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The police said the student had assaulted three officers. Another student said an officer had punched him. Raids on bars are not unusual these days in New Haven, where huge crowds in a cluster of downtown nightspots have lately turned rowdy. Yale deans have urged students to write up accounts of the police action, and have sent counsellors to the two residences,.

Ezra Stiles College and Morse College, which organised the event. The following Thursday, a group of students walked to police headquarters with their formal complaints. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. They pointed out that there are many other ways of changing membership rules that would allow students real choice without preventing students coming together as a universal collective. When membership was made voluntary, the association fee income fell by a staggering 95 percent. The newspaper finished by suggesting that if the unions were providing adequate services then they had nothing to worry about.

The Green party also warned that the long-term survival of the unions were under threat. A crucial second reading of the bill is planned for the middle of the month. The incident that sparked the media criticism is in itself worth outlining. As the Millennium Development Goals summit opened in New York, ONE attempted to raise awareness by sending boxes containing expensive items to several major newspaper offices.

Thus ONE gives us a curious version of recent history, in which governments are swayed toward. Exactly how much it contributed to the cancellation of 12 per cent of developing world debt is a difficult question to answer, however. Already modest progress toward the targets has been thrown off-track by crises in food, fuel and finance. It is hard to imagine groups like ONE persuading them to do so. Students of the Bachelor of Arts Education in Modern Languages course are scheduled to graduate next summer.

However, their diploma will be effectively worthless as students will not be able to register as a teacher with the Council. This lack of full qualification could impede any future job opportunities. Newly created in , this course has a unique and innovative structure. The course, run by Nancy Serrano, aims to teach two languages through the target language as well as traditional modules in education.

In addition, third year students are given the opportunity to pursue an Erasmus year, which includes a job placement and study as an Erasmus student in a European university. The unorthodox structure of the programme is the apparent reason for the delay in accreditation. The Teaching Council is striving to ensure the course meets all technical standards stipulated in the Teaching Council Act, The Teaching Council is still consider-. The qualification by the Teaching Council is a separate accreditation to the regular academic accreditation every course must receive from the Higher Education and Training Awards Council.

Aoife Finnerty, UL Students Union education officer, was previously quoted as being concerned for the students as they dealt with the uncertainty and fear regarding graduation and job opportunities. Trinity News asked Cliona McLoughlin, Head Executive Officer of Communications and Education in the Teaching Council, if it was standard practice for a university to initiate a new education course without such accreditation from the Teaching Council. However, this appears inaccurate as the Teaching.

This perhaps points to oversight on behalf of UL. The University expects the Teaching Council to finalise accreditation in the coming months. Students can thus look forward to graduating not only with a diploma but a formal qualification to teach. The fingers on his left hand play imaginary bass and scratch imaginary decks while their sounds tear out of the speakers behind him and into the chests of the audience. His right hand grips the microphone to his mouth and follows his head as it flails to the rhythm.

The lights spinning around the room struggle to move as quickly as he does. As he loops his own sounds, a layered crescendo builds. Finally, he summons impossibly deep sounds from his neck and the beat explodes into the room. A rail delineating the stage visibly oscillates with the sound waves. Every puff of air in his microphone feels like a clap to the chest. The lights strobe red, then green, blue, pink and yellow.

The audience are exhilarated and stunned to find themselves at the centre of a one-man rave. The evening promised to explore the voice in music and the physiology that facilitates it. Jennifer Walsh followed, performing implausible vocal feats to mimic the shrill sounds of birds, crickets and maggots. The audience was then treated to a video of a transnasal endoscopy of Walsh. A fibre optic camera inserted into her nose as she performed the piece showed her vocal chords dance and flit in the fleshy cavity of her voicebox.

Professor Conrad Timon from the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin took the stage to explain the footage and took questions from an inquisitive audience. Having just heard the results of the vocal chord movements, they were now watching them — impossible without the fibre optic technology in the camera. It is the development of curiosity that makes a scientist. Raving with Shlomo at vocal chord vibrations per second, it is hard not to feel that this development is being accelerated.

Like the sound of Biorhythm? For more information, see www. During their Medicinal Chemistry lectures, they would knit to pass the time. In March, they decided to share their passion with the rest of College, and Knit Soc was born. She explained that the CSC wants to make sure that the proposed society is viable and will make a contribution to College life. The next step was collecting signatures from Trinity students who would like to see the society recognised.

This is to make sure there is significant interest on campus, but. Associative recognition is given to societies that fall under the remit of the CSC, but require only small-scale financial support. Since then, Knit Soc have been active in promoting knitting around campus. Along with providing beginners workshops, the society caters for its more experienced members with a needle library and yarn exchange. She says she has learnt a lot from other members who are more proficient, and that one of the great rea-. She also said that it was a little daunting being at the helm of a society which now has members, especially since it is her first time as a society officer.

But on the whole she was very optimistic about the future of Knit Soc. Did she have any other advice for anyone wanting to set up a society? The Knitting Society aims to promote, share and teach knitting and other yarn crafts. The Society holds beginners workshops, regular informal knitting circles as well as resources for experienced knitters, including a needle library and yarn exchange. THE FOURTH Week initiative was launched last year by the Central Societies Committee, to highlight the one hundred and six student societies on campus and the central role they play in providing a rich and varied student life in Trinity.

Societies are fundamental to the college experience, and Trinity has a particularly rich tradition to be proud of. The Dorian Gray project was carried out last year, where close to members of the Trinity community took part during Fourth week. Staff and students had their portraits taken in the Exam Hall; since then each individual portrait has been made into a digital tile, with each tile then being manipulated to produce a large-scale mosaic of front square of College.

The finished piece has been printed and will be hung in the Arts Block in the coming weeks. During Fourth Week, this image will be launched on the CSC website, where it will also be possible to zoom in to view each individual tile up close. The project is currently being block mounted and will be hung in the Arts Block in the. The second part of the Dorian Gray project will be carried out in , when each individual who took part will be emailed their portrait using his or her College e-mail address.

