Demenz in ihrer schönsten Form: Von Validation bis Einfach-nur-da-sein (German Edition)

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What else is to be done but pour these ingredients into a great classical drama — a royal drama? Playwright Anna Gschnitzer places the city at the tragi-comical heart of this piece. It becomes the fateful heroine of a right royal drama with all that that entails: high-born characters and state activities, festive entries. Rebecca ist gerade dabei, das Abendessen zuzubereiten. Ihr Sohn Michael ist aufgebrochen, seinen Vater zu suchen.

Die Flut steigt weiter und fordert erste Opfer. A kitchen in Michigan. Rebecca is preparing the evening meal. Outside there is an apocalyptic flood. She opens the door, water flows into the house, she grabs hold of a fish and begins to gut it. Whilst her daughter Rachel prepares for her graduation ball, Rebecca thinks back to the way her husband left the family a year ago.

Her son Michael has gone off to find his father. The flood is rising further and takes its first victims. Eventually the water flushes the disappeared members of the family back into the house. A true episode from the history of psychoanalysis between Vienna and Zurich in the years from to Sabine Spielrein is being treated by Carl Gustav Jung for hysteria. Deep feelings and desires develop during the course of her therapeutic talking cure on the coach An obsessive relationship starts up, and despite all external changes, finds no inner end. They change quickly and violently. Without any bloody warning The two women could not be more different, but they meet and are forced to face up to the shadows of the past.

Ernst Toller zieht als Freiwilliger in den Ersten Weltkrieg. Ernst Toller volunteered in the First World War. Documents from the period, reports from returnees from Afghanistan and other war zones and crisis regions, experiences of close combat, experiencing and overcoming trauma as well as the question, what can a life after war look like, are condensed into a collage Ohne jede beschissene Vorwarnung Sabine Harbeke entwirft eine Familie, wie wir sie alle kennen.

Wie immer also und doch einmalig. Sabine Harbeke has created a family as we know it. A cosmos of forgiveness in which, despite the barrenness of daily life, the characters do not lose their sense of humour, can wrest their hopes and longings from the adversities of fate, and sometimes can find a moment of bliss at the edge of all the madness.

Just as always, and yet unique. The aim of their discussion is to develop a strategy to deal with the children on their return, and how they can explain sexuality and the Internet to them. A comedy about the disorder of desire, differing concepts of sexual morality, and the difficulty of bearing freedom.

Doch schnell begreift sie, dass sie mit diesem Experiment alleine da steht. Paula muss sich entscheiden. Paula wants to become a painter. Going against the will of her father and her husband, she decides to take the GDR slogan about equality for women seriously, and starts studying art along with her child. But she quickly realises that she is alone in this experiment. Paula has to decide. And the way she does so is very unpopular: for the sake of her career as a painter, she separates from her child; she loves her work more than all men, and she refuses all well-meaning advice to look reality square in the eye and make compromises.

Nowhere do they die so beautifully and so virtuously as they do in operas. Delusions of love, world weariness, longing for death, also grudges, jealousy and criminal energies are the things that ruin operatic heroes and heroines and send them to their death. It is both a painful thing and a consolation that they die singing with such breathtaking beauty. Based on the most beautiful death scenes from the history of opera, Alvis Hermanis and the actors have developed. Hitz, Aaron; Merker, Max: "Lachen verboten! Es folgte ein kometenhafter Aufstieg.

Buster Keaton had one of the most extraordinary artistic careers of the 20th century. As a young man he decided to turn his back on vaudeville theatre and dedicate himself to film. His rise was meteoric. Es herrscht Wohnungsnot. A big city. There is a shortage of housing. Peter Fallok, the putative twelve-tone composer, moves into a block of flats owned by property shark, Jako, with his partner Edith.

Both couples have the right to the keys. A play about philistine monsters and cultured monsters. This installation considers the question of humanity in the light of great cruelty. How is it possible for genocides to happen? Performers and experts, together with the audience, start looking for free will within totalitarian systems. Mutual experience, the question of evil, the construction of our own identity through stories and concepts of the enemy are considered in seven rooms of remembrance, encounter, of understanding or notunderstanding.

How can we consider evil as something that only pertains to the Other? Und: zweimal im selben Bett war schon zu viel — war das wirklich so?

Commentaires et classements de l'offre

Wenn nicht, wie war es dann? Mit Zeitzeugen gehen wir auf Spurensuche. Und wir stellen ihnen Menschen an die Seite, die heute jung sind — um herauszufinden, wie viel von dem, was damals wichtig war, heute noch wirkt. Free love, street battles, muffs and robes, long hair and brightly-coloured clothes. Plus: twice in the same bed was one time too many — was it really like that?

If not, what was it like? What drove people of the time to change society, how much was achieved and how much is left today? Together with witnesses from the period we try to find out. Because the Age of Aquarius has just begun: the past is the present.

When the Christian inhabitants of a Georgian village deny the Muslims their right to prayer, the fronts harden. And the conflict turns friends Hassan and Toma into rivals. Toma becomes an extreme devotee of Christianity, whilst Hassan defends the Muslim community. Their children, Ghio and Khatuna, do not allow themselves to be influenced and continue to meet regularly. They play Angry Birds, a classic computer game. And their friendship turns to a love for which their fanatically-religious fathers have no understanding. Zwischen Prozessprotokollen, Medienberichten und literarischen Referenzen wagt sie einen tiefen Blick ins Unbewusste der deutschen Seele.

