The Little Book of Divorce

Best children's books to help talk about divorce and separation
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Draper is a brilliant middle grade author and this will not disappoint. Set in , Maya lives in Malaysia and wants nothing more than to play soccer. The side plot of this novel is that she is trying to reunite her family. A funny, realistic story with a strong-willed protagonist. This is a wilderness survival narrative about a boy named Brian. While on his own, Brian struggles to deal with his complicated feelings toward his mother, who he saw cheating on his father. I love this book madly and try to recommend it as much as possible. Set over one crazy summer in , Delphine and her sisters travel from Brooklyn to Oakland to stay with their distant, seemingly uninterested mother.

A poet, printer, and member of the Black Panthers, their busy mother sends them to a Black Panther summer camp. Erin Entrada Kelly is one of my absolute favourite middle grade authors working today. Charlotte and Ben are Scrabble-playing friends who live very far apart.

Both are struggling with family complications and feelings of alienation, and their friendship brings them solace in ways neither of them would not have expected.

G-Baby Georgie is adjusting to her new life in a small town after her mother remarries. Then Peaches gets sick, and G-Baby feels like she has to try to fix things for everyone. This is a very sweet novel about how families shift and adapt. After doing this for a while, Winnie is done and takes a stand.

Best Divorce Books

She will live in the treehouse full time until her parents stop acting nuts. A treehouse war ensues. Fun, if a bit flawed in terms of consequences.

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Not only that, in an extra bummer of a situation, she and her mom have moved to a new state to live with her grandmother. Then she finds a magical breadbox in the attic, one that gives you whatever you want and things begin to feel a bit easier again…A wonderful fantasy novel that tackles some very big themes.

The Truth About The Little Couple

Melly and her best friend Olivia join the school band together. An uplifting if bittersweet story about divorce, eating disorders, and fitting in. The stress of it has taken its toll on her family, and the shift in her life is suddenly overwhelming.

For the Adult

This book is for people who are considering divorce or who are going through a divorce. Whether you are handling your divorce yourself or have instructed a. The Little Book of Love. £ Kindle Edition. The Little Book of Divorce Questions. £ Kindle Edition. The Little Book of Weight Loss. £ Kindle Edition.

On top of all that, her best friend Hazel is suddenly making new friends and paying attention to boys. So these are my personal picks for strong, smart pics that will help children better deal with the change that comes from divorce. Books about divorce may not be the easiest read, but they will definitely help open up communication about the subject.

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Best children's books to help talk about divorce and separation

Thank you for signing up! Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sometimes a book can help parents and carers explain the situation to children and encourage them to share their feelings. Here are some of our favourite children's books to ease those difficult conversations and show that families can come in all shapes and sizes — suitable for a range of ages. The issue of divorce is presented here in a simple and straightforward way, supported by colourful illustrations.

Distraught at her parents' divorce, Andy cannot decide who she wants to live with. She spends one week at Mum's house, the next at Dad's, but never really feels that she belongs anywhere.

20 Children’s Books about Divorce: A Reading List

Author: Anne Fine Publisher: Penguin. Anne Fine does not shy away from the fact that separation and divorce are painful, but she does have an uplifting message about the power of honesty and compromise. A little girl imagines her busy Daddy as all sorts of animals during their packed day in a playful, warm story about a single father and his daughter. At odds with her strict new teacher, and concerned that her unmarried mother is falling for the divorced father of the little boy she childminds, Charlie's life becomes increasingly stressful. Author: Annie Kelsey Publisher: Scholastic. A funny story about an endearing heroine whose misguided intentions result in numerous entertaining escapades.

Fast-paced and funny, this otherworldly adventure is a heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty. With entertaining characters and a clever plot, it explores big issues with humour, sensitivity and a touch of magic. When Juan goes to spend the summer with his strange uncle Tito, the last thing he expects is to be sent on a quest in his labyrinthine library.