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My beginning students always start with a song that they love. As soon as those songs are internalized the application of scales will become a necessity, but will never take precedent over rhythm and feel.

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This is the definitive work on consummate piano teaching. Lessons in Bach, Complete: Schirmer Library of Classics Volume For the Piano . I recommend it to any piano teacher who is looking for a good reference book and guide. The Art of Teaching Piano: The Classic Guide and Reference Book for All Piano As well as exploring every possible technical aspect of teaching piano, the.

Are you ready to start your adventure into the world of piano? Hey there — I am so glad that you want to study piano! A little bit about me: I am a graduate of the world-renowned jazz program at the Jacobs School of Music and have been teaching for 8 years. I have experience with many styles and genres and have been fortunate to play with artists from over 20 countries. A little bit about my piano methods: For beginner piano students, I start with exploring the "anatomy" of the keyboard so we can delve right away into learning simple arrangements of your favorite songs. Pick any song you like, and I'll work with you to learn it by ear!

Over time, I will teach you more technical exercises, scales, and ways to start reading music. I can also be an ally for intermediate students who wish to delve into learning harder pieces by ear or by Learn More. For the best experience, we typically recommend minute piano lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes.

Curious how much piano lessons cost in your area? Do a quick search to get local prices for the best piano teachers near Chicago. Have you always wanted to play the piano? Intro to the Piano: Learn about the parts of the piano and how to find the all-important Middle C. Learn about the treble and bass clefs, and tips for remembering the notes on the piano.

Do you want to learn some new romantic piano love songs? Below, piano teacher Liz T. Are you looking to add a few piano love songs to your existing repertoire? Below, I've rounded up some of my favorite piano love songs from a variety of styles. Try learning thes …. Warmest greetings to you from Chicago where the weather can be very cold, but the music scene will always be hot!

My name is Daniel K. My favorite pursuit is rock music, but all styles of music are readily heard throughout the area, and I am happy to sit in on a jazz ensemble, Latin group, blues band, or accompany a classic music performer. There are several of these venues that promote this approach to piano performance that have become popular. Sometimes an unknown player displays their talents across from a famous artist, and it can be very inspiring to hear. Opportunity is almost infinite. Billy Joel and Elton John split the bill and performed two really awesome outdoor concerts at Wrigley Field recently.

It was a wonderful musical experience beyond words to hear the piano resounding from the friendly confines of the ball park throughout Lakeview. I could hear it from my front porch! Dave Matthews was also at the ball park a few months ago, and many other famous musicians performed at the summer street festivals which seem to occur all over Chicago. The Spin Doctors played on Lincoln Avenue only steps from my door! I fell in love with the Psychedelic Furs all over again when they played the House of Blues, which they seem to do almost every year.

They also did a great show at Lincoln Park Zoo, and even the animals seemed to appreciate that. One can never tell if they will run into The Rolling Stones in some blues club, as they come here to get new ideas from the incredible blues artists Chicago is known for. I once ran into Robert Plant who was enjoying a free concert in Grant Park.

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I had the opportunity to catch Passion Pit at the Petrillo Shell last summer, and was amazed at the high energy keyboard sounds they implement into their music. There are also many behind the scenes music opportunities for up and coming artists in the theatre field, such as Brier Street Theatre where Blue Man Group performs regularly, or as a pit performer in shows such as Wicked. Sometimes I enjoy just being a listener, as the quality of music here is unsurpassed anywhere.

Perhaps it is the tried and true music of yesteryear, or the newest cutting edge development of fresh talent, but one may seek out their musical desires, and possibly discover something they would have never realized without exposure to the vibrant, robust music scene in Chicago. There are endless performance opportunities on any given night in the clubs that feature open mic nights. I use these venues to showcase the talents and accomplishments of my Chicago piano students. It begins as a dreamy idea for a new student, but is soon realized with dramatically inspiring results.

There are even opportunities for the younger students at shows for all ages at places like the Hideout, which can host world famous artists on one day and teenage girl bands on the next day. It is quite rewarding for me to work with the Chicago piano students I have been fortunate enough to teach. I am happy to share my extensive experience with all of them, and take great pleasure in the accomplishments I witness, such as a seven year old girl that can play music that she reads or an eight year old boy that writes his own love songs with his electric guitar and voice.