Here the current NSU case is simultaneously the Last Judgement, and the Zwickau cell story becomes the antithesis of biblical stories of salvation. In her typically flowing, unceasing language, Jelinek dissects the individual facets of guilt. Between court protocols, reports in the media and literary references, she dares to look deep into the unconsiousness of the German soul. Begreifen sie sich noch als Deutsche, schon als Brasilianer oder als DeutschBrasilianer? Stehen ethnische oder nationale Aspekte im Vordergrund? Do they consider themselves to be still German, to be Brazilian or to be German-Brazilian?

Is there still some common identity in this sixth generation? And if so, from which stories is it constructed? Are ethnic or national aspects to the fore? What are the conditions that facilitated integration, or made it more difficult? And if it was successful, is it seen as a personal gain or loss? Jonigk, Thomas: "Kill the bugger! The public reacted with malice. Remote Karlsruhe is a new project by Rimini Protokoll that lays an acoustic trail through the city. A soundtrack to streets, car parks, supermarkets, churches and courtyards.

Headphones turn people into a group, the theatre audience become actors and the city appears to be a production that also stares back. No encounter appears by chance, no passer-by is without a role, no path is aimless. Do we really see what we hear? Do we hear what we see? And how do we make our decisions in the labyrinth that is a city — individually, as a group, or in a shoal? Zwei Global Player begegnen sich. When Ines suddenly dies in Rome, her best friend Clara from Stillbach in South Tyrol turns up to dismantle the household.

In it, Ines describes her holiday job as a chambermaid more than thirty years previously. On the hunt for truths, Clara. Volkswagen and China. Two global players encounter each other. In VW began producing in China, the very first western mega-business. China - a country that creates fear like no other in Germany. The land of pirated copying is copied here on stage. The car becomes the story-teller of a road movie and stories are transported from continent to continent. Scientists and Playboy Bunnies discuss utopias and fears for the future.

Two abandoned children wait at the train station for their mother, who might never come back. The illness of their infant threatens to destroy a couple. Er verdankt seine Existenz einem sonderbaren Experiment, an dem seine Mutter einst teilgenommen hat: Er ist das Ergebnis der Samenspende eines genialen Wissenschaftlers.

Francis, just 18 years old, lives with his mother in a dilapidated trailer park in Delaware on the East Coast of America and believes he will end his life there — until the day he discovers the truth about his origins. He owes his existence to an extraordinary experiment that his mother once took part in: he is the result of sperm donated by a brilliant scientist. He sets off on a journey right across the country to Los Angeles, the place of his unusual genesis, together with his best friend, Grover, and the beautiful Anne-May.

A dramatic road trip with a breath-taking showdown! Diagnose: Paranoide Schizophrenie. Wie werden die drei reagieren, wenn sie mit sich selbst konfrontiert werden? His secret mission is to find out how to reprogramme the human subconscious. He starts a risky experiment. He brings three patients together who all believe they are Jesus Christ. Diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenia. How will the three react when they are confronted with themselves? Is it possible to re-format their identity in the same way information is re-formatted on a hard drive?

The experiment pulls the clinic into a maelstrom of betrayal and murder. Unexplained things start to happen. Long corridors, emptied operating rooms, a huge shinygrey kitchen and underground technical rooms: the former hospital complex tells the story of the everyday life of the Americans stationed there. Writer Lothar Kittstein has written a site-specific play that invites the audience to inspect these history-laden rooms.

Milton Rokeach. Sein geheimer Auftrag: herauszufinden, wie man das menschliche Unterbewusstsein umprogrammiert. Er beginnt ein riskantes Experiment. Ein Vater und sein Sohn. Hat der Sohn im Leben etwas erreicht, worauf der Vater stolz sein kann, darf und wird? Die fortschreitende Demenz des Vaters stellt die Familienkonstellation in Frage.

Was geschieht mit der eigenen Geschichte, wenn es keine Erinnerungen mehr gibt? Es geht nicht mehr darum, was war, sondern nur noch darum, was ist und was eventuell noch sein wird. Vater und Sohn sind auf den Moment. Aber sie geben nicht auf. Und manchmal lachen sie auch. A father and a son. A classic parent-child relationship vacillating between love, misunderstandings, constantly required boundaries, and disappointment.

Has the son achieved something in his life that his father can be proud of, is allowed to be proud of and will be proud of? The advancing dementia of the father calls the constellation of the family into question. Father and son are thrown back onto the moment. But they do not give up. They fight. And sometimes they laugh too. First of all she mislaid her specs, then she forgot a couple of numbers, eventually the mother is no longer able to find her way round her own house. The diagnosis is dementia.

The daughter confronts her mother with photos that were taken twenty years earlier. Illness and misfortune are considered to have been overcome. Art and culture have been outgrown. And into this world stumbles John. A stranger, who seeks his fortune in a world he does not know but which promises plenty. Doch er hat starke Konkurrenz. Ist sie eine strahlende Utopie oder doch eher ein gefesseltes Monstrum? Peer, who works for the institute, has applied for promotion. But the competition is fierce.

An underground earthquake is accompanying the relentless fight for the next rung on the career ladder: how do our happiness models fare in comparison with yesterdays? And what is the future promising for us today? Could a rosy utopia be a tied up monster? And all the while Peer is fighting for his own and personal future and is prepared to do whatever it takes Der freie Wille ist abgeschafft, die Gesellschaft auf einem staatlich verordneten Drogentrip.

In diese Welt stolpert John. The primacy of profitability and usability has developed into an all dominating maxim. Freewill has been. Nudist, vegetarian and early hippy: in August Engelhardt sets out for German New Guinea and buys a coconut plantation on the island of Kabakon. He wants to lead a life that is close to nature and far away from a rapidly modernising western civilisation.

