Within the Space of the Moment

The Japanese words for “space” could change your view of the world
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There is often a lack of efficiency when bringing together different specializations, but ba requires shared space for different relationships and experiences to be brought forward.

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We operate a pure-play space-sector equity research service. Since , national spaces agencies in 14 countries have attempted to coordinate their dreams into a single vision. This project kicked off in and the first airplanes were delivered recently. You can see differently. It was a connection with the rest of the universe. As former venture investors ourselves we can tell you — every one of your actual and potential portfolio companies sees you as a possible acquiror and treats you as such.

To endow our lives with ba, we might follow social media accounts that are outside of our experience or tastes, attend events or conferences outside of our specialization, and meet and interact with people we might not normally meet. Ba asks us to be open to interruptions and distractions when our temptation is to be closed and focused. The assumption is that what we know is only valuable if it rubs up against what other people know.

Tokoro is used to describe the location or site of something, but it is also used to describe a state of being.

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In Japan, the idea of place is indistinguishable from the historical, cultural, social, and other connections contained within it. The idea of tokoro therefore implies the idea of context, as the place is inevitably connected with all the activities around it.

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

If wa configures your relationships in space, tokoro situates that activity within a bigger story. Western concepts of space have an inside and outside and a boundary between the two. This makes it easier to think about things as being contained within larger things and containing smaller things: An office is in New York City, which is in the United States.

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The experience of space happens in the moment. Only without thoughts and sense of time one has the ability to actually experience the feeling that a specific . In fact, whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is, within you and without— no matter what forms it takes and without labeling it—you are still, you are at.

The sales team is inside the office, and Jules is a member of the sales team. Japanese concepts of space are ambivalent about boundaries, so being a part of a place means being in dynamic relationship with it. Ma is often translated as negative space. However, ma is better understood as a free zone that allows for dissimilar things to co-exist. When we communicate something, we like to assume that the person will receive our message and understand it in the way that we intended.

This is often not the case. The Japanese idea of ma is that we need to create interruptions or absences that allow for difference to be reconciled. Designing for ma is about creating moments of awareness and quiet. For example, in Japan, shrines are often built at the end of long uphill hikes; the long and tiring walk prepares the mind to enter the shrine and leave behind other distractions and worries.

Cities are scattered with small parks that appear suddenly and offer winding trails for quiet reflection.

"This is what heaven must look like."

Even conversations in Japanese are marked by long pauses that would be unsettling for Western ears. Being intentional about creating spaces that allow for reflection and integration might allow us to better address some of the contradictions and tensions of modern life. Difference of opinion rarely seems to coexist peaceably, and transitions from home to work to home again are often marked by crowds and stress.

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There are therefore many ways we can make room for more ma in our lives. The Solar System is a really big place, and it takes forever to travel from world to world with traditional chemical rockets. But one technique, developed back in the s might provide a way to dramatically shorten our travel times: nuclear rockets. The official announcement has been made. Scientists have long speculated that at the heart of a gas giant, the laws of material physics undergo some radical changes.

Six NASA Astronauts Describe the Moment in Space When "Everything Changed"

In these kinds of extreme pressure environments, hydrogen gas is compressed to the point that it actually becomes a metal. For years, scientists have been looking for a way to create metallic hydrogen synthetically because of the endless applications it would offer.

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At present, the only known way to do this is to compress hydrogen atoms using a diamond anvil until they change their state. And after decades of attempts and 80 years since it was first theorized , a team of French scientists may have finally created metallic hydrogen in a laboratory setting.

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While there is plenty of skepticism, there are many in scientific community who believe this latest claim could be true. The Raikoke Volcano, dormant for a very long time, has awoken from its slumber.

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The NASA video was published in the journal Scientific Reports alongside a detailed study on the behaviour of mice in space. The unusual experiment found the space-borne mice became significantly more active while in orbit. In the video, a pair of mice are seen racing around their cage in circles as if completing race circuit laps. As the mice rapidly zoom around their special habitat, others are seen carelessly floating around.

Overall, the NASA mice exhibited all sorts of normal behaviour such as grooming, feeding and huddling with other mice — all with the exception of the cage laps.