is the lack of storage space. Ideally this can be solved at the onset while doing the architectural plans so that storage can be incorporated into the design. This is when creativity and ingenuity come to play. Here are ten useful design ideas to make small apartment living look fabulous and purposeful.

Raise your floor and add a platform. Interior Designed by Silvana's Innovative Interior Most modern apartment come with a high ceiling and this will allow you to raise your floor so that you can use the space below as storage. Use the space around your doorway to build extra storage ledges. Ledges from West Elm Adding an eight to ten- inch ledge all around your door or hallway opening will give you enough space to store things like books and small boxes of home supplies.

Build a loft and use the living space below you. Loft Building project by Skeppsholmen The old bunk bed concept was a fabulous one and reinventing it a step further by making it larger is a great way of gaining more living area. Think about putting some drawers around your usual bed space on top or even adding a twelve to sixteen- inch ledge around your bed space which can be used as a work desk area.

The space below can then be used as a living room, dining area or a whole wardrobe closet. Utilize corners and build a desk or extra cabinet. You can build a floor to ceiling cabinet to store long things like brooms and cleaning mops or sports equipment like your golf set or tennis rackets. If you want to make things simpler use the corner to build a small ledge with a drawer to use as a simple work station for your laptop of phone. Build a ledge on top of your sofa to put decorative items, photos frames and art work.

Adding decorative elements can be a problem with the lack of surfaces to put them on, so building a ledge can be the solution. Small vases, memorabilia, photo frames and the like are some things that will go well on a ledge on top of a sofa. Add open shelves on blank walls of your kitchen area. Kitchen Shelves Designed by Liz Kamarul There are often one or two wall spaces in small kitchen with nothing on it that can hold some shelves for you to use a storage space for small plates, mugs and food jars.

With just a few brackets, angle bars and some elbow grease, you could have a pretty functional shelf area. Invest in decorative boxes for extra storage that look great around the house. Investing in decorative boxes or pretty basket to store all the small stuff and placing these beside furniture or arranging them in a row along one side of your apartment will make your space look spic and span. Use multi- functional furniture. A good example is using a desk with drawers as a dining table so you can store placemats and cutlery underneath it.

Sofa beds are great examples of multi- functional furniture. A rather brilliant invention, there are some sofa bed designs that have evolved and are now very stylish and sophisticated. When decorating small spaces, big bulky arm chairs no longer fit. They take up too much floor area, are heavy and can be quite a bore in terms of design. Go for organic shaped pieces that are comfortable like pretty sleek accent chairs or tactile, stylish structured bean bag furniture. Butterfly Sofa in Tundra Spring Stack some vintage suitcases or wooden trunks to create more storage.

Ambient Lounge Twin Couch Sofa in Eco Weave There are a couple of neat looking wooden chests or vintage luggage you can find at flea markets that can be useful to store things like linen, beddings and other personal items. If you think they may be too bulky, think about stacking them to create a vertical looking storage space and minimize the consumption of floor area.

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Marilen has designed and co-ordinated numerous residential and commercial projects in her 10 years of practice in Asia. She is also renowned as a model and TV host in the Philippines. Levante el nivel de su suelo y agregue una plataforma. Aproveche el espacio alrededor de su puerta de entrada para construir repisas de almacenamiento adicionales. Construya un altillo y utilice el espacio debajo de este. Utilice los rincones y construya un escritorio o gabinete adicional.

Puede construir un gabinete hasta el techo para almacenar cosas grandes como escobas y trapeadores o equipos deportivos como palos de golf o raquetas de tenis. Invierta en cajas decorativas para almacenamiento adicional que se ven geniales en diversos puntos de la casa. Utilice muebles multifuncionales. Un buen ejemplo es usar un escritorio con cajones como mesa de comedor para almacenar manteles individuales y cubiertos debajo.