He develops a theory of cocoivorism and nourishes himself solely from coconuts. Increasingly he becomes convinced by the. Lea wehrt sich. Marco is a tabloid journalist and thus constantly on the hunt for a story he can sell at a good price. He meets Lea at a prize-giving ceremony. She is a young singer who has just brought out her first CD. Marco offers to write about her. Lea is suspicious of the tabloid press, but Marco promises to jumpstart her career. However to get onto page one would require a few explosive details about her private life.

Lea resists. And when the headline story comes out despite it all, it is not only Lea who has a problem. Nur im Lachen kann man den Wahnsinn dieser Zeit verstehen und sich ihm widersetzen. Nicky und Willy how Czar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II addressed each other when they wrote letters, they were cousins is a play that focuses not on the misery but on the grotesqueness and eventually ludicrousness of that euphoric summer of It deals with the failure of the political elite, of national megolamania, of local fear of.

Only by laughing can one really understand the lunacy of that time and oppose it. Tu, felix austria, supervive… It is difficult to explain why it was an Austrian-Hungarian expedition that set out in to find the legendary NorthEast Passage. What are a Tirolean mountain guide, craftsmen from Trieste, Austrian soldiers and a Hungarian doctor looking for in the ice — apart from certain death?

After two horrendous years in the ice, the Austrians set out on their return journey on foot, dragging their pathetic belongings across the ice. It is only because the summer is unusually mild that they encounter a Russian whaler running late and he brings the men, nearly dead with exhaustion, to safety. Tu, felix austria, supervive Einigen bleibt noch Zeit, aber wie viel und zu welchen Konditionen? Was also tun mit der Zeit?

One of them already has an unsuccessful attempt at selfabolition behind him, a couple of others would prefer to stay here just a little longer but are forcibly abolished by a terrible stroke of fate. Some do still have time left, but how much and what are the conditions like? Seven people in very different stages of decay are confronted with their mortality - and embrace the absurd ever more tightly. Imagine: a society in which all demands for equal treatment are met, all exploitative dependent relationships removed, all wishes for reparation of the individual groups of victims recognised, and the language has been cleansed of all pejorative deficits.

In which people encounter each other with respect and warmth. In which working together reigns supreme and understanding your opposite number is placed above individual interest. We are talking of maximising not profits, but gross national happiness. Alle haben ihre Erfahrungen mit Beziehungen und Ehen gemacht, sind geschieden oder verwitwet — und wollen auf unterschiedliche Art und Weise in diesem gemeinsamen Haus zur Ruhe kommen.

For Dieter, Kurt, Karsten and Richard it is the apartment they share where they have lived together for several years. For Axel is young and absolutely convinced of himself and his qualities. The much younger new flatmate makes it resolutely clear that they are all slowly getting older But what happens if this wish comes true? When Tom, a single father, wakes up one morning in the body of his pubescent daughter, wishful thinking does not come into it. Ein irrwitziges Spiel um den Wunsch nach einem Helden, der rettet, was nicht mehr zu retten ist.

A superbly-witty game about the desire for a hero who rescues the unrescuable. Laucke konzipiert seinen Text in der Tradition dieser Werke. And he has researched, collected and looked through material, and out of it produced scenes that shine a light on the spiritual constitution of the people of Germany. The result is a study of the extraordinary continuation of right-wing thinking in German minds, it enables a stocktake of social dislocation, and at the same time takes a precise look at the present.

Die Zeiten im Dorf sind hart, jeder schielt neidvoll auf den Vorteil seines Nachbarn. It is late summer in Rhine-Hesse. Impoverished farmer Andreas Bastian comes back from a day in the fields completely exhausted only to receive an unexpected visit from a distant relative, Johann Schulz. The young Communist activist does not reveal to the family that he is on the run having murdered a policeman, and slots into their daily lives. Times in the village are hard, everyone is looking to see if their neighbour has some advantage over them. The young farmer Kunkel decides therefore that it would be advantageous to head up an SA group in the village.

Anti-fascist Rendel decides to resist. Tennis — the white sport. Whoever plays tennis has made it, is rich and belongs to those up there. Thanks to a state sponsorship programme, Felix, the lucky one, is now allowed onto a tennis court. But the rules remain incomprehensible to him, and for Tobi and Philipp he is an exotic from another world. Even the tennis star, who tries to do everything in accordance with protocol, fails.

The rich and the beautiful divided up the capital between themselves a long time ago, and anyone who arrives late can only participate as the match ball. He lives with his wife and children in a townhouse in tranquil Wohlstadt. His life goes off the rails when he breaks out, and he is dead just a few months later. Dani Levy has written a comedy about the liberation of a man from his inner prison and about how dangerous it is to free yourself from the fundamentalism of Swiss life.

His first production for the Schauspielhaus in Zurich. Hoffmann Theater UA: The face of the war changed forever when the two atom bombs were dropped on Japan in Work was also being done on these weapons of mass destruction in the Third Reich, but this work was never completed as a home-grown scientist managed to prevent it.

The deeds of nuclear scientist Paul Rosbaud took place in private. The play accompanies him as he helps Lise Meitner to flee, talks about the discovery of nuclear fission, the plots of various agents, right up to the moment the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Liepold-Mosser, Bernd: "Traummaschine. FreudProjekt" St. Jahrhunderts herrschte Endzeitstimmung und Aufbruchslust.

In dieser Zeit der Orientierungslosigkeit und Euphorie nahm Dr. Sigmund Freud in Wien seine Arbeit auf. An apocalyptic mood reigned at the start of the 20th century, and there was a longing for new beginnings. Industrialisation had broken down social structures and enabled a new freedom. Society was roused by nationalism and war-lust, but the sky above was empty. It was during this euphoric period, completely without orientation, that Dr Sigmund Freud took up his position in Vienna. The neurologist observed and analysed his patients in a completely new way.

