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Celebrity chef Janelle Bloom is looking forward to her return to the region for Bundy Flavours. This will also be the third time she has held cooking demonstrations on stage at Bundy Flavours. Major sponsor thrilled to support local producers Heritage Bank has returned as the major sponsor for Bundy Flavours and Bundaberg sales and service manager Leanne Hermann said it was a fantastic community event. The word , "shit". Ungh, it said in my book that the word, "shit", started exactly the same time as something called, "The Black Death".

The Black Death? Are you sure? What's the Black Death, Chef?

LaToya Jackson, children. But I think back in those days it meant something else: the plague! The Library, later. Chef reads from a large book on a large table on the ground floor. To his left sit Stan and Kenny, to his right Kyle and Cartman. It says here the word, "shit" has been around for over years. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, "skite". But in the s people in England stopped calling it "skite" and started calling it "shit.

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Just about everything you could want to know about the plague is in this great tome. Well, this other book has some good information, too. Music starts]. The Black Plague.

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Over half of Europe was killed by it. Look, they're puking out their intestines, just like the people here. Look at this, children. Word of curse? Of course! I've never even thought about why we use the term "curse word" before. Because it brings a curse? Like the Black Death. You guys, look here. This could explain how Kyle got it in his vagina. Cartman, this is serious!!! So am I, Kyle. If that sand in your vagina doesn't get released, you could become a walking time bomb.

They're going to say "shit" seven times on HBC and I- [begins to vomit strenuously, then falls over dead]. Oh-Ho, gross! Dude, this plague is spreading like wildfire! The others look]. Uh oh. Kenny's got it. We've gotta do something, Chef. If we don't we don't stop that network, [the lead knight looks into the library from the bushes] "shit" will become an even more acceptable word!

Children, we've got to warn those producers in Hollywood that the plague, and "shit", could be linked! An airplane, day. Chef and the boys are headed for Hollywood.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you look out the right side of the aircraft you can see some interesting shit.

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Until then we invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy our shitty service. Don't get your plague germs on me! Cartman, stop being an asshole! The knight lowers the paper and looks over at the boys, then sips from his coffee cup]. HBC headquarters, Hollywood, day, boardroom. Tha ratings are in, sir.

We broke another record last night with the show that said "shit" seven times! Where is the roof on this thing? I mean, I mean, how can we top ourselves now? Gentlemen, I have it. The end-all greatest marketing ploy of all time. And have everyone say "shit" in place of their written lines. And we'll call it "Must Shit TV". Now, doing this live will be difficult, so we must- [Chef and the boys burst through the doors]. Hold on a minute, Mr. Who are you? My name is Chef, and these are the children! We've come to warn you about "shit".

Who wants to take this one?

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I'll get it. Kenny's eyes are bloodshot now] Here at HBC the general goal is providing the highest and most thought-provoking netertainment. How great it is that we live in a country where an artist can express himself freely. That's not only the American spirit, it's the HBC spirit. Which allows us to make great family programs like Halo The Turtle , and of course, everyone's favorite show, Cop Drama. We can't thank you enough for bringing your concerns to our network, for it is you, the loyal HBC viewer, who makes this great network, and indeed, the great country that it is.

Alright, now, as I was saying-. Hold on a minute! Aw, are they stil here? Haven't you people noticed all the strange things going on? We think that you might have could it by helping make "shit" an everyday word. Hm, right, right. It's true. We think that word might be plaguing our friend, Kenny.

Do you have any proof of this? Then [rises] get out of here before we have you thrown out! HBC headquarters, Hollywood, day, outside. Chef and the boys exit the building. Now what are we gonna do, Chef? I don't know, children. I guess we've got to get the word out to people some other way. Lead Knight. Oh shit! Stand aside! Alright, now, we have to get all our biggest names to say "shit", and then we're gonna- [the knight bursts into the room].

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Halt your evil plans! I possess the Rune Stone of Undoing! Who is in charge here? Show your true form, Geldon, lest you be afraid! Your short time in this world is at an end! The directors just look at him. The Rune Stone has no effect! You are not Geldon! I never said I was. Chef and the boys approach the fallen knight. Take this. What are we supposed to do with it? Now what? We've got to find people who would know what the hell this is all about. Children, we're goin' to have to go to the land of castles, knights, and kings! Las Vegas, sunset, a view of the Strip, showing many of the attractions that can be found there.

Take a free spin. Double your odds. Do you work here? How can I help you, noble sir? We need some help identifying an ancient English stone.

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A what? It might hold the key to a curse. I can help get you some credit or a comp meal, perhaps. Dude, we need help from the British! Look kid, This is just a casino. I can't help you. You know, not every British person knows about wizards [begins chuckling] and dragons and curses. We just need help identifying this. Where did you get this? You know what it is? The Skire once spoke of such a stone!

Come, we must see the sorcerer! South Park, bar, night. The men are gathered there once again. Get ready for "Must Shit TV"! Starting now, four straight hours of pure shit! It's all live! On the set of the Drew Carey show. Drew and Mimi are onstage, with Drew sitting at his desk. Heh, shit! Dude, ya ain't shit! This is it. My greatest work. Excalibur, inside. The barker leads Chef and the boys down a hall and run into a waitress dressed as a damsel. These Americans wish to see the Skire! Let us make haste to the inner sanctum!

Excalibur, the hallway to the Inner Sanctum. The barker and waitress lead Chef and the boys through. How could you foolish Americans bring the wrath of scorn by mass-chanting the word of wretchedness?! Uh, yeah. We didn't mean to. Didn't you realize "shit" is a curse word?! Well, yeah, but I don't think that we knew "curse word" meant Leave it to Americans to think that "no" means yes, "pissed" means angry, and "curse word" means something other than a word that's cursed!! The Inner Sanctum. The group enters and walks towards the sorcerer. Let me see the stone. But I don't get it.

People use curse words all the time. Saying a word of curse once in a while does nothing. It's only when spoken repeatedly and en masse that the curse takes place. Stones that were used by the Knights of Standards and Practices. Knights of Standards and Practices? A legion of men sworn to do whatever necessary to keep the words at bay.

The men watch the Drew Carey Show. You know what? You're dumb as shit! Oh yeah?!

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Well, I don't really give a shit! Ya know, that word's kind of getting old. It's not really Man 7. Yeah, they're gonna have to come up with a new swear word soon. Well, they can't use "fag". Because you can't say "fag" unless you're a homosexual. See, you got beeped. That's right. Well, that's not fair! I should be able to say "fag".

Hey, you didn't get beeped. Well, well, well! Guess we learned something new about you , Jimbo, you freakin' fag! You wanna make out or something? The door to stage C opens and in gallop the knights with swords drawn. Serves you right, shit-for-brains! Yeah, how could I be such a dumb sh-.

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