Si le parecen demasiado voluminosos, puede apilarlos para crear un espacio de almacenamiento de aspecto vertical y ocupar una menor superficie del piso. Founded in , Silis grew up very quickly thanks to its fashionable yet accessible designs, inspired from the latest trends. In , the founder Karen was joined by Nathalie. The two ambitious entrepreneurs and fashionistas decided to move Silis up to an international level.

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He took out accident insurance. Man overboard! Book or magazine covers, commercial, promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising, or merchandising purposes in any media e. We lived in the country for many years. This video is part of our Analog Archive.

In April , the official webstore was launched for an easier and more accessible shopping experience to customers; one month later the B2B website was online as well, dedicated to professionals only. Today, Silis collections are available in more than retailers worldwide. Two collections are released per year AW and SS , each made of about pieces. Both forward and in-seson selling methods are used. Estas dos ambiciosas empresarias y expertas en moda decidieron posicionar a Silis en un nivel internacional.

Les milles et une nuits laissent place aux milles et une envie Immerse yourself in our universe of repose and pleasure. For your relaxation, we offer a sauna, steam room1, whirlpool baths, massage area and a cozy bar, all in an oriental setting. For your moments of intimacy, several spaces have been especially designed. Le invitamos a que se sumerja en nuestro universo de descanso y placer. Las mil y una noches dan paso a los mil y un deseos Aquellos que son iniciados en los misterios de lo trascendente tienen prohibido revelarlo a los no iniciados, deben mantener la boca cerrada.

En particular, el desarrollo excesivo de la biomasa del fitoplancton cambia las propiedades del mar hasta el punto de causar restricciones en la pesca y el turismo. En zonas poco profundas, la turbidez aumenta debido a que los desechos se arremolinan. Te va a encantar nuestra sorpresa.

Es broma. No me lo creo. Vamos a verla por dentro. Vamos, Jerry. Voy a tener que sentarme. This means that a larger root system has more capillaries prompting the plant to absorb nutrients more easily. Also Rootbastic increases the resistance of the plant and makes it less susceptible to environmental stress. Il grasso viene quindi distrutto con ultrasuoni di un massimo 3Mhz di frequenza che raggiungono il tessuto adiposo tramite una sonda collegato ad un apparecchio elettronico. Gli ultrasuoni agiscono sulle cellule adipose che liberano il loro contenuto in trigliceridi una volta disintegrate.

In che cosa consiste questa tecnica?

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Successivamente viene iniettata una soluzione fisiologica con degli aghi di mm di lunghezza e si applica un gel conduttore sulla superficie da trattare. Una volta scaduto il tempo il medico estetico rimuove il gel e disinfetta le parti trattate. Se dopo le prime sedute non si notassero risultati, consultare lo specialista e rivalutare il caso. Come ci si comporta in seguito al trattamento? A trattamento concluso, si consigliano ulteriori sedute da svolgere una o due volte al mese durante i mesi successivi.

Gli svantaggi e gli effetti collaterali di questa terapia sono praticamente assenti, possono comparire edemi o ematomi che scompariranno dopo giorni. Ghiandole Parotidi Trattamento Che cosa sono le ghiandole parotidi? Queste ghiandole si occupano della produzione della saliva, insieme alle ghiandole sottolinguali e sottomandibolari.

Quali sono i sintomi del tumore alle ghiandole parotidi? In che cosa consiste il trattamento del tumore della parotide?

Nel caso in cui si trattasse di un tumore benigno, la neoplasia viene asportata. En este punto, se enciende el dispositivo y los ultrasonidos se transmiten en la zona infiltrada con movimientos de la sonda durante el tiempo requerido. Una vez que se ha completado el tratamiento, se recomiendan sesiones adicionales una o dos veces al mes durante los siguientes cuatro a cinco meses. En caso de que fuera un tumor benigno, la neoplasia se elimina.

Spanish to English: Veterinary Translation Source text - Spanish A menudo encuentro Translation - English I often find conflicting conclusions about this puzzling disease but I will keep updating and correcting this summary of FIP as I find more information or new data are made available. First, I will summarise how FIP kills a cat, then I will try to clarify a few misconceptions about the disease.

