On The Glory, Honor and Peace of The Christians, Revised Edition (With Active Table of Contents)

Desiderius Erasmus
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erp.oceanbaycommunity.com/implementing-sap-crm-the-guide.php Lord of our city we bring you its pain, The muggings, the dole queues, the lift's bust again, The fear of each stranger and no-where to play, The waiting for buses at the start of each day. Lord of our homeless we bring you their cry The waiting on promises - pie in the sky, The red tape and questions and sent on their way The sense of frustration at the noon of the day.

Lord of all races, all colours of skin, Please make us fight racism, help us begin To see how our prejudice colours the way We treat friends and neighbours at the end of the day. Lord of our whole lives, we bring them to you. We're powerless, defeated, 'til you make us new.

Then powered by your Spirit, we go on once more With news of your wholeness, good news to the poor. Praise with joy the world's creator, God of justice, love and peace, Source and end of human knowledge, Force of goodness without cease. Celebrate the Maker's glory, Power to rescue and release. Praise the Son who feeds the hungry, Frees the captive, finds the lost, Heals the sick, upsets religion, Fearless both of fate and cost.

Praise the Spirit sent among us Liberating truth from pride, Forging bonds where race or gender, Age or nation dare divide. Celebrate the Spirit's treasure - Foolishness none dare deride. Thus the world shall yet believe When shown Christ's vibrant unity. The earth, the sky, the oceans And all that they contain; The world with all its secrets, It is the Lord's domain.

To rule his great creation God gives to humankind The gifts of strength and courage And an inventive mind.

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In this way, Machiavelli is perhaps the forerunner of various modern accounts of substance e. Wittgenstein, L. Americans, I ask you, in the name of the Lord, can you deny these charges? To words were joined actions. Just at this period, the most prominent irritant of all began to manifest itself.

For quest and exploration, Our God has given the key To free the hidden forces And wealth of land and sea. To new advance in science, Research to conquer pain, To growth in skill and knowledge We are by God ordained. To us from birth is given Our stewardship and brief; To search for truth and purpose, To find the heart of life. God calls us to adventure With work of hand and brain, To share with all his people The profits we may gain.

We pledge ourselves to service, That with the help of Christ We may be able stewards Of all that does exist. Whate'er we may discover On earth, in outer space, God grant that we may use it To bless the human race. The harvest of the city We lift to you today Who calls us all to celebrate, To labour and to play.

You only are the maker In all we make and do You share with us the labour, You share the music too. Holy is the maker Who lives in all we do, And holy is the liberty To be a maker too. We share with you the river, We share with you the road, The driving of the lorry and The lifting of the load. We share with you the timber, We share with you the steel, The lifting of the hammer, The turning of the wheel.

In hospital and harbour We meet you night and day. We share with you the writing and The acting of a play. We find you in the teaching And in the learning too. In all that we are making You are the maker too. The harvest of the city We bring to you today, And by the liberty you give We celebrate and play. You only are the maker, You live in all we do, We share with you the labour, We share the music too. We lay our broken world In sorrow at your feet, Haunted by hunger, war and fear, Oppressed by power and hate.

Where human life seems less That profit, might and pride, Though to unite us all in you You lived and loved and died. We bring our broken towns, Our neighbours hurt and bruised; You show us how old pain and wounds For new life can be used. We bring our broken hopes For lives of dignity; Workless and overworked you love And call us to be free. We bring our broken loves, Friends parted, families torn; Then in your life and death we see That love must be reborn. We bring our broken selves, Confused and closed and tired; Then through your gift of healing grace New purpose is inspired.

O Spirit, on us breathe, With life and strength anew; Find in us love, and hope and trust, And lift us up to you. When God Almighty came to be one of us, Masking the glory of his golden train, Dozens of plain things kindled by accident, And they will never be the same again. Sing all you midwives, dance all the carpenters, Sing all the publicans and shepherds too, God in his mercy uses the commonplace God on his birthday had a need of you. Splendour of Rome and Local Authority, Working on policy with furrowed head, Joined to locate Messiah's nativity, Just where the prophets had already said.

Sing all you tax-men, dance the Commissioners, Sing civil servants and policemen too, God to his purpose uses the governments, God on his birthday had a need of you. Wise men, they called them, earnest astrologers, Watching for meaning in the moving stars, Science or fancy, learned or laughable, Theirs was a vision that was brought to pass.

