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REGRETS by Esther Nelson
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The Internet, via journaling sites, tweets, or comments, allows us to express both the positive and negative emotions we feel on a moment-to-moment basis. Unfortunately, because the internet is more public than a diary, those updates aren't just read by the person who made them.

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Nelson, however, I wish it had happened sooner. Esther's replies left my jaw on the floor. Meg, what a stunning analogy for life, a life so full that it leaves gorgeous splotches at the edge. Those flights had been arranged and paid for by the International Organization for Migration, with the understanding that the family would pay it back. Is this money going to the right place? Women's Life. New fixtures are often much

While you might look back on past posts with calmness and detachment — or maybe a little humor — other people who read them don't have the same distance on the event. Every heated political tract or emotional outburst reads just as passionately heartfelt as it was meant to be when it was written. Its writer has moved on, but its reader hasn't. This leads to a lot of net regret.

And that only increases with time.


The A. Esther Inglis-Arkell. Filed to: psychology Filed to: psychology psychology fading affect bias internet science. Share This Story. Deadspin The Concourse. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. However, we have a plethora of pithy sayings floating about that are used to put a positive spin on what some perceive to be negative occurrences. I have regrets, but perhaps the anecdote that best sums up my sense of regret is a story that has come down to us about the Buddha—the son of a Brahmin priest who became enlightened, eventually finding a way out of suffering.

I am awake. What does it mean to be awake? You have learned nothing through teachings [emphasis mine], and so I think…that nobody finds salvation through teachings. Teachings doctrines cannot give us the needed experience to effectively navigate the world.

Strong, determined, male figure goes off alone to achieve his goals.

Avoiding The Sting of Regret

Of course, as the book progresses, we note that Siddhartha receives much help food, warmth, friendship—even sex along the way in spite of his bravado. Nevertheless, this particular line resonates with my own experience. Waking up entailed understanding the necessity of living my life as though what I thought, felt, and experienced mattered. Many people attempt to follow gurus, sheiks, pastors, and priests, copying the path these people almost always men have taken in order to insure their ultimate salvation.

Selecting a date: a matter of regret and compromises

Again, I cringe here with the metaphor of killing. Categories: Buddhism , General , Women's Voices. Tags: Buddhism , Esther Nelson , Siddhartha. I do agree with you that life is what it is and that it also does no good to wish that the past had been other than it was. Nor as you say, is there any need to justify suffering as belonging to some overall beneficent plan of a good and all-powerful God. Like Like. Thank you Esther.

What happens individually and microscopically has an effect on the collective, macroscopic level. Thank you for your response, Susan. Like Liked by 1 person. To know yourself and respect your own thoughts and ideas takes years of growth and maturity.

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It is not something that happens overnight. At least you recognized the truth of respecting your own ideas and not blindly following what was written down in society as truths for you to follow. I like the Buddhist idea of looking at the moon and not the finger pointing at the moon. It is a lot less violent.

Debate ends when we label views we simply disagree with as ‘hatred’ | Kenan Malik Esther's Regret (Pocket Moral Stories) (): Emma Leslie: Books. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. EMMA BOULTWOOD (–) was born in Esther's Regret - Kindle edition by Emma Leslie. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks , note.

Thanks, Haddon. There are times we need to take a wrong turn, to find our way.

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And creatively, a supposed mistake too can become an inspiration. I remember trying to do an abstract painting with a brush too full of paint, and so I accidentally ran the brush off the canvas, but the result was gorgeous, and so I left the mistake there just as it was, all splotched along the edge. Meg, what a stunning analogy for life, a life so full that it leaves gorgeous splotches at the edge.

Thank you. What else is there in this journey of life. To wish to have been more awake in the past is just another way of being asleep the present moment. It is a way of missing, remaining unconscious to the total grace, newness, innocence of the present. The only time you can ever be awake is now. Right, Jennie. Thank you for commenting. Oh, how I love this essay. Each step I took toward freedom was met with deep fear of punishment. After some time, however, I realized this fear was just a mental habit propped up by conformity. Like Ms. Nelson, however, I wish it had happened sooner.

What a lovely, heart-felt comment, Diane! I love how this post challenges the false optimisim that is popular in much of our culture. I am so grateful for them.

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They have hugely helped me grow and evolve and connect to my own spirituality — to my own spirit. Yes, yes, they are the finger pointing at the moon.

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