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Liebesjagd Durch. Love Hunt Through - Lesbian Erotic Movie 2018

Style: sexual , serious , suspenseful , realistic , erotic. Plot: murder , impotence, adultery, couple relations , sexual relations, dealing with death, deadly, couples , investigation, obsession, crimes , sibling relationship Time: 90s , 20th century. Night Eyes Three Duration: 97 min.

Story: A security guard falls for a famous TV actress he is hired to protect while dealing with mobsters who want his hide for some sour business deal.

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A Sex Stories Threesome stories. I believe it is virtually impossible to appreciate your peak sexual experiences fully unless you understand the dynamics of the four cornerstones. He did things like run his finger up my thighs, gently brushing against my pubic hairs, which raised goose bumps across my body. Kindle Nation Daily and its subdomains are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This is a book of surrealistic, metaphysical poems about love; poems of invitation, engagement, ordeal, passion and devotion.

Style: sexual , sexy, erotic , serious , suspenseful Plot: security guard, crimes , romance, dishonesty, strong sexual content, fall in love, deadly, crime , witnessing a crime, love and romance, voyeurism, kidnapping Movie in collections. The Escort Duration: 90 min. Revenge, blackmail and murder follow in this steamy late night thriller. There were several sequels. Style: sexual , serious , suspenseful , realistic , tense. Plot: murder , couples , chaos and mayhem, crimes , femme fatale, deadly, psychopath , vengeance, mental illness, female villain, erotic thriller , unrequited love Also search: Fear similar movies 6.

Sensation Duration: min. Story: Lila a college student discovers a latent ability to see into the past. When a professor hires her for some psychological tests she becomes the target of the killer of the woman she sees in her dreams. Style: sexy, mind bending, psychological, gloomy, sexual Plot: experiment gone awry, dangerous attraction, supernatural, danger , murder , couples , deadly, supernatural ability, crimes , power relations, college, male orgasm Animal Instincts Duration: 95 min.

Story: A cop and his sexually frustrated wife are struggling to keep their failing marriage intact, when by chance he finds that he is at heart a voyeuristic peeping tom. To satisfy him, his wife has numerous affairs, which her husband watches on Style: erotic , sexual , rough , realistic , serious. Plot: cuckold, prostitute, voyeurism, infidelity, erotic thriller , femme fatale, obsession, dishonesty, animal life, couples , power relations, danger Perfect Prey Duration: 99 min.

Story: A former Texas Ranger is recruited by a Houston police captain to assist a homicide detective in the search for an elusive serial killer who collects antique dolls. Style: serious , suspenseful , rough , tense, realistic.

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Plot: serial killer, obsession, criminal psychologist, law enforcement, chases and races, mystery, crime , crimes , police detective, police investigation, murder , psychopath Place: texas, usa. Story: Movie producer Alan Clay wants to make a movie about Dr. Claire Archer and her amazing life story she's been 'forced' to kill two men in self defence.

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Claire falls for Alan, and Alan cannot resist temptation, so now he's hiding Style: sexy, sexual , suspenseful , serious , realistic Plot: crimes , sexual relations, love and romance, dishonesty, strong sexual content, couples , deadly, love affair, betrayal, hollywood, dangerous attraction, filmmaking Place: california.

Tracks of a Killer Country: Canada, USA. Story: Business mogul David Hawkner and his wife are enjoying a quiet vacation by themselves at their isolated retreat.

The serenity is broken when they become the targets of a handsome, crazed killer. Style: exciting, serious , suspenseful , realistic , rough Audience: boys' night. Plot: woman in danger, danger , captivity, psychopath , kidnapping, rescue , uninhibited rivalry, adventure, crimes , rivalry, deadly, chases and races Time: 20th century, 90s.

