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Groupthink, Iraq, and the War on Terror: Explaining US Policy Shift toward Iraq
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Being able to take it over showed the world how IS was able to take power when they wanted to. Now it is the last main city in Iraq that IS are still in control of, so taking it off them would be a big sign that they are losing their power. It would also be significant because Mosul was the city where they said every Muslim should follow their rules. There was outrage all over the world when IS started to destroy important historical places in Mosul that could never be replaced, like shrines, tombs and religious buildings that have existed for hundreds of years.

Regaining this city would mean a lot to the people who have watched their city destroyed by IS. Whenever there is a war or violent fighting anywhere in the world, ordinary people usually get caught up in the conflict.

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Winner, Canadian Political Science Association Prize in International Relations The almost universally accepted explanation for the Iraq war is very clear. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Counterfactuals are too often rhetorical weapons of mass Explaining The Iraq War - Kindle edition by Frank P. Harvey. Download it .

They are forced to flee their homes, families get separated, and people don't have enough to eat or somewhere safe to live. The conflict in Iraq has been no different. Many families and children have found their lives turned upside down. The United Nations UN , the international group of countries that work together for peace, believes that more than 3 million people in Iraq have been forced to leave their homes to escape the fighting with IS.

It is worried that the current battle for Mosul may force another million people to become refugees too. Many more may get caught up in the fighting and run the risk of being killed.

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The UN thinks that up to , people may try to escape to countries like Turkey and Syria, where there is also fighting. The exact number of people who have been killed in the fighting in Iraq is not known. However, the UN thinks more than 23, ordinary people have been killed there since January The battle for Mosul is likely to take a long time.

Even once the fight is over, and even if IS lose control of Mosul, there is still a long way to go before they have all of their power taken off them. Most people in Iraq are hoping for peace one day and to be able to rebuild their lives.

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Archived from the original on 8 February News, analysis, and ideas driving the future of U. The strategic intent of the US Army Special Forces ODAs had been to shutdown the main supply routes and deny access around Ar Rutbah and the strategically important H-3 airbase, which was defended by a battalion of Iraqi troops and significant numbers of mobile and static anti aircraft guns. It authorizes "member states co-operating with the Government of Kuwait Best selling eBooks.

But the different groups in Iraq still need to agree on who should be in power, and they need to stop fighting between them before there can be peace in this country. If you're upset by this story, or anything in the news, you can find advice here. What is the Chilcot report and what was the Iraq war?


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Guide: What's happening in Iraq? Soldiers are fighting in Iraq to take back control of the city of Mosul from a group that calls itself Islamic State. Iraq is situated in the Middle East.

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An IS fighter on a street in the city of Mosul. Saddam Hussein, seen here in , was president of Iraq from to The fighting in Iraq has continued long after these British soldiers left. Soldiers are getting closer to the city of Mosul in order to take it back from IS. People look at the ruins of a mosque, which IS destroyed in Mosul in Many people, like this woman and her children, have had to flee from their homes in Mosul in order to escape from the fighting. A boy who has had to flee from his home because of fighting in Iraq.

Smoke rises after explosions in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, where there is also fighting. More like this. Top Stories. President Trump meets Kim Jong-un at the Korean border 15 hours ago 15 hours ago. Handshakes that have got everybody talking 12 hours ago 12 hours ago. The year-old dancer who performed with Stormzy 12 hours ago 12 hours ago.

But all subsequent analyses of the Iraq War must take this argument seriously. He combines a provocative thesis about the relatively minor role of George Bush in the explanation of the Gulf War with one of the most methodologically sophisticated counterfactual analyses I have seen. Harvey has written a lucid, penetrating, and provocative account of the origins of the Iraq War. Regardless of where one stands on this controversial set of decisions, it is a must read.


Basing his analysis on a wide variety of documentary sources and other empirical evidence, he carefully and methodically challenges, and dismantles, the standard explanations for the war that overwhelmingly locate causality within the administration of George W. This book not only makes an important contribution to our understanding of the war, a conflict whose effects continue to impact global politics; more importantly, it demonstrates how path dependence and counterfactual theorizing, rigorously and imaginatively applied, can enhance our understanding of international relations.

Frank P. He held the J. Comparative counterfactual analysis and the Iraq War; 2. Leadership, political context s and the Iraq War; 3. Democratic national security advisers; 4. Domestic and congressional politics; 5. American intelligence failures and miscalculations; 6. Societal pressures and public opinion; 7. Hussein's mistakes, miscalculations and misperceptions; 9. Summary and implications; Lyssna fritt i 30 dagar!

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