Sing all you wise men, dance all the scientists, Whether your theories are false or true, God uses knowledge, God uses ignorance, God on his birthday had a need of you. Sing, all creation, made for his purposes, Called by his providence to live and move: None is unwanted, none insignificant, Love needs a universe of folk to love, Old men and maidens, young men and children, Black ones and coloured ones and white ones too, God on his birthday, and to eternity, Took upon himself the need of you. Worker God, who planned creation - complex splendour held in one: spoke out threads of light and matter weaving what your word has spun.

Then, with proper satisfaction, rested when the work was done. Who are we to spoil the pattern, make redundant hands and minds, tarnish pleasure in achievement which your pleasure undersigned, crushing lives, and wasting talent, uncreating humankind? Many see the sudden ending of their deeply cherished plans through the failure of a system which no longer meets demands, and the fruit of years of effort slips away from helpless hands. Helplessness fuels bitter anger - friends and loved ones bear the cost.

Voices raised create a Babel, countermanding Pentecost, and by this disintegration, whole communities are lost. Worker God within creation weaving what our hands have spun, give to us consistent strength to speak your word and see it done. So though humble human triumphs may your victory be won. These Psalms are part of " Work in Worship ," a collection of material for work-themed services compiled by David Welbourn. O Lord our God: the whole earth glorifies your name! Your praise stretches to the heavens on the lips of infants and children.

When I look at the night sky, the moon and the stars you created, how insignificant humans seem, and yet you cherish them. Cattle and sheep, and every living creature, soaring birds, sea fish and the teeming life of the oceans. These Modern Psalms and Poems are part of " Work in Worship ," a collection of material for work-themed services compiled by David Welbourn. The Lord is my pace-setter, I shall not rush; He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals; He provides me with images of stillness Which restore my serenity. He leads me in the way of efficiency, Through calmness of mind: and his guidance is peace.

Even though I have a great many things to accomplish each day I will not fret, for his presence is here. His timelessness, his all-importance will keep me in balance. He prepares refreshment and renewal In the midst of activity. By anointing my mind with the oils of tranquility, My cup of joyous energy overflows. Surely harmony and effectiveness Shall be the fruits of my hours, For I will walk in the pace of the Lord.

There's some problem with your file. I need some money so I can feed the kids. I haven't eaten for two days. I just want something so that I can feed the kids. We've reason to believe you've been working while claiming. We may find that you owe us some money! Some of you are good men; but the will of my God must be done. Those avaricious and ungodly tyrants among you, I am awfully afraid will drag down the vengeance of God upon you.


When God Almighty commences his battle on the continent of America, for the oppression of his people, tyrants will wish they never were born. But to return to Mr. Clay, whence I digressed. He says, "It was proper and necessary distinctly Page 52 to state, that he understood it constituted no part of the object of this meeting, to touch or agitate in the slightest degree, a delicate question, connected with another portion of the coloured population of our country. It was not proposed to deliberate upon or consider at all, any question of emancipation, or that which was connected with the abolition of slavery.

It was upon that condition alone, he was sure, that many gentlemen from the South and the West, whom he saw present, had attended, or could be expected to co-operate. It was upon that condition only, that he himself had attended. For if the free are allowed to stay among the slaves, they will have intercourse together, and, of course, the free will learn the slaves bad habits, by teaching them that they are MEN, as well as other people, and certainly ought and must be FREE.

I presume, that every intelligent man of colour must have some idea of Mr. Henry Clay, originally of Virginia, but now of Kentucky; they know too, perhaps, whether he is a friend, or a foe to the coloured citizens of this country, and of the world. This gentleman, according to his own words, had been highly favoured and blessed of the Lord, though he did not acknowledge it; but, to the contrary, he acknowledged men, for all the blessings with which God had favoured him.

At a public dinner, given him at Fowler's Garden, Lexington, Kentucky, he delivered a public speech to a very large concourse of people--in the concluding clause of which, he says, "And now, my friends and fellow citizens, I cannot part from you, on possibly Page 53 the last occasion of my ever publicly addressing you, without reiterating the expression of my thanks, from a heart overflowing with gratitude.

I came among you, now more than thirty years ago, an orphan boy, pennyless, a stranger to you all, without friends, without the favour of the great, you took me up, cherished me, protected me, honoured me, you have constantly poured upon me a bold and unabated stream of innumerable favours, time which wears out every thing has increased and strengthened your affection for me.