Freud highlighted something that medicine had not considered before: dreams and fantasies, jokes and slips, fears and desires. Within the framework of a therapeutic relationship that was charged with projections, it was all about the verbalisation of suppressed sexuality and forbidden thoughts. Familie Finkelstein besitzt einen Friseursalon, in dem Max als Lehrling arbeitet. The Finkelstein family owns a hairdressing salon and Max works there as an apprentice.

Their friendship comes to an end when the National Socialists come to power. Itzig is murdered and Max, now an SS officer, takes part in mass shootings and is assigned to the Laubwalde concentration camp. Kurz darauf zeigen sich bei ihm erste Symptome des Rinderwahnsinns. His fate began in London in when he fell prey to the charms of an astonishingly beautiful beefburger saleswoman. But this is just the start of other epidemics that always appear just at the very moment his heart goes out to a beautiful woman. Anna wird nach langer Ehe von ihrem Mann betrogen.

In skurriler Weise nehmen die Dinge nun ihren Lauf. Kann vielleicht eine Freundschaft mit der Konkurrentin entstehen? After a long marriage, Anna is betrayed by her husband. She thinks the much younger Christine is the adulteress and sets off to meet her rival with murder in mind.

Yet things take their course in a bizarre way. Thanks to Christine, this hidden side can blossom. Perhaps even a friendship will develop with her rival? Little Walter Frank is an outsider. An attempt by his screwy father to bring him out of his isolation and make some friends goes fatally wrong: Walter is fascinated by the magician Zacharias and tries out a magic trick on one of his fellow school mates — and accidently saws off her stomach.

He also meets him at the reform school, but this time he is disguised as Frank, a social worker. Morgen soll das Haus abgerissen werden. Und Tante Umbrella, die sich mit Brandreden gegen den Untergang stemmt. Und die zwei Musiker, Albert und Albert, die niemand eingeladen hat. Unmerklich wachsen diese unterschiedlichen Menschen zu einer Art Schicksalsgemeinschaft zusammen They all meet for the last time at the good-bye concert at music teacher Tante Umbrella's — and wait for the audience.

The following day the house is due to be pulled down. Gregor is there, the academic who is in love; Herr Molch, the weightlifter, who really wants to be a hairdresser; Erna, who wants to clear up her old life. And Tante Umbrella, who is fighting its demise with inflammatory speeches. And the two musicians, Albert and Albert, who no one has invited. Imperceptibly, this disparate group of people grow into a kind of fateful community Sie wird Alkoholikerin. Irgendwann gehen auch die Kinder, fest entschlossen, sich auf eigene Faust ihren Teil vom Leben zu ergattern — zu ergaunern, wenn es sein muss.

Ein wasserdichter Plan. Maria and Jesus Maria are twins. Their father left their mother early on. She became an alcoholic. At some stage the children decide to grab hold of life for themselves, even if they have to scam it. Their hunger for life is great. They dream of a huge coup. They clean out his shop, he cashes in on the insurance, gets the goods back and they get their share. A watertight plan. Wird es dann noch einen Begriff von Heimat geben? Und was bedeutet es dann die Heimat zu verteidigen? Assuming that the cultural and industrial nation Germany will have gone under and only a few transnational businesses will remain: would people rebel if a Chinese business cut down their woods and replaced them with plantations?

Assuming that government and nation have disappeared completely and left the field open to the economy and all its efficiency strategies: will there still exist a concept of homeland? And what would it mean then to defend this homeland? Two soldiers are commissioned with finding a LieutenantColonel in farthest Afghanistan who has liquidated his comrades.

On a boat they set out on a journey into darkness. They meet a former fisherman who graduated in Pirate Studies, Italian UN soldiers who are guarding the coltan harvest for the mobile telephone industry, and a refugee from the civil war in the Balkans who deals in spirelli pasta and investment funds. Wir sind Odysseus. Der Hass auf sie richtet sich im Grunde gegen die Kosten unseres zivilisatorischen Fortschritts und ist zugleich die radikale Reinigung unseres Selbstbildes von dem, was es vermeintlich bedroht: das Unerlaubte, das Lustprinzip, das unserem Fortschrittsdenken diametral entgegensteht.

Odysseus and his companion Agamemnon are on the high seas. We are Odysseus. Fischer Theaterverlag Zwei Soldaten erhalten den Auftrag, in den Weiten Afghanistans einen Oberstleutnant ausfindig zu machen, der seine Kameraden liquidiert hat. In einem Boot begeben sie sich auf eine Reise in die Finsternis.

Handel mit Spirellinudeln und Investmentfonds treibt. Whilst on a business trip Preising, heir to a Swiss factory, is witness to wedding preparations in a luxury Tunisian resort. Preising is forced to experience how thin-skinned civilisation is, and must learn his own lessons with regards to globalisation. Zur gleichen Zeit verliebt sich eine Krankenschwester in einem Front-Lazarett in einen unbekannten Soldaten, der an den Folgen des Giftgaseinsatzes stirbt. Chemist Fritz Haber develops the first historical weapon of mass destruction that is used in the First World War.

In , on the evening of his departure to deploy a further. At the same time a nurse at a military hospital on the Front falls in love with an unknown soldier, who dies as a result of the poison gas attack. When the research to discover a counter-poison to phosgene gas is not continued, Claire can see no way out and takes her own life in a public toilet.

Was einst Briefe waren und wochenlang ersehnte Begegnungen, verwandelte sich in Telefonverabredungen, Club-Dating und Mails. Doch sie will finden und gefunden werden. Tessa Blomstedt is a woman with several different dates of birth. She embodies at least three generations simultaneously probably many more. What at one time involved letters and meetings longed for over weeks has turned into telephone arrangements, dating clubs and emails. It would be a lie to say that Tessa is managing these portals magnificently. Nevertheless she wants to find and be found. Out and about in the gardens of electronic meeting places and using countless pseudonyms, she is simply waiting for the next offer of love from the data-orbit.

