Segreti a parigi (Italian Edition)

Book Presentation: "Secrets of Roma" by Corrado Augias
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Adored by critics and readers alike, "I segreti di Roma" has at last been translated into English and has come out in the US in April with Rizzoli. With "I segreti di Roma", Augias returns to the winning format of the earlier volumes on Paris, New York, and London to illuminate twenty-seven centuries of Roman history.

A dizzying array of characters emerges—famous names from history as well as little-known figures from everyday life—as Augias reveals the mysteries and treacherous silences that have shaped the city in ways we can only begin to suspect. Augias pictures a city built on passions, village and metropolis at once where all human experience finds its place. He is the author of detective novels and a trilogy of spy stories, as well a book on the painter Modigliani Il viaggiatore alato. The Theme: Women playing guitars have a long history in European painting.

Depicted in landscapes in Venetian paintings of the sixteenth century, these woman, usually in sensuous dress, are seductive both as courtesans and representations of love. Seventeenth-century French engravings of modes and manners often depict women with a guitar, lost in reverie. The subject was often repeated in the hands of Picasso and Matisse as well. Stephan Wolohojian Galleria nazionale d'arte antica, Palazzo Barberini.

Biella, Italy. Museo del Territorio Biellese. Palazzo Pitti, Museo degli Argenti. Accademia di Francia a Roma - Villa Medici. I], as "Un Quadro in tela palmi quattro rappresentante una Figura che suona la Chitarra, Pittore fiammingho cornice modello Salvator Rosa cornice ad oro buono 0. Luigi Grassi. Gerald Burdon. William R. The Painting of Simon Vouet. New Haven, , pp. Donald Posner. Georgette Dargent and Jacques Thuillier. V3, fig. Ward Bissell. I caravaggeschi francesi. Rome, [], pp. Benedict Nicolson.

The International Caravaggesque Movement. Oxford, , p. Anna Maria Pedrocchi. Le Stanze del Tesoriere: la Quadreria Patrizi, cultura senese nella storia del collezionismo romano del Seicento. Milan, , p. Twilight is the time and Irregular Disco Workers are providing the atmosphere. Chocolate covered bass lines, crisp claps with an addictive quality that warrants a health warning. The flip introduces itself with the sun streaked arpeggios of "Electronic Emotions".

Clean shaven the track pulses with energy, gentle builds tumbling into breaks brimming with blissed-out tones.

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The curtain fall comes with the considered moods of "Crisi Mistica". Broad bass and steady thump part as a sleek melody is set in motion, bars twirling into a moonlit end. Summer time coming early in the Bordello. Turning back the clock, before fast forwarding it, comes Giovanni Damico as G-Machine. An audio alumnus of Cosmo Vitelli and Daniele Baldelli comes a new a virtuoso of space boogie. Buckle up, destination: Primo Contatto. Across eight tracks the Italian astronaut traverses the sounds of the cosmos.

Warbling reverberations introduce "Flying Objects", with thick bands of synthesizer throbbing in its veins. The ultra slick "Contact" follows. Electrofunk bars float beneath stratospheric synth. Styles co-mingle. Patrick Cowley melts with Afrika Bambaataa. Disco Magic meets Tommy Boy. An overarching groove permeates the album, a heady funk that courses through tracks like "Body on the Ground" and "Transmission".

The moon based mirrorball sounds flex and flow, "It's A Shame" cutting floors with sleek vocoders and addictive analogue riches. If you're waiting for re-entry think again, there is no return ticket.

G-Machine will only be taking passengers further and further on his cosmic odyssey with tracks like "In My Arms" and "Boogie Down". Buck Rogers in the 25th century breakdowns and rollerskate goodness from needle drop to the run-out. Fred Ventura strikes again on the Bordello A Parigi label.

With a classic italo production by Spain's talented Synergic Silence it can't go wrong: fist pumping and heartbreaking love bangers! Comes with beautiful picture sleeve. The Nordic wizard of suspense strikes back with two ultra extended heavy hitter anthems: a rollercoaster of sophisticated thrills for an ultimate Hitchcockian ecstacy.

A future classic! Limited to copies. A tribute to the Italian Houdini: Haldin. A sought after holy grail by Magic Sound that sets a new dimension to the italo disco sound. Un uomo privo di paura non e un uomo normale! Retro-fetish space jakkers by this very promising lady cat from Berlin.

A cosmic trip by night trough the big city neighbourhoods. Move those feet! Rotterdam's Machinegewehr strikes again on Bordello A Parigi! Two club bangers with beautiful artwork from the man himself. Must have! Trying is the first step towards failure. Alden Tyrell and DJ Overdose are back once again with the misery! The glamorous duo Hard Ton teamed up with the legendary disco icon Paul Parker!

A huge disco-house cult explosion as result! This record will take you back to all eras of electronic dance music. A perfect balanced vocal marriage powered with energetic productions which makes you want to move your feet from second one. On top some extra Italian cookery with top notch remixes of the title track by Discodromo and Uabos. Work that body! Another true italo holy grail sees the light again on the Bordello A Parigi label! Originally released in and high in demand ever since. The euphoric synths and the spacey vocals accompanied by Dario Dedemo makes this record a crazy addictive classic.