These two students may have a hit song before they finish high school! Even the radio stations are the best in the world here. My favorite station, WXRT, features local performances of new, unsigned artists every Thursday night. Our Chicago teachers are ready to get you started. Find your teacher today! Browse Piano Teachers. Featured On.

Simple Our online tools make booking, managing your schedule and paying for lessons easy and hassle-free. Secure Easily search and compare teachers in your area, including past student reviews and background checks. Guaranteed If you're not completely satisfied, we'll help you find a new teacher or refund any unused lesson credits.


Our teachers have taught 2 , 8 5 5 , 6 8 8. Park Forest, IL. About Arnell I've always loved to sing from my earliest remembrance along with a love for the piano and a desire to play. I performed with a group called The Madrigals as a 'high soprano' during those years. I further attended Wheaton College, attained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music. I was educated musically through Wheaton's Conservatory of Music. I studied piano, voice, theory, music history, music appreciation,and sight singing to name a few.

I auditioned, performed, and traveled with the Women's Glee Club. Since then, I served as the worship leader in church setting. I was responsible for music selection, accompaniment, and vocal coaching for our worship team. I've also worked as a facilitator in an after school program. There, I worked with students on an individual as well as group basis. I led a youth choir that traveled and performed for local nursing home residents. Throughout the years I've had may opportunities to work with students one-on-one in piano and vocal instruction and performance.

Overall, I am very passionate about music. Whether its listening, singing, playing or helping someone develop or grow in their talent, I simply love it! Now, I'd be honored to work with you. I am comfortable working with beginners to intermediate in both piano and voice, ages 5 and up. As partners, this is a dual effort. I will expect you to give your best effort consistently to get there one step at a time. I enjoy laughter and believe it is a healthy response even when things are difficult. In piano, I can help you learn the basics of playing such as note recognition, scales, chord formation, ear development and form a foundation that you can build upon progressively.

In voice, I can help you develop good breathing, posture, tone, diction and expression. I am excited to work with whatever singing style that interests you most. Opera is my only exception at this point. I offer training in classical music to use as a foundation for any other genre of music that interests you. In general, I prefer to use well-balanced methods that incorporate theory along with the mechanics of learning. I believe in using tools, games,or aids that make learning fun, especially for the young beginner.

The method used will depend upon the goals and needs of the student. No pets. Parking in driveway or on street. I expect my student to provide a lesson notebook, and equipment, piano, microphone, amplifier as required. View Details. View Profile. Arnell B. Park Forest, IL Chicago, IL. About Jesus Jesus Garcia has more than 20 years experience teaching piano and 10 years teaching the Suzuki piano method, with dozens of his students playing successfully in recitals, competitions, and auditions around the Chicago area.

Ludmila Lazard were his advisers and professors. In addition, during his program at Roosevelt University, Jesus took a course aimed at developing figure base and harpsichord performance with Dr. David Schrader. In he was certified piano Suzuki teacher by the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

He often performs in Cultural Festivals in Mexico and United States and has performed with major orchestras as a soloist and as accompanist. All his piano students are active as performers. Jesus always encourages them to perform in public, looking for piano festivals, competitions, recitals, auditions and any opportunities where they can showcase their talent. His students have been accepted in pre-college music schools in Chicago. I always look for a rich tone production when playing each key of the keyboard in order to create a beautiful musical discourse throughout the piano piece.

When the student is from 3 to 6 years old I use the Suzuki method. When the student is older than 6 I combine the traditional and Suzuki method having great results with the student's performances. My Philosophy: All my students learn to play piano in an artistry, confident, and joyful way.

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Parents can sit in on lessons. But I also expect my students to buy their own books and have their own instrument. I can teach the Suzuki method too. I specialize in Classical music, but I can also teach pop music for piano. Jesus G. Chicago, IL Since then, Caleb has picked up a variety of regular gigs across a wide spectrum of styles, genres, and types of events. Caleb al so regularly lends his solo talents to wedding parties and church services, and is one-fourth of the Chicago for-hire horn section Revolution Horns.

Caleb has been teaching privately in the Chicago area for 8 years now and is eager to teach students with any amount of experience, especially those who are eager to approach music from a variety of perspectives. This is done in a patient and positive environment, filled with the best possible music making to serve as a model to aspire to.

With small, attainable goals and encouragement to practice at least a small amount on a daily basis, you cannot help of improve, and hopefully have a good time playing whatever music interests you while doing so.