Feline coronaviruses infect both domestic and wild cats, but are normally non-pathogenic or cause only mild disease. Enteric coronaviruses are usually kept in check by the beneficial gut microflora. If the beneficial and commensal microorganisms that work closely with the immune system in the gut are destroyed, the virus is able to replicate unchecked inside the enterocytes.

Stress is also linked to FIP morbidity. The consensus seems to be that minimising stress and fomenting gut health reduces virus mutation. The cell then spills these virions into the bloodstream where they can infect and destroy other monocytes if they are not neutralised by passing T-cells. In a healthy cat, neutrophils are responsible for phagocytising pathogens and killing them with very potent toxins. This overproduction of neutrophil survival factors contributes to the development of granulomatous lesions typical of dry non-effusive FIP.

When seen with a microscope, these are old, unhealthy neutrophils, different from the immature neutrophils produced when a cat is fighting a bacterial infection; also, both the neutrophils and the macrophages are empty, as they are no longer phagocytising. FIP macrophages are also more spongy than healthy ones. Also, the granules can cause scar tissue chunks called granulomas.

The macrophages typically also stick to blood vessel walls causing vasculitis generally associated with effusive FIP. It is believed that cats that present a limited cell-mediated immune response develop dry FIP, and those cats that fail to mount a cell-mediated response at all will develop wet FIP. Cats present different symptoms depending on where the inflammation is taking place eyes, brain, gut, kidneys, liver, etc. Although it seems that FIPV can occasionally be shed in faeces, this mutated form doesn't seem to be able to infect other cats. Most researchers agree that the mutations take place inside the cat and several pathogenic mutants are possible.

So a cat can be infected with FCoV, but it needs to mutate the virus individually —and have a malfunctioning immune system— in order to get FIP. Also, the modified live virus can get past the cells of the immune system and infect the cat. Most vets agree that vaccination against FIP is not recommended. Another possibility is that antibodies internalise or bind to plasma membrane viral proteins making the infected macrophages invisible to passing thymocytes that could neutralise the infected cells. These molecules called cytokines act as text messages between leukocytes that tell other cells what to do, when to come to a site of infection, when to phagocytise a pathogen, etc.

Human interferon will be seen by the cat's immune system as an antigen and neutralised by antibodies. More research will show if this can indeed benefit terminally ill cats. You can read Dr. Unlike bacteria, they cannot function autonomously and need to make use of a cell's ribosomes to make copies of themselves. Inevitably a number of mutations will arise every so often. This is particularly true in the case of chronic infections that need prolonged drug exposure.

It's possible that the mutants in the MHV model are easily neutralised by the immune system because it has not been suppressed by the virus. The even greater problem is that ploughing through them is more a penance than a pleasure. Weight avoirdupois is, apparently, demanded by publishers as a symbol of the significance of the revelations of their captive politicians, to whom in most cases substantial advance payments have been made, payments which are best recompensed by newspaper serialisation fees. Serialisation demands — if at all possible — scandalisation.

So pomposity and prolixity are regarded as the essential concomitants to pique and peevishness. Some elder statesmen and stateswoman oblige. Labour politicians, apart from such prolix diary writers as Barbara Castle and Tony Benn, estimable persons but lacking in the literary equivalent of sphincter control, have written at less length. George Brown penned a volume named In My Way. Ted Short later to become glamorous as Lord Glenamara issued a brief memoir whose title — unless sold by mistake in certain establishments in Soho — was surely the turn-off of all time: Whip to Wilson.

Whatever happened to Whip to Wilson? It probably never made it to the remainder stalls. They will probably find their way fairly speedily to second-hand counters. There was a time when those relatively few politicians who did write memoirs produced not remainder-stall fodder but literature; when the books they wrote were not a penance to read, but a pleasure. Today, among the welter of self-serving junk memoirs, a few still stand out. Algunos respetados estadistas entre ellos una mujer se muestran dispuestos a colaborar.