On top of this marvellous work, the CSC. This is a chance for them to meet each other, the CSC and members of the college community, and will hopefully allow them to expand their horizons and enable them to work together this year to bring Trinity many more enjoyable society experiences. I could say the bright lights and glamour of the stands wooed me or that I really wanted to get involved with college but the truth is I feel seriously awkward saying no to people, a trait which has landed me in some pretty sticky situations.

I find it especially hard when it seems so important to these advertisers that you join them. Though I noticed some prices had gone up this year, apparently not even societies can escape the economic crisis. I suddenly had lots of time to do whatever I wanted or just simply do nothing. I took lots of afternoon naps, watched a ridiculous amount of films, went out, did some college work and deleted society emails.

But I did have a feeling that I was missing out on. Having been very involved with all the extra curricular things going on at school I found it quite a novel experience not having any commitments. No netball practise, or orchestra or play rehearsals, no more debating. So this year I was more select with my choices and awkward though it was I did say no to most advances. I made a conscious decision to go to events and get involved.

I WAS really looking forward to being back at college. I planned to be more frugal with joining societies this year — failed that one. Signed up to a good few, and not just the ones with the best free stuff. The highlight for me was TFM. They had a big bag of stuff, which was basically just leaflets and a couple of vouchers.

And then, at the bottom of the bag, I saw it. An envelope. A plain white envelope, lurking there with nothing written on it. I got very excited. It must be something really good if they decided to put it in an envelope. It might be something important. It might be loads of money that fell in there by mistake. I opened the envelope. The contents?

A teabag! A fucking teabag! Bless their little radio-loving hearts. They looked around the room and all they could see was teabags and envelopes. What harm? Free food? I need food to live! Last Monday I went to a Publications wine reception. I fucking hate wine. The highlight was that the important people had to wear stickers with their name and publication info on.

Most of the women wore these on their breasts. This is good because usually they point at the sticker when introducing themselves. It was actually a really nice evening. The only problem was that I had a bit of a cold. You could make the whole situation worse. I remember when I was younger and used to see footballers doing that thing where they blow their nose without tissue. The put their hand to one nostril and the snot flies effortlessly out of the other.

Sheer brute force. I tried that myself once and it went horribly wrong and I said never again. Not that I went to any of them. I was at a going away party in there recently. I was buying a drink at the bar and began chatting to my mate who was doing the same. I was delighted with myself. Later on I was at the bar with a girl. The same barman again asked if we were together. Again I clarified we were paying separately. The exact same exchange! Not to worry anyway. Problem solved! See more at www. It's about giving something back which is surely a good thing".

The Warden let me off a fine for incorrectly parking my car after I made a good case. Weighing up the pros and cons I decided that it definitely was. The pros seemed numerous: the fact that all your friends are within a two-minute walk, the fact that the JCR organise near nightly fun and the fact that the on-site provision of stuff like the Internet and laundrette made living in Halls largely hassle-free, not to mention a right laugh.

On several occasions they found themselves paying hefty financial fines for their sins.

9. Guus Hiddink

I must investigate this further, I remember thinking. I should try to find out what other people think about them. I wonder where the money goes. I wonder if the system is fair. Maybe write something for the paper. And, three months later, here it is. The first thing I wanted to find out was whether or not the system of punitive fines followed any sort of structure. What offences merit someone being fined? Is there a rigid process by which the level of a fine is set?

Is there an effective appeals process by which someone can argue against a fine? At first glance this relaxed maxim. Was there an adequate system of appeal? I was simply instructed not to give backchat and pay the fine. Luckily a friend knew the three guys and they thankfully paid the fine between them. This more theoretical argument against fines on the basis of their being regressive is rarely mentioned but is, nevertheless, compelling.

Perhaps the most obvious alternative to the current system is one based around the idea of community service hinging on the principle that you should give back to the community which you have damaged. Within this framework those found to be in violation of the rules are ordered to take part in manual or other work in Halls and the surrounding area — it could be cleaning litter off the street, it could be removing graffiti from the bus shelters, or it could be repainting the squash court.

The arguments in favour of such a system number many. Primarily it effectively ends the question of punishment being financially regressive and, from my discussions with residents, is a much greater deterrent of disruptive behaviour surely the main aim of disciplinary procedures. Switching to a full-blown community service-based framework backed up by fines is seen by many as the fairest and most civic minded way of solving the problem of antisocial behaviour.

That said, and as mentioned briefly above, a community service-orientated approach to punishment would need to be backed up with hefty fines to ensure that people do actually complete the sentence passed down to them. This raises the important question of where this money should be spent.

But, as worthy a cause as it is, many residents believe that money raised in Halls should be spent in Halls. Others disagree and feel that putting people through college or providing the financially unstable short-term loans is a much better use of the money. Whatever your view, the issue of fines in Halls is important. If the level of discontent among the many residents I spoke to is reflective of the wider community, there is an urgent need for far more open and frank dialogue between those living in Halls and those governing them. Without exception, everyone I spoke to insisted that Halls is a wonderful place to start your college career, to live and to work.

Has Careers Week left you keen to climb the ladder? Josh Roberts shares his insider tips on summer internships. Interning deadlines are approaching fast. Placements like those in investment banking, accounting, tax consultancy or even freelance deck chair design offer significant sums of money and the kind of CV-bulking that would have Bill Cullen foaming at the mouth. It is with this in mind, that I feel compelled to share with any fellow wouldbe Gordon Gekkos what I think employers are looking for from us students.

My advice may not be conventional, but given that they all pay roughly the same and the work is all roughly the same and your life ends up being roughly the same , these pointers might just be worth considering. First up is the on-site grub. Therefore the catering facilities or lack thereof is a hugely important factor when deciding which employer to plump for.

The gastronomic industry leader has to be Google. Not only are breakfast, lunch and dinner offered for free, but on Friday night their gargantuan canteen is. W SS No such thing as a free lunch? Tell that to Google. Meals at Clifford Chance LLP, for example, can be spent lounging in the airy restaurant and tend to be themed throughout the week: made-to-order fajita day usually Thursday was a popular hit with famished barristers during my two weeks there. Indeed, unlike any other public conveniences, a visit to the facilities at work will almost certainly involve an encounter.

