Creating Your Branded Social Bio for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Nonprofit Fundraising Twitter Bio
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The application is used primarily on mobile smartphones you can view accounts on a desktop browser, but must actually download the app on your smartphone to create an account or post a photo. Quora is a question-and-answer website where the community of users can ask, answer, upvote, and organize questions and replies. Posts are organized by topic, and users can further participate by collaboratively editing questions.

Users can share updates with different Circles or groups of people of their choice, instead of with all their contacts.

The Power of a Stand-Out Professional Bio: LinkedIn’s Top Voices On How to Write Your Own

Create social campaign reports in minutes, not hours. Prove your value to clients and keep the conversation going with regular reporting.

2. Pick a good photo.

How to Write a Professional Bio For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+ Yes, a bio on social media needs to be brief – and that can be tricky. “A formula I learned about writing short poetry is that ultimately what you're . Recently we launched brand new Buffer for Business, with Google Analytics. Your social media bios are your audience's first impression of your brand. create your own social media bios for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, your bio can answer basic questions like who you are, what your brand is about.

Facebook Facebook is a social networking service that allows users to create a profile, add friends, exchange messages, post status updates along with photos and videos, and like pages for public figures and organizations. You must have 25 fans like your page before you can claim your custom URL, and it cannot be changed once you have originally set it. If your desired URL is taken, consider which short words such as app, hq, show would make sense to include.

How to create an awesome Twitter Bio

Use your real name: The maximum length is 70 characters, so you can make it a bit longer than your custom URL if you need to. In that case, link to the appropriate landing page. Add your location and hours: When you create the page, Facebook will ask you to choose one of six categories you can change categories later.

It will display as xpx on desktop browsers, xpx on smartphones, and 50x50px on feature phones. However, it will display xpx on desktop browsers and xpx on smartphones, so if you choose a lower resolution than this the cover photo will appear very grainy. Next Steps You have to log into your personal account and then create a company page from there you cannot directly administer the account like Twitter or Instagram.

You can add the page to specific categories i. If you tell Facebook your ideal preferred audience when you create the page, it will try to target those users and place your content in front of them more frequently. Make sure your blog supports the open graph protocol so articles shared on Facebook appear correctly. Content Ideas Run a promotion through your page directly or through an app on Facebook.

Post a group challenge for your fans that is relevant to your products or services.

The Key Elements of a Kickass Professional Bio (With Examples)

Share real customer testimonials if they give you permission. Post behind-the-scenes pictures and introduce employees. Share controversial or trending posts in your industry and start a debate in the comments. Consider incorporating trends such as throwbackthursday tbt or fridayfun. First Steps Choose your username: Given the short length of tweets, the shorter your username is, the better.

Maximum length is 15 characters, not including the symbol. If your desired username is taken, consider which short phrases such as app, hq, iam, dr would make sense to include. Plain and simple, people like free stuff. Offer something for free for those that refer a new customer to you. Dropbox does this well, by providing you with megabytes of free memory if you refer a friend and they sign up for an account. This motivates people to share posts about your company, so they can get that freebie from the referral.

Use hashtags. One more time: use hashtags! Use them freely and liberally. They put your posts in front of numerous different audiences and can vastly expand the reach of your brand on social media. Did I mention that you should use hashtags? Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that revolve around certain topics. The interaction alone will leave your brand front of mind for some group members. People love infographics and they do incredibly well on social media. If you can create your own branded infographics, that is ideal.

If not, you can share those of others and tag the original source. As long as it provides helpful or insightful information, people are likely to share it. Social media is a venue for engagement and dialogue. Post questions to your followers to start conversations or debates on specific topics. Pay close attention to the comments, shares, likes, etc. You can gain a lot of insight about the interests of your followers by measuring and learning from those metrics. And then you can use the insight gained to form a strategy for the future.

Videos are another content type that works incredibly well on social media. Probably better than infographics even. Create how-to-videos, short product demos, animated short clips that explain your product, etc. Get creative and ensure they are not boring. People like to share videos, so video creation will increase your brand awareness considerably.

But having something go viral depends on the value of your content. Funny videos tend to go viral.