When I seemed deserted by almost the whole world, and assailed by almost every tongue, and pen, and press, you have fearlessly and manfully stood by me, with unsurpassed zeal and undiminished friendship. When I felt as if I should sink beneath the storm of abuse and detraction, which was violently raging around me, I have found myself upheld and sustained by your encouraging voices and approving smiles. I have doubtless, committed many faults and indiscretions, over which you have thrown the broad mantle of your charity. But I can say, and in the presence of God and in this assembled multitude, I will say, that I have honestly and faithfully served my country--that I have never wronged it--and that, however unprepared, I lament that I am to appear in the Divine presence on other accounts, I invoke the stern justice of his judgment on my public conduct, without the slightest apprehension of his displeasure.

Hearken to this Statesman indeed, but no philanthropist, whom God sent into Kentucky, an orphan boy, pennyless, and friendless, where he not only gave him a plenty of friends and the comforts of life, but raised him almost to the very highest honour in the nation, where his great talents, with which the Lord has been pleased to bless him, has gained for him the affection of a great portion of the people with whom he had to do.

But what has this gentleman Page 54 done for the Lord, after having done so much for him? The Lord has a suffering people, whose moans and groans at his feet for deliverance from oppression and wretchedness, pierce the very throne of Heaven, and call loudly on the God of Justice, to be revenged. Now, what this gentleman, who is so highly favoured of the Lord, has done to liberate those miserable victims of oppression, shall appear before the world, by his letters to Mr.

Clay was writing for the States, yet nevertheless, it appears, from the very face of his letters to that gentleman, that he was as anxious, if not more so, to get those free people and sink them into wretchedness, as his constituents, for whom he wrote. But there is a day fast approaching, when unless there is a universal repentance on the part of the whites, which will scarcely take place, they have got to be so hardened in consequence of our blood, and so wise in their own conceit.

To be plain and candid with you, Americans! I say that the day is fast approaching, when there will be a greater time on the continent of America, than ever was witnessed upon this earth, since it came from the hand of its Creator. Some of you have done us so much injury, that you will never Page 55 be able to repent.

But Mr. Henry Clay, speaking to Mr. Gallatin, respecting coloured people, who had effected their escape from the U. States or to them hell upon earth!!! There are a series of these letters, all of which are to the same amount; some however, presenting a face more of his own responsibility. I wonder what would this gentleman think, if the Lord should give him among the rest of his blessings enough of slaves?

Could he blame any other being but himself? Do we not belong to the Holy Ghost? What business has he or any body else, to be sending letters about the world respecting us? Can we not go where we want to, as well as other people, only if we obey the voice of the Holy Ghost? This gentleman, Mr.

Clay's public labor for these States--I want you candidly to answer the Lord, who sees the secrets of our hearts. Henry Clay, late Secretary of State, and now in Kentucky, is a friend to the blacks, further, than his personal interest extends? Is it not his greatest object and glory upon earth, to sink us into miseries and wretchedness by making slaves of us, to work his plantation to enrich him and his family? Does he care a pinch of snuff about Africa--whether it remains a land of Pagans and of blood, or of Christians, so long as he gets enough of her sons and daughters to dig up gold and silver for him?

If he had no slaves, and could obtain them in no other way if it were not, repugnant to the laws of his country, which prohibit the importation of slaves which act was, indeed, more through apprehension than humanity would he not try to import a few from Africa, to work his farm? Would he work in the hot sun to earn his bread, if he could make an African work for nothing, particularly, if he could keep him in ignorance and make him believe that God made him for nothing else but to work for him?

Is not Mr. Clay a white man, and too delicate to work in the hot sun!! Was he not made by his Creator to sit in the shade, and make the blacks work without remuneration for their services, to support him and his family!!! I have been for some time taking notice of this man's speeches and public writings, but never to my knowledge have I seen any thing in his writings which insisted on the emancipation of slavery, which has almost ruined his country. Thus we see the depravity of men's hearts, when in pursuit only of gain--particularly when they oppress their fellow creatures to obtain that gain--God suffers some to go on until they are lost forever.

This same Mr. Clay, wants to know, what he has done, to merit the Page 57 disapprobation of the American people. In a public speech delivered by him, he asked: "Did I involve my country in an unnecessary war? Clay, to ask such frivolous questions? Does he believe that a man of his talents and standing in the midst of a people, will get along unnoticed by the penetrating and all seeing eye of God, who is continually taking cognizance of the hearts of men?