Ivana leaves Filip. He can neither remember key moments as the first time Ivana said she loved him, nor is he willing to retrieve the memory or continue it. As soon as they hear about the separation, their neighbour Andreas and his girlfriend Natalija immediately stand by Filip.

When Andreas and Natalija fall out and Filip is finally left alone, he succeeds in writing up the story of his relationship retrospectively and making up with Ivana. In diesem Dokument von tapferster Zartheit ruft sie Erinnerungen an Erlebnisse der gemeinsamen Jahre auf und macht sich Offengebliebenes bewusst.

In this brave and delicate document, she remembers experiences of their years together and clarifies what remained open. She inquires about the possibilities and ways of carrying on living and working, and continues to talk to a counterpart. Eine Zeitreise durch die letzten hundert Jahre unserer Stadt. As in every other German city the great events and decisions of history are reflected in its history. And just as in any other German city, there are people here who continued to seek happiness, have adventures, live, love and fight. A journey through the last hundred years of our city.

Sie hat noch ein paar Monate zu leben. Der Tod bestimmt ihr restliches Leben. Sie schreibt die Liste: Ten things to do before I die.

Und er? Ten things that have to be done before life is over.

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Although time is apparently the most precious commodity, we frequently behave as if it will never run out. She only has a couple of months to live. Death defines the rest of her life. That thing on the x-ray is not a fly. She writes her list: ten things to do before I die. As time runs out she goes from an unavoidable declaration of love via bungeejumping to the Turkish Aegean. And him? During this hasty ticking off of the To Do list they learn more about life and themselves than they could ever have dreamt was possible.

Merker, Max: "Lachen verboten! Zwischen und kommen sechs Kinder zur Welt. The portrait of a Hungarian family. Between and six children come into the world. A story of hopes and dreams, of changes in living circumstances and views of the world. The father who rubs along as a lorry driver is one of the losers of this new period, he is constantly absent, he has forfeited his authority as head of the family and can no longer be a role model for his children. Meyer tells of a large city that is populated by creatures of the night — in one of the oldest professions in the world.

A prostitute at work, an ageing and desparate jockey hunting his daughter who has been gone for years, businessmen who are fighting for their fortunes and with assets. Between rise and fall, between success and defeat, the protagonists chase each other through the streets and fail behind anonymous windows — unified by lights that make the night the real centre of their existence.

They are waging battle over capital, sex, power and their own dreams. The beginning of a tragic via dolorosa. Mitterer, Felix: "Glanzstoff" St. Die Glanzstoff Austria erzeugte von bis Viskosegarn. Der bei der Herstellung entstandene, penetrant-schwefelige Geruch. How about going to the theatre not as an audience member for once but as an actor standing in front of the footlights? Felix Mitterer is interested in the company Glanzstoff and so examines a key, controversial and important part of the history of St. From to Glanzstoff Austria manufactured rayon thread.

Manufacturing created a penetrating and sulphurous smell that led to St. In the Second World War, it was graded as a strategic raw material and so became a key part of the armaments industry. On the one hand, Glanzstoff Austria has a dark past, on the other hand, it was also a model company and as a successful export business in Lower Austria, one of its most important employers.

Zuerst wirken sie noch wie ein ganz normales Paar. Doch nach einiger Zeit entbrennt eine temperamentvolle Diskussion, die sich zu einem Streit zuspitzt. Sind Mann und Frau einfach unterschiedlich, oder spielen kulturelle und ethnische Herkunft eine entscheidende Rolle? A normal living room. The spectators are guests in a private apartment. A typical beverage is served. People talk. A man and a woman of different origins become the centre of attention. They seem like a normal couple at first. But, after a while, their temperamental discussion escalates to a fierce argument. Are the man and the woman simply unalike or do their cultural and ethnic origins play a decisive role?

Omid comes to Germany as a student. He gets to know Maria and they move in together. The only person who Omid lets anywhere near him is Sammy, a refugee from the war. Auf seinem Weg nach Hause geht er in eine Bar, um dort Anja zu beobachten. Sie ist gerade arbeitslos geworden und versucht ihr Selbstbewusstsein wieder herzustellen. Whilst the two sisters work at patching up their relationship, husband Toni is in his office, fearful of some of his clients.

On his way home he goes into a bar to observe Anja. Anja has just been made unemployed and is trying to re-build her selfconfidence. The paths and desires of the various figures criss-cross during that night and lead to a surprising end. Annas ehemaliger Geliebter und Freier, ein Schweizer Banker, verabredet sich mit beiden zu einem ausgefallenen Sexspiel. Omid kommt als Student nach Deutschland. Er lernt Maria kennen und zieht mit ihr zusammen.

Elena has fled her homeland, the Ukraine, to get away from poverty, she wants to try her luck in Switzerland. Along with Anna, who is older, she works as a prostitute. By the time that the two women realise that they are dealing with more than acting out a sexual fantasy, it is already too late Zwei Wesen, die durch einen Fluch dazu verdammt sind, sich immer wieder vom Mensch zum Tier zu verwandeln, sind auf der Suche nach dem Geheimnis ihrer Geschichte. Von schwarzen Rittern verfolgt, kreuzen sich ihre Wege auf wundersame Weise immer wieder. Denn beide ahnen nicht, dass ihre Schicksale unweigerlich miteinander verbunden sind.

