IO SONO MELODY (Italian Edition)

Italian for Melody
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Er stieg vom Pferd und reichte ihm den Trunk Des Abschieds dar. Wohin ich geh? Ich geh, ich wandre in die Berge. Ich werde niemals in die Ferne schweifen.

Claudio Baglioni – The Legend of Italian music

Still ist mein Herz und harret seiner Stunde! O see! Like a silver bark The moon floats up the blue lake of heaven. I feel a gentle breeze stirring Behind the dark spruce. The brook sings melodiously through the darkness. The flowers grow pale in the gloaming. The earth is breathing, full of peace and sleep. All longing now turns into dreams. Tired men make for home, In sleep to recapture forgotten happiness And youth!

Je so pazz’

The birds hold still in the branches. The world is falling asleep. A cool wind blows in the shadow of the spruce.

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I stand here waiting for my friend; I wait to bid him a last farewell. I long, my friend, at your side To enjoy the beauty of this evening. Where do you linger? You have left me alone for so long! I wander up and down with my lute On paths soft with swelling grass. O beauty! O deep love, so drunk with life! He dismounted his horse and proffered the parting glass.

I asked him where He was going and why it had to be. He said, voice trembling: "O my friend, In this world fortune was hard on me. Where I am going?

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They formed in at the peak of the early Italian scene and recorded their concept album about a penguin and his adventure. This is quite an uplifting and floating album that is a hell of a lot better than most Italian prog I've heard. Nothing less. You will drink it and then you will die. You have confined me to a convent but my heart will run like the wind. When they die, the worms in their coffins have hunchbacks, etc.

I am going to wander into the mountains. I seek peace for my lonely heart. I am making for home, for my resting place. I will never roam into strange lands. My heart is still and awaits its hour. The dear earth everywhere Blossoms in spring and grows green Anew! Everywhere, forever, Blue lights the horizon!

Portami con Te [Yume no sono saki he] (English translation)

For an alternative take on the above, try this. Ludwig is, as always, gloriously rich of tone, and sings with feeling and commitment, but Baker is that bit more specific in her response to music and text, and Kubelik was one of the most experienced Mahlerians around. This is the finest version of the final scene I've ever heard, totally and completely emotionally shattering. You might need to have tissues at the ready. Renee Fleming - Ch'io mi scordi di te? Non temer, amato bene Mozart KV Ch'io mi scordi di te? Che a lui mi doni puoi consigliarmi? E puoi voler che in vita?

Ah no! Sarebbe il viver mio di morte assai peggior. Venga la morte, intrepida l'attendo. Ma, ch'io possa struggermi ad altra face, ad altr'oggetto donar gl'affeti miei, come tentarlo? Ah, di dolor morrei!

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Tu sospiri? O duol funesto! Non mi posso, oh Dio! Engels translation You ask that I forget you? Versions: 1 2 You ask that I forget you? You can advise me to give myself to her? And this while yet I live? My life would be far worse than death! Let death come, I await it fearlessly. But how could I attempt to warm myself to another flame, to lavish my affections on another? I should die of grief! Fear nothing, my beloved, my heart will always be yours. I can no longer suffer such distress, my spirit fails me. You sigh? O mournful sorrow! Just think what a moment this is!

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IO SONO MELODY (Italian Edition) eBook: Duilio Chiarle, Daniele Scerra: Kindle Store. Io e il Papu (Italian Edition) eBook: Luigi Garlando: Kindle-Shop. Quando il Papa riceve la sua lettera, diversa dalle altre perché non ci sono parole ma solo figurine di calciatori, non ha dubbi: questo Melody (Italian Edition).

O God! I cannot express myself. Barbarous stars, pitiless stars, why are you so stern? Fair souls who see my sufferings at such a moment, tell me if a faithful heart could suffer such torment? Last edited by Pugg; Jan at I simply like miss Battle and not in the last place her personality Ah! Je veux vivre, etc Loin de l'hiver morose Laisse-moi sommeiller Et respirer la rose Avant de l'effeuiller. Blancrocher , CypressWillow liked this post. Last Jump to page:. Similar Threads Where is this melody from? By tonystanton in forum Solved Cases archive. Replies: 2 Last Post: Jul, Replies: 5 Last Post: Feb, What key is this melody in?

By obwan in forum Orchestral Music. Replies: 15 Last Post: Feb, The meat of the track, like side 1, shows good composition and a knack for interesting keyboard parts. The track builds to another energetic ending with all players kicking it into high gear.. All is not perfect in Murple land however. Despite some good music the sound quality of the Mellow MMP pressing I have leaves plenty to be desired. It lacks adequate punch on the low end and really needs a remastering job.