Food and bogs aside, the most important thing to take into consideration is the type of people with whom you will be working. The brochures, pamphlets and websites are full of people propaganda. Fair enough. But are they funny and outgoing? Are they going to give me evil eyes for being three minutes late? There are of course many other things that need to be considered — working hours, proximity to home, the ease with which the stationery cupboard can be looted and the amount of naughtiness you can get away with in emails are all fine examples. If you are applying this year, best of luck.

If not, enjoy your flip-flop and t-shirt clad summers while they last because at some point we all have to face the real world. As soon as the countdown ended a pyrotechnics display signalled the launch of an enormous helium balloon which rose 80 feet above the ground and exhibited the names of each country as its athletes were led out.

Before the entry of athletes participating from 71 countries into. This makes the CWGs the most expensive Games ever. Earlier that year, India had shown that it had the resources and infrastructure necessary for a large sporting event when it hosted the Afro-Asian Games in Hyderabad. The Thyagaraj stadium which was constructed for the Games was intended to be completely environmentally friendly. Despite this intention, a number of environmental controversies arose.

City residents protested against the felling of heritage trees in the Siri Fort area for a road-widening project. Protestors went as far as to file a public interest petition to the Supreme Court of India. The Court appointed Charles Correa, an architect, to assess the situation and he severely criticised the designs on ecological grounds. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court allowed construction. The CWGs village, located on the flood plains of Yamuna, has also been the subject of some controversy. In the run up to the Games, there were concerns over living conditions for the athletes staying in the village.

A day before the opening, an official on the Indian lawn bowling team was taken from the village to hospital diagnosed with dengue fever, the first case of this mosquito-borne disease at the Games. There were renewed fears over the spread of the illness, which already struck at least people in Delhi this year. Regardless, a dazzling opening ceremony kicked off the CWGs in Delhi, watched live by an audience of three billion people around the world.

But what is exactly a superiority complex? The psychologists A. Kumar and A. Adler in their work on the subject say it is intimately related to the more common inferiority complex. They suggest that displays of self-interest, extreme confidence and pride are in fact signs of a deep-. And what are its causes? The superiority complex is then a defence mechanism to an all-pervading sense of inadequacy.

Poets like Wordsworth and Blake are perhaps the best examples. For the poets of France, superiority and artistic credibility lay in bohemianism exemplified by violence and addictions to alcohol and drugs. Elements of these accursed poets, the prototype of which was undoubtedly Francois Villon, are evident in celebrities of today — Robbie Williams and Russell Brand are two public figures whose substance abuse prompted far greater public attention than would otherwise be lavished on them.

Artists as far back as the fifteenth century ignited the tradition of grandiose delusion and superiority complexes in those lucky enough to call themselves famous. Tea Party or third party? But who or what is behind its rise and what does this mean for American politics? Instead, people drawn to Washington with the vague worry that somewhere, something is terribly wrong.

I had been vaguely aware that primaries for candidates for the forthcoming midterm elections would be taking place while I was visiting the USA, but the barrage of cutting, personal and sometimes nasty attacks on opposing candidates made me well aware of what was happening. Despite being in the state of Pennsylvania, as chance would have it I had selected a local news channel from just over the state line in Delaware. Since then many bizarre facts about her past, from dabbling in witchcraft to an anti-masturbation campaign aired on MTV in the s, have been revealed to the world. I was informed that this result had been helped by the Tea Party.

We get them from God. I knew this was a grassroots organisation of the more rightleaning Republicans and that Sarah Palin was a key figure. This group derives its name from the Boston Tea Party protesters who took a stand against British taxes on their tea in in the build-up to the American War of Independence.

The Tea Party movement of today has many causes but one at its heart is the belief that ordinary Americans are being too highly taxed by the Obama administration. There were numerous speakers but the star attractions were Palin and Fox television host and conservative political commentator Glenn Beck.

The event was oraganised by Beck and the Special Operations Warriors Foundation SOWF which sounds a bit ambiguous but is in fact a charity which supports former special forces. In power, but without power to change? Alice Stevens investigates what this means for gender issues in Brazil. However, while the political leadership of these women is a success in itself, female leadership does not guarantee that issues involving wom-. She needs support from men and from civil society organisations. While quota laws have been introduced in South America over the last twenty years, women are still poorly represented in Latin American politics.

Patricia Rangel, of the Feminist Centre for Studies and Advisory Services in Brazil, insists that it is no good just electing women, what is needed is the election of women with an awareness of gender inequity. In the last two years, Lula enjoyed an 80 percent approval rating.

A great number of Brazilians asserted that they would vote for whomever Lula. Rousseff has never held elected office and has given little indication of her policy. However, the success of the third party candidate, Marina Silva of the Green party, took analysts by surprise when she received almost a fifth of the vote in the election of October 3.

In a recent survey, the Pew Research Centre found that 70 percent of Brazilians think it would be a good idea to have a female president, compared with 33 percent of U. While the trend of female leadership may not indicate a radical transformation of Latin American gender issues, it is a sign of progression towards gender equality.

Instead, people are drawn to Washington with the vague worry that somewhere, something is terribly wrong. However, the character that perhaps we should be worrying about is Beck. The proceeds of all merchandise sold went to SOWF. Continuing in the area of organisation, Towers was surprised by how quickly and smoothly the event passed. Many of the views and values of the Tea Party supporters seem extremely.

During my time spent channel-surfing in Philadelphia I happened upon his programme on Fox News. In one way it was comical, but still rather sinister and I think this is where many have concerns about the Tea Party movement. Also some of their particular beliefs about the media and the merits of Fox News are worrying because the media has so much power to shape preferences, particularly in a country as big as the US.

The Republican establishment are feeling the strain as their candidates such as Castle are losing out in almost guerrilla-style campaigns by Tea Party candidates. This could show that the Republican mainstream is trying to embrace the Tea Party message in an attempt to gain popularity. Yet there are many who see a gulf developing between the centre-right Republican Party and the further right views of the Tea Party. Could this difference in ideologies lead to the birth of a third major political party in the US? The situation in Palestine: civil conflict or simple colonialism? It is negotiations time again, a now fairly reliable and predictable festival in the region since being inaugurated 17 years ago in Oslo.