Is not God against him, for advocating the murderous cause of slavery? If God is against him, what can the Americans, together with the whole world do for him? Can they save him from the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ? I shall now pass in review the speech of Mr. Clay's will be found. Caldwell, giving his opinion respecting us, at that ever memorable meeting, he says: "The more you improve the condition of these people, the more you cultivate their minds, the more miserable you make them in their present state.

You give them a higher relish for those privileges which they can never attain, and turn what we intend for a blessing into a curse. Did he mean sinking us and our children into ignorance and wretchedness, to support him and his family? What he meant will appear evident and obvious to the most ignorant in the world See Mr. Caldwell's intended blessings for us, O!

The nearer you bring them to Page 58 the condition of brutes, the better chance do you give them of possessing their apathy. I presume that every body knows the meaning of the world "apathy," --if any do not, let him get Sheridan's Dictionary, in which he will find it explained in full.

I solicit the attention of the world, to the foregoing part of Mr. Caldwell's speech, that they may see what man will do with his fellow men, when he has them under his feet. To what length will not man go in iniquity when given up to a hard heart, and reprobate mind, in consequence of blood and oppression?

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The last clause of this speech, which was written in a very artful manner, and which will be taken for the speech of a friend, without close examination and deep penetration, I shall now present. He says, "surely, Americans ought to be the last people on earth, to advocate such slavish doctrines, to cry peace and contentment to those who are deprived of the privileges of civil liberty, they who have so largely partaken of its blessings, who know so well how to estimate its value, ought to be among the foremost to extend it to others.

Caldwell's speech is, get the free people of colour away to Africa, from among the slaves, where they may at once be blessed and happy, and those who we hold in slavery, will be contented to rest in ignorance and wretchedness, to dig up gold and silver for us and our children. Men have indeed got to be so cunning, these days, that it would take the eye of a Solomon to penetrate and find them out. How obviously this declaration of our Lord Page 59 has been shown among the Americans of the United States. They have hitherto passed among some nations, who do not know any thing about their internal concerns, for the most enlightened, humane, charitable, and merciful people upon earth, when at the same time they treat us, the coloured people secretly more cruel and unmerciful than any other nation upon earth.

Many of whom if they catch a coloured person, whom they hold in unjust ignorance, slavery and degradation, to them and their children, with a book in his hand, will beat him nearly to death. I heard a wretch in the state of North Carolina said, that if any man would teach a black person whom he held in slavery, to spell, read or write, he would prosecute him to the very extent of the law. House of Delegates, but not the Senate in Virginia, to prohibit all persons of colour, free and slave from learning to read or write, and even to hinder them from meeting together in order to worship our Maker!!!!!!

I dare you to show me a parallel of cruelties in the annals of Heathens or of Devils, with those of Ohio, Virginia and of Georgia--know the world that these things were before done in the dark, or in a corner under a garb of humanity and religion. God has however, taken of the fig-leaf covering, and made them expose themselves on the house top.

I tell you that God works in many ways his wonders to perform, he will unless they repent, make them expose themselves enough more yet to the world. I write without the fear of man, I am writing for my God, and fear none but himself; they may put me to death if they choose-- I fear and esteem a Page 61 good man however, let him be black or white. But I declare that the atrocity is really to Heaven daring and infernal, that I must say that God has commenced a course of exposition among the Americans, and the glorious and heavenly work will continue to progress until they learn to do justice.

Extract from the Speech of Mr. John Randolph, of Roanoke. Said he"It had been properly observed by the Chairman, as well as by the gentleman from this District meaning Messrs. Clay and Caldwell that there was nothing in the proposition submitted to consideration which in the smallest degree touches another very important and delicate question, which ought to be left as much out of view as possible, Negro Slavery. The white Americans have applied this term to Africans, by way of reproach for our colour, to aggravate and heighten our miseries, because they have their feet on our throats.

In that book, much read because coming from a practical man, this description of people, [referring to us half free ones] were pointed out as a great evil. They had indeed been held up as the greater bug-bear to every man who feels an inclination to emancipate his slaves, not to create in the bosom of his country so great a nuisance.

If a place could be provided for their reception, and a Page 62 mode of sending them hence, there were hundreds, nay thousands of citizens who would, by manumitting their slaves, relieve themselves from the cares attendant on their possession. The great slave-holder, Mr.

Here is a demonstrative proof, of a plan got up, by a gang of slave-holders to select the free people of colour from among the slaves, that our more miserable brethren may be the better secured in ignorance and wretchedness, to work their farms and dig their mines, and thus go on enriching the Christians with their blood and groans. What our brethren could have been thinking ubout , who have left their native land and home and gone away to Africa, I am unable to say.

