Parenting the Children of Now: Practicing Health, Spirit, and Awareness to Transcent Generations

Politics “Trumps” Health in America
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Touching the Light is a Modality of Healing brought from the Masters — the beings of Light — and interpreted, as well as practiced, by Dr Meg.

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It applies holistically past our current reality and into the realms of all possibilities. The mission of the program is not to fix what may be broken. Instead, it looks to affect changes necessary to relieve the cause of problems, prevent ill health in the future and open possibilities to new and different experiences.

helping you become the parent your kids deserve

Acting as if the children owe us something. I teared up while watching the film, and it was only a few days later that I understood why. Note: Four Directions International has a strong focus on building partnerships between tribal people everywhere in support of economic and social development. And become more successful, and happier. Many front-line healing program staff feel exhausted and overrun with demands on their time. And the paradigm demands obedience from the child and subservience.

In essence, it is an alternative form of healing, one that Meg has perfected over the past 15 years. Touching the Light has proven to be effective, life changing and even miraculous.

Apart from being an author and alternative healer, Dr Meg also hosts the Cosmic Particles — a live internet radio show on the Awakening Zone. She is also a national and international keynote speaker who has conducted lectures worldwide. Dr Meg also takes groups on special journeys all over the world. More than ever, national public health needs public and private sector commitments, renewed investments, and a strong respect for science- and evidence-based outcomes.

Instead, it seems politics trumps health, emboldened by a President and his Cabinet appointees who prioritize the rich over the poor and big business over healthy communities. Among other emerging challenges are 6 key ways that the Trump Administration undermines public health nationally and globally.

President Trump constantly casts doubt on the validity of science and scientific evidence. During his Presidential campaign, he repeated the common myth that childhood vaccines cause autism.

Doctor Shefali on Conscious Parenting

As President, he considered convening a governmental committee to investigate such claims, which scientists determined decades ago were baseless. President Trump cast aside the overwhelming scientific consensus that humans accelerate climate change , withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. He facilitated the dismantling of major initiatives by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA designed to address climate risks , including rolling back dozens of Obama-era environmental protection rules to limit greenhouse gases and promote vehicle fuel economy.

A group of progressive states have formed a compact to uphold the pledges America made in the Paris negotiations. Finding evidence-based interventions to reduce firearm-related injuries and deaths is, however, a core governmental obligation. These mandates get to the heart of health insurance systems, whereby the young subsidize the old, the healthy subsidize the sick, and the rich subsidize the poor. Where cross-subsidies are insufficient, government needs to step in. Yet, the Trump Administration has opposed ACA subsidies for persons who are ineligible for Medicaid but also cannot afford private health coverage.

President Trump would allow bare bones health insurance, absent crucial prevention and curative health services. Empirical evidence shows that work requirements do not lead to good jobs, but are effective at impeding access to needed government services. If the Trump Administration seems committed to one big idea, it is gutting or delaying health regulations developed under former President Obama.

The U. President Trump promised American voters he would appoint Justices to the U. Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. I would justify the punishment because I had lied to the priest about my sins. So there I was, praying like crazy to atone for sins I would not have committed had I not been forced to participate in confessing sins I never had done. Instead of teaching me how to be honest, my religion taught me how to lie even when the situation was supposedly a blessed sacrament!

As we were subtly conditioned to "acceptable" behaviors, slowly and steadily our sense of self became confused and even buried. We learned not to show our feelings because doing so was easier than handling the conflict we might face if we did. We learned early on to defend ourselves by telling little white lies or even bigger ones to those around us. Similarly, we learned to lie to ourselves about how things were going. After all, we wanted to believe that we were good people, achieving all that was expected of us!

Over time, being dishonest with ourselves and others became a habit, and somewhere in all of those little lies we lost touch with who we really were. In every direction of our development we were undermined. Our experience was a constant paradox. We felt damned if we did what we were told and followed the rules because we were not feeling free to be ourselves, and damned if we didn't because our behavior was considered unacceptable.

Naturally, we began to look to our peers to tell us how we fit in, how we were doing, and whether or not we were right or wrong. We began to look externally for approval and validation of most everything we did or said. Some of us would have done nearly anything to feel as if we belonged or to be accepted. But here is the kicker: everyone we asked could only answer us from their frame of reference.

The set of life tools and discernment that they had wasn't exactly that full either.

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So it was like the blind leading the blind. Because of this situation, many of us find ourselves floundering, lost, misdirected, and not knowing who we are or what we want.

Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services.

We strive to please people who developed with similar maps to ours, and the result isn't always a pretty picture. Our children see our behaviors and begin to subconsciously mimic them. Still, we look to others to fill our perceived emptiness, to validate us, or to offer their approval. By perception, we give our power away, thinking that we never had any power anyway.

We have come to see ourselves as alone in the world, separate from everyone and everything. We imagine that the experiences we have couldn't possibly be understood by anyone else. And in our separateness grows our deep and often painful sense of aloneness. From our feelings of isolation come self-defensive behaviors that cause us the very problems we want to avoid, and our situations are compounded with disappointment after disappointment.

The only way to get real is to tell the truth, first to ourselves and then to others. As we close ourselves off, defining our experiences by how deep our pain was or how disappointed we were, wishing and hoping for the excellent experiences we have had to linger longer, we become unsure what we want. We aren't even sure we deserve it because we can't see our value, so we have this deep sense of being unfulfilled. If we don't know how to be happy, how can we teach our children to be happy?

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Parenting the Children of Now: Practicing Health, Spirit, and Awareness to Transcend Generations [Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D.] on *FREE*. Parenting the Children of Now: Practicing Health, Spirit, and Awareness to Transcend Generations (Audible Audio Edition): Meg Blackburn Losey.

We begin to develop a sense that we should be doing something else with our lives or that something greater is just around the corner, but we don't know how to get from here to there. This brings me back to my original questions. Who are you really? Do you know? Do you remember? What do you want in life? The greatest, most powerful words that anyone can ever say about their life are "I accept. If you really want things to change, accept you unconditionally. Whoever you are, whatever that looks like—just accept you as you. No strings, no pretenses, no preconceptions, no judgment.

Just be willing to experience yourself undiluted by everyone else's opinions. Of course, you can't just think it and make it so. Self-acceptance is a way of life. It is about staying true to you , no matter what. The truth is that in every given moment we have lived, we have done the best that we could. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn, change, grow—or not.

The first step to realizing who we are is to stop the untruths we tell ourselves as well as others. Untruths begin when, based upon our experiences and interactions with others, we are uncomfortable inside of ourselves. Our body signals to us that we are in a danger zone, and we react. Unfortunately, perhaps we haven't yet found the courage to state our truth in the moment, and we want everything to be easy with others.

How Do You Deal With Unconscious People?

So we react often at our own expense. Mentally we begin to toss things around in our brains like a washing machine on a spin cycle. The information never resolves because it is moving in a repetitive circle. Ultimately our brain will make leaps and assumptions in order to find some sort of logic in our experiences.

And that logic is often far from the truth. We don't realize that mentality or cyclic thinking will never, ever, lead us to truth. Mental resolution is only an illusion to satisfy the ego.