Nichts und niemand kann verschont werden, denn die Zukunft ist jetzt. We would need at least three globes to provide enough resources! No scientific application is too absurd to not be tested in terms of feasibility: building gigantic cooled city-plants in the African desert, stateregulated dying at 70, a "super-condom" A girl stands in the courtyard of an institution.

A boatman on inland waters, who may be also a bank robber, a peculiar writer, a dead forester; she punishes a long-distance lorry driver, and on a rubbish dump she meets two year old boys. She fancies one of them, the shy blond one. Two beings, who have been damned by a curse to constantly change from human to animal, are looking for the secret of their story. Followed by black knights, their paths cross again and again - the two of them are not aware that their fates are inextricably linked.

The slave Montejo is housed in a barrack full of lice and is suffering at the hands of a sadistic overseer. Once the revolution has been won, he discovers that the newest conditions have led merely to an apparent freedom that is not so very different from his earlier existence as a slave. Schon vorher pflegte er stets zu sagen: A rose is a rose is a rose — keine Welt gleicht der anderen.

Wimmelnd vor lauter Musik und Bildern. Mit Gestalten wie aus. Dann, nach dem Aufwachen immer derselbe Satz, ein Mantra: A rose is a rose is a rose. Immer dieselbe Frage, bohrend: Wo war er zu Hause? Great skill, great love, heaven, hell, the human and the alltoo human in a world we call theatre.

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Heidegger seeks to wrest the understanding of tragedy free of a speculative paradigm. Comment Oje, walther, du Armer! Alles Seiende wollt ihr erst denkbar machen: denn ihr zweifelt mit gutem Misstrauen, ob es schon denkbar ist [ Aber solch eine Frage ist schwer zu stellen, gerade weil sie uns als Nicht-Frage erscheint. Since the s, Helmut Palmer had been causing trouble in Swabia with his fight for the right kind of fruit-tree pruning, against despotic authorites and political bureaucracy, for direct democracy, and against forgetting Nazi crimes.

Nothing is the same as it was after the coma. Even beforehand he used to say: a rose is a rose is a rose — no world is like another. Only now is he able to comprehend the extent of this sentence. The journey of his coma was real, absolutely real. Full of sounds, tastes and feelings.

Shimmering with music and pictures. Full of colours, sounds and movements. With beings from another world. Then, once he had woken up, always the same sentence, a mantra: a rose is a rose is a rose. Always the same nagging question: where was his home? Cuba, at the end of the 50s — the governing system is in its death throes. The casinos and night clubs are chock-a-block and the rum seems to be on tap.

This story focusses on individual figures and events in the history of the factory that go back to the 17th century. It was inspired by archive material and reports from witnesses of the time as well as products produced in the Carlswerk — from simple hemp rope and suspension cables for suspension bridges to telecommunication connections across the continent. Carls Werk documents not only a connection between one end of the world and the other, but also connects up the past to the present. In Greek mythology there is a river in the underworld whose water, if one drinks of it, makes forgetting impossible.


Yet is all-knowingness, is not being able to forget, really worth striving for? Jan Neumann is looking for hidden and unforgettable Stuttgart stories to develop this play. She tries to make her dreams reality, has two secret affairs and countless luxury purchases — but she fails.

Pagel, Sandra: "Beate. Beate Uhse steht vor Gericht. Mit diesen Misserfolgen war die Meisterschaft verloren — und die Jagd auf einen Menschen begann. Er konnte sich nach New York retten und eine neue Existenz aufbauen. The team had been successful with the trainer until two defeats became his undoing.


Demenz in Ihrer schönsten Form- von Validation bis Einfach-nur-da-sein gibt einen ganz neuen, fast unbekannten Blickwinkel auf diesen gesellschaftlich so. Kindle Edition Demenz in Ihrer schönsten Form- von Validation bis Einfach-nur -da-sein gibt einen ganz neuen, fast ); Language: German; ISBN ; ISBN ; Product Dimensions: x x 21 cm.

And because of these failures the championship was lost — and the manhunt began. He was able to reach New York and build up a new existence. But he never worked as a professional trainer again. Yonville: an apothecary, a priest, a doctor. One post coach daily. One agricultural exhibition yearly.

One topic of conversation: Madame Bovary, the young wife of the new doctor. Her feet in a pile of manure, her head in trashy. Beate Uhse is up in court. And whilst a fanatical public prosecutor and a resourceful defence lawyer argue about the right to love and the naturalness of the female orgasm, the successful businesswoman looks back on a colourful life that led her to be sitting in the dock.

And once again she has to defend herself against male bigotry and paternalism, using healthy common sense and smiling humour. Heute ist die Frau Eines Morgens findet ihre Tochter sie hilflos auf dem Boden liegend. Sie wird ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert. In April a soldier was sentenced to death following his denunciation as a deserter, and murdered.

In the courtroom, the father shows the judge a Wehrmacht photo of his murdered son. The body of proof is overwhelming. Today the woman is One morning her daughter finds her lying on the floor, helpless. She is taken to hospital. The hospital ward becomes the prison — with the nurses, the patients and a disturbing past. George sehnt sich nach der Sandmulde seiner Kindheit. Dort will er sterben. Mit Meerblick. Um seiner allumfassenden Einsamkeit zu entkommen, erfand George Kochrezepte angereichert mit sich selbst. George is longing for the sand crater of his childhood.

That is where he wants to die. With a view out to sea. And the feeling that all those centuries he dragged his carapace around with him were more than mere humbug. In order to escape his overwhelming loneliness, George made up recipes enriched with himself. He was the hero of his nightmares and the impetus for his visits to the doctor. George is an ancient tortoise with a sack full of depressions.