I do not know if the Akarma version is better but I hope so. It is not horrible sound by any means, just far from optimum. If you love classic Italian and are interested in this title I would not let the sound issue stop you unless you are only able to enjoy pristine quality. They do include a lyric sheet in Italian, no English translation. This title is certainly a must for classic Italian junkies and a decent consideration for others who might enjoy its energetic mix. It consists of two epic songs which are very well written IMO.

The first one is a fantastic journey into the best of the Italian repertoire. Lush keyboards are wonderful. At times really hard while subtle and almost classic during other moments. The vocal parts, although scarce are very pleasant as well. The whole piece is extremely varied; it is changing mood every minute or two. The listener has really no time to breathe and install himself in some comfortable and tranquil musical experience.

His senses are always in alert during the whole of this long track, or combination of short tracks the whole clocking at just over seventeen minutes. The closing section is an extraordinary fusion between guitars and frenetic organ. Such a beautiful way to end a great piece of music. The second track, is not as strong but was it possible? It sounds less cohesive, more a collection of several parts put together to fit an epic costume which is the case by the way. It sounds also less personal, more Genesis. But the experience is also worth. The piano play from Preludio is majestic, vocal sections are still emotive Tra I Fili , the frenzy of the keys during Variazoni completely breaks the soft mood which was not too bad at this time.

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The Fratello part features weaker vocals although the instrumental section is quite good actually. This is a very good album which I rate with four stars. An Italian jewel as there are so many. They sure don't stand in one place very long during the first track, perhaps like our penguin Murple.

It opens with some spacey atmosphere for a minute then drums and organ take over. Nice organ! This is great! This is quite moving. Organ comes ripping in a minute later as the tempo picks up. I like the guitar here. Vocal melodies and a calm 14 minutes in but then here we go again to the end. Side two opens with almost 3 minutes of impressive piano melodies and then vocals and guitar take over. Vocals are back after 12 minutes and then it kicks back in after 14 minutes.

It calms down before 16 minutes to the end. Our penguins escapade is over. Hope he's ok. For me this is a solid 4 star record that is very well played and arranged. Unusually, the band decide to open the album in a very sedate, slowly unfolding manner instead of blasting the listener with energetic intent! After a slowly morphing ambient synth drone, the album kicks to life with rollicking guitars, leaping upfront bass, trickles of Hammond organ and take-charge drumming.

After some spectral organ, spiralling synth and devilish Hammond attacks, the piece settles into a delicate piano and vocal melody. Synths raise the piece in victory, little moments taking off in a brisk regal organ fanfare prance. Mario Garbarino's thick bass is the absolute standout throughout the entire flip-side, and all of the instrumental interplay between the musicians and the different flowing compositions from here on are just as memorable as anything offered from many of the higher profile Italian progressive groups of the time.

Calming but gently melancholic piano announces this second side and dazzles with classical sophistication, moving into a swooning and loving ballad with murmuring bass and a heroic guitar theme over soothing synth washes. Out of nowhere, the band rip into a loopy and frantic instrumental run over the top of a pulsing beat and aggressive thrashing drums. Mellow vocal moments and whimsical interludes with a manic soaring and energetic finale follow, before the band close on a stirring low-key violin outro. Is this a classic of the vintage RPI works? Perhaps not, but while there may be plenty more important, challenging and daring albums in the sub-genre, this one is sure to be a personal favourite in many collections.

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli - Fall On Me (Official Music Video)

It's also perfectly enjoyable for both established Italian prog connoisseurs and newcomers investigating the genre for the first time. Four stars. Despite the lack of commersial sucsess, this 30 minute long italian masterpiece shows the exelence of the progressive rock era. This album is one of the Greatest from italy.

A variated collection of themes which melts together in to a fantastic penguins tale. Some penguins provides what is close to being Rock Progressivo Italiano heaven. Murple was a one album wonder. But they reformed again and gave us another album. This is their first album and it was released back in It is obvious from the sound that the classical music focused bands fr This is the story of the good lyrics.

But the music is the magical part of this concept album because the lyrics are incorporated in the music, at the same style of Genesis. But the music, what le This album tells the tale of a penguin named Murple Usually i don't mind lyrics in languages i can't comprehend, often i even prefer it Io Sono Murple really is an "undiscovered gem" as has been said by other reviewers.

I purchased this album just because of the other reviews that sang its praise, and also because the cover seemed to call out to me, "buy me, buy me. It's a shame that Io Sono Murple is the only release from this talented band. Io Sono Murple is an epic albeit short concept album about a penguin leaving his home to be honest, I don't know much else about the story.