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The deep desire and felt-need in ourselves ad our babies, is for the golden rule to be practiced in our own lives.

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Call me silly, but I long for friends and family who love me, who are affectionate to me. I really appreciate having the ones who are closest to me, give me grace and forgive me, for my frequent mess-ups. I appreciate words of encouragement. I long for loyalty. When someone listens to me pour out my heart and comforts me, I feel validated and heard--sympathy means so much to me.

I am blessed by thoughtfulness. Loyalty and steadfastness and a generous friend is such a satisfaction to my soul--I do not deserve such grace but am blessed by it when it comes my way. I have been blessed by friends and my sweet children who do to me what they wish would be done to them--and it makes me want to respond back in kind.

And so this is what I wish for in others--and so this is what I need to give others, and especially those in my home.

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Jesus told his disciples to serve and lay down their lives. He served them meals, He washed their feet, He died for them. He never asked them to do or be what He had not done or been first. If I want my children to honor me and respect me, I must treat them honorably first to show them what honor is. If I want them to work hard, they must see me work hard.

If I want them to have godly character and not complain, they must observe me making the choices to not complain and to not create strife. How can I teach them to be gentle and long-suffering if they do not receive this from me. Of course all of us are selfish and struggle with our own sin and lack of training, which means we will fail often in carrying out these noble displays of love.

But if we understand this principle--that the law and prophets are defined by this rule, it simplifies our choices, our behavior. And the interesting thing is that it reaches and opens hearts. Our home, our relationships, our family will become what we live by, what we practice. So today, if you wish your children would respond to you in love, in gentleness, with grace, with loyalty, with words of life, just do unto them as you would have them do unto you. Be consistent, have integrity, practice maturity--what we sow becomes what we reap in the lives of our precious children and I can say, at this stage in my life, the fruit of such practice is so very sweet.

How very blessed I am by my wonderful, thoughtful, still growing, but loving children. A mystery and miracle took place in my home when God partnered to make my paltry offering of His ways enough to become a blessing. As I wrote yesterday, I do not mean we use no logic and just give into every demand of our baby--that is another extreme.

But, all children have a deep longing to have that security of belonging, being held, being attended to at the point of need. And babies move from total dependence to independence over time. There are many mistakes along the way, days of strife, seasons of battle and lots of fussing. No doubt it is so very challenging, and especially if you are like me and were not trained.

Thank goodness, God is gracious and redeems. I used everything--every philosophy-- on my first one and prayed and sought the Lord, and somehow, in spite of me, she is delightful--though she could have lots of reasons to go to a counselor! Buy now. DK have been releasing excellent cooking books for children for years — we remember having one in the 80s that was dog-eared and totally beloved.

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This incarnation of over 50 step-by-step recipes is just as exciting including pizza muffins, falafel and cheesecake. We defy adults not to learn something new! With over recipes to choose from, this collection will keep any family truly busy — and inspired. From simple tuna salad to more complex steak and finger fries or peach melba lollies, there is guaranteed to be something that any child will want to make and eat.

The recipe format was clear with difficulty level stated at the top. Box outs of ideas for leftovers and equipment explanations mean that young chefs will get a comprehensive culinary education.

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Fans of the Gruffalo will be over the moon with this cookbook dedicated to replicating all the flora and fauna found in the deep dark wood. The beautifully illustrated cover boasting a bounty of fruit and vegetables is seductive enough, but the contents are even better. Aimed at children aged between 6 and 8 years old, these pages will do as much to instil a love of gardening as cooking. Little ones will be guided through the planting and nurturing of vegetables such as peas and carrots, before harvesting them and cooking up a storm.

The first thing to say about this gorgeous book is that it is written by a year-old and the photographs were taken by a year-old. It aims to really teach young people how to cook, rather than just being a collection of recipes. The 20 recipes included are a thoughtful edit of useful and delicious staples.

We must admit to finding the Dijon dressing completely sublime and making it on our own without any children there at all!

With arguably the four most delicious food groups placed front and centre, this collection is the real deal, arriving as a bright boxset: weighty and full of promise. Inside are four brilliantly designed books each one focusing on recipes for a different delicacy: pancakes, pizza, tacos and cookies. The recipes all come with a set of interactive features so that little chefs can experience every aspect of cooking.

