Striving To Be Accepted

Striving to Accept
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So why are we still so itchingly keen to suppress each other so cruelly? I love discussion. Honest communication between us is vital to challenge the stereotypes that keep us all down. We must remember that at the end of our nasty comments are real women, with real insecurities, who experience real hurt at our words. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. I have not directly come out to the other staff. Jim: Being rejected by narrow-minded people because of my sexuality, my internal homophobia which I know not every LGBT person has to deal with, but I do.

Tim: I personally can talk about both. However nowadays, I have an easier time talking about being in recovery than I do about being gay. I was out with my boyfriend recently. We were holding hands and I pulled my hand away when the waiter walked over.

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I am honestly comfortable with who I am. So, the fact that I was in recovery was awesome. Growing up there were these minor things they said. These microaggressions that were said that were spoken.

It was harder for me to come out that it was for me to talk about being in recovery. Part of my using and what kept me using was my fear of coming out. Right now, I am in good place, because I am surrounded by other people in recovery. Although, I have also been yelled at on the street and this is a liberal college town. So, yeah, I worry a little more about that.

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I also tend to compare myself a lot. I just tend to stick with people that are understanding of who I am. However, I know that my professors are very accepting of the issues related to being gay. I am proud of both being a trans woman and in recovery, both are integral to my identity.

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I feel like I am representative of both. I also let people know when they ask me to party that I am in recovery. What these conversations revealed, is that one of the greatest barriers for LGBT members dealing with addiction, is the fear of stigma in the recovery community.

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Because individuals in the LGBT community deal with that stigma elsewhere, it is difficult to imagine finding acceptance in a recovery community whose members are predominantly straight. Still, there are recovery meetings geared toward the LGBT community, which helps to create an LGBT recovery community that at times bypasses the differences between various recovery fellowships.

The LGBT recovery community also allows for people to find a sense of safety, even at major LGBT events where drugs and alcohol are seemingly everywhere. Ultimately, the individuals I spoke to are only a handful of representatives, of a large LGBT recovery community, while much was gained from this discussion, there may be issues that were not revealed. However, I can hope that the discussion continues.

Because, issues visibility is important. The more aware people are of these issues the less stigma there will be for individuals in the LGBT recovery community. Toggle navigation.

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From the ages of was frequently homeless and in drug treatment programs. Michael struggled with Substance Use Disorder. To support his drug habit he burglarized houses and committed robberies. He was arrested at the age of 21 for armed robbery and was sentenced to 10 years in state prison.

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Upon release, Michael became an active member of the recovery community. Michael graduated from Rutgers in May of with highest honors. Michael's brother died after buying heroin laced with Fentanyl and overdosing. This article presents some empirical data for the degree of acceptance of others, feeling of being accepted, and the strive for being accepted among the representatives of helping, pedagogical, administrative and economic occupations, as well as non-qualified workers.

The goals of the study were to reveal the interdependency between these constructs and to be found some significant differences between the representatives of the four groups of occupations. The methods of the first study were W. The results indicated some significant differences in acceptance of others and feeling of being accepted between the non-qualified workers and the representatives of helping, administrative and economic occupations. There were not any significant difference in strive for being accepted between the four occupational groups.

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