Fully remastered tracks for your best listening pleasure and on top a killer remix by the one and only Flemming Dalum. Just do it, just do it, just do it, do it, do it! Local Suicide are a Berlin love story. Having met across a set of turntables, DJs, producers and dancefloor all-rounders Brax Moody and Vamparela have connected as a German and Greek soundclash since , and 'We Can Go Everywhere' rubberstamps their partnership on what is their debut EP. The onetime members of the short-lived 'Local Suzie' band project have gone on to dominate Berlin's live spots, a grounding that has since seen them filling their passports from New York to Tunesia, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Barcelona as well becoming event organisers and attractions both home and abroad wherever there's a set of decks.

Multi-taskers coming with divergent interests in hip-hop, electroclash and most things in between, and with an intimate knowledge of their respective regional movements AND the pair also running a respected music blog, Local Suicide are not usually found without their hands to the pump. Just when you think it's about to bust out a set of 80s sized shoulder pads, and those synth injections scream out from a bygone era of bigger being better admittedly the same can be said for the drop-down bass , the pair roll out the beats with a caution turning the vibe into something best served come witching hour.

Sprinkling the glitz and glamour with grit and candour and a touch of Gallic groove sensibility, paves the way for three remixes to follow suit. The future-retro scale is further determined when you have the expertise of In Flagranti to truly quantize the boogie, looping the chorus just behind a mix of digital distress signals and road trip guitars until it becomes something near an incantation of Bananarama. Alex Gloor and Sasha Crnobrnja complete two halves of basement seriousness and a hop down a yellow brick road, giving off sharp catwalk glances before breaking out the worm in the name of Factory funk.

Inigo Vontier trains tracky, fractal-examining synths for a deep tech-disco hustle. Powered by low slung electrohouse blips that cram and gang up on the dancefloor so that it needs water cannon fire to disperse it, the Mexican simultaneously makes the original sound intensely alone and on the run, the vocal daring not speak its name until it rushes from the ground on the breakdown with a sense of release.

The flashes of those kitsch-tipped synths again keep reminding you of the package's Euro destination. Tom Tom Disco's Richard Rossa is another bringing sounds back and forward, putting spit and shine on mainframe sequences so a vintage glitterball can spin once more.

ISBN 13: 9788804667445

With the ubiquitous synth shunts and bongo percussion not losing sight of the fact that there's a still pop-ish party going on, the Scandinavian revels in the dust and debris that his machinery comes coloured in, coming up with a snippy slice of incessant analogue disco ensuring Local Suicide's original revels in its retro roots to the last. Ton's unique falsetto grooving up all together. Italian synths wizard Massimiliano Pagliara Live At Robert Johnson and Brazilian producer Rotciv Luv Shack , under their moniker The Rimshooters, deliver a dub version that brings the original track to a more seedy and smoky club atmosphere.

Last but not least a melancholic German cover version by the mysterious duo Clima: the perfect closing act to this flamboyant single! Ranging from sexy, groovin dizko to deep, dark and dancey trax Neud supply the goods on a spacey platter. Rotterdam strikes again! Machinegewehr's debut release with the gorgeous vocals of Gees Voorhees.

Elitechnique delivers a very nice remix to complete the A side.

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On the flipside we have the golden combination of A Visitor From Another Meaning aka Alden Tyrell and the legendary Fred Ventura with a rework on the lyrics and the beat. A huge release with a big package of artists and a nice picture cover shot by Bordello's in house photographer Eric Gonzalez. Different countries, different styles. Carefully selected by Julien Tavernier for the Riviera Disco club. Limited to copies worldwide! Raw electro horror disco by the flamboyant chief of Giallo! Two vocal tracks, one club version of the title track and a more slow paced instrumental track to serve everybody's needs.

Intense trips from another world. It's exactly 20 years ago since Rude 66 dropped his first record. Time to celebrate with this monster release on Bordello A Parigi. Killer vocoders, crushing beats and heavy dark arps. A definitive must have! A melancholic duet created by italo vocalist Marc Fruttero and the talented producer Andreas Nicolaides from Greece. On top the beautiful female vocals of Polymnia Kondyli. Sensitive and catchy! This hot shot from Berlin delivers a never ending holiday at the beautiful shores of his native country: Italy. Heroic adventures in the innercity, lazy afternoons at the beach and long sweaty club nights till dawn.

Have you packed your bags yet Limited supplies! All the beloved Bordello A Parigi ingredients: sexy female vocals, Italian lyrics and tight ass italo synths: a sultry aphrodisiac! Perfect while stretching your legs intoxicated by the smell of sun cream at the Adriatic Sea, driving through the Abruzzo mountains on a hot summer evening or flirting in the burning sun with tanned beauties at your backyard private swimming pool south of Tuscany.