This country is as much ours as it is the whites, whether they will admit it now or not, they will see and believe it by and by. They tell us about prejudice--what have we to do with it? Their prejudices will be obliged to fall like lightning to the ground, in succeeding generations; not, however, with the will and consent of all the whites, for some will be obliged to hold on to the old adage, viz: the blacks are not men, but were made to be an inheritance to us and our children for ever!!!!!! I hope the residue of the coloured people, will stand still and see the salvation of God and the miracle which he will work for our delivery from wretchedness under the Christians!!!!!!

If not so, go to our brethren, the Haytians, who, according to their word, are bound to protect and comfort us. The Americans say, that we are ungrateful--but I ask them for heaven's sake, what should we be grateful to them for--for murdering our fathers and mothers? They certainly think that we are a gang of fools. Those among them, who have volunteered their services for our redemption, though we are unable to compensate them for their labours, we nevertheless thank them from the bottom of our hearts, and have our eyes steadfastly fixed upon them, and their labours of love for God and man.

Before I proceed further with this scheme, I shall give an extract from the letter of that truly Reverend Divine, Bishop Allen, of Philadelphia, respecting this trick. I, No. We are an unlettered people, brought up in ignorance, not one in a hundred can read or write, not one in a thousand has a liberal education; is there any fitness for such to be sent into a far country, among heathens, to convert or civilize them, when they themselves are neither civilized or Christianized? See the great bulk of the poor, ignorant Africans in this country, exposed to every temptation Page 64 before them: all for the want of their morals being refined by education and proper attendance paid unto them by their owners, or those who had the charge of them.

It is said by the Southern slave-holders, that the more ignorant they can bring up the Africans, the better slaves they make, 'go and come. Can we not discern the project of sending the free people of colour away from their country? Is it not for the interest of the slave-holders to select the free people of colour out of the different states, and send them to Liberia? Will it not make their slaves uneasy to see free men of colour enjoying liberty?

It is against the law in some of the Southern States, that a person of colour should receive an education, under a severe penalty. Colonizationists speak of America being first colonized; but is there any comparison between the two? America was colonized by as wise, judicious and educated men as the world afforded. If all the people in Europe and America were as ignorant and in the same situation as our brethren, what would become of the world? Where would be the principle or piety that would govern the people? We were stolen from our mother country, and brought here.

We have tilled the ground and made fortunes for thousands, and still they are not weary of our services. But they who stay to till the ground must be slaves. Is there not land enough in America, or 'corn enough in Egypt? See the thousands of foreigners emigrating to America every year: and if there be ground sufficient for them to cultivate, and bread for them to eat, why would they wish to send the first tillers of the land away?

Africans have made fortunes for thousands, who are yet unwilling to part with their services; but the free must be sent away, and those who remain, must be Page 65 slaves. I have no doubt that there are many good men who do not see as I do, and who are for sending us to Liberia; but they have not duly considered the subject--they are not men of colour. I have given you, my brethren, an extract verbatim, from the letter of that godly man, as you may find it on the aforementioned page of Freedom's Journal. I know that thousands, and perhaps millions of my brethren in these States, have never heard of such a man as Bishop Allen--a man whom God many years ago raised up among his ignorant and degraded brethren, to preach Jesus Christ and him crucified to them--who notwithstanding, had to wrestle against principalities and the powers of darkness to diffuse that gospel with which he was endowed among his brethren--but who having overcome the combined powers of devils and wicked men, has under God planted a Church among us which will be as durable as the foundation of the earth on which it stands.

Richard Allen! O my God!! The bare recollection of the labours of this man, and his ministers among his deplorably wretched brethren, rendered so by the whites to bring them to a knowledge of the God of Heaven, fills my soul with all those very high emotions which would take the pen of an Addison to portray. It is impossible my brethren for me to say much in this work respecting that man of God.

When the Lord shall raise up coloured historians in succeeding generations, to present the crimes of this nation, to the then gazing world, the Holy Ghost will make them do justice to the name of Bishop Allen, of Philadelphia. Page 66 Suffice it for me to say, that the name of this very man Richard Allen though now in obscurity and degradation, will notwithstanding, stand on the pages of history among the greatest divines who have lived since the apostolic age, and among the Africans, Bishop Allen's will be entirely pre-eminent.

