The Course of Andean History (Diálogos Series)

Peter V. N. Henderson
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Matthew Restall makes expert use of Spanish and Maya language documents from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries, found in a dozen different archives. His goal is to discover what life was like for a people hitherto ignored by historians. He explores such topics as slavery and freedom, militia service and family life, bigamy and witchcraft, and the ways in which Afro-Yucatecans as he dubs them interacted with Mayas and Spaniards. Restall concludes that, in numerous ways, Afro-Yucatecans lived and worked in a middle space between—but closely connected to—Mayas and Spaniards.

The book's "black middle" thesis has profound implications for the study of Africans throughout the Americas.

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With startling speed, Spanish conquistadors invaded hundreds of Native American kingdoms, took over the mighty empires of the Aztecs and Incas, and initiated an unprecedented redistribution of the world's resources and balance of power. They changed the course of history, but the myth they established was even stranger than their real achievements. This Very Short Introduction deploys the latest scholarship to shatter and replace the traditional narrative. Chapters explore New World civilizations prior to the invasions, the genesis of conquistador culture on both sides of the Atlantic, the roles black Africans and Native Americans played, and the consequences of the invasions.

The book reveals who the conquistadors were and what made their adventures possible. Latin America in Colonial Times. Few milestones in human history are as dramatic and momentous as the meeting of three great civilizations on American soil in the sixteenth century. Latin America in Colonial Times presents that story in an engaging but scholarly new package, revealing how a new civilization - Latin America - emerged from that encounter. The authors give equal attention to the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors and settlers, to the African slaves they brought across the Atlantic, and to the indigenous peoples whose lands were invaded.

From the dawn of empires in the fifteenth century, through the conquest age of the sixteenth, to the end of empire in the nineteenth, Latin America in Colonial Times combines broad brush strokes with the anecdotal details that bring the era to life. The Riddle of Latin America. This is essential because in Latin America colonialism started early and independence came late.

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The aim of this book is to provide unfamiliar readers with a more balanced, interpretive view of Latin America's long and complex history by identifying key patterns and trends and tracing them across time and space. Did the Maya really predict that the world would end in December of ? If not, how and why has millenarianism gained such popular appeal?

The Course of Andean History (Diálogos Series)

Seller Inventory Ahumada et al. His parents built their own adobe house, raised their Chronicles during the reign of Emperor Wanli [] from northern China mention severe frosts in and frequently cold weather, including snowfall in Huai'an County [] and Hebei and severe frost in Gansu , [] Shanxi and Hebei during summer. In I discovered the remains of a turquoise work site beside a reservoir or pool in the centre of the Huari city, that previously had not been recognised.

In this deeply knowledgeable book, two leading historians of the Maya answer these questions in a succinct, readable, and accessible style. Matthew Restall and Amara Solari introduce, explain, and ultimately demystify the phenomenon. They begin by briefly examining the evidence for the prediction of the world's end in ancient Maya texts and images, analyzing precisely what Maya priests did and did not prophesize. The authors then convincingly show how millenarianism has roots far in time and place from Maya cultural traditions, but in those of medieval and Early Modern Western Europe.

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Revelatory any myth-busting, while remaining firmly grounded in historical fact, this fascinating book will be essential reading as the countdown to December 21, , begins. Translated into English, these texts were written from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries by Nahuas from central Mexico, Mixtecs from Oaxaca, Maya from Yucatan, and other groups from Mexico and Guatemala. This collection provides college teachers and students access to important new sources for the history of Latin America and Native Americans.

It is the first to present the translated writings of so many native groups and to address such a variety of topics, including conquest, government, land, household, society, gender, religion, writing, law, crime, and morality. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest. Here is an intriguing exploration of the ways in which the history of the Spanish Conquest has been misread and passed down to become popular knowledge of these events.

At the same time, Professor Andrien explains how the indigenous peoples merged these changes with their own political, socio-economic, and religious traditions. In this way European and indigenous life ways became intertwined, producing a new and constantly evolving hybrid colonial order in the Andes.

After beginning with a study of Tawintinsuyu on the eve of the Spanish invasion, Andrien then presents the salient topics in Andean colonial history: the emergence of the colonial state; the colonial socio-economic order; indigenous culture and society; Spanish attempts to impose Roman Catholic orthodoxy; and Andean resistance, rebellion, and political consciousness.

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By drawing on his own research and the contributions from scholars in many disciplines, Kenneth J. Andrien offers a masterful interpretation of Andean colonial history, one of the most dynamic and creative fields in Latin American studies. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. The book is not only packed with information; it is clearly and elegantly written. This book would also be of interest to those interested in colonial studies more generally.

Few scholars are able to succesfully present this type of 'big picture' analysis of nearly three centuries of history but Andrien's book is intellectually stimulating while being both concise and readable. Andrien's Andean Worlds: Indigenous History, Culture and Consciousness under Spanish Rule, is a well-written, accessible volume that traces the history of the Andean people and their culture before and during Spanish rule.

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