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The journey is a bit different for everyone, but anyone can make a beautiful sound, and go from there! Technique has it's place, but is certainly not the whole story. Learning music that is fun, while at the same time learning to get better at your instrument, makes the overall process enjoyable and rewarding. Once you have the right tools, music is something that can be fulfilling for the rest of your life, especially when you learn to do it in a fun and healthy way. Caleb M. About Wendy I am a professional singer, songwriter and actor working in the Chicago area for many years.

I have a B. I've been teaching private vocal instruction since I host the Singer's Salon in Chicago, a unique and supportive venue for singer's to become more comfortable performing before an audience. I also instruct workshops for vocal technique and performance.

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Within the past year I have re-energized my theater and cabaret career, appearing at Davenport's Cabaret, in a new solo show, as well as productions at Big Noise Theater and Stage I also have an art song project consisting of original material with composer Jaroslaw Golembiowski. I have recently completed training in Somatic Voicework, The LoVetri Method, which has enriched my understanding of the mechanics and health of the voice, as well as applications of technique to CCM or contemporary musical styles of singing.

I have spent many years developing my own style of singing and instruction. I draw on my experiences and training not only in music, but theater and movement, Linklater, Alexander Technique, Grotowski to create a well rounded approach to singing and performing. As an instructor, I am most interested in helping students find their true voice and artistic style.

I teach students to find expression through and with a foundation of technique, rather then in spite of it. My style is nurturing, yet disciplined, and sprinkled liberally with good-natured humor. My band performs an eclectic mix of originals and covers in the roots rock genre, and I write music as well. I have many years of experience in the theater as an actress, and I coach acting technique and performance. I have a workshop that specializes in helping people learn to perform better in front of an audience, and I host the Singer's Salon in Chicago, which is a supportive opportunity to perform regularly!

I also coach bands, to improve their vocals, harmonies, etc. Wendy P. Plainfield, IL. About Sarah Classically trained pianist and singer. When it comes to piano, I have over 20 years of training under my belt. Majority of my experience deals with classical and accompaniment but have also studied jazz and contemporary. In the way of singing, I am a classically trained singer who majored in Opera Performance in college. I have plenty of performance experience from being on the stage in operas and musical to performing with choirs and solo recitals.

In voice lessons a student can choose to specialize in opera or if they were to take standard voice lessons, they could expect a wide variety of music focusing on multiple languages and genres including musical theater. With every musician, Music Theory is crucial. All students will learn the basics of reading music and those who choose, can go beyond to learn the structure of music a nd why music is the way it is with Music Theory lessons.

I am qualified to teach all levels of piano, opera, and voice. I take a real hands on, active approach to teaching, going beyond just the lesson books. I am also able to offer tutoring services. I have been tutoring since high school. In high school as part of the National Honors Society, we were asked to tutor once a week and it continued into college when I decided to double major in Psychology taking an interest in adolescence psychology. My strong suits and reading and math but I am more than happy to help in any subject.

I do have dogs in the house so please be advised if you have allergies. I expect the students to do their work and practice and as long as they are showing progress, we can continue with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I am patient with my students, and do my best to develop teaching methods unique to each student to give the best experience and set them up for the highest level of success. I don't push students to perfection but rather assist them in reaching their personal best.

As long as they are having fun and learning, I know I am doing my job. The most common memorization technique is muscle memory. However reliance on muscle memory alone can hinder students if they have not made the cognitive connection between every note they play, and leaves room for lots of memory slips.

To have a strong foundation of memorization, students should be able to visualize everything that they play, and be able to start from any passage. Effective memorization results from the "combination of visual, kinaesthetic, aural and analytical skills". Well-known keyboard works written with special attention for pedagogical purposes in mind include: [4] [13].

The teaching of piano playing most often take place in the form of weekly private lessons, in which a student and a teacher have one-on-one meetings. Instructions may sometimes be offered semi-privately one teacher meeting with a small group of two or more students or in classes of larger groups, in other intervals of time. Piano lessons are offered in a variety of different settings, including the following: [3].

Bryanskaya, Faina Gerig, Reginald 2nd Ed. Famous Pianists and their Technique. Indiana University Press. Magrath, Jane Alfred Publishing Co. Riley, Peter Jason Limelight Editions: New York. Vicente Scaramuzza. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Piano Teacher disambiguation.

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