Much of the language of even neutral sources relating to the situation in Israel and Palestine is so misleading as to make one think that they were documenting it in a different time or place, except that this rhetoric is so effective that it has, in the minds of many people, indirectly managed to turn fiction into reality. It has created a conflict whose terms of reference in public and elite consciousnesses are invented or at least refracted into something almost totally different from what logic and history should tell us.

What am I referring to here? Consider the way the peace process is presented. An analogy which is frequently drawn is with Northern Ireland. The peace process is regarded in the media as a case of two sides coming together, overcoming their intractable and irrational differences for the greater good of peace. Moderate leaders in both Palestine and Israel, just like the two sides in Northern Ireland, must come to terms with reality.

That is the account at its most neutral, but many have an anti-Palestinian slant, particularly in America, giving the impression that the Palestinians are the main extremists. This is all nonsense. Remember the context of all this. The Palestinian presence in their historical homeland is quite simply a nuisance to be gotten rid of, and it has been the isolated problem of the Israelis for 60 years.

Starting with a population of approximately 12 percent in , the Jews numbered only about one third of the population at the time of a favourable partition plan which gave them 55 percent of the land in Arab rejection of this unfair plan gave the Israelis an excuse to turn their dream into reality, and force the exodus of , people from their homes. The land already has a people? This worked once. But the conquest of the West Bank and Gaza in left them once again with the problem of wanting the land but not its people.

Nonetheless, they pursued colonisation of their new conquests for 20 years, but when the Palestinians got uppity in the s they were forced into a new approach. He never intended to give up anything he wanted. The most Israel has ever even allegedly offered was at Camp David in , when it proposed a Palestinian state with no control over its border, without the Jordan Valley or East Jerusalem and with no compensation for refugees. Negotiations usually involve a series of incremental compromises on both sides.

How has this happened in this case?

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Israel has given in on things it never wanted in the first place and Palestine has clung on to the least it is entitled to because they have no alternative. That is the full glorious history of the peace process.

  • Pinocchio (Keepsake Stories).
  • Das Vorzimmer (Die Agentur 1) (German Edition).
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  • Legends: The greatest managers of all-time - No. 9: Guus Hiddink!

Israel will not compromise because it is under no pressure to. The conflict will only be solved once we stop seeing it as a case of ethnic and religious tension and instead see it as a racist colonisation of the weak by the strong, once we stop comparing it to Northern Ireland and start comparing it to South Africa, and once we stop trying to solve things by mutual understanding and start to realise that the simplest way forward is simply to turn the screw on Israel.

The dangers of North Korean nepotism Conor Dempsey looks at the situation in an unstable and closed-off North Korea as they prepare for the succession of the third generation of the ruling family and the potential consequences. In recent weeks this has become a certainty. Kim Jong-un is estimated to be only 27 years of age.

In contrast, Kim Jong-un has no political and little military experience. Until recently he had not been mentioned by name in the North Korean media. The heir to the leadership of the only dynastic communist state in the world is said to have been educated at a private Swiss school under a pseudonym.

Kim Jong-un, now known as the Young General, was promoted to fourstar general on 27 September. The bizarre business of succession in North Korea would be of little more than esoteric interest to the outside world were it not for the potentially severe threat posed by North Korean instability. North Korea has the fourth largest standing army in the world and has tested nuclear weapons. Approximately 25 percent of GNP is pumped into the military. It is estimated that as much as 20 percent of the male population between 17 and 54 is in the army. In October North Korea became the eighth nation to acquire nuclear arms.

American satellites identified the construction of a. In Kim Jong-il threw out the remaining international inspectors of the Yongbyon reactor facility. Experts estimated that North Korea had enough plutonium to build five or six nuclear weapons. When the first test occurred in the blast was significantly weaker than expected prompting speculation that the weapon had malfunctioned. Despite its failure the test was condemned by other nations.


This aggravated North Korea and it announced its permanent withdrawal from all talks and renewed its nuclear programme. In May a second nuclear bomb was tested making it clear that North Korea will do as it pleases in the development of a nuclear arsenal. Thankfully there is some indication that the technology needed to mount a nuclear. On two occasions it has failed to launch a satellite, though on one of these occasions it scared Japan by sending a rocket over it and into the ocean.

Kim Jong-il has led his nation on a course of extreme isolationism so that North Korea has only one, albeit important, ally: China. It is for the most part because of Chinese support that Kim Jong-il has been able to ignore economic sanctions. China is concerned with stability; it does not want hundreds of thousands of refugees cross-. If the Young General is to take power the outside world will watch in trepidation to see what sort of leadership arrangement emerges. It may be the case that the best outcome in the short term is for Kim Jong-un to seamlessly take power and thus avoid much of an upheaval.

That is not necessarily a likely outcome. The massive military is kept in check by the appointment of generals to positions of political power and by appointment of those close to the dictator to positions of high military power. If military leaders consider the young leader easy to displace North Korea could be plunged into a civil conflict. It is possible that China and the US would find themselves on opposing sides of a struggle involving a nucleararmed country under military rule.

This possibility is just one of many where further instability might be introduced into international relations with North Korea in the event of succession. The world will be keeping a close eye on one of the most secretive and erratic nations. For instance, the best and only way to discover Venice is just to. Venice is also a relatively small city, which means a long weekend is plenty of time for you to see everything on your checklist without having to decode a confusing public transport system or trek miles out of your way to see all the sights.

Sure, your gondolier is more likely to exchange heated words with his fellow oar-man than serenade you Andrea Bocelli-style, but what would an Italian holiday be without a passionate show of elaborate hand-gestures? Of course Venice does have several other tourist traps: the cafes and restaurants of St. If you want a bit more freedom, the Foresteria Valdese is located just a few minutes away from St.

