The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount

The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount
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This study was codified by the intellectual descendants of ben Zakkai into the two Talmuds Babylonian and Palestinian, the first having precedence containing the oral law Mishnah and rabbinic commentary Gemara with the latter having ultimate normative authority in the Jewish religion. And for those who slander us, let there be no hope, and let all wickedness vanish in an instant.

May all your enemies, the enemies of your people, be quickly cut off, and as for the insolent may you quickly trouble, shatter, overthrow and humiliate them in our time. Blessed are you, Adonai , who shatters the enemies and humiliates the insolent. It is the source of no little confusion to both Jews and Christians today to understand, that just as Orthodox Judaism from the time of ben Zakkai has rejected Christianity as a heresy, so must authentic Christianity reject the Jewish religion from the time of the destruction of the Temple as a heresy as well.

Let us explain exactly what we mean by this so there will be no confusion. In the same vein the late convert Father Elias Friedman, O. Where then does this leave the Jewish religion as invented by Yohanan ben Zakkai? It may be a contra-intuitive position, but Christianity is older than Judaism as it is the true Old Testament religion living on after the destruction of the Temple. However, neither Jews nor many Christians grasped this, so the next 20 centuries would become a map of various heresies from both religions.

Well, if the Jewish religion as we know it today is not a valid alternative approach to God, what about the people who call themselves Jewish from an ethnic or religious perspective?

Third Temple

Well, the answer to all these questions is, in the main, no. What most gentiles fail to realize is that ethnically today the Jewish people are divided into two groups, one which historically dwelt in the Mediterranean basin known as the Sephardim and who spoke an early variety of Spanish known as Ladino. While in Hebrew the words Sephardim and Ashkenazim related to Spain and Germany respectively, it does not follow that these two groups only dwelt in those two countries. The historical explanation for the vast numbers of Yiddish speaking Jews in what was called the Pale of Settlement in the Czarist Empire was that these people were the descendants from the original exiles from the Holy Land who migrated through the Western Roman Empire and then from France into Germany during the early Middle Ages.

With anti-Jewish pogroms associated with the Crusades, these Jews were pushed further east into the Slavic lands, where they prospered. As the distinguished author Arthur Koestler , himself of Ashkenazi heritage, pointed out in his book The Thirteenth Tribe , these peoples may have had a gentile rather than a Jewish ancestry. The story of the conversion of this Turkic people to rabbinic Judaism is one of the most unknown stories of history. In apparently the eighth century A.

So he invited rabbis from Babylon to convert his people to Talmudic Judaism. The Khazar kingdom flourished for a few centuries until conquered by a Viking people, the Varangians. Over time these Vikings would intermarry with the local Slavs to create the Russian ethnic group we know today. The descendants of the Khazars moved west into the areas that became Poland , the Ukraine , where they became the Ashkenazi Jews, who under czarist persecution at the end of the 19th century decamped in large numbers for New York City and other places in the western world.

It also means that most of the inhabitants of the state of Israel are not the genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, although they have displaced people who probably are. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of anti-Semitism in America today, as we can see from statements from the U.

The fact that the national aspiration of a large number of Jewish people since the late 19th century have been aimed at setting up a large state in the Middle East is itself a heresy from the Jewish religion. About a generation after the death of Johanan ben Zakkai , the Jews of the Holy Land rose under Bar Kokhba against the Romans with even more disastrous results. With the breakdown of the Jewish ghetto regime of the rabbis after the French Revolution, a secular ideology known as Zionism, the counterpart to the nationalistic movements of 19th century Europe , spread among the newly emancipated Jews.

Modern Messiah. The modern Messiah was an unbelieving Viennese journalist named Theodor Herzl , who on seeing the outbursts of anti-Jewish feelings in France with the Dreyfus affair, felt that Jews needed a state of their own and was originally willing to settle for land in Uganda. However, the more traditional Jews of Eastern Europe redirected his quest towards the Holy Land and literature started to appear showing Moses leaning out of a cloud to pass his staff to Herr Herzl , who was not fluent in Hebrew.

Zionism became a project of secularized Jews to prevent their assimilation into their host nations. As Gorenberg relates,. If modernity had you, your faith, Zionism, allowed you to remain a Jew, by reframing the Jews as a nation.

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Zionism was also the favorite Jewish group of another rabid nationalist group, the German Nazi Party, and the Third Reich cooperated with Zionist organizations in shipping unwilling German Jews to Palestine in the days before the start of the Second World War. Great Britain , who then occupied Palestine , and under terms of their Balfour Declaration was trying to do right by both the Jews and Arabs, was looking for an alternate colony for Jewish immigration, in places like Uganda or Madagascar. With the start of the war immigration was halted, the Nazis adopted other methods in dealing with the Jews of Eastern Europe, and Zionists occupied a disproportionate number of leadership positions in the Judenrat councils that were established in the ghettoes as part of the Final Solution.