My brethren, search after the character and exploits of this godly man among his ignorant and miserable brethren, to bring them to a knowledge of the truth as it is in our Master. Consider upon the tyrants and false Christians against whom he had to contend in order to get access to his brethren. See him and his ministers in the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, carrying the gladsome tidings of free and full salvation to the coloured people. Tyrants and false Christians however, would not allow him to penetrate far into the South, for fear that he would awaken some of his ignorant brethren, whom they held in wretchedness and misery--for fear, I say it, that he would awaken and bring them to a knowledge of their Maker.

O my Master! I cannot but think upon Christian Americans!!! Will not those who were burnt up in Sodom and Gomorrah rise up in judgment against Christian Americans with the Bible in their hands, and condemn them? Ceased before our Lord entered the Temple, and overturned the tables of the Money Changers. The Antideluvians and heathens never dreamed of such barbarities.

But if he does not deceive them, it will be because he has overlooked it sure enough. But to return to this godly man, Bishop Allen. I do hereby openly affirm it to the world, that he has done more in a spiritual sense for his ignorant and wretched brethren than any other man of colour has, since the world began. And as for the greater part of the whites, it has hitherto been their greatest object and glory to keep us ignorant of our Maker, so as to make us believe that we were made to be slaves to them and their children, to dig up gold and silver for them.

It is notorious that not a few professing Christians among the whites, who profess to love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, have assailed this man and laid all the obstacles in his way they possibly could, consistent with their profession--and what for? Why, their course of proceeding and his, clashed exactly together--they trying their best to keep us ignorant, that we might be the better and more obedient slaves--while he, on the other hand, doing his very best to enlighten us and teach us a knowledge of the Lord. And I am sorry that I have it to say, that many of our brethren have joined in with our oppressors, whose dearest objects are only to keep us ignorant and miserable against this man to stay his hand.

I have several times called the white Americans our natural enemies --I shall here define my meaning of the phrase. Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with their father Noah and wives, I believe were not natural enemies Page 68 to each other. When the ark rested after the flood upon Mount Arrarat, in Asia, they eight were all the people which could be found alive in all the earth--in fact if Scriptures be true, which I believe are there were no other living men in all the earth, notwithstanding some ignorant creatures hesitate not to tell us that we, the blacks are the seed of Cain the murderer of his brother Abel.

But where or of whom those ignorant and avaricious wretches could have got their information, I am unable to declare. Did they receive it from the Bible? I have searched the Bible as well as they, if I am not as well learned as they are, and have never seen a verse which testifies whether we are the seed of Cain or of Abel.

Yet those men tell us that we are the seed of Cain, and that God put a dark stain upon us, that we might be known as their slaves!!! Now, I ask those avaricious and ignorant wretches, who act more like the seed of Cain, by murdering the whites or the blacks? How many vessel loads of human beings, have the blacks thrown into the seas?

How many thousand souls have the blacks murdered in cold blood, to make them work in wretchedness and ignorance, to support them and their families? They the whites know well, if we are men --and there is a secret monitor in their hearts which tells them we are--they know, I say, if we are men, and see them treating us in the manner they do, that there can be nothing in our hearts but death alone, for them, notwithstanding we may appear cheerful, when we see them murdering our dear mothers and wives, because we cannot help ourselves.

Man, in all ages and all nations of the earth, is the same. Man is a peculiar creature--he is the image of his God, though he may be subjected to the most wretched condition upon earth, yet the spirit and feeling which constitute the creature, man, can never be entirely erased from his breast, because the God who made him after his own image, planted it in his heart; he cannot get rid of it. See the inconsistency of the assertions of those wretches--they beat us inhumanely, sometimes almost to death, for attempting to inform ourselves, by reading the Word of our Maker, and at the same time tell us, that we are beings void of intellect!!!!

How admirably their practices agree with their professions in this case. Let me cry shame upon you Americans, for such outrages upon human nature!!! If it were possible for the whites always to keep us ignorant and miserable, and make us work to enrich them and their children, and insult our feelings by representing us as talking Apes, what would they do? But glory, honour and praise to Heaven's King, that the sons and daughters of Africa, will, in spite of all the opposition of their enemies, stand forth in all the dignity and glory that is granted by the Lord to his creature man.

Consequently they, themselves, and not us render themselves our natural enemies, by treating us so cruel.