Major pedestrianisation and redesign have transformed the city centre into an impressive shopping district and social hub, home to an increasing selection of gourmet restaurants and a diverse and lively nightlife scene. Cosy pubs and cafes nestle between trendy bars and music venues along the wellkept side lanes that lead off Patrick street.

The city also boasts larger venues, most notably the wonderful Cork Opera House, that regularly host high profile concerts and theatrical productions. A number of tourist attractions, such as the English market, Shandon Tower and the UCC campus — one of the oldest in Ireland — with its renowned Glucksman gallery, also provide an incentive to visitors.

This title, awarded on an annual basis by the European Union, brings with it a remunerative opportunity to generate significant social, cultural and economic benefits. The buzz induced by the spotlight did not leave Cork with the European Capital of Culture title. A young man would like to find a job despite the high unemployment rate. One day, he is called for interview. He feels hopeful again but also suddenly senses an unease which will drag his down.

Legends: The greatest managers of all-time - No. 9: Guus Hiddink

Rachid lives in a remote house in a village. He is a working-man, goes home before sunset and makes sure the door and the windows are locked at dusk. He is living alone in a daily routine until a woman arrives…. A young and laid-back illegal driver, but a little bit addicted to hashish, will face his worst nightmare because of a simple misunderstanding.

A man wakes up, his wife dresses him up with his suit, he goes to work, his boss gives him some advices and he goes home at the end of the day to watch television with his family. And so on every day until someone gets into his boring daily life. Taha and Chama are two teenagers who met by chance in a park. It is love at first sight. But Taha is a mute boy and Chama is half deaf. The two lovers will end communicating their own way…. A reckless father has been traumatized by a dramatic event: a road accident predicted by his son who was playing with a car toy in the house hall.

Abbass, a passionate painter, dreams of becoming famous and having his paintings considered as masterpieces. Despite his destitute life, he is not going to let things get him down and will do what it takes to reach his goal. Recently ordained priest, Father Amaro is sent to a small parish church to assist the aging Father Benito. Upon arriving, he meets Amelia, a beautiful religious girl. He soon discovers that temptation can demand a heavy price…. Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormones.

During a wedding, they meet Luisa and try to convince her to go on a road trip. To their surprise, she agrees to go along. Ignacio is a reserved and lonely waiter at Ofelia Cafe. A man leaves the city to venture into the rural interior of Mexico and prepare his death. He finds lodging in the barn of an old woman, overlooking a desolate canyon.

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Alderman Gary Caldwell initially voted against it, because it came in the same year as a property tax increase. It might as well be wholly anonymous. At least they get heard here. He gained renown documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the s. And I think the results show it was the right choice. Starting at noon in Bridge Park, attendees will be able to pie local leaders in the face, play games, and enjoy free treats. Digital attackers could use the vulnerability to insert malicious code and steal data from an Android phone or an iPhone simply by placing a WhatsApp call, even if the victim did not pick up the call.

Two teenagers try to survive another boring Sunday. But some events are about to ruin what was shaping up to be a great day. Acapulco, a once luxury port city now in decadence, serves as a background for a suicidal old man, a runaway girl and a young couple who faces the hardships of separation. A little girl finds escape and solace in a mysterious labyrinth she discovers near her new home. It is there that she meets its guardian, the magical and a little demonic Pan.

Beto is the custodian of a house who is living a secluded life. Once he learns that the house will soon be sold, he is confronted to the dilemma of gathering the courage to get out and get a life or find a way of remaining in his confinement. After a burglary attempt, the citizens of a beautiful neighbourhood decide to take the law into their own hands. Two Mexican day-labourers go about their daily routine, waiting for work to come. A father and his son go on a journey to the source of the open sea to find their old way of life.

Between each attempt, he discovers that Tijuana is a troubled city. Abel, a nine-year-old boy, has stopped talking since his father left home.

quote unquote famous youtuber

One morning he starts to speak again, pretending to be the head of the family. No one dares to challenge this miracle. One day a man shows up at the door: his father. Three young men, friends since boyhood, are linked by a defining incident that connects the destinies of their entire neighbourhood. Sensing the danger of death, a man tries to reconcile with love and save his children as he tries to save himself.

Ten directors look back at the violent upheaval that was to bring dramatic changes to the country. A man dies in the street, leaving his widow and children destitute. The devastated family is confronted with a terrible challenge — how to survive as they have always existed on a diet of human flesh? Casablanca, July Mikhi, a wheel clamper, falls in love with Rita, the frail sister of a gang of brothers who steal cars.

He will do what it takes to make their love story succeed.

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The young man, half-French half-Moroccan, tries to get to know the country of his birth. He meets a young Moroccan woman and begins to spend less time at home with his father. Aziz is increasingly concerned about this relationship and argues more and more frequently with his son. The story of three destinies sharing the same itinerary: the one of Rabii, dreaming of a better future, the one of Kacem, sick and trying to escape a dark past he cannot forget, and the one of his sole son, Larbi, a former boxer and convict, violent and mythomaniac. In , a penniless prince invites Louis XIV to three days of festivities at a chateau in Chantilly.

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The final weeks of a young vagabond as she camps alone or falls in with various men and women. Mohamed Ben Moussa has repudiated his third wife who eventually got married with another man. He decides to follow this man to Belgium. A wood worker is trying hard to make his company survive every day… But a fire in his workshop leaves him in a lot of trouble when he realizes his insurer was swindling him — he does not have any insurance…. This has been one of those years where some very tough, smart movies are in the game.

I find this extremely exciting. And younger directors, like Jason Reitman, Alexander Payne, Steven Soderbergh, Bennett Miller, and Tomas Alfredson are delivering top-of-career films that audience have and will embrace. But none of the edge seems to have the sticking power, this season so far , of the heart tuggers. The full column. But what has been most unusual is how many good movies are in play, while none of them have really jumped out as the clear frontrunner.

And now, War Horse … which is, like The Artist , a tribute to the history of cinema. Right now, with two serious potential Best Picture winning films left to show themselves — Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — the two heart films are really the only two films that can win Best Picture this year. Michel Hazanavicius has proven, in just four feature films, to be a magician of movie history.