The Revisionist Zionists, who ultimately became the Likud Party, in the first years of the struggle, were writing to Adolf Hitler suggesting that they make common war on the British. The Fuehrer turned them down as he wished to maintain the British Empire as a pillar of world stability, but the Zionist underground did attack their British protectors in Palestine as soon as the war was over. Some of the Orthodox rabbinate got on board the Zionist train.

A Lithuanian rabbi Avraham Kook, whose family would play a leading role in Israeli religious affairs, moved to the Holy Land early in the twentieth century and felt, in a classic example of post hoc ergo propter hoc thinking that. What the rabbis saw in Zionism was an antidote to the socialistic and communistic ideologies that were sweeping through Eastern European Jewry.

British journalist Douglas Reed pointed out many of the leading Ashkenazi families contained both important Zionists and Communists. The ways of God are mysterious indeed; by the time the number of immigrant Jews reached a critical mass in the Holy Land, around , a cycle of violence by both Jews and Arabs began at the flash-point shrines of the Temple Mount and Hebron, sacred to both Islam and Judaism, and that violence has continued unabated until the present. It is interesting to note that the U.

Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount

The second obstacle concerns the location of the temple. Leia mais Leia menos. The first to flock to see her were the ultra-Orthodox, the Jews who most vehemently criticize modernity. Holy to both Judaism and Islam, the Mount is where nationalism and faith join in a volatile mix. But the cow was a problem. Yet proximity to death is an unavoidable part of life, and sacrifice was how Israelites served God.

Of course the fact that the Zionist ideology is so near to total success is due in large measure to the imposition of American military might in the Middle East. To understand how that happens we have to turn from the history of Jewish heresy to the parallel track of Christian heresy. It would appear that the basic heresy among Christians concerns the relationship of the Old Testament and its people, Israel , and the New Testament and the Church.

This problem was apparent almost from the beginning when the second century figure, Marcion , saw a major disjunction between the loving Father mentioned by Jesus and the stern Yahweh of the Old Testament. At around the same time that Marcion was teaching his theories to the Christians of Rome, another sect, centering on Montanus , taught the imminent return of Jesus Christ, spoke in tongues, prophesied and preached a rigorous discipline.

Fast forward to the 11th century where a Benedictine abbot in Sicily , Joachim of Fiore , was also taken with the supposed differences in the two Testaments and came up with what probably is the prototype of all dispensational theories.

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Joachim taught that there were three distinct phases of revelation to humanity tied to each Person of the Blessed Trinity. What should be noted is that the Catholic Church condemned most of the theories of Marcion , Montanus , and Joachim as heretical.

Around the time of the Renaissance, not only was the study of Greek resumed in the Western world but Hebrew was studied as well. What is not well known today is that part of the Reformation was caused by the modernist scripture scholars of that day applying Jewish sources to the study of the Bible. One of the major German literary figures of the late fifteenth century, Johannes Reuchlin , started the study of Hebrew under the direction of rabbis, and not only did some more grammatically correct rendering of the psalms but dabbled in the Cabbala, the Jewish book of black magic, as well.

Among all the other cries for reform of the Church in Germany during that era, people like Reuchlin were showing that the rabbis had a different method of interpreting the scriptures than that of the official Church. This scholar became involved in a prolonged battle with a sincerely converted Jew, Johann Pfefferkorn , over the anti-Christian elements in the Talmud. This debate was ultimately elevated to the pope, who decided that the rabbinic writings could be used as an aid to interpretation of scripture. While Reuchlin rejected the Protestant position, his dabbling into Talmudic and Cabbalistic sources lit the flame on the dry fields of the German church and found a ready audience among the German clergy.

As Hilaire Belloc has noted, at that point both the Catholics and the Reformers still believed in only one Church and Luther probably felt that his reforms would help convert the Jews. When they rejected his approaches, he took time from his polemical battles with Papists and Anabaptists to pen Against the Jews and their Lies , something for which the Lutheran Churches have been doing public penance in recent decades. Regardless of what Luther felt about the Jews, the Old Testament and things Jewish became central to a large part of Protestantism and in particular the Protestantism of the British Isles.

A large minority of these people never accepted the Elizabethan compromise that resulted in the Anglican Church as a mid- point between the traditional Catholicism and the Reform and felt there were still too many popish remainders in both church and society like the horrible feast of Christmas.

Early in the 17th century many of this party, the Puritans, felt that England was irreformable and decided to create a New England in the new lands across the Atlantic where they could impose the Old Testament law code on a modern society and show that God was prospering his elect by working on December 25th. These first emigrants left the mother country too soon to fight alongside the Puritan party in England , which would come to power in a few decades under Oliver Cromwell , behead the king, admit the Jews to the country, and conduct a war of ethnic cleansing against the Catholics in Ireland.

