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Certainly a great source of reference for those with interest in Folklore. Not just English, the authors have also provided links to British and European lore, where applicable. For the sceptics who scoff at the reader Pop Certainly a great source of reference for those with interest in Folklore. Popular tradition lays particular stress on the efficacy of raw onion rubbed on wasp and bee stings, and on warm onion juice dropped into the ear for earache.

Failing that, snails are recommended for earache. Prick with a needle and drip the juice into the ear. Who needs the National Health Service? Apr 17, Bethnoir rated it liked it. Interesting to browse, but the areas I know something about I felt were very basically explained, as if for children or slow adults, so although I learned some new things it was overall rather unsatisfying.

Jul 11, Katherine Sas rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , reference. Another great resource. John rated it really liked it Nov 01, The Book Octopus rated it liked it Dec 11, Shannon Meyer rated it it was ok Sep 29, Jackie Munzar rated it it was amazing Mar 23, MJ rated it really liked it Nov 22, Chris rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Raven Stone rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Joel rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Sunhill rated it really liked it Oct 10, A dictionary of English folklore by Jacqueline Simpson , Reissued with new covers.

The Antiquary rated it really liked it Dec 02, James Kelly rated it liked it Nov 27, Clare Simmonds rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Sep 03, Joey Woolfardis rated it really liked it Shelves: , own , reference , champion , feminine , ce21 , sterling , bookshelf. Jorg rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Clare K. Karra rated it it was amazing May 24, Jim rated it really liked it Aug 02, Matthew rated it really liked it Jun 08, Glenn rated it really liked it Jul 05, Wade Macmorrighan rated it liked it Dec 27, Laurie Williams rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Susan rated it it was amazing May 14, Julia Drescher rated it it was amazing Feb 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Men supposedly tell the story of the patasola to frighten their wives into being faithful and also instill a wariness of the jungle. It is thought the story originated in Tolima. The llorona Wailer is a wandering woman who carries a child through the streets. Some legends say she screams for aid, but anyone who carries the infant inherits the curse to become the new llorona. The spirit is said to stalk lonely places and appear to anyone plotting mischief. Others that she was a desperate wife who killed herself , and a child she had with her lover, when she heard her errant husband was returning from war.

The story of the wailing woman is particularly popular in eastern Colombia , in the region known as Los Llanos. You can also read The sound of music: traditional Colombian instruments. Madre monte Mother Mountain is a stout, elegant woman who wears moss and leaves and a green hat that conceals her face. L 48 Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas. Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania. Endangered Peoples: Southeast and East Asia. K 63 Peoples of the World: Asians and Pacific Islanders.

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S 68 Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today. Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues Today Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts. E 56 Reference GF J 65 Latino Issues. Disasporas background reading Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora. The Penguin Atlas of Diasporas. C 43 You can find books or articles on diasporas for individual groups by combining Diaspora and the name of the group, such as: Greek and Diaspora. Reference G General F South Africa. The Former Soviet Union. Reference DK M 54 The Former Yugoslavia.

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General DR Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples. Reference F E 63 Encyclopedia of European Peoples. Reference D Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture. Reference CB E Reference RA Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History. Encyclopedia of the World's Minorities.

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E 63 Encyclopedia of World Cultures. N 42 E 53 Arctic. E 72 Europe. General D E 85 E 63 Latin America. General E E 57 North America. E 85 E 53 Southeast and East Asia.

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Christmas Folklore & Superstitions (Holiday Legends & Lore Book 2) - Kindle edition by A.R. Bane. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Following on the heels of his earlier ebook, "The Secret History of Mistletoe," A.R. Bane delivers another volume filled with the rich folklore and superstitions.

Military: An Encyclopedia. L 46 E 86 Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. Greenwood Encyclopedia of Homes through World History. General NA Peoples of the Caribbean. M 67 Asians and Pacific Islanders. M 67 Eastern Europe and the Post-soviet Republics. Reference DJK M 67 Middle East and North Africa.

M 67 Western Europeans. M 67 They do What? What do You call a Person From? Reference PE Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. Background Readings What is Applied Anthropology? What is Business Anthropology? What is Consumer Anthropology?

What is Organizational Culture? What is Organizational Ethnography? Journal of Business Anthropology open access. E 53 Encyclopedia of Business in Today's World.


Business Information for Other Countries Library Guide to International Business Be sure to look at the A to Z World Business database and the globalEdge website, along with the websites of the embassies of other countries, for business and cultural information about other countries. The EIU has information on various political and economic factors for each country.

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On the individual country page, look under the Business tab, for a link to information on the Business Environment. The Global Insights section allows you to find business and cultural information for all of the countries in the world. Two search statements to try in the Library Catalog for books: 1. Doing Business from the World Bank. Reference K General HF Background Readings Clothing, the Body, and Society. Clothing and Religion.

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion. Reference GT General GT F 87 Wedding Dress across Cultures. Reference QH Reference QP C Encyclopedia of Creation Myths. Reference BL C 7 L 44 Encyclopedia of Evolution. O 83 Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory. E 53 Encyclopedia of Religion.

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Solid academic background and practical experience are usually necessary for both academic and public sector careers in folklore. I know some feel in this modern world there is neither space or need for such things but I disagree - apart from keeping in touch w I grew up in a small village where the locals still quoted wives tales and farming anecdotes. Super Bowl Sunday. Not everything that is vernacular is folklore, but all folklore is vernacular. Retrieved April 30, As folklorists study new and evolving folklore, they need to have ways to talk about those new types.

E 46 Encyclopedia of Science and Religion. What is Folklore? What are Legends? What are Myths? What is a Superstition? American Folklore: An Encyclopedia. Reference GR M 49 C 37 Dictionary of African Mythology. S 24 Dictionary of Classical Mythology. P 53 Dictionary of Superstitions.