The pair of OSS movies are near-perfect satire of genre, pushing against decades of self-serious spy movies, both in France where OSS was an earnest Bond competitor in its day and on the stage… world stage. Steven Spielberg has, on the other hand, a long history of making stars in films that feel like ensemble pieces. War Horse is his 27th film and with the exception of making Hans Solo into Indiana Jones, the two Tom Cruise movies, the three Tom Hanks movies, and Hook , his 17 other movies have starred many familiar actors… but not major box office stars.

War Horse , as many have said before, is an ensemble film, perhaps making it the rare Oscar nominee and potentially, rarer winner to go without any acting nomination. There are many beautiful performances, but the horse is the one character we spend the whole movie with. As to losing heat, JP — — a Quibble. They reduced the Melt, but also the Radiation to Space. Bremen is K above its dip. Has anyone got their digital data? At time of Posting, Pips Displacement, still stuck on Jimbo says: September 12, at pm Now, I will be curious to see how R. Summer sea ice extent and area continues in the lower range set in the record year of This year saw the highest or second highest total amount of ice melt from the March high to the September low , running very close on the heals of We had to suffer weeks on end of listening to certain folks prattle on about PIPS 2.

Look for more record low sea ice extent and area in the Arctic between and But the most important thing to look in the next few months is CryoSat 2 data forever changing our perspectives on sea ice thickness and therefore volume. Alexej Buergin …: The 2. Next El Nino melt: ? Interesting theory. So you think that there is a negative feedback loop system in the arctic that radiates more heat out to space when there is more open water. Do you have any supporting docs or research?

Keeping it in joules would make it easier to related back to the extra energy that is coming in that was worked out up thread. Jeff P says: September 13, at pm Jeff P, remember that my super-simple estimate does not take into account increased re-radiation back into space, which is going to be a significant value. Same goes for anyone else. Scott says: September 13, at pm Jeff P says: September 13, at pm Jeff P, remember that my super-simple estimate does not take into account increased re-radiation back into space, which is going to be a significant value.

I should know better than to wander from my original question which held all other variables constant for the specific purpose of exploring whether or not the energy necessary to melt the arctic sea ice is available from c02 forcing alone. I run the danger of trying to build a model here rather than just exploring the range of possibilities within given concepts.

I was enticed by the theory that phlogiston presented because it is the flip side of the albedo effect. Phlogiston, I still would like to hear more about this idea. It is all ruled by the physics at all scales. Well said, as always. Jeff P says: September 13, at pm Interesting analogy but flawed. There is no proof….. Throughout the historical record, CO2 rises lag temperature rises, by to years. Feeling sorry for yourself?

Oh please. Sometimes you can be so petulant. Pamela Gray said September 13, at pm I visit Arctic weather, jet stream, and oceanic current conditions regularly from which I can make an educated guess as to what the sea ice will do that day under those conditions. Also, can you give an estimate for what the ice extent will be tomorrow and why? I take your point about looking at natural short term fluctuations and day to day changes, but they all add up over time to provide the trend, whether it be AGW connected or not.

Feel free to provide equations and mechanisms. Jeff P says: September 13, at pm phlogiston says: September 13, at pm Exceptionally high loss of heat energy from the Arctic open sea to space. Its only extra energy in the ocean surface, not the ocean as a whole. No-one can deny that in the periodic el Nino events, normal upwelling of cold water in the east Pacific is interrupted, and the unmixed surface water warms in the sun.

The sun shines just the same in el Nino years as in all other years — more or less. Its just that in el Nino years the unmixed surface Pacific water heats up more than normal — equally the cold deep water that otherwise would be warmed at the surface, stays deep and cold. So there is no net gain of heat in the ocean. And there under conditions of cold air and large areas of open water small ice extent the heat loss to space will be increased.

But I dont know the maths of radiation etc well enough to supply any mathematic formulation or estimate of the quantities of heat involved. The world record for the largest tidal range between low and high tides is held by an estuary in Alaska. In second place is the Bristol Channel, UK. Just thought I would mention the role the trade winds play in el nino and la nina.

Normally the trade winds blow warm water west across the Pacific, which creates a huge pool of warm water to pile up along the equator towards Asia. When the trade winds fail for an extended period, this permits this huge pool of warm water to come crashing back to the east, spreading out and releasing tremendous amounts of energy to the atmosphere in the process.

So yeah, it seems like el nino must have some cooling effect on the earth. I have not seen the explanation why the trade winds fail for extended periods. If drift patterns, governed by wind and ocean currents, determine where ice goes, then climate cycles such as the PDO and AMO determine the SST temps the ice will be drifiting into. One other thing. This tends to make me ponder whether differences in the timing of ice loss for an area might not distort the SST anomalies for that area. It makes little sense to me that you can have cool anomalies on the ice edge , then as soon as the ice is gone the anomaly turns warm whilst a little further out where there is change in ice coverage the anomaly remains cool.

Just an observation, would be happy if someone can explain to me why this is so. As it stands I have a certain level of suspicion regarding SST anomaly measurements in areas which lose the ice during the melt season. This meant that when conditions in July sent ice drifting into the Beaufort, Chukchi and East Siberain Seas we were always eventually going to see a lot of ice lost in August. I still think will be much more favourable. Gates says: September 13, at pm I never forecast 2. Gates says: February 9, at am Prediction: Summer sea ice minimum of Sept.

However, summer arctic sea ice minimum will be at a record low of somewhere around 2. If you would limit yourself to what is essential, it would unclog this blog and help your memory. Gates might be offended. Should that be the case, I apologize to him. I have no idea why I owe you an apology. You seem to be the type than can dish it out but not take it. In February you were the only one to forecast a new record low for So yes, that prediction was the baddest of them all. Please, moderator, let Phil. Because even more enjoyable than winning is watching the antics of a sore looser.

RGates and others may not understand what I am trying to say. Presenting information on extent, area, or trends, as if that alone explains it, is data rich but information poor. Daily weather charts, which I read, along with satellite observations of forecast accuracy, are very informative. Saying that, for example, is greater than , does not provide the why.

