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Paramore – From Pop Punk Charms To Pop Energy by Mark McConville
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But the posh Upper East Side prep school she has to attend? Not so much. Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening. Or else. This book seriously surprised me. Going into it, all I knew was that it was a YA paranormal romance. Boy, was I amazed to discover there was so much more.

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I never once cringed at the language used. She was nice, funny, and completely relatable. She has insecurities, like every teenager.

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She worries about her hair, if she will fit in, and what Brendan thinks of her. Also, Emma is not a push over. Especially when it comes to the kids at school who constantly gossip about her. Cue the jerk: Anthony. At first its just a matter of ego, but it soon turns into something much more dangerous. He is seriously insane. By the end, I was scared of him.

As you know, I love books that contain even just one of those. But this one contained all three!

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The tragic love story: Emma and Brendan are cursed to fall in love over and over again only to be torn apart by an untimely death. Something is different this time around. They might have a shot at breaking the curse. Poor Emma. In every life she is born poor. This one was especially brutal for her.

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Lost and trying to find his way back to Segue, Custo sees a woman dancing and is drawn to her power, just as the wolf is. Ask your librarian for a registration form. Wanting to help and warn Adam of a betrayl, Custo tricks Shadowman into switching places with him. He is seriously insane. She uses it to cheer up her sad friend, her sick grandmother, and her little brother. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. I appreciate how Imagine Dragons use something so simplistic and that we can all connect with to make their video original.

After her mom and brother die, she lives with her step-father who would rather drink and abuse her then man-up and be a father for her. Going to the exclusive Vince Academy has Emma feeling even more of an outsider with all the rich students think Gossip Girl. Yes, it does have a HEA.

But, you know, it was still a lot of fun to read. The ending was suspenseful. The romance was lovely. And Brendan was just soooo cute. Hidden in the dark heart of Victorian London, the Romanesque school was dreadfully imposing, a veritable fortress, and little could Percy guess what lay inside. She had never met its powerful and mysterious Professor Alexi Rychman, knew nothing of the growing shadows of the Ripper and other supernatural terrors against which his coterie stood guard. She saw simply that she was different, haunted, with her snow white hair, pearlescent skin and uncanny gift.

This arched stone doorway was a portal to a new life, to an education far from what could be had at a convent and it was an invitation to an intimate yet dangerous dance at the threshold of life and death. I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. Hieber captured me in the very first few words. Her world is so gothic and romantic. I just love it! In order for them to succeed they must work together. As soon as they split, they weaken. Besides ridding the world of evil beings, they are looking for the reincarnation of Persephone, the goddess who gave them their powers.

All they were told was that she would be their peer, to look for a doorway, and to be careful of imposters. When Percy Parker arrives at Athens Academy after leaving the convent that raised her, she is immediately regarded as odd. With her white hair, glowing eyes, and uber-pale skin she has always felt she was different. By covering herself up, she protects herself from the gawking stares of others.

That is until she starts spending her nights being tutored by Prof. Rychman, sees Percy without all the scarves and glasses he becomes mesmerized. During the course of their tutoring sessions, Alexi becomes more and more convinced that she is Prophecy. However, the Guard refuses to believe that she is their seventh since she is not a peer but a student. Instead they do everything they can to convince Alexi that the real Prophecy is Miss Lindon.

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Alexi must choose between the two. The wrong choice could mean the end of the world. I find that most historical romances have great stories, but the writing is weak. That was not the case in this one. When the characters spoke, their word choice as well as their sentence structure was appropriate for the time. Her word choice and descriptions were just perfect. Now onto characters. When we are introduced to Percy Parker, she is scared and alone.

One professor in particular finds her fascinating. His name? Professor Alexi Rychman. After reading about half of the book I found out that Professor Snape was who Ms. Heiber had in mind when writing this character. Alexi is cold, mean, stiff, and lonely. He is hard on Percy and considers her failure to do well in his class a major flaw.

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However, he falls more and more in love with her over the course of the book. Alexi was so frustrating and oh so swoon-worthy. The second Richard Armitage came on screen, I almost fell out of my chair! It was Alexi! This was exactly how I had envisioned my Alexi!

This was before I found out that Miss Hieber had actually mentioned him in an interview at Darkly Reading as an alternative to Alan Richman too old now for Alexi. The romance was knit with so much sexual tension, you could almost see the sparks. Yet, there was very little kissing. There was also a few subplot romances going on within the Guard which were equally fun to read.

These books are more like Harry Potter where there is a beginning, middle, and end, but there are certain story arcs that span across the whole series. Although I do want to find out what happens with Alexi and Percy. Basically, I love this book. I love the eeriness of it-very gothic.

If you like: retellings ancient greek myth of Persephone , Historical romance Victorian era , Paranormal ghosts, demons, etc. Hi Everyone! Check it out! Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison Review. Dorchester Publishing is hosting a giveaway. The winner will receive a copy of Shadow Bound. Title: Lover Revealed Author : J. Synopsis from Goodreads. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defender of their race.

And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world to engage in the turf war with the lessers. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. But even her love may not be enough to save him…. He could take her at any time, but his ego insists that she wants him of her own freewill. With his obsession spiraling out of control, he finds her body, her mind, and most importantly her blood continuously calling to him, and the more she fights him, the more he wants her.

Mia finds herself at the center of a struggle she doesn't understand. Caught between life and death, hope and fear, love and lust.

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