Easily the most fun cookery book out there. The cover is gorgeous if a little intimidating to frazzled city-dwelling parents but this sort of barefoot, organic vibe is certainly something to aspire to! This is actually a book geared towards family cooking and eating, with some 70 fun and wholesome vegetarian meals to prepare together.

This works well, we found, especially for younger children who want to see features from the stories brought to life — and then eaten! Cooking goes global in this playful collection of recipes from across the globe. The writing is super playful and engaging, and kids will pack in a whole lot of information about geography, history and other cultures too.

The book is divided into continent sections the opening pages of each offering a visual feast of illustrations spread across a regional map — not to mention a list of little-known facts and figures relating to the culinary habits of the people who live there. What we really loved about this book, aside from the charming illustrations, is how it encourages small children to get curious about the tastes and cooking methods that exist beyond their immediate spheres.

On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Rooney has blown up this past year after her first book, Conversations With Friends , won the Sunday Times Fiction Prize in and was praised by everyone from acclaimed author Zadie Smith to actress Sarah Jessica Parker. In both Conversations and Normal People longlisted for the Man Booker Prize , Rooney deftly intertwines philosophy and Marxist theory with college party scenes and illicit emails, perhaps for the first time fully capturing the nuances and scope of the conversations and behavior of young people.

It doesn't hurt that the stories are packaged in irresistibly Instagrammable covers, the combination of all this launching her reputation from her work's more muted beginnings as a popular essay in The Dublin Review to an emphatic recommendation on Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram Story in a matter of years.

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Related Stories. Normal People was released back in August in the U. From the whimsical Books Are Magic in Brooklyn owned by novelist Emma Straub to the bright and welcoming Dog-Eared Books in San Francisco, booksellers told Refinery29 that patrons have been asking every day about the sophomore novel in eager anticipation of its arrival. When they host their event on Wednesday, McNally Jackson is expecting to fill up their downstairs event space, which has a capacity of around people, and seat overflow in their cafe in front of a livestream.

Books Are Magic, who is holding their event with the author tonight, had to move the event to an entirely different venue in order to accommodate the over people they expect to attend. View this post on Instagram. Unabridged Bookstore in Chicago says they received several pre-orders for the book, and have sold 13 copies already which is "pretty extraordinary for a brand new release," the seller on the phone told me. BookPeople in Austin is also seeing increased interest, telling Refinery29 that of their 20 copies, six have been pre-ordered or put on hold — which, for independent bookstores in , is unfortunately still impressive.

Last week, Ratajkowski Instagrammed and tweeted about Conversations With Friends , saying it was Lena Dunham who introduced her to the novel. Then, just today, Camila Morrone, actress , model — and reported girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio — posted a photo of the novel to her Instagram story. Like Sweetbitter before it, a Sally Rooney book has become the perfect Instagram cool-girl symbol.

Additionally, Normal People is taking over the feeds of actual normal people:. It's worth noting that Rooney would probably hate to hear her books classified as a symbol of an "Instagram cool girl," because it's antithetical to the ethos her books preach. I am sure there are landlords who read it and thought it was a great read.

Am I happy that I have given those people 10 hours of distraction? Not really! But that's the magic of Sally Rooney novels — how they can trojan horse hard politics and leftist theory into an unsuspecting demographic, while at the same time representing a demographic that rarely makes it to the bestseller list. Is it ironic that part of that is through Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, which has recently taken responsibility for both its role in spreading misinformation in the election and its misuse of user data?

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That's a subject for a dinner party in the next Sally Rooney book. Normal People is out now — if you can still get your hands on it. Most of us are skilled in the art of binge-watching TV. But why not give binge-reading a try this summer, when the sun is out and the weather's still warm. Summer is undeniably the season for tearing through books.

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Good Morning Sally, a Book for Baby (Books For Baby 1) - Kindle edition by Angelina Beckham, Mentol, Angie Zambrano. Download it once and read it on your. Good Morning Sally features a Mother, Father and daughter family of octopi. Good Morning Sally: The Dumbo Octopus Book (My Favourite Animals) (Volume 1) Introducing the My Favourite Animals book series, and the Books For Baby.