Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation with EFT and Integrated Energy Techniques

Addictions and Substance Abuse: A 5 Stage EFT Recovery program
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I know it can be done. It starts by making peace with yourself in any circumstance. I want to help you find the path to peace within your own heart. My goal is to make personal healing work FUN! The sooner we talk, the sooner I can help you begin to feel better. Contact me for a free consultation. I'm eager to speak with you. Tania Prince Hot. She runs one of the longest established EFT Training schools in the world. She is also a trainer of trainer in EFT. Tania is also the developer of Inner RePatterning a new innovative mindful approach to therapy.

She has appeared on TV and radio shows both in the UK and abroad as well as being a guest speaker at international psychotherapy conferences. After a successful career in show business, Tania switched to working in the field of psychotherapy in She has a successful private practice working from two clinics in Cheshire, England, with an international client base who work with her by phone or in person for one-on-one therapy sessions. Her initial training was in hypnotherapy in which she has an advanced diploma.

She also has a diploma in counseling and has worked in a medical practice for a year. Tania has always sought out techniques that can achieve fast and effective results. She is Sherrie Rice Smith Hot. I'm a general EFT practitioner in the Milwaukee area. I do EFT over the phone, too. Skype is also available.

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Give me a call for a free 15 minute consultation. Let's see what God has in store for you! Victoria Smith Downing Hot. Amy Ryan Rued Hot. Hi and Welcome to my page! I am a life coach and love working with clients using Emotional Freedom Techniques so I can assist them to be their best. A coach since , I bring nearly 25 years of professional experience to my coaching practice in which I combine multiple disciplines of psychology and energy healing.

When we work together, I guide you to recognize what you are truly capable of achieving in your personal and professional life, while you embrace your talents, gifts and what makes you unique. Sessions available by phone, in person or via Skype with clients worldwide.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you! Cory Jacobs. I have both personal and professional experience dealing with both. There are many different types of depression ranging from relatively minor through to very severe. No matter what level of depression you are experiencing, depression is always disabling.

Most commonly individuals suffering from depression feel shame, guilt, anger, intense sadness, loneliness, self-loathing and many other destructive emotions.


Peter recommends Eckhart Tolle's excellent book: The Power of Now which outline some of these techniques. Ysaye Barnwell Ph. Maybe this is a way of conceiving of it that is more accessible to you, the idea that we have a wise, intuitive, loving voice inside us that will guide us and help us when we are willing to get quiet and listen. And I thank you for the wisdom, insight, and tools to help me approach such events. Challenging needle phobia is eliminated Medical Nurse had a fear of taking blood samples EFT for a fear of anesthesia allowed Mara's client to have a lung transplant John was paralyzed with fear over his wife's cancer Elimination of fear of death and loss of two children in 15 minutes EFT helps a 12 year old girl with a dentist fear go from screaming and crying to singing Success with infertility issues and "The Fear of the Fear. Saturday, December

Trauma and PTSD also, if not addressed can lead to depression. Commit to ending your suffering because I promise you, there is another way.

Join us in Baltimore in 2020!

Through a combination of traditional therapy and energy psychology I am able to give you the tools to quickly start healing, achieve growth, meaning and contentment in life. I am available for web based counselling or in person. Wendy Klason. Wendy Frado.

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I've spent significant amounts of time both as an actor and in various jobs in the corporate world. I speak the language of art, and am acquainted with the challenges of building all of the skill sets necessary for climbing the corporate ladder. I understand the pressures and the requirements of both. I love working with others to solve problems and create balanced success, no matter what the industry; in addition to the formal training I've completed in attaining certifications in life coaching, EFT, and neuro-linguistic programming, I've learned a great deal through surmounting some chronic health issues of my own.

EFT has been a life-changing tool for me, and introducing clients to its power and breadth is one of my favorite things! Clients say that what makes me unique includes my non-judgmental acceptance of others, intelligence, creativity, perceptive listening skills, the ability to adjust and reroute on the fly, enthusiasm, a sense of humor and fun, enjoyment of new people and experiences, and a dogged persistence whereby I do not give up on you, ever.

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Neither should you. Let's get together, help you ditch stress and achieve with confidence! Carol Ellen Crenshaw Hot. I look forward to helping you let go of what you no longer want or need and move towards a joyful and fulfilling life. I specialize in weight loss. I have worked with different weight loss approaches for almost 30 years, and EFT works the best! Or you can contact Sue directly on suebeerconsultants gmail. Good question! Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis to bring the mind into a state of relaxation, in which it is more responsive to positive messages given by the therapist.