Daily Arctic weather systems analysis does and is provided by several websites. So AndyW, If you want this information, read it for yourself. Here is another very good forecasting web site. Some of the links are broken, but you can still get wave and wind charts, which can be used to estimate where the ice will be going. It could happen next year, but I think the probability of it happening between gets progressively higher as we approach Solar Max in While a year by year recovery since the low of is not following a nice neat path, I would have to say that the death spiral appears to have stalled.

One of the reasons I think this might be the case is the amount of wind driven compaction that has occurred both in and in most years following. The ice built up between Alaska and Russia quite heavily and was slow to melt compared to other years. The waters there have also been anomalously cold, adding to the slowed melt in the beginning. I also think because of the dipole, ice was not spread out as much as in other years due to the more northerly wind direction keeping the slide shoot out Fram Strait fairly slow but also pushing the edge further north than usual.

However, the retention of ice has also been hampered by that same dipole which tends to bring warmer temps into the Arctic. And finally, incoming currents from the Atlantic have been warm, melting the edge along the ice that was wind driven towards the pole.

9. Guus Hiddink

My guess is that it would be perceived as decent evidence of a possible reversal of the long term downtrend, whereas the strong year last year and the failure to top it this year is viewed less so. Not sure this makes sense, but that seems to have been the result. Like R. Gates, I tend toward long posts so stop reading here if they annoy you. Winters had become quite mild with snowfalls few and far between. Sap would run several times in box elder trees during the winter months when cutting them down. That changed dramatically in when winter brought snow early that stayed late and the number of snowfalls increased.

The deer population has suffered too, as the solid snow covering has had an icy crust under it each year that persisted during the entire winter making it difficult for the herd to forage. Wisconsin hunting statistics are now reflecting the drop. Some other programs such as LabView can give you the corresponding day along with the minimum value simultaneously does anyone know how to make Excel do that?

Just put it there. Just kidding, but does anyone have an explanation for the graph below? Richard Sharpe says: September 13, at pm Hmmm, did the extent increase again today? Pamela Gray says: September 14, at am Those two ships attempting to circumnavigate the Arctic had better pick up speed. Icebreaker escort, I hope, or at least rescue at the ready, standing by in case of mishap. With all these hyped reports of an ice-free Arctic piece of cake sailing, the door is wide open to disaster. Where are they currently? Ice is just falling off a cliff because it was so thin. It was indeed worse than we thought!

The continuing trend of losing sea ice is consistent with a thawing planet. The sudden expansion of ice 11, years ago was an anomaly, and followed a very warm period. Regardless of the increase or decrease in solar activity, regardless of the increase or decrease in CO2, the planet will continue to thaw until it reaches the thermal equilibrium seen as recently as 65 million years ago. The ice may suddenly advance again if the Atlantic temperatures become too hot, thus causing an Arctic hurricane, as it apparently did 11, years ago.

Right now, we have nothing to worry about in terms of a sudden advance of ice glaciers covering all of Eastern Canada and Northern Europe. Even if the Sun is entering a new deep minimum, and temperatures drop worldwide causing the temporary expansion of ice at the poles, the ice advance will not cause the glaciers that covered much of the Northern Hemisphere in the past. Within years, the Sun will return to the activity seen during the second half of the s, and global thawing will continue to melt the poles, which is natural for the Earth as evidenced by the extensive peat bogs in the permafrost.

Global thawing is not global warming in the sense of the planet being cooked. It is simply the gradual return of heat to the polar regions; a process which has been in progress for nearly 65 million years because of the meteor associated with the Chicxulub crater. Fishnski quote yesterday.. The Rocket Sturgeon strikes again! An understanding of the basic dynamic of the AGW situation, in that the proponents thereof are never in a position to be forced to provide this response to almost any contention they make is the very heart of the problem with AGW. Skepticism rules. Do you really want snow on the ice to insulate it from the cold air above?

Nope, not yet. The behavior of the ice in late in September is still looming large. Since , and particularly since , the period from September through January has been much warmer than the average. Note that this says nothing about man causing it, however. It just seems logical to me that significantly warmer than normal temps will lead to less ice volume at the peak and therefore make lower minimums more likely, regardless of all the other factors in play. I meant the landmass snow cover Scott.. The albedo effect I think you all call it. I mean.. Scott says: September 14, at am You are correct.

Sorry everyone, did it in too much hurry. Pamela Gray said: September 14, at am While a year by year recovery since the low of is not following a nice neat path, I would have to say that the death spiral appears to have stalled. Given the northerly and north Easterly wind in the Bering sea at the start of the spring season I would expect it to reduce ice extent loss then as it would be cold air of course and also in a direction resisting the extent reduction. At least you have finally come out with something though, even though incorrect!

Last time I asked you you said your laptop had problems so you could get any data. Even when I posted that I thought there would be a small increase in ice extent the other day I could see a rise in temps up there.. There was a little compacting going on but there was a little melt of the flash freeze new stuff also I think. See how that island at degrees detached itself yesterday. Looks like that will now melt but refreeze is taking place elsewhere.

JAXA lost yesterday ended up being pretty small in the scheme of things. My bad Andy. I should have said Southerly direction, which means weirdly just the opposite, that the wind was heading North. I have a rather literal way of thinking on my feet. A decided weakness. I have to keep telling myself that wind direction is stated not which way it is blowing, but which way it is coming FROM. Say Andy, I just thought of something. Pamela Gray said:- September 15, at am I should have said Southerly direction, which means weirdly just the opposite, that the wind was heading North.

So a northerly blows from the north, the wind goes south, and in the Arctic it is likely to increase extent due to freezing and spreading. A southerly blows from the south, the wind goes north and in the Arctic it is likely to decrease extent due to compaction and melt on situe. Honestly, I think the final Sept 15 number will edge out slightly above the existing Sept 10 minimum, but we may be so close to it that another day of loss will make it go under. So Andy, my original phrase was correct according to your tutelage.