Sie vertrauen einander. Und sie sind unzertrennlich. They love each other. They trust each other. And they are inseparable. This play tells the story of this friendship that lasted more than 20 years, during which Karl in particular becomes very successful. Yet his increasing fame creates problems for Karl that no one could foresee, until finally it puts the friendship of the three to the test.

And a life-threatening incident nearly leads to a falling out between the three of them Weltkriegs arbeiten? Wie erfindet man das Leben von Menschen in finsteren Zeiten? What happens when actors dive into a story in which they play screenwriters working on a film script about the Second World War? How can you devise the life of a person in darkest times? What does a German communist, who survived the Nazi regime, do after ? And what remains of an actress — her name might have been Carola Neher — who fled the Nazis to the Soviet Union and then disappeared into a gulag?

What remains for the son who only discovered years later who his mother was? But they are happy together. But two bunches of flowers and a pregnancy ensure that every day it becomes more chaotic — and comedic Aber genau die sind es ja meist, die nicht wissen, was die Arbeit ist. For many different reasons.

But they are precisely the people who do not know what the work involves. Du musst eine Anzeige schalten und ich muss an diesem Tag Fahrrad fahren. And that is why these toxic beings here are important, simply to understand what you are not.

I meet them by chance. And now we come to you Robert, you are none of the above. You know, recently we saw a free advertising space behind the right wing of a car that was filled with ads, and in that space it said, 'Here is space for your advertising. You have to run an ad and on that particularly day I have to be on my bike. Unnachahmlich sind seine wundervollen SprachPirouetten und die Spielweise, die er mit seinen Schauspielern entwickelt. Then just add extracts from the American television series "Starsky and Hutch" and some Monty Python elements.

Armed like Amazonians, four actresses and a prompter conquer the discursive terrain, debating, philosophising and just occasionally shooting and battering. His wonderful linguistic pirouettes and the way of playing that he develops with his actors are absolutely unique and cannot be copied. Und deshalb sind diese toxischen Wesen hier wichtig, einfach um zu verstehen, was du nicht bist. Und jetzt kommen wir zu dir, Robert. Du bist all das nicht.

Dornstrauch, Unternehmensspitze eines Medienkonzerns, hat ihren Sohn Enrique abgeschrieben. Carambolage tells of five beings colliding into each other. Preservers of the system, anarchists, and those. Dornstrauch, the head of a media empire, has written off her son Enrique. Irritated by his neurotic patients, he decides to go to Paris and puts an advert in for a flat-swap. Her feet in a pile of manure, her head in trashy novels or the Bible, Emma Bovary dreams of a better life. At the heart of this new piece at the Residenztheater is the connectivity between power and art, between politics and performance: and all of this in a Europe built on top of millions of graves.

A Europe that on the one hand is building itself up to be a neo-colonial colossus of power, yet at the same time is afflicted by separatism and nationalism. Sie hat beschlossen, durchzuhalten bis zum letzten Augenblick. She remembers, she calls up the people in her life, and finally she climbs back down. She has decided to keep going to the very last moment. Oder: Filmemacher. Oder: Sozialarbeiter, der bis im. Renegade is daring to carry out an experiment. Beim Neustart von OpenOffice.

Wie kommt es dass im Artikel Zeppelin von Fahrt gesprochen wird aber bei einem bekannten Unternehmen, zeppelinflug. Gibt es Planeten, die zwei Sonnen umlaufen? Also z. Das bringt doch alles nichts vor Ort. Noch fragen? Die 4 Bahnen sind kupfrig. Der Stecker kommt mir bekannt vor, Bild an der entsprechenden Stelle eingebaut.

Gab es da jemals wirklich Plumpsklos? Auch bei Luftschiffen wie z. Sollte man netterweise dem Wartungsdient Bescheid sagen, damit er nicht in 2 Jahren umsonst anmarschiert kommt? Leider muss ich bis Ende des Vertrages warten bis ich einen neuen Anbieter nutzen kann. Ok, da habe ich wohl in den falschen Kategorien gesucht, danke. Wo finde ich, was ich suche? Zum x-ten Mal versuche ich hier, Jugenderinnerungen zusammenzubekommen, nur ohne Titel keine Chance bei Amazon und Co.

Ich suche eine Farbfilm, wahrscheinlich aus den 80er Jahren. Thema war eine Karibikinsel, die durch wenige Personen putschartig erobert wurde. Das besondere daran war im Finale ein Konzert unter Beteiligung von diversen Stars. Hat jemand eine Ahnung, welcher Film das war?

Der Mensch habe jedoch die Freiheit, nach Dimensionen zu streben, die mehr als Geld sind. Dies kann durch die Bildung solidarischer Gemeinschaften, die sich mit dem Geistesleben auseinandersetzen, geschehen. Ich habe das Werk "Philosophie des Geldes" gelesen nicht immer verstanden!

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Danke schonmal nicht signierter Beitrag von Ist die Unterschrift die des Korsen? Mal aus Neugier gefragt: Welches Erfurter Palais mag das gewesen sein? Hallo erst mal. Gruss-- Conan Diskussion , Daher habe ich versucht mir heuristisch mit der Einpflanzung einer Potenzfunktion zu helfen, um die Polstelle herzustellen:. Hallo, leider habe ich es geschafft, mich selbst auszusperren bei Ubuntu: Ich habe das Konto des einzigen Systemverwalters aus Jux deaktiviert und mich abgemeldet.

Jetzt kann ich mich nicht mehr anmelden. Was tun? Ich frage mich, ob hier gerade die Anleitung zum Knacken eines fremden Computers geliefert wurde. Yotwen Diskussion , Kann jemand helfen? Dazu habe ich bei verschiedenen Anbietern im Internet nach einem passenden Flug gesucht und bin bei www.