In this state of relaxation, these messages go straight to your subconscious. It is by addressing your subconscious that hypnotherapy can effect powerful change on patterns of thought and behaviour you might think are set in stone. Can you deliver hypnotherapy effectively via a recording?

The most effective form of hypnotherapy treatment is, of course, by seeing a therapist in person so they can tailor their treatment specifically to what is going on in your own mind. However, in terms of how the hypnotherapy is delivered, it makes no difference whether it is done in person or via a recorded MP3. The two core components of a hypnotherapy session are:.

This is where the skill of the therapist comes into play. This is the difference between an expert hypnotherapist, such as Sue, who can actually effect powerful change in your patterns of thought and behavior and a non-expert just talking fluffily about walking along a beach feeling the waves lapping around your ankles in order to relax you; and. Sue can deliver both of these points just as effectively via an MP3 as she does in person. That may form part of a stage hypnosis act but that has nothing to do with hypnotherapy. There is nothing remotely scary or strange about hypnotherapy.

Please leave us your email address so we can keep you updated on our latest events, promotions and training opportunities. We promise not to bombard you with daily information but will just aim to keep you posted on the really important stuff! Website Design by Karnatarka. Just sit back and let Sue do the rest! Sleep More Easily Hypnotherapy Do you struggle to fall asleep? There are two main benefits of this treatment: 1 Sue has specifically designed it to help you fall asleep by the end of the treatment.

I'm making meditation super easy for you.

While in hypnosis, you achieve an increasingly relaxed state of body with an alert and focused state of subconscious mind. Since the mind, body, and spirit are connected, through imagery and visualization we tap into your 5 senses. Through your senses of touch, taste, hearing, seeing, and feeling you re-connect to your inner powerful self, opening the doors to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and positive change.

Imagery is used for deep relaxation, to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, reach goals, manage pain, and promote overall healing. The relaxed state promotes healing, learning, creativity, and performance. It helps you feel more in control of your emotions and thought processes. Therapeutic Imagery is safe and is often combined with conventional medical treatment to facilitate healing. For individuals with physical illnesses or dis-ease, imagery is used to reduce stress, relax the emotions, reduce and relieve symptoms, lessen pain, stimulate healing responses in the body, provide motivation, and to make positive life changes.

Imagery is also widely used for headaches and to prepare clients for surgery, because it reduces fears and anxiety and offers an increased sense of control. Are you tired of trying to quit, yet find yourself going back to that old habit over and over? Trying to quit smoking can be a real challenge. Smoking is a dangerous and deadly habit because it can cause cancer, increase your risk of heart attacks, stroke, lung disease, bone fractures, cataracts, and other health problems. Smoking and all other addictions are simply a choice. One of the biggest reasons you turn to smoking is not because the cigarettes help you relax, it is simply because while smoking, you are taking deep breaths.

You inhale deeply to take in the cigarette smoke and exhale fully to release it. That process of the deep breathing is actually what is helping you relax. Therefore, stop giving the cigarettes the credit for your relaxation, when you are doing all the work! There are over ingredients in cigarette smoke, most of them poisons.

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Below is a short list of some of the poisons in cigarettes. Hypnotherapy can be the answer! The basic principle of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for a smoking addiction is to bring the unhealthy thoughts to the surface and to replace them with more positive thoughts that encourage you to stop leaning on cigarettes, which are so dangerous to your health. During a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking you are taught the art of self-hypnosis.

This type of therapy typically includes an audio recording of the session. After the first session, many report that they are turned off of the idea, even disgusted of it. Lose Weight and Keep it off Easily and Permanently! How many times have you tried diets, losing some of the weight, only to gain it right back — plus a few more pounds? According to research, diets can cause multiple health issues, including anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and low metabolism. This is because being on a diet involves making sacrifices, such as, not eating the foods you love and being hungry most of the time.

Most people with weight issues are emotional eaters. Because we tend to turn to food during times of unhappiness, hypnotherapy can help you reprogram your subconscious mind, change your attitude towards food, and help you be in control of your eating habits easily and effortlessly. Hypnotherapy can help you change your negative and unwanted habits and, most importantly, address and alleviate the underlying causes that have kept you overweight and unhappy. Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you achieve a permanent healthy eating lifestyle, increase your confidence, look and feel better about yourself, and improve your relationship with others.

Hypnotherapy will help you maintain a high quality of life. Most importantly, it helps you take the frustration, guilt, and deprivation out of weight loss and helps you achieve and maintain your optimum weight naturally, gently, and organically. This program will help you discover your inner power and allow you to feel and look your best for the rest of your life. One of the key benefits of this technique is that you get to heal any emotional and psychological issues from your past that have caused you to begin over eating.