How to Optimize Social Media Profiles

Then your name will be all over social media. When you see a post doing abnormally well, for example — likes, shares, etc. Keep your social ad accounts funded and boost successful posts to put them in front of even more people. Social advertising can be a terrific way to increase brand awareness. You can target based on geography, demographics, or other characteristics that are stored in the respective social channels you use.

Use social listening and monitoring tools to watch out for brand mentions. When someone mentions your brand, these tools—which normally are part of a social CRM —alert you so you can engage the person who mentioned you as soon as possible. Word travels fast, so negative comments will spread.

Replying quickly to positive comments will ensure your customers and followers stay engaged. Do you have a corporate social responsibility CSR program? Do you do community volunteering or match employee donations to charities? If so, share everything you can about those efforts across social media.

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People increasingly prefer brands who give back to the community. And if you already are doing so, shout the results from the mountaintop. Many shy away from sharing the content of their competitors. But doing so can display self-confidence and paint you as a positive presence on social media, rather than someone who disses their competitors. If they create a particularly good piece of content, share it without any hesitation. Your profile page is the jumping off point from social media to your website—where they can look at your product and hopefully make a purchase.

So be sure that profile page is shiny, gorgeous, and has all the information they need to navigate to your site or contact you directly. Having a sense of humor is much better than being dry and boring.

Get more Reach, Referrals and Results with Visual Social Media & Content Strategy

Want to learn the simple copywriting techniques behind 11 multimillion-dollar product launches? I recommend doing both. If somebody knows nothing about your business, your bio can answer basic questions like who you are, what your brand is about, and why they should care. The Rosen Publishing Group. These are nine different ways that other Twitter users have utilized the character about section in showcasing who they are and what their business does.

GIFs get shared, a lot! And they are quite easy to create.

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Film a clip of your office and turn it into a funny GIF. Be funny. Be crazy. Go wild. Because a killer GIF can go viral before you know it. Nobody likes a bully, so why would you go after your competitors on social media? Doing so makes you look petty and unprofessional, not to mention insecure. Increasing brand awareness is critical to growth.

With these tips, you can grow your brand presence on social media with ease. There are many variables involved, and lots of moving parts, not to mention various social media channels that you must approach differently. Gabriel has nearly a decade of content and digital marketing experience in the software and technology space. He also has over 13 years of professional writing experience—both in the nonprofit and corporate spaces. His goal is to help small and growing businesses maintain insight into emerging trends and best practices, provide a stellar customer experience, and remain highly competitive in their respective industries.

1. Sharpen your profile.

The best solution for a brand to grow nowadays is [link removed] so I think its very much essential for brands to go for digital marketing which will increase their awareness and elevate its sales. Thanks for your comment Kevin. I agree with you, digital marketing is essential--thanks for that comment! We had to remove the promotional link to your business that you included because we prefer to use this comments forum to help our readers grow their businesses and realize success.

We prefer that readers don't use it to advertise their own businesses--I hope you understand. The idea is sharing ideas and perspectives so we can all succeed together. Good luck! Great tips! So happy that I found this blog, this is some valuable content! Another hack that I personally use for boosting brand awareness is always sharing branded short links on my social media accounts. I create them by using Capsulink and later share them on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc.

I've noticed that branded links get more engagement since they're a lot more eye-catching and seem more trustworthy. Thanks for the positive comment! And double thanks for your tip--it's a good one! Welcome to our blog community. I hope you continue to read and chime in with your comments. We love the dialogue created here and you definitely seem to have extra value to offer so please keep commenting and sharing your insights with our audience. Thank you for the feedback! I hope you keep commenting and sharing your thoughts with us.

We can exploit the potential of the various social media sites to reach and engage with millions of audience. Social media is one of the most effective channel which allows you to connect directly with your customers. The tips shared in the above article will be really useful in order to increase brand awareness through social media and it will definitely help to grow your brand further. Social media marketing is the way of the future. And social media in general. Support can use it. Sales can use it. It can be used to create brand advocates and influencers.

The possibility are endless! Thanks so much for adding your opinion--we love to hear your feedback.