The Principles of Powerful Prayer

8 Principles from Scripture (and God's Character) to Strengthen Prayers
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Our prayers for guidance are made more powerful because fasting emphasizes the earnestness of our prayers. Furthermore, when we fast and pray, we turn away from the things of the world and recognize our dependence on the Lord. Prayer and fasting also increase our ability to use the priesthood effectively.

Principles for Answered Prayer

Both we and others are blessed when we learn that the power of the priesthood can be used only when we live the principles of righteousness. The following story tells how one priesthood bearer learned the power of fasting and praying in helping him use the priesthood:. They told the parents that their boy would either die or be physically and mentally handicapped.

As a bearer of the Melchizedek Priesthood, John decided to give his son a blessing. And so he simply blessed the boy that he would be comfortable. After the blessing, John and Bonnie began to fast to know the will of the Lord and to be able to accept it. John again blessed his son. This time the Spirit whispered to him to bless the child that he would be healed completely. Their son was healed, and three days later they took him home from the hospital. How would their fasting have helped John and Bonnie if the answer to their prayers had been different?

As parents, we should always pray to know the needs of our children and how to meet those needs. When one of our children is facing a particular challenge, for example, we can mention him or her in our family prayers. We should be careful, however, to always do this in a positive way. We are grateful to see him growing and for thy help and support of our son. How would this kind of prayer help a young man to overcome his problem? Elder M. Russell Ballard told of an experience with his five-year-old son, who was afraid to start school.

Fasting and praying as a family can bring us great strength and unity, as the following story illustrates:. Alan was a young man who had received a call to serve the Lord on a foreign mission. He was anxious to serve, but as he began to study the language, he became very concerned because he was not able to learn it.

He asked them to fast and pray that Alan could overcome his problem and serve a successful mission. How could such an experience strengthen our children? How can fasting and praying together unite families? The Lord immediately cast out the devil from the boy. In the following story Elder Matthew Cowley told of a bishop who understood the necessity of fasting and praying:. A native sister had called him. All night he never showed up, the next morning he never showed up, but early in the afternoon here he came. She turned loose on him. She called him everything she could think of.

You just come now after a whole day. I think that prayer and that fasting were needed. It is not always necessary to wait that long before administering to the sick, but we should always seek to receive inspiration from the Lord before performing any priesthood ordinance.

Why is it important for us to be spiritually prepared when we perform priesthood ordinances? Just as priesthood bearers need to prepare to perform ordinances, those asking for blessings should also prepare themselves and their families to receive the ordinances.

Powerful Prayer: Principles for warfare praying

I said to myself, this is it. When we throw a ball across the floor he races after it on his hands and knees. Sign up below! Thank you Brenda for this reminder. I enjoy reading your blogs. I look forward to how He will lead me. Thank you so much, Annie.

Principles for Answered Prayer - A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

This means a lot! He has plans for you every day, to use what He has given you for His glory. Blessings to you! I absolutely love this, Brenda. Just this week I was convicted with how I start my day. Instead of reaching for my phone when my eyes first open, I keep my head on the pillow for a few minutes and ask God who I need to pray for today.

Sarah, I struggle with the same thing.

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A New Beginning Episode Reminder Get a sneak-peek into each new show, delivered straight to your inbox! And the first is simply this — like this friend knocking on his neighbors door at midnight, we are to be bold in our prayer. Judges 7 - Gideon and 32, Israelites are facing , Midianites. He needed guidance from the Father. Get weekly updates from The Exchange delivered to your inbox.

I have to remind myself over and over…. Pray continually. When we do, life is much richer!

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sis margaret margaret banks prayer life read this book god powerful faith principles level blessed desire experiences jesus lord. This book has changed my prayer life. Likewise we must understand that if we apply the five principles of prayer, the effects will be obvious. Nov 23, - Prayer has power. In good times and bad times James instructs us to pray. "Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of.

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The second is recognition of the One to whom we pray

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