By helping you to overcome these barriers you learn to maintain a permanent healthy weight. Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on treatments to get pregnant? Do you find yourself feeling more stressed, frustrated, and hurt because all has failed? It can double your chance of getting pregnant when used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization IVF. Undergoing hypnotherapy for fertility allows you to lower your blood pressure and increase your immune-system function, both of which are beneficial to help you get pregnant.

Hypnotherapy also helps you balance your hormone levels, in turn increasing the chances of pregnancy. With hypnotherapy we help you release all fears, stress, and anxiety, which in turn increases the odds of your conception and enhances overall health. Since Hypnosis for fertility transforms negative emotions such as fears, frustration, anxiety, and guilt, into relaxation, calmness, peacefulness, and serenity, it provides the tools that enable you to get pregnant easily and effortlessly.

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The researchers credited the success of hypnotherapy to relaxation, which reduced uterine contractions Source found from Our Jerusalem. Stress and anxiety have a direct affect on the immune system and nervous system. It affects millions of people and if it is ignored, it causes heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, headache, cancer and other illnesses. When the body and the mind get overloaded, it is unable to handle stress effectively. Good stress management tools are essential to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Hypnosis is one of the easiest and most effective tools to permanently get rid of stress.

The use of hypnosis, through relaxation techniques, therapeutic imagery, and other hypnotic tools, allows the body and the mind to learn to work together in harmony to achieve a permanent relaxed and balanced state of being. If you are looking to start living a successful, happy, and healthy lifestyle, without stress and medication, hypnosis is right for you! Research shows that individuals who implement meditation and other holistic modalities into their lives look younger, feel younger and thrive.

It is important to be aware that the body, mind, and soul are intertwined and all three energies must work in harmony to maintain overall positive health.

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Because illnesses actually begin in the mind, therapeutic guided meditations are extremely powerful in healing and restoring the balance of the whole person. Kristine works with you in alignment with your own belief system; thereby assuring that every session will be unique, powerful, and healing.

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Spiritual healing is not a religion; therefore, the healing energy from the Divine Source is available to all of us, no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs may be. Through therapeutic guided meditation, achieved in a peaceful, safe, and secure environment, Kristine helps you overcome all your past barriers and blockages and gracefully welcome happiness, joy, love, peace, and profound healing into your mind, body, and spirit. It is important to note that during a healing session, you do not give up your free will.

By achieving peace of mind, you are able to find a deep sense of security, safety, and personal empowerment in your everyday life. With more reliance and trust in the Universe, it becomes easier for you to live without fear or worry of the challenges that life may bring. In addition, as you progress in your healing sessions, you develop a deeper connection with the Divine healing energies and you begin to experience greater degrees of unconditional love in your life.

Being free from judgment toward yourself and others allows you to tremendously increase your self-confidence and sense of self-worth. Thus, you begin to experience less fear and more joy; paving the way to manifesting everything you want and need in your life. Past Life Regression Therapy is the process of taking you to a time and place beyond this lifetime where the original trauma, situation, or issue occurred.

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Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation with EFT and Integrated Energy Techniques - Kindle edition by Sue Beer. Download it once and read it. Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation with EFT and Integrated Energy Techniques eBook: Sue Beer: rapyzure.tk: Kindle Store.

By accessing and bringing these memories to the conscious awareness, you are able to resolve the trauma or issue and release the energy and block that was keeping you stuck. Past Life Regression Therapy is used to resolve the experiences from past lives that are blocking your progress and happiness in the current life.

Our subconscious mind carries forward experiences, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships from prior lives into the current life. Often traumatic experiences such as violence, loss of a loved one or a relationship is left unresolved and in desperate need of healing. Past life traumatic situations can be activated by events in our current life without our conscious awareness.

Because the problem is rooted deep in our subconscious, this may result in additional trauma in our current life, which creates a block that we can not resolve, no matter how much we try. This type of therapy is typically used to overcome issues that are not related to experiences in your current life. It is also used to access your prior life s positive experiences such as strengths, accomplishments, and wisdom to increase your confidence and improve your life in the present.

Past Life Regression Therapy heals psychological and physical trauma such as: headaches, allergies, asthma, ulcers, and arthritis. In some cases it even helps eliminate tumors in the body, caused by cancer. Past Life Regression Therapy is typically used for:. Past Life Regression Therapy is a rapid therapeutic process that brings up core material issues in a single or few sessions, which may otherwise take months or years with traditional therapy.