Which they did. While there were times that surface winds through Fram Strait reversed and blew South turning it into a fast conveyor belt the wind was in a Southerly DIRECTION at that time , it was, compared to other years, relatively slow overall wind wise and more often than not blowing towards the North. Are you disputing that? Do you think the wind direction was primarily Southerly and as a result, Fram Strait was a speedy conveyor belt this summer? If you want me to use a different phrase, kiss my grits. So maybe there is a little extra room for some minor compaction within the next few days.

Touche to you Scott!.. Along with the mild temps I checked out a SST F-cast a couple of days ago that showed very little drop in temps for the week…. If area does scream up in the last half of Sept, maybe we can see the avg area in Sept hit halfway between and though. I complained about someone on here using an insulting remark with an asterisk to avoid filters about someone else not me and it was eventually removed. We even have a new minimum today apparently! Recently there were a couple of contentious threads initiated by Stevegoddard that were terminated by Anthony, in one case he said that the post was poorly researched and wrong the source of the argument , but no Update appeared at the top of the page.

Anthony Watts says: September 1, at am Thanks to all for a spirited debate. Goddard made a mistake, and should have investigated complaints earlier. You have to read through to the th post to find confirmation that the original post was wrong! I stand corrected by myself. When a wind is easterly, it blows from the east towards the west I have used such a term several times referring to the Easterlies to talk about the trade winds that blow from the East to the West around the equator. However, when the wind is eastward, it blows from the west towards the east.

The suffix is what determines the direction. According to what I have learned from you and from my own investigation, you cannot have used the word southerly in your sentence. I guess we were both wrong and must remember to suffer the little suffixes. Phil I do appreciate your comments here, but I know of no other big blog that admits it got it wrong, whether it was as a headline or as the termination of an article. RC as do the Guardian routinely censor, abuse or fail to admit they could ever be wrong.

So WUWT may not be perfect but its an awful lot better than many of its competitors in owning up to mistakes. I have suggested before that you write an article- I think you said you have no time-I am sure we would all read it with interest , why not give it a go?

You might find the process enlightening tonyb. Looks like my most recent post got it wrong…today is a new minimum by a few thousand square kilometers. Pamela Gray says: September 16, at am I stand corrected by myself. Glad to hear your course is going well. Hope Anthony might reconsider. I use my full name AND this acronym-nothing sinister just that my real name is extremely common. New low. Are we having fun yet?? Both occured right around the dates you suggest, September , so unless something highly unusual happens weather-wise, I too would expect to see some major movement upwards starting in that same time frame.

Ice area is already on the upswing. Preliminary JAXA extent shows another brutal loss. Not enough to discuss it now though. Looks like Bastardi nailed it. The Arctic is playing late season tricks here and those who called the low earlier this week will need a bit of revision in their outlook. Never of course perhaps realizing that pressure system and the differential winds that come form them are just another form of energy here on Earth, and AGW is of course ultimately about an energy imbalance.

More open water equals more residual heat equals a more prolonged melt season. Just more of the numbers intrigue…I love it, it makes for great discussion! Scott says: September 17, at am Just more of the numbers intrigue…I love it, it makes for great discussion! Anyone know where chocolate SST and current indicators are on offer? Plain chocolate preferred. I read somewhere that it is better for the Ice to freeze slowly as in opposite of a flash freeze.. I mean, is there a burning off of heat right now that will help make it easier for the SST to become User friendly for ice formation down the road?..

Inquiring minds want to know.. Can you tell us where Cryosphere hides its Extent Numbers? All I get is an Archive that ends before UP Cryo Area 4th straight day, yet Nansen down last 3. Both above Low by , 72K. What we are seeing is the Sea Surface temp fighting the Air temp. And we are talking a to degree fight! And only 3 days of Sun left. This is getting really interesting.

NSIDC called the minimum with the safety net of having a moving average to catch them…but even they may get hammered by this activity.

Kind of makes me wonder about that 5-day moving average, right now it seems more like a 7 or 9 day moving average. About that lobe, that seems to be shrinking rapidly, it would appear that that area is a proof of concept of ice still melting vs compaction alone. It appears to be shrinking much faster than compacting, which suggests melting as the current dominant process.

So maybe the compaction argument alone at this time of year no further melting can be shot down as a general argument for explaining extreme minimums. I agree Scott it is very interesting. If there is another drop tomorrow their average may not help! However I think the winds have changed in the last 12 hours so I am not convinced we will have too much of a drop tomorrow, perhaps even a rise. I can imagine being surprised again though. Gates says: September 17, at am The Arctic is playing late season tricks here and those who called the low earlier this week will need a bit of revision in their outlook.

A true scientist would just be trying to gather data…. I guess no one knows the answer to my Flash freeze Question.. I was looking at the area average value which is close to extent right now and got confused and thought it was extent. I would assume this would be especially true with salt water. With winds and ocean currents keeping things well mixed, I would assume the ice is always loaded with impurities.

Two examples I can think of where melt and refreeze can actually help the final product are: 1. Just my thoughts, -Scott. To go in a southerly direction means to go sort of towards the south. Incidentally, the suffix is -erly, not -ly. I found this below…. This leads to a decrease in salt rejection from new ice. The salinity of the upper ocean falls. Lower salinity and warmer water results in lower water density in the upper ocean.

With fresher, less dense upper water, there is now increased stratification of ocean layers which weakens convective overturning. Less ocean heat is transported upwards. This leads to a decrease in ice melting from ocean heat. Hence we observe an increase in net ice production — sea ice increases. Warming air increases upper ocean temperature which affects air temperature through air-sea interactions. Warming temperature leads to increased precipitation which increases sea ice growth. More sea ice means less atmospheric heat can penetrate waters.

Gotta work on sea ice too.. I need a beer! In other words, I would expect to see a few more days of sea ice extent losses. Seems likely to track but may go deeper yet. Will be interesting to watch the day to day variance from here on, unlike we may see violent swings. Now 4,, provisional. Not sure about death spiral, but we have some death steps at the moment on JAXA graph. Or should I say Petite Mort steps? The Earth is 4. Excuse me but does anyone see the irony? If we are going to be this chicken-little stupid [fight or flight! A species that can discover antibiotics and send people to the moon…can be this silly?

It is a condition called cognitive dissonance.