Religious Doctrines And Traditions

They keep us miserable now, and call us their property, but some of them will have enough of us by and by--their stomachs shall run over with us; they want us for their slaves, and shall have us to their fill. We are all in the world together!! But O, my God! They yield in a moment to the whites, let them be right or wrong--the reason they are able to keep their feet on our throats. You will notice, if ever we become men, I mean respectable men, such as other people are, we must exert ourselves to the full.

For remember, that it is the greatest desire and object of the greater part of the whites, to keep us ignorant, and make us work to support them and their families. It shows at once, what the blacks are, we are ignorant, abject, servile and mean--and the whites know it--they know that we Page 71 are too servile to assert our rights as men--or they would not fool with us as they do. Would they fool with any other people as they do with us?

No, they know too well, that they would get themselves ruined. Why do they not bring the inhabitants of Asia to be body servants to them? They know they would get their bodies rent and torn from head to foot. Why do they not get the Aborigines of this country to be slaves to them and their children, to work their farms and dig their mines? They know well that the Aborigines of this country, or Indians would tear them from the earth.

The Indians would not rest day or night, they would be up all times of night, cutting their cruel throats. But my colour, some, not all, are willing to stand still and be murdered by the cruel whites. In some of the West-India Islands, and over a large part of South America, there are six or eight coloured persons for one white. Four hundred and fifty thousand of whom let them be well equipt for war I would put against every white person on the whole continent of America. The whites know this too, which make them quake and tremble. To show the world further, how servile the coloured people are, I will only hold up to view, the one Island of Jamaica, as a specimen of our meanness.

In that Island, there are three hundred and fifty thousand souls--of whom fifteen thousand are whites, the remainder, three hundred and thirty-five thousand are coloured people! Who hinders them? It is not the avaricious whites--for they are too busily engaged in laying up money--derived from the blood and tears of the blacks. The fact is, they are too servile, they love to have Masters too well!!

Some of our brethren, too, who seeking more after self aggrandisement, than the glory of God, and the welfare of their brethren, join in with our oppressors, to ridicule and say all manner of evils falsely against our Bishop. They think, that they are doing great things, when they can get in company with the whites, to ridicule and make sport of those who are labouring for their good. Poor ignorant creatures, they do not know that the sole aim and object of the whites, are only to make fools and slaves of them, and put the whip to them, and make them work to support them and their families.

But I do say, that no man, can well be a despiser of Bishop Allen, for his public labours among us, unless he is a despiser of God and of Righteousness. Thus, we see, my brethren, the two very opposite positions of those great men, who have written respecting this "Colonizing Plan. Clay and his slave-holding party, men who are resolved to keep us in eternal wretchedness, are also bent upon sending us to Liberia. While the Reverend Bishop Allen, and his party, men who have the fear of God, and the wellfare of their brethren at heart. The Bishop, in particular, whose labours for the salvation of his brethren, are well known to a large part of those, who dwell in the United States, are completely opposed to the plan--and advise us to stay where we are.

Page 73 Now we have to determine whose advice we will take respecting this all important matter, whether we will adhere to Mr. Clay and his slave holding party, who have always been our oppressors and murderers, and who are for colonizing us, more through apprehension than humanity, or to this godly man who has done so much for our benefit, together with the advice of all the good and wise among us and the whites. Will any of us leave our homes and go to Africa? I hope not. They make us fight and murder each other, many of us being ignorant, not knowing any better. That if we were free we would not work, but would live on plunder or theft!!!!

That they are obliged to keep us in bondage to do us good!!!!!! How cunning slave-holders think they are!!! He was willing that Moses, Aaron and the Elders of Israel, but not all the people should go and serve the Lord.

Hobbes’s Moral and Political Philosophy

But God deceived him as he will Christian Americans, unless they are very cautious how they move. What would have become of the United States of America, was it not for those among the whites, who not in words barely, but in truth and in deed, love and fear the Lord? Matthew's Gospel, chap. I adopt the language of the Rev. Cornish, of New York, editor of the Rights of All, and say: "Any coloured man of common intelligence, who gives his countenance and influence to that colony, further than its missionary object and in-interest extend, should be considered as a traitor to his brethren, and discarded by every respectable man of colour.

And every member of that society, however pure his motive, whatever may be his religious character and moral worth, should in his efforts to remove the coloured population from their rightful soil, the land of their birth and nativity, be considered as acting gratuitously unrighteous and cruel. Let me make an appeal brethren, to your hearts, for your cordial co-operation in the circulation of "The Rights of All," among us.