Los saetazos de Nigel Lawson contra Margaret Thatcher se publicaron en un volumen de 1. Es probable que nunca llegara a los estantes de libros rebajados. Dabei handelt es sich im Wesentlichen um Korrekturen der Schamlippen z. Sie sollten daher genau hinsehen, ehe Sie sich einem Arzt anvertrauen.

Pero siempre es posible revertir estos signos de envejecimiento, para que pueda sentirse joven y atractiva de nuevo y aceptar sexualmente su propio cuerpo. Las alteraciones de los labios a menudo causan dolor al practicar deportes o durante las relaciones sexuales. Entre un 80 y un 99 por ciento de los casos muestran hiperplasia ensanchamiento de los labios menores en toda su longitud.

Los labios y el prepucio clitorial son una unidad, lo cual debe considerarse durante la labioplastia. Si lo desea le podemos suministrar un sedante. No conduzca el coche usted misma. Por favor, espere seis semanas antes de volver a tener relaciones sexuales.

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Se recomienda no realizar actividades deportivas como correr, montar a caballo o en bicicleta, durante las primeras seis semanas. Tampoco debe ir a una sauna durante dos meses. Lo ideal es que cubran y protejan los labios menores y la entrada a la uretra y a la vagina. En ocasiones, es posible que sea necesario realizar un reajuste posterior. Se recomienda no realizar actividades deportivas como correr, montar a caballo o en bicicleta durante las primeras seis semanas.

No debe ir a una sauna durante dos meses. Los partos vaginales, en particular, a menudo causan un estiramiento excesivo de la vagina que no se puede corregir mediante ejercicios para reforzar la pelvis. Requiere anestesia total y una estancia de una noche en el hospital. Debe esperar seis semanas antes de reanudar las relaciones sexuales. Sin embargo, el parto, los cambios hormonales y el envejecimiento dejan sus marcas.

La sexualidad de los seres humanos influye sobre la psique, el desarrollo personal y la convivencia de la pareja. Un monte de Venus demasiado pronunciado molesta a muchas mujeres debido a que puede notarse debajo de la ropa. Las causas que pueden afectar la capacidad para sentir placer son muy variadas. Es posible ser joven y deseable otra vez y sentir deseo. Desde , muchas mujeres han dado este paso con nosotros. Puede confiar en nosotros. Los precios marcados con un asterisco son precios fijos. Si lo desea, podemos ayudarla a encontrar un hotel apropiado.

Sus riesgos personales solo pueden determinarse mediante un examen previo. Deben pasar unos seis meses entre ambas intervenciones. No existen riesgos ni complicaciones graves asociados a la vaginoplastia. Sin embargo, una parte del tejido adiposo puede ser expulsada del organismo. Es posible que sienta parestesia en la piel durante un tiempo. Entre dos y tres semanas.

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Considere los beneficios y los riesgos. Reserve una cita sin compromiso que incluye el examen previo. Reduzca el consumo de nicotina. Compre bolsas enfriadoras para enfriar la zona operada. Compre una faja panty, si es necesario. A good many of them are anatomically impossible if you haven't been doing Yoga or gymnastics for at least 10 years, while a good many others are just uncomfortable and not particularly good for sexual enjoyment.

But you don't need to know a ja-zillion sex positions Are there sex positions that are better than others for giving a female an orgasm? Are there sex positions that are better for male "staying power"? Are there lovemaking positions that can promote intimacy? Or intercourse positions for "smaller" or "larger men"?

And, of course, are there sex positions that can hit the g spot or the clitoris? Munchkin Warhammer Harry Potter POP! Los Simpsons POP! Limitada 23,95EUR. Limitada 24,95EUR. Disney POP!

Riverdale POP! History Icons POP! Drag Queen POP! Marvel Holiday POP! Marvel POP! Movies POP! Juego de Tronos POP! The Struts POP! Rush POP! Marvel 80th POP! Des encanto POP! Batman's 80th POP!

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