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What is a decent email marketing response rate?
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Segment your customers into the stages of the buying cycle based on customer engagement with your content and then cross-segment those customers again with the prospective value of the customer. Those customers that are low-engagement and low lifetime value should receive different targeting than the high lifetime value customers who have high engagement.

This article targets leads of all engagement levels and value who have, for one reason or another, gone cold. Tread lightly. Below are five ideas for warm-up campaigns to get you started.

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Gauge response on these open rates, clicks, etc. Remember that these types of emails need to add value: give your customer actionable insights and useful knowledge that answers a pain point they might struggle with. Ideas for a continued education offers:. Why it works: Those who stick with you during the cadence or who interact with your content will take some time to warm up to your offer before. When you provide education and actionable insight, you build trust with potential buyers, which can turn into dollars later. Follow this campaign with a purchase or offer, and ask for feedback.

This email uses your case studies and customer tests to prove results from your product. Why it works: Numbers are eye-stoppers.

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When you add statistics to your copy, your readers are more likely to sit up and pay attention than they would if you confronted them with a wall of text. Use bullet points and short, concise sentences to keep the eyes moving. Use this to contact: Prospects who have strayed from the pack. Also, you can gather valuable feedback about your content and product, which you can use to refine your marketing automation strategy.

Someone signed up for your newsletter. You converted a blog visitor to a subscriber. That means they are interested in your content. The best way to learn about drip marketing campaigns is to see an actual successful blog welcome email campaign sample. This is an example from HubSpot , an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close deals.

A warm welcome where HubSpot put the email subscriber in the scene so the contact set the right expectations toward their email marketing drip, and learn a little about what he or she will receive in the next days. Based on the interaction of the contact with this email, the next emails and content can be optimized according to the preferences of the subscriber.

If we look closer to HubSpot email templates, we can tell that the first is a basic welcome email. The second is providing blog posts on the topic of social media. However the third is about driving traffic.

What is an autoresponder?

The trick is if a contact reacts positively with the social media email, HubSpot can send social media related offers to those contacts who are qualified based on the data collected from the automation campaign. Create email automation for each of your lead magnets, where you share additional resources on the topics you are covering. The first email in the sequence must contain the download link to the lead magnet, and I recommend adding a brief introduction to your brand. In the following emails, you should provide some more material around the subject of your lead magnet.

15 Sales Follow-Up Templates Proven to Get a Response

These can be blog articles, white papers, podcasts in the same topic as the gated content your subscriber downloaded. Write some teaser sentences in the emails and put a call-to-action with a link to the content.

How to Write Cold Emails That Always Get Read

Get ideas for your lead magnets with these 39 lead generation examples. Here is an example from Conversion Rate Experts , a leading agency for conversion rate optimization. Their website visitors are offered a collection of free resources as a lead magnet for an opt-in, which you can see in the following screenshot:. A few days later, they share more content and articles in the further email of the sequence:.

As mentioned in the email subject, Conversion Rate Experts tend to send 10 emails containing free resources and tips. That is what I call: treating their leads right. But after the 10th email, they trigger a sales email to be sent where they offer their CRO services:. I like that Conversion Rate Experts set up expectations for their contacts mentioning the number of emails that will be sent in the subject line. Also, I admire how they make sure that contacts pass from website visitors to marketing qualified leads, and all the way to sales qualified leads.

As you create your automation campaign pay attention to the order of your emails. Think about these automation examples as mini funnels; you should provide a great user experience. An automated email course campaign is another example of a lead magnet you can use, and it has some clear benefits:. Choose a topic based on your industry. You can check out the performance of your blog articles, make a list of the most popular ones and figure out a topic.

In this case, your most important email marketing metrics will be the open rates of emails individually and the overall open rate of your drip campaign. The next step of your strategy is to write the emails which will make up the email course. Generally, most email courses contain about emails. Figure out how many emails your course will contain based on your topic and audience.

Digital Marketer , a premier online community for digital marketing professionals, created a fantastic email course drip campaign on how to double business sales. Visitors opt-in onsite and leave their contact details on a landing page to receive the lessons of the course.

Different types of automated emails

On the day it starts the first email fires, and each lesson of the course is sent in a separate email, on different days. The drip campaign goes on sending one lesson per email, reaching 6 lessons for the whole campaign. Making your idea and vision about your email marketing automation campaign a reality is not a hard task. An email course is just a specific, entirely email-based lead magnet. Start with a welcome email containing an outline of the course and the first lesson.

Send this automated email immediately after the sign-up. So your subscribers will know what to expect and when. You created an excellent follow-up automation campaign for your lead magnets. You even built up to your sales pitch and included it at the perfect time. The purpose of this email campaign strategy is to educate the prospect further, build awareness of your organization and products, and build trust.

All this makes it more likely that the lead will end up buying from you. Our leads opt-in on the following landing page. Showing their interest in receiving our marketing automation challenges report.

Teamwork Closes More Deals

It doesn't matter if you are selling a physical product, a digital product or your services online: Taking steps to turn all emails to your subscribers into "hot. Discover how to get your subscribers to respond better to your email marketing, for a higher open rate and more sales. To learn more, visit: http://eternalspir.

The first email content is around the topic of our lead magnet, a short intro and appreciation, a button to download the report, and at the end of the email, we briefly build a sales pitch about our email marketing automation solution. Two days after the first email, a second educational email is sent sharing educational resources in a friendly way.

That is exactly what has to be done to get your leads from the top to the bottom of your sales funnel. You can tell that in this third email we share with our leads a guide on how to implement email marketing automation with a clear CTA button to start a free trial on our software. This way, we make sure that our leads consume our content and also the product at the same time.

You have to keep the users motivated, so they stick around to see how they can get value out of your product. For this, you need a user onboarding email automation campaign. You want the new user to experience these, so these are your goals. Find all the obstacles preventing the user to reach these. All these will help you in writing the email copies and setting up a better automation campaign.

One that has to remind them of their original goal and should be benefit oriented. Great onboarding emails focus on the challenges of the users and the solution to these challenges. One of my favorite user onboarding campaign examples is an older one from Netflix.

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Users opt-in on the signup page and start their trial period. Just details related to the account, and a bright red call to action to start watching shows on the platform. In this second email, Netflix promotes its apps for mobile and tablet users, giving the users more options. More value for the user without any sales copy or sounding pushy. I admire this kind of copy. As the sequence continues, a trial expiration reminder is sent a couple of days before the trial period ends. When receiving the email reminder, the user has to make a choice: whether to sign up for a paid Netflix account or cancel the subscription.

This is a cancellation confirmation email , but they put a clear call to action button for those who might change their minds during the next days. Going through this campaign of Netflix, you can see the flow and the funnel of their email marketing automation campaign. They put the contact in a well-designed customer journey. As I mentioned, during onboarding you have to keep the user motivated. One of the best ways to do that is a positive affirmation. If you are just starting an email marketing program, or you have been trying to create one, but are not getting the kind of results you hoped for, this guide has been designed with you in mind.

Use the action steps to set up, or revise and revitalize your email marketing program. Learn how to create a series of messages that will be treated like a hot item your subscribers will be eager to open rather than delete. Done correctly, hot response email marketing can even get your subscribers to take action each time they receive an email, such as:. Hot response email marketing is all in the eye of the beholder.