This summer hit comes with a beautiful picture cover by LA photographer Eric I. Gonzalez: limited supplies! La Vita Non E Cara. Superb European floor filler disco obscurities; edited by the greatest italo disco connaisseur from Down Under: Hysteric. Comes with beautiful stickered picture cover, handstamped label and numbered press sheet. Limited edition of copies. After 25 years Bordello A Parigi offers you these mid's italo-disco-bangers on vinyl again. Three old killer releases transformed in one reissue.

The three course menu contains the two hard hittin' D. Carred's first production on vinyl in The Item is out of Stock. The item is already in stock and will be shipped from 22.01.2019. You can order the product now. This item has not yet been released. You can pre-order the product now.

Order now. Collecting orders for repress. Bordello A Parigi News only available. So Many Men add artist to watchlist Voskhod. Techno Electro Techno. Modula add artist to watchlist Robotic Body Shake 7". A1: Original Version B1: Dub. Uabos add artist to watchlist Shadow EP. House Deep Tech. Longhair add artist to watchlist Squirt. House Disco Nu Disco. Beats Ambient Pop Soundtrack. Beats Break-Beat Electro. Various Artists add artist to watchlist Riviera Disco vol. House Electro Disco Nu Disco.

Pop Synth-Pop. Spencer Miles add artist to watchlist Dominatrix 12". A1: Dominatrix B1: Quasimodo. Three Of You add artist to watchlist T. House Limited Pop Electric.

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Kindle Price: £ includes VAT*. This price was set by the publisher. * Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT. Dall'autrice del bestseller Un diamante da Tiffany Da qualche parte, lungo le strade di Parigi, c'è un appartamento sommerso da strati di polvere e segreti: è.

House Disco Italo Nu Disco. Galanty add artist to watchlist Crackin. What's crackin' It's Galanty from Serbia with four italoesque club jams on Bordello! Theo Special add artist to watchlist Ivory Ep. Ichisan add artist to watchlist Aperitiv Selected Reworks Ep. House Disco Slow. Cristalli Liquidi add artist to watchlist Ecco I Remix. House Deep Disco. Italoconnection add artist to watchlist Humanize Remixes Ep. Various Artists add artist to watchlist Riviera Disco Vol.

Luca Dell'orso add artist to watchlist Quattro Ep. Four italoesque electro-disco jams by the up-and-coming producer Luca Dell'Orso! House Disco Italo Pop Disco. Volta Cab add artist to watchlist Rise Again 2lp. House Deep Beats. Mr Pauli add artist to watchlist At Night 12". A1: At Night B1: Together. G-machine add artist to watchlist Disco Nightmare 12". Cristalli Liquidi add artist to watchlist Cristalli Liquidi Lp. Hard Ton add artist to watchlist Triple Xl.

House Deep Minimal Disco Tech.

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Odessa add artist to watchlist Private Disco Show. House Italo Nu Disco Wave. The Hacker add artist to watchlist Midnight Bliss 12". House Acid. Uabos add artist to watchlist Mystic Force 12". House Disco Acid. Modula add artist to watchlist Autostrada Galattica Lp. House Disco Beats. Surf Dancer add artist to watchlist Rainbow Man Ep. Italoconnection add artist to watchlist Metropoli 2lp. Yellocat add artist to watchlist Dans La Boutique Ep. House Disco. Futuro add artist to watchlist Alboroto Lp. Digital Romance add artist to watchlist Digital Romance Ep.

Italoconnection add artist to watchlist Voyage Ep. A1: Italoconnection Feat. G-machine add artist to watchlist Flying Objects. G-Machine returns to planet earth with five boogie bangers from space! Rude 66 add artist to watchlist From Reason To Ritual 2lp. House Disco Nu Disco Limited. Hannulelauri add artist to watchlist Earth 12". Riccardi Schola add artist to watchlist On My Mind 12". Daniel Kyo add artist to watchlist Evanescence 12". Santuareg add artist to watchlist Milfopolis. House Disco Italo. Ichisan add artist to watchlist Aperitiv 2lp.

Transfigure add artist to watchlist Translation Lp. House Disco Electronica. Ali Renault add artist to watchlist Altro Mondo 12". House Electro Disco. Ichisan add artist to watchlist Metamundus 12". Infinity Night add artist to watchlist Winter. San Giovanni Bassista add artist to watchlist Don't Go.

Bijou add artist to watchlist Bienvenue Bord 12". House Disco Dj Bags. Franz Scala add artist to watchlist Discoteca Paradiso 12". Zombies In Miami add artist to watchlist Turquoise 12". A1: Turquoise B1: Hipodromo. Marco Segreti add artist to watchlist Elisabetta 2lp. House Deep Disco Italo Beats. House Electronica Nu Disco. House Disco Dance Nu Disco. Lippi Lippi add artist to watchlist Valentine. A1: Valentine B1: House Wave.

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Dj Arch. Marcello Bertini add artist to watchlist P. A1: Sigla Side B1: Instrumental. House Italo. Bionda E Lupo add artist to watchlist Ton Rire. Ric Piccolo add artist to watchlist Austral Works 4. House Nu Disco. Manhooker Feat. House Nu Disco Wave. Casanova add artist to watchlist Tutti Quanti 10".