The Puritans ultimately failed in their attempt to create an Old Testament theocracy in Merry Olde England, but a love of things Jewish would long remain in that society.

In the New World a new nation was developing, and, as G. Chesterton would say, America had the soul of a church. However, this famous British convert to Catholicism needs to be corrected on this point, America has the soul of a heretical church. In New England , by the year , the solvent of the Enlightenment had been working away at the foundations of the Old Testament theocracy.

The older Puritan theories of the Old Testament theocracy were migrating with the frontier line to the South and West. Charles Finney, a lawyer turned preacher started modern American revivalism with tent meetings throughout the area beginning in A uniquely Protestant heresy got its start there too.

Based on the alleged revelations from the angel Moroni near Rochester , Joseph Smith claimed that the American Indian tribes were actually the ten lost tribes of Israel , about whose fate generations of Old Testament readers had fixated on and that Jesus Christ had appeared to them as well.

Gorenberg Gershom - The end of days

Mormonism is the Protestant heresy par excellence as it adds books of scripture to the sola scriptura faith. While Smith and his colleague Brigham Young would ultimately lead their Church of the Latter Day Saints or Mormons to what is now Utah, they were both sons of New England immigrants to upstate New York, as well as Freemasons, and their Temple ceremonies incorporate many lodge rituals, not to mention their resurrection of Old Testament polygamy.

However, the Masons, whose rituals had been a major part of American public life in the Revolutionary era, suffered a setback when they murdered William Morgan in Batavia, New York in for having published a book exposing Masonic doctrine. This would give rise to the first of the modern political groups, the Anti-Masonic Party, that would later become an element in the future Republican Party. However, the biggest spiritual event in America in the first half of the 19th century centered around a long-standing Protestant pastime of reading the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel together with Revelation in order to come up with the date for the Second Coming of Christ.

Over the next two decades he traveled the country and amassed a large number of followers. In he discovered that his date was off by one year but set October 22, , the Jewish Day of Atonement, as the definitive date for the end of the world, and many of his followers sold all they had and prepared to meet the Lord on that day. This body would also have a profound animus against the Catholic Church, something which is typical of groups that obsess on applying the Old Testament today.

The End of Days

In the British Isles , at about the time Prophet Miller was spreading the word of the imminent Second Coming, something similar was taking place. Around a Scottish preacher by the name of Edward Irving was preaching a premillenial rapture of the saints based on the writings of a South American Jesuit Manuel de Lacunza. His theories were also aided by a local Scottish mystic named Margaret Macdonald; their theories on the rapture also called for the return of the Jews to the Holy Land to reestablish their kingdom when the elect were caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus.

The theory quickly spread to the Protestants of Ireland who were at this period going through something of an identity crisis. This created a bitter controversy among Irish Protestants with the ultimate disestablishment of the Church of Ireland coming in later decades. The word — much beloved of the spelling bees of my youth — antidisestablishmentarianism dates from this controversy.

The Church goes up when Jesus comes down, and the Jews go back to the Holy Land ; there is no way this theory can be squared with Catholic theology.

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Compre o livro End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. The End of Days. Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount. Gershom Gorenberg. In this provocative work, Gorenberg portrays a.

But the basic question is just how Christian are premillenial dispensationalists? They claim to have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and want to spread their witness among all the unsaved, particularly Catholics. Actually Calvary Chapel is a fast growing franchise church now spreading throughout the country like the Burger King of churches.

Really Christians? But are they really Christians? The answer is, despite their protestations to the contrary, no. The Jews rejected his claim; what was He to do now? Well according to their theory, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and the Word through whom the universe was made, had to improvise a back-up plan known as the Church, which involved the gentiles.

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End of Days is a study of the apocalyptic views and struggles between various religious groups, namely Jews, Christians and Muslims, over Jerusalem's Temple Mount, believed to be the key to salvation as the end of the world, the apocalypse, draws near. In this book, Gorenberg weaves a story that stretches from California churches to West Bank settlements, explaining why believers hope for the End, and why prominent American fundamentalists provide hard-line support for Israel, while looking forward to an apocalypse in which they expect Jews to die or else convert.

He makes sense of the messianic fervor that has driven Israeli settlers to oppose peace, and describes the Islamic apocalyptic visions that cast Israel's actions in Jerusalem as diabolic plots. Modern Jewish and Christian messianic activists have aspired to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple, each in fulfillment of different biblical prophecies.

Meanwhile, popular Muslim thinking holds that a Jewish desecration or destruction of Al Aqsa may also be a preliminary event to the apocalypse and the ultimate triumph of Islam. Ultimately, the site as described by Gorenberg, is the "single stage on which three different plays unfold Leia mais Leia menos. Comece a ler The End of Days no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto. He lives in Jerusalem, where he has spent years covering the dangerous mix of religion and politics. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. From the title "End of Days," it would appear this is just another apocalyptic prediction of the Rapture followed by "the great wrap up.