The utility of such a vehicle if rightly conducted, cannot be estimated. I hope that the well informed among us, may see the absolute necessity of their co-operation in its universal spread among us. If we should let it go down, never let us undertake any thing of the kind again, but give up at once and say that we are really so ignorant and wretched that we cannot do any thing at all!! Such men, brethren, ought to be supported by us.

But to return to the colonizing trick. It will be well for me to notice here at once, that I do not mean indiscriminately to condemn all the members and advocates of this scheme, for I believe that there are some friends to the sons of Africa, who are laboring for our salvation, not in words only but in truth and in deed, who have been drawn into this plan.

Our friends who have been imperceptibly drawn into this plot I view with tenderness, and would not for the world injure their feelings, and I have only to hope for the future, that they will withdraw themselves from it;--for I declare to them, that the plot is not for the glory of God, but on the contrary the perpetuation of slavery in this country, which will ruin them and the country forever, unless something is immediately done. Peter — Acts God commanded Peter to disobey strict dietary laws to prepare him to preach the gospel to the Roman centurion, Cornelius.

John The Baptist — Luke Jeremiah — Jer. Isaac and Jesus — Gen. Isaiah — Isa. Samson and John the Baptist — Judges ; Luke Ask — Do we truly believe this about Biblical knowledge? Web Clip — cars. Length: In one of the popular ads that accompanied the Super Bowl, Cars. From his earliest years, Timothy displayed an amazing level of confidence, and his confidence came from knowledge. As a toddler eating in his high chair, he saw a pan of food cooking on the stove catch fire. Knowing somehow that baking soda puts out fires, Timothy calmly threw his rattle at a box of baking soda located on a shelf above the flaming pan, knocking over the box, which poured the soda into the pan and extinguished the flames.

As a boy about to learn to ride a bike, Timothy stands straddling the bike as his dad prepares to put on the training wheels. Timothy says, "Balance, momentum, and a low center of gravity," and with that knowledge fully absorbed, before Timothy's dad can get the training wheels on, Timothy pedals the bike away and down the driveway.

Religion and Morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In junior high, Timothy confidently walks up to a teen on an Italian beach who has been stung on the leg by a jellyfish and acting on his knowledge of first aid, he pours vinegar on the inflamed skin. He explains in perfect Italian that vinegar can neutralize jellyfish stings. As a high school student on safari in Africa, he uses his knowledge of veterinary obstetrics to deliver a baby Bengal tiger that was breeched.

As an adult, Timothy gets out of his car on a highway as a tornado approaches a bus full of cheerleaders. Using his knowledge of storm cells and tornadoes, he explains to the cheerleaders that they will be safe if they exit the bus and lie in a low-lying depression beside the road. Just as the cheerleaders and Timothy jump safely into the ditch, the bus rises in the air and is carried away by the tornado. The narrator explains, however, as Timothy stands with a scared look on his face in a new car lot, "When it came time to buy a new car, he was just as nervous as the rest of us.

Then Timothy sees a Cars. The narrator concludes, "So Timothy Richman got his knowledge at Cars. This little commercial entertainingly illustrates the fact that no matter how much knowledge and confidence you have in many areas of life, you can still be clueless in another important area of living. Now share six reasons Chuck Swindoll says the pursuit of knowledge of the Scriptures give power. Knowledge gives substance to faith. Knowledge stabilizes us during times of testing. Knowledge enables us to handle the Word of God accurately. Knowledge equips us to detect and confront error.

Knowledge filters out fears and superstitions.

Utilize the discussion guide to examine the Scripture passages. It is a powerful song about truly knowing God and living for Him. Close the lesson by playing the song and asking members to make it their prayer. Your face is all I seek. For when your eyes,. Are on this child. Your grace abounds to me. I want to take your Word,. And shine it all around. But first help me just to live it Lord. Help me to never seek a crown. For my reward is giving glory to You. Oh Lord, please light the fire,. That once burned bright and clear.

Preaching in Worship: Voice of God, Voice of Christ (4)

Replace the lamp of my first love,. That burns with holy fear. I want to take Your Word,. But first let me live it Lord. For when your eyes. Teacher Copy. What is the central truth of 2 Peter? How can I grow in the knowledge of Christ? Outline action steps from Col. Receive Christ. Focus on Him. Rooted in Him. Built up in Him. Be thankful. Avoid the things of the world. Follow Christ alone. Does God grant us everything we want? What is the difference between my wants and my needs? What happens to a Christian as he grows in the knowledge of Christ?

Student Copy.