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Die "verbindliche Buchungsanfrage" habe ich am Juli aufgegeben, mit Kreditkartennummer. Das Portal fluege. Ansonsten kann man nur eine Nummer anrufen 2,49 Euro pro Anruf. Das habe ich soeben getan. Jetzt ist guter Rat teuer. Dieses Portal www. Den Hinflug brauche ich trotzdem. Vor einigen Monaten hatte ich auch schon mal einen Flug mit www. Hallo Mitwikipedianer, im Sucher meiner digitalen Spiegelreflexkamera hat sich relativ viel Staub und Schmutz angesammelt. Nun ist das erste Glas etwas vertieft.

Hat jemand andere gute Erfahrungen gemacht? Man findet ja in Foren diverse Erfahrungsberichte, aber zu Langzeitfolgen hab ich nichts gefunden. Hallo, warum sind Spiralgalaxien flach? Wenn ihr nun sagt: " Da muss ja eine ziemlich starke Kopplung bestehen kann ich mir aber nicht vorstellen. Es sei der Tag, am dem die Blutungsneigung am geringsten sei. Wer kann mir hierzu etwas sagen? Schon oft habe ich mir die Frage gestellt, heute nun gebe ich sie weiter.

Wer finanziert die Ratingagenturen? Eine Schlagzeile auf GoogleNews tagesschau. Leider bin ich auch nur halb schlauer bzw. Was ist mit dem oben zitierten Satz kursiv aus dem Artikel, ist er falsch? Idealerweise zaubern sich die Infos auch in den Artikel Brennersee oder noch auf italienischer Seite?

Was war z. Herzog war ja noch sein Vater. Fingalo Diskussion , Albrecht III. Richardis von Schwerin heiratete danach Junker Albrecht. Aber galt das schon im Eventuell bietet es sich an, Deinen Text so zu formulieren, dass deutlich wirde, ob und wann er auch regierte oder nicht.

Es ging aber um die Bezeichnung seines nachgeborenen Sohnes.


Die schwedische Auskunft zu fragen, hat wenig Sinn. Mich interessierte die deutsche Bezeichnung im Albrecht war Herzog zu Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg wurde reichsunmittelbar und am 8. Die Belehnung mit dem Herzogtum erfolgte zur ganzen Hand. Es liegt dann eben bei Fingalo, seinen Text so zu formulieren, dass klar wird, wann Albrecht regierte und wann nicht. Werde mir mal die Arbeit von Helge bei der Wieden beschaffen. Da steht's vielleicht drin. Karl IV. Als er heiratete, war er ja noch nicht Albrecht III.

Die Kartons sollen die Sendung stabilisieren. Leider auch nicht im Orbis Latinus und anderen Verzeichnissen im Internet. Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank im Voraus. Meine frage ist nun wie komme ich dort ins Netz? Wie tun die das? Gibt's da einen zentralen Anlaufpunkt? Oder nur die jeweilige allgemeine Kontakt-Mailadresse? Es gibt ein relativ dichtes Netz von Beratungsstellen in Deutschland. Es ist doch eher zu Fragen, ist dies Aufgabe der Wikipedia? Denn um es plump zu sagen, man sieht zu wenig, um damit Wissen zu erzeugen.

Ich bin in der 40ern, und trotz hoher Motivation und hohem Aufwand habe ich mich sehr schwer getan. Antidiskriminierungsgesetze vorgehen? Patentamt als Notnagel. Absolute Gleichheit gibt es nicht. Wo liegt also das Problem? Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache gesenkt. Es geht nicht um "gleiche Behandlung bei gleichen Bedingungen". Warum ist das so? Wann wird die japanische Anrede -tan verwendet? Wo spielt es? Sind die Szenen gestellt oder echt? Wie viele Folgen gibt es, wann werden sie wieder gesendet?

Gut, auch in so manchen heutigen Filmen oder Serien wie z. How i Met your Mother oder 2 and a half men sind die Darsteller in jeder Folge alkoholtrinkend zu sehen. Aber wie war das wirklich damals? Wurde da mehr, oder einfach anders getrunken? Aber auch wie es z. Adminstration und Politik schauen weg und alle kratzen sich nicht. Und hieraus mit auferlegten Nachteilen arbeiten muss, obwohl der Sicherheiten-Steller z.

Wikiverbunden, MfG Fenek nicht signierter Beitrag von In der SF-Literatur wird soetwas gerne mal plaziert. Da stellt sich heraus, dass ein Planet oder ein Mond oder auch etwas kleineres eigentlich von woanders stammend irgendwann eingefangen wurde und nun in dieser neuen Umlaufbahn sei. Ich habe hier ca. Einen definierten kleinen Bildausschnitt von links oben der DinA4 Seite nach rechts unten der DinA4 Seite zu kopieren und dann zu speichern. Geht das irgendwie automatisch? Ich lese gerade eine Geschichte die so um spielt.

Dort wird beschrieben das auf einem Jahrmarkt Alfanzereien stattfinden. Was habe ich mir darunter genau vorzustellen? Google spuckt zwar ein paar Treffer aus, die sind aber nur sehr vage und liefern keine genaue Beschreibung. Roman gemeint sein. Du redest doch sicher von einem neuen Buch, nicht von einem aus dem Jahrhundert, oder? Kolorit, aber nichts besonderes in die genaue Form der Worte reinzudeuten. Weiter oben bekam ich schon Tipps. Tut mir leid, ich bin bis jetzt auf der Office-Ebene geblieben.

Allerdings besteht die zweite Fehlermeldung weiter, obwohl ich die Festplatte formatiert habe, als ich Ubuntu 12 draufspielte. Und wie sieht es aus mit Verpflegung? Warum fehlt diese absolut essentielle Angabe?