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cns1.easyhost.pk/plaquenil-und-chloroquindiphosphat-dosierung.php Gorilla inbreeding 'linked to webbed feet and fertility problems'. Dozens of protected wildlife sites threatened by road-building plan. Gorilla recovery shows the world needs a Paris agreement for nature. Fin whales and mountain gorillas pulled back from brink of extinction. US trophy-hunters import bones and skin from threatened giraffes.

Spanish police seize over 1, endangered turtles from illegal farm.

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Judge blocks US government's decision to allow grizzly bear hunting. Man caught selling fur coats made from endangered leopards over eBay. Don't be angry that someone killed a giraffe for sport if you eat meat.

Save the Endangered Species Act

Panda conservation brings in environmental benefits worth billions. Gray wolves could once again be hunted as they lose endangered status. The Chinese giant salamander is heading towards extinction in the wild. Tonne of endangered shark fins arrive in Hong Kong Despite facing extinction, the fins are considered a delicacy in Hong Kong and China.

Pregnant rhino could bring subspecies back from brink of extinction 'The confirmation of this pregnancy through artificial insemination represents an historic event for our organisation but also a critical step in our effort to save the northern white rhino'. Whale shark tracked travelling furthest distance ever recorded.

Gorillas far more numerous than previously thought, survey finds. Long Reads.

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The reptiles and amphibians stolen from the wild and sold as pets. World's last male northern white rhino 'showing signs of ailing'. Endangered frog has online dating profile created by scientists.

Anglers 'incentivised' to catch 18 of world's most endangered species. Illegal cannabis farms in California are poisoning endangered birds. Member of Hong Kong's endangered species board fined for ivory trading. Home News. Britain's last red squirrel population infected with deadly virus. Industrial farming 'is driving the sixth mass extinction of life'. The world is facing 'biological annihilation' of species, study finds. Thailand: Home to some of world's biggest crocodile farms. Business News. Italy has its own subspecies of bear — but there are only 50 left.

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Trump administration ends measure to protect endangered sea animals. Designating giraffes as endangered or threatened would place restrictions on their import into the United States and make federal funding available for conservation efforts.

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In December, more than a year after the petition was filed, the groups sued the wildlife service to compel a response. It is not clear what took the wildlife service so long, or whether the announcement on Thursday was prompted by the lawsuit. Peyman said the wildlife service routinely missed deadlines, though the delay on the giraffe petition was the longest he had ever seen.

Federal wildlife officials did not respond to further requests for comment Friday.

U.S. Lifts Ban on Some Elephant and Lion Trophies

We can ignite change. #StartWith1Thing and watch Racing Extinction with the world Wed Dec 2 9/8c on Discovery. WWF is committed to saving endangered species. Learn more about the species we are working to protecting from becoming endangered or extinct.

The wildlife service moved last year to allow some hunters to import big-game trophies, including elephant tusks and lion hides, overturning an Obama-era ban. Across its 17 minutes, Sides of a Horn, a new film released June 25, aims to…. Imagine the plight of a lactose-intolerant person whose neighborhood grocery store started selling only dairy products.

Thousands of captive-bred greater Bermuda land snails are heading home. Due mostly to predation by invasive species of carnivorous snails and flatworms, greater Bermuda land snails Poecilozonites bermudensis were driven…. The great Indian bustard has been in deep trouble for a while.

In a boost to jaguars and other iconic wildlife of Central America, the government of Belize has approved a proposal to protect the Maya Forest Corridor, a key stretch of….

Cannon 24 June Near consensus found among 24 entomologists and scientists working on 6 continents: Insects are likely in serious global decline, but much more data needed. Did one of the largest mining companies in the world make good on its promise to protect the environment as it extracted precious minerals from one of the poorest countries….