Place: usa. Also search: Body of Evidence similar movies 4. Dead On Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller. Story: In an erotic update of "Strangers on a Train", airline pilot Ted Beaumont and his lover, Erin Davenport, scheme to rid themselves of their respective spouses. Ted's wife disappears mysteriously and thinking that all is proceeding Style: sexy, sexual , rough , erotic , realistic Plot: murder , dangerous attraction, love and romance, sexual relations, manipulations, femme fatale, power relations, love triangle, infidelity, train, betrayal, crimes Night Eyes Story: A Beverly Hills home-security guard is seduced by a rock star's wife he monitors by video.

Style: rough , sexual , sexy, suspenseful , serious Plot: infidelity, voyeurism, security guard, adultery, rock star, love affair, dishonesty, deadly, obsession, love and romance, strong sexual content, couples Time: 80s, 20th century. Tick Tock Story: Stunning trophy wife Rachel Avery is stuck in a cold, loveless marriage with her millionaire husband, Holden.

So when Holden goes away on a trip, Rachel hooks up with her close friend Carla, and the two hatch a plan to murder Holden and collect on Style: rough , mind bending, sexual , sexy, tense Plot: murder , betrayal, blackmail, sex, dishonesty, deadly, femme fatale, infidelity, legal, law enforcement, power relations, couples Missionary Story: A wife and mother starts an affair with a young missionary Style: realistic , suspenseful , serious. Plot: parents and children, dangerous attraction, couples , danger , single parent, stalking, woman in danger, family relations, crimes , couple relations , sex scene , cheating wife Time: 21st century, contemporary.

Place: florida, usa. Shadow Hours Story: Michael is a recovering addict. Back on the wagon, he's now responsible for a young, beautiful, and pregnant wife. He's working the graveyard shift at a gas station to support his new family, but the job drives him crazy. Then a wealthy Style: serious , disturbing, psychological, realistic , suspenseful Plot: redemption, crimes , life is a bitch, addiction, illegal drugs, pregnancy, murder , drug dealing, danger , dishonesty, drug abuse, nightshift Place: california, usa , los angeles.

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Duration: 86 min. Story: Following the murder of hotel heir Ben Novack Jr. Style: suspenseful , serious , realistic. Plot: murder , crime , couples , deadly, danger , crimes , femme fatale, true crime, woman in underwear, tongue in cheek, husband wife relationship, strip club Time: contemporary, 21st century. Place: usa , miami, florida. Blind Witness Story: Woman is trapped in her home with her husband's killers. Style: rough , psychological, realistic , serious , suspenseful Plot: murder , dealing with death, disability, slasher, woman in danger, stalking, danger , deadly, track down, law enforcement, psychopath , crime Time: 80s.

Friend of the Family 3 Genre: Thriller. Story: Jeff meets up with a woman named Angela with whom he raised hell in high school when he attends his class reunion. She has become obsessed with 'the rush' of being spontaneous and wants someone to play with while she tries new erotic Style: realistic , serious , suspenseful , rough , sexual Plot: sexual abuse , dangerous attraction, sexual relations, adventurer, high school, strong sexual content, couples , danger , reunion, obsession, female nudity , bra Supremacy Story: The story centers on paroled white supremacist who has just killed a cop, and takes a black family hostage.

Within hours of being released from 14 years of solitary confinement in maximum-security Pelican Bay State Prison, Garrett Tully is on the Style: realistic , serious , suspenseful , tense. Plot: mind game, racism, crimes , danger , family in danger , hostages , deadly, society, murder , family relations, confined, husband wife relationship Place: usa , california. Allyson Is Watching I learned, loved and grew up here, in the porn industry, my life and my sexual discovery documented on video, film, photos and print as I did so.

Some of my early movies are lost forever, collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, victims of companies that have gone out of business and new technology. This is a list my movies — from to the present now late — under their original titles.

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You can also find movies I have directed, mainstream appearances, and internet scenes. Makes you tired, right? I am a porn star. I was one of the first three porn girls to launch a website on the internet. I treasure the adventures and memories. I regret nothing. Internet Scenes.