Legends of the Blackfoot Tribe

Blackfeet Indian Stories
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A wolf, travelling along, came to the pit and saw him, and pitied him. There came also many coyotes, badgers, and kit-foxes. Here is a fallen-in man. Let us dig him out, and we will have him for our brother. They all thought the wolf spoke well, and began to dig. In a little while they had a hole close to the man. Then the wolf who found him said, "Hold on; I want to speak a few words to you.

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They gave him a kidney to eat, and when he was able to walk a little, the big wolves took him to their home. Here there was a very old blind wolf, who had powerful medicine. He cured the man, and made his head and hands look like those of a wolf. The rest of his body was not changed. In those days the people used to make holes in the pis'kun walls and set snares, and when wolves and other animals came to steal meat, they were caught by the neck.

One night the wolves all went down to the pis'kun to steal meat, and when they got close to it, the man-wolf said: "Stand here a little while.

Blackfeet Indian Legends, Myths, and Stories

I will go down and fix the places, so you will not be caught. In the morning the people were surprised to find the meat gone, and their nooses all drawn out. They wondered how it could have been done. For many nights the nooses were drawn and the meat stolen; but once, when the wolves went there to steal, they found only the meat of a scabby bull, and the man-wolf was angry, and cried out: "Bad-you-give-us-o-o-o!

The people heard him, and said: "It is a man-wolf who has done all this.

The Wolf-Man

We will catch him. After dark the wolves came again, and when the man-wolf saw the good food, he ran to it and began eating.

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Then the people all rushed in and caught him with ropes and took him to a lodge. When they got inside to the light of the fire, they knew at once who it was. Then he covered them up with straw. The next morning he took the covering off and told the images to rise and walk, and they did so, following him down to the river. Will we always live? Will there be no end to it? But if it sinks, when they die that will be an end to them.

by George Bird Grinnell

The expedition reports included an attachment by Grinnell, documenting the poaching of buffalo, deer, elk and antelope for hides. None of them will know how it used to be in their father's days unless they read the things which we have told you, and which you are all the time writing down in your books. In , Grinnell was a founding member, with Theodore Roosevelt, of the Boone and Crockett Club, dedicated to the restoration of America's wildlands. Indian Mythology Blackfoot Myths and Legends. People will have to die.

The woman did not like the thought of dying, even for only four days. She picked up a stone. Otherwise they would never feel sorry for each other and there would be no sympathy in the world.

Let it be that way. Let that be the law. We will undo nothing that we have done.

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The child is dead, and it cannot be changed. People will have to die.

MYTHS and LEGENDS of the BLACKFOOT INDIANS: CREATION STORY (Native American Mythology Audi

Instead, the buffalo were hunting them, they said, running after them and killing some people. He went out and cut some service berry shoots and brought them in and peeled the bark off them. He then caught a bird and took some feathers from its wing. After tying these feathers to one of the service berry shoots, he broke a black flint stone into pieces and fastened a sharp flint point to one of the shoot ends and named it an arrow.

Then he took a large piece of wood, shaped it, strung it, and named it a bow. While the people watched, he showed them how to use bows and arrows.

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Do not run from the buffalo. When they run at you, wait until they are close enough and shoot them with arrows. He showed them how to set up poles and fasten the skins on them to make teepees to sleep under.

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One day Old Man told the Siksika that it was time for him to move on north to make more land and more people. There is your land, and it is full of all kinds of animals, and many things grow in this land.

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Let no